Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S4 EP1 – What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Boy oh boy! After such a long break in May, the Dolphynes are back!!

Unfortunately, though, this is our final season with them. Sigh. I’ve done my share of crying, chale. It’s been quite a journey, and unfortunately, this is the last round of episodes with the squad, but I trust y’all have enjoyed yourselves.

Well, let’s get back into the story! So what happened after the grand opening’s events?

“Okay, guys, one last shot at this before you two leave!” Toby ordered, wiping his face with his towel as he signalled Anasah to wait. Taking his position in front of Serwaah and his cousins, twelve year-old Ethan and fourteen year-old Afrakuma as they stood in formation in the middle of the living room, he nodded to his younger brother after shaking his arms a bit.

Anasah hit the play button on the phone, and the sounds of DJ Flex filled the living room.

“Alright, five, six, seven, eight!”

For the next minute and a half, the quartet performed the choreography they had practiced for almost two hours beautifully, to the delight of those who watched. Namely, Anasah, Daniel and the father of the cousins, who recorded that particular take.

“Ahhhh, lovely, lovely! Ei, Toby no be small choreography teacher oo!” Daniel teased as he clapped his hands once they had ended.

Toby grinned as he shrugged. “I do what I can, Daddy. Uncle James, will you send the video?”

“Yes, yes, lemme do that through WhatsApp.”

“Great. Nice work, guys! All those two hours bore some fruit!” Toby cheered as he turned to his little sister and cousins, giving them high fives as they wiped their faces with their towels, looking tired but pleased with the work done. “Alright, so Ethan, Afrakuma, just keep practicing as often as you can… “

He was interrupted by the ringtone of his phone. Anasah walked over to him. “Here you go.”

Looking at the name, his heart sank.

Yet again, she was calling.

Silencing the tone, he quickly debated within himself whether or not to answer. A question he had been asking himself every time her name appeared on his phone’s screen.

Nah, I think I’ve ignored her enough. Time to hear her out.

“Guys, gimme a moment, eh. Let me answer this call,” he said to the others as he quickly walked to his room.


“Look here, gentleman. I don’t know what it is that’s gotten into your head, but it is not amusing in the least! How do you just tell me that what we’re doing is wrong and that you want out? Want out for what reason? Huh?”

Toby sighed as he held the phone to his ear. Just what he had feared: an angry Delphine. 

Since he sent that message at the grand opening of Diamond and Maabena’s business, he had not heard from her. Truth was, he had been dreading the moment they would talk again. She obviously had no regrets about their intimate encounters, and was pining for more, unlike him, who had now regretted giving in to his passions.

“Delphine… I know it’s not good news, but… I just don’t feel good about this anymore. I know… I was high on emotions, coz your body is just so irresistible, but… I can’t continue this. My conscience has been hitting hard, and I… I just feel this is wrong, and it has to end,” he reiterated as he sat on his bed.

“Gentleman, this your conscience excuse, that’s my back case, honestly. We just started having fun, and you want to chicken out? Are you kidding me? We’ve had just 2 insanely sweet encounters, and suddenly you’re turning into one of those anti-sex pastors? And you do it over a f**king text? Please, you better tell me something different, coz I’m not accepting this rubbish!”

Toby winced. This was harder than he thought. “Delphine, I’m sorry. I really am. I mean, I still find you insanely attractive; you’re still the hottest girl I know. And yes, I know the message thing may have been a bastard move. But… this just isn’t right. I can’t violate what my inner man is telling me. Please. Let’s talk this out properly once school starts. Please. I promise you, we can have a good, proper talk about this.”

There was silence over the phone. He prayed silently that she would agree to give in.

“You know what?” she said after a while. “I’m just going to end this call, forget I ever received any dumb message like that one you sent, and assume that the last time I was in touch with you was that incredible Sunday morning where you ate me out so damn good, I still get goosebumps from the thoughts of your tongue doing such an amazing job. And I’ll believe that when we meet the next time, you’re gonna surprise my coochie with more of that spine-tingling goodness. Goodbye, Toby.”

The line went dead.

Toby tossed the phone aside and put his head in his hands. This was not going well at all. She was undoubtedly proving to be the nightmare Diamond predicted she’d become after wrapping him around her finger. She clearly wanted to be the one in control, and was getting nasty.

Oh, God, what have I gotten myself into?


“Really?” Adelaide asked, a look of horror on her face as Oscar nodded.

“Yep. Not only did she bounce me, she teamed up with her idiot friend to come and say all sorts of horrible things to me. Herh, the thing really pained me. I mean, you don’t like me. Fine. Abi love no be by force. But the way she went so far as to make me feel like a fool for simply liking her…”

“Hmmmm. That’s just terrible. Some girls eh, you just don’t understand what’s wrong with them,” Adelaide sighed. 

“You just don’t, chale. I still remember when Kwame told me. I didn’t want to believe it, coz he naaa, he didn’t seem to like her very much. If only I had followed his instincts… but chale, it’s in the past.”

“Yes, it is,” Adelaide said, reaching over to give his hand a little squeeze.

