Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP11 – Mute

So, we carry on with this tale. Toby’s realized his error, we’re hoping for the best for Aki, and don’t forget that Diamond’s business is still under works. Oh yeah, and some brewing somtin with Edem. We should see something about that soon enough…

“Hello?… Yes?… Massa, massa, goweyu! Idiot!”

Oscar ended the call and shook his head in annoyance as he looked at his brother busily packing the last of his items.

“These Mobile Money scammers no be serious! Ah! Same old style for the past 2 years. They think we are all stupid!”

Toby shook his head. “Daft peoples nkwaaa. It’s good, anyways. Once they use those old lines, you know you just tell them to eff off and end it.”

“That’s all. Me, I don’t have time for them now. You start that nonsense about sending money to my number naaa, I’ll just give it to you and hang up. That’s the last bag, right?”

“Yeah.” Toby hoisted up the bag on his shoulders. “Chale, time to move. As for the ice chest, I spoke to the hostel manager. He’ll get some people to put it in some storeroom, so no worries about that.”

“Alright, alright, let’s go.”

As he followed his older brother out the door to lock it, he sighed to himself.

Only God knew just how Toby managed to get past the rest of the semester.

From morning to evening, the weight of guilt remained an ever-present feeling in the depths of his chest. Regrets aplenty about his escapades with Delphine. Every time he was out, it felt like somebody was glaring at him in an accusatory manner. Discomfort galore. It took so much effort to shove those feelings aside and focus on his exams. Even then, he wasn’t sure he would be able to maintain his usually high standards.

Even more irritating was the way his mind constantly brought up flashbacks of those two times. Bringing up mental pictures of him greedily unhooking her bra, burying his head in between her legs, among other things.

Indeed, the elders in his life had not been kidding. These kind of affairs never ended well.

As for Delphine herself, he had not been seeing her since that Sunday. It looked like she also kept herself very busy during the exam season. Messages too were few and far between as well. Just some flirty quotes here and there.

As the brothers walked to the car, a message came through on Toby’s phone. He checked it.

A message from Delphine.

Hey bumpkin. Finally done with my last paper. Some end-of-sem sex wouldn’t be bad kraaa. Anaa? 

Toby sucked in his breath.

“Why?” Oscar asked as he turned around, looking concerned at that sudden sound.

Toby shook his head, quickly thinking of a lie to cook up. “Uhh… some guy bi on one of the group pages. Saying he’s lost his best friend or something.”

“Oh chale. Yawa oo.”


As they got into the car, Toby swiped the message away and put the phone in his pocket. He was not going to respond to that message. In fact, he would not respond to any of her messages henceforth. Giving her any more leeway in his life would not amount to anything profitable.

And as for those two times he got into bed with her? Nobody had to know about it.

Not Oscar, not Kwame, not Anasah, not Serwaah, certainly not his parents.

And definitely not Diamond. She’d absolutely rage at him if she knew he had not only ignored her advice, but had gone ahead to get into Delphine’s panties twice.

As to what he was going to do next, he had no idea, but one thing was certain.

Nobody had to know.


The gate to the Mwita residence opened, as Adelaide entered the house. Seeing Akinyi seated at the porch, she walked over to her. 

“Hey baby girl!” she greeted softly as she took her seat beside her.

Akinyi, whose head was down, nodded silently.

Adelaide sighed.

It had been a week since the meeting with her doctor, and despite their prayers against it, it had been confirmed: Akinyi had to go through six months of chemotherapy.

“Honey, I know you’re still worried about what’s ahead