Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP12 – Smooth Wrapz Is Open 1

So season 3 ends with a good thing. Diamond’s little business is opening up, and we get to see the build-up to it! Of course, a lot is going to happen in the midst of all this. So let’s get into part 1 of this…

“Ah! Edem! Are you seriously saying this? Really?”

“And what is wrong with I said if I might ask? Isn’t it the truth? Am I not allowed to be honest?”

“Honest? Massa, this isn’t honesty. This is just being an all-out jerk.”

“Ah! Really? Because of something as trivial as your handwriting, you’re using that word on me?”

“And you think it’s not offensive that you said it looks like chicken diarrhoea? You think it’s something I should laugh about? It’s hurtful, if you didn’t know.”

“Fine, fine, I’m sorry.”

“And what kind of clumsy apology is that?”

“Ah! I’ve said sorry, lah. Abi you said it’s offensive, so me too, I’m apologizing.”

“I’m not accepting this trash apology.”


“Seriously. If you can’t get it in your head that apologies are supposed to be authentic and not just coz you wanna run away from the offence you’ve created, then save it.”

“Wait. Diamond, are you indirectly calling me a coward or something?”

“I’m not responsible for how you’ll process it, gentleman. And anyways, you’re a joker if you think you can suddenly turn the tables and play victim.”

“You know what? I’m not gonna continue with this. Have yourself a nice evening.”

“Whatever. Just f**k off.”

Diamond hung up and tossed her phone on her bed. Not the best of ways to end the conversation with him the night before the grand opening.


“Good morning,” Adelaide greeted her mother as she entered the kitchen.

“Good morning,” she responded, busily washing the dishes in the sink. Adelaide went to take the broom and rag, ready to sweep the living room and clean the furniture. As she moved out, she heard her mother’s phone ring. Going to take it, she saw the name ‘Prophetess Joyce’ on the screen.

Her lip curled in disgust. She really did not like this woman. Not just because she was the reason why she could no longer speak to the guy she liked, but she just disliked the rather bossy manner in which she behaved. Spend a maximum of thirty minutes with her, and you’d get impression that she was the closest person to God than even the apostle Paul.

Nonetheless, she might as well hand it over to her mother. So she did.

Returning to the living room to begin her chores for the day, she was ready to begin with cleaning the center tables and the smaller ones by the chairs when she heard a slightly loud “Huh?” from the kitchen.

She immediately stood up straight, panic in her eyes. Those kind of reactions were usually due to the bad news of death. And that was something she deeply disliked.

“Oh, God, who is it?” she said aloud to herself as she crept towards the door. Her mother’s phone had a bit of an issue with sound, so she ended up having to place all her calls on speaker.

She listened in.

“Auntie, it’s very urgent. Please. You need to come immediately. Please!”

“Ei. Prophetess. You’re scaring me ooo.”

“I know. I know. But you’ll understand everything when you come. Please, leave the house and come now!”

As Adelaide decided to quickly sneak back to the living room before her mother ended the call, she wondered what was wrong. The prophetess did not sound like she was in a good state at all. And as much as she wasn’t exactly Adelaide’s cup of tea, she’d never wish anything bad upon the servant of God.

I wonder what’s wrong, she thought as her mother immediately rushed out and sped to her room, obviously to get dressed and see the prophetess.


“The next twenty minutes? Alright, Daddy… no, just a few people trickling in here and there,” Diamond said as she looked at the canopies set up beside the trailer. Maabena and a few other volunteers were arranging the last of the chairs. 

No doubts about it, everything was looking splendid. All was going according to plan.

“Oh, the MC is in. I’m going to see her now. So I’m right here. I’ll see you guys in a bit… ayt. Bye.”

She waited as the car stopped, and out stepped Selasi, clad in the Smooth Wrapz T-shirt and jeans. Pretty much the same attire she was in. She noticed Edem in the passenger seat next to Selasi’s husband, and turned her eyes away. She still was not in the mood to talk to him.

“Hello darling!” Selasi greeted, her arms wide open.

“Hey queen!” Diamond responded, embracing her. “Damn, you know how to make a T-shirt and jeans look so good.”

“Please, girl, I’m ordinary. You, Miss Diamond Dolphyne, are the one who’s looking stunning. Yellow definitely makes you look like a snack,” Selasi grinned.

Diamond laughed. “Oh wow. My favourite IG lady thinks I’m a snack. I think I’ve made it in life!”

The two laughed.

“So, everything is set?” Selasi asked, looking at the set up.

“Yeah, just a few more sound checks.”

“Good, good. Ummm, by the way, I noticed Edem’s been quite moody the entire day. And it seemed even worse whenever your name was mentioned. Yet he won’t talk. What’s going on?”

The smile on Diamond’s face subsided. “Umm, we had a squabble last night. He said something nasty, and instead of a proper apology, he was doing silly things.”

“Calm down, honey,” Selasi said, rubbing her on the back. “These things happen. But don’t let it get in the way of a big day like this. He might have hurt you, and I’ll talk to him about it. But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s been one hell of an instrumental figure in helping this dream come to pass. So don’t take it to heart. I’ll talk to him…”

“Mrs. Amenu!” one of the sound technicians called. Their little convo interrupted, she excused herself as she walked towards him.

There wouldn’t be much time for chit-chat from then, as some of the invited guests started coming in. Within twenty minutes, many of the tables were occupied, as the time drew near for the beginning of the ceremony introducing the latest healthy foods joint to the nation.