Ever since the grand reopening of Smooth Wrapz, the two had been conversing literally every single day, with Adelaide seemingly looking to make up for lost time. After being restrained from getting close to him due to orders from above, she was grabbing every opportunity to spend time with him with both hands.

That evening, they were seated in the KFC restaurant at Haatso Agbogba, engaging each other about diverse issues. One of the questions Adelaide had for him was his worst romantic experience, which led to him giving her the tale of his ultimately disastrous pursuit of Barbara.

Needless to say, she was not impressed with Barbara’s behaviour one single bit.

“So you’ve not heard from her since?” she continued to probe.

Oscar shrugged. “I saw her a while back at Tasmin’s Express, with her now-ex and that toke she calls a friend. They did some really stupid stuff and later, Anasah came to tell Kwame and I that the guy brutally dumped her afterwards.”

“Oh chale. And uh, she’s not been in touch with you after that?”

“Never. As if I’d even want to begin to consider minding her.”

“Hmmm. Well, at least that’s over.”

“Oh yeah. And now that another complex chapter is over, hopefully it can only get better from here,” Oscar murmured, giving her a pleased look.

She put a hand over her face, looking just a little bit flushed. “Oh yeah, it most definitely is going to get better.”

His eyes darting from left to right to left, he grinned. “Want me to go all dramatic right now?”

“Noooo!” she laughed. “You know I’m not into those things.”

“Hahaha, I know.” A brief moment of silence followed. “But honestly, it’s been pretty awesome since we reconnected, and uh… I guess I’m fully convinced now that I… really like you, and I’d love for us to go beyond where we are now.”

The brightest of smiles quickly formed on her face. She sighed as she reached for his hand again. “I like you too, Oscar, and you can bet I want us to go beyond where we are now. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long.”

Oscar smiled. “So… that’s a yes, then?”

Adelaide laughed softly. “Well, the question didn’t come out as it should, but… yes, Oscar, issa yes. Let’s begin this new level together.”


Edem sighed as he leaned back in the sofa in the Amenu household. “Yeah, so… that was it.”

Before him sat Jackson and Selasi, concern etched on their faces. “And she didn’t say much?” Jackson asked.

Edem shook his head. “Nah. She just said no, that this isn’t what she wants, then she walked away. Arrgh, I feel like such an idiot! See me falling in love when it’s just friendship she wanted!”

“Easy, baby boy, easy,” Selasi calmed him down. “Don’t beat yourself up over it. You did what you needed to do. The answer might not have been what you wanted to hear, but… hmmm, well, such is life.”

“Yeah. Chale, don’t dwell on it for too long. It’s already been a couple of days since it happened, right?” Jackson asked.

Edem nodded. “And we haven’t spoken since then.”

“Hmmm. Yeah, the whole awkwardness thing, I’m sure,” Selasi said. “It’s always quite tough saying no to a friend who likes you. Unless you’re just plain immature and entitled, you’ll know he’s hurting and will want to keep a little distance.”

“I agree. Ed, just let her be for now. Don’t push anything. You should hear from her eventually,” Jackson urged. “Whatever happens after that, just remember that you’ll be fine. These things happen, chale. Feel free to nurse your broken heart for a while. Then get yourself back together and locomote to the future. Simple as that.”


As Diamond waved to her partner from the departing Uber in which she sat, that old tug at the heart came rushing back.

The Smooth Wrapz trailer out of sight after a few minutes, she leaned back in her seat and sighed.

Business was okay. Of course, people were taking their time in warming up to the brand. Considering how busy she and Maabena had been throughout the day, she could be proud of the baby steps taken so far. “Treasure those humble beginnings”, as Pastor Lois had told her.

But there was something else on her mind.

That proposal from Edem at the grand opening.

The memory of that excited spark in her belly that his touch ignited when he held her chin was an indelible mark on her brain. Those brown eyes piercing hers as he officially proposed could not be easily erased. That moment was something else.

But… in the midst of all that, doubt whispered into her ear and sent waves of unease down her spine.

Remember Maabena? How in love she was, only for her man to go behind her back and marry another woman? Remember your favourite YouTube Couple? Valdo and Loya? Didn’t they just break up and cancel the channel altogether? Do you honestly think it’s worth saying yes? What if he breaks your heart and you guys become enemies?

Swayed by those fears, she had shaken her head, claimed that a relationship wasn’t what she wanted with him, and walked away, leaving him with what she was sure was a face burning with humiliation and disappointment.

It had been a few days, though, and she constantly did her best to tell herself that she made the right choice. After all, she had seen firsthand how hard it was on a person when a breakup occurred. And heartbreak was the last thing she needed to experience. Better not to put yourself in front of cocked muskets ready to fire.

Yet… there was this deep dissatisfaction within. This inkling that kept her feeling like this was a bad decision. This deep impression that that proposal should have received a positive response.

Because the reality was, deep down within her soul, burned a raging flame of passion for Edem.

Her eyes focused on the lit up buildings they sped past, she sighed again and rubbed her forehead.

I’ve made the right choice. I know I have feelings for him and all, but… it’s not worth getting hurt over… yeah, yeah, I made the right choice haven’t I?

So Diamond said no? Ah! And Toby too has really gotten himself in trouble, hasn’t he? Let’s see what happens as the season unfolds…

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