“And now, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I declare this business open to the glory of the Lord! I declare that this business is blessed! I declare that this business shall flourish and shall never go down! I declare every evil eye against the growth of this business blinded in the name of Jesus! Let every accusing mouth be silenced in the name of Jesus! Let the lines of this business fall in pleasant places! Let the products of this business be a blessing to each and every customer! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!… Father, we give You the glory. We give You the praise. And we give You the honour. For we know that Thy will has been made manifest in the lives of these young ladies. And we know that You have started it, shall bring it to completion. In the name of Jesus. Amen!”

The crowd responded with a resounding amen.

“Amen! Thank you, Pastor Macarthy, for such a powerful opening prayer,” Selasi commented as she took the mic from Maabena’s pastor.

At the table where the Dolphyne family sat, Daniel nodded as he leaned towards his wife and murmured, “Chale, the man has given me goosebumps sef. Herh!” 

“No jokes, chale. No jokes!” Larissa agreed.


An hour had passed, and Diamond, Maabena, Edem and the rest of the team and volunteers couldn’t have been more delighted.

Everything was going well.

The performers hired for the occasion had come and done their thing quite admirably. The ushers for the evening were keeping things in order. Selasi was doing a yeoman’s job as MC. And everyone who had been served with a smoothie and a wrap seemed quite pleased.

This could be evidenced by the positive comments being given as Selasi went around asking random guests how they found the flagship snacks of the latest healthy foods joint in town.

“Oh, I love it! This chicken wrap and tangerine smoothie is super! Absolutely super!” one young lady squealed enthusiastically.

“Awesome!” Selasi responded happily. “Well well well, I can see we’re all having a wonderful time and we’re enjoying ourselves. Well, I think it’s about time we hear from the two ladies behind this brand new joint. Or what do y’all say?”

Affirmative shouts and cheers were the response as she looked at Diamond and Maabena, who were sitting in front. The two nodded, ready to come forward.

“Alright! Ladies and gentlemen, please join me as we welcome the two geniuses behind this. Miss Diamond Dolphyne and Miss Maabena Agyei!”

The cheers increased in volume as the two stood up and made their way to the front, giving Selasi pecks as they took in the love and applause.

Diamond took the mic, and looked around for a moment.

So many smiling faces. Looks of delight from many in the crowd. Her immediate family. Church members. School friends.

A sense of pride and satisfaction filled her up at that point. This was the fulfillment of her dreams! She had dreamed of this for so long, and it was finally coming true!

In spite of the few roadblocks, her dream of owning this healthy foods joint was actually manifesting. And everyone that mattered was rightly there, showing her all the love and support they had already displayed since she started.

She raised the mic, and began.

“Umm, ladies and gentlemen, this has… been a long time coming. This has been a dream that’s been in the works for a while now, and honestly, this whole ceremony has been… overwhelming, I guess? I mean, it’s kinda hard to believe that… this dream is finally a reality!”

Thunderous applause followed.

“I must say, the journey did teach me a couple of things. For one, this whole thing taught me that not everyone who’s close to you is actually your friend, and there are some who’d actually rather sabotage your dreams. Mainly because they don’t have any other ways of dealing with their insecurities.”

A few hmmmms could be heard. Of course, those who knew about the whole Shormeh debacle understood. 

“I also learned that when God takes such people out of your life, He’ll always give you an amazing replacement,” she continued, putting her arm around Maabena. “And honestly, that couldn’t have been a better experience. For without it, it wouldn’t have spawned this great joint. I might have gone alone, but it wouldn’t have been the same without Maabena. And I am absolutely grateful for her!”

Maabena wrapped her arms around Diamond as more cheers and claps rang out.

“So, I’m so grateful to God for making this a success. It’s taken around five months to get everything in order. Much quicker than I expected. I’m thankful to my family for their undying support and love. Daddy, Maa, Oscar, Toby, Anasah, Serwaah, Kwame, I love you all so, so much. You’re the best family a girl could ever have.”

Cheers came from the table where they sat. Particularly from Oscar and Toby.

She quickly rolled her eyes. Those two would not let her rest, now that she had included them in the ‘love list’. A list she always removed them from due to their constant trolling.

“To the team. Madam Becky, Edem, Mr Bempong, Madam Gracie Allotey, all the volunteers, I thank you all so much. You’ve made this thing work. Wouldn’t have made it without you. Reverend Ocran, Pastor Lois, and everybody else at Triumphant Chapel, your prayers and encouragement are absolutely appreciated.”

She stopped for a moment, then added, “And I’d like to briefly give a shout-out to one of my dearest sweethearts who isn’t here at the moment. She’s starting with chemo, and I know it’s a tough time. Aki, I just want you to know that I love you, you’ll make it through this, and you’ll soon be frequenting this place like crazy. I’m confident of that.”

This had quite a number of people on their feet as they applauded those words of solidarity.

“And to everyone else that has given us the needed support, donations and all that good stuff, we are absolutely grateful. We couldn’t have done this without you. It was just a dream, and you’ve helped to make it real now. So, it is official now…”

She lowered the mic, allowing Maabena to hold it. 

Time to carry out what they had been planned that morning.

The two took a deep breath and let it out.


The audience, much to their delight, had saved the best and the loudest cheers for last.

Indeed, Diamond was now officially an entrepreneur.

The beginning of a new journey!

Good for Diamond!! Always sweet to see your dreams come true. Now we wait to see the second part of this. And come to the proper end of the penultimate season of MTD!

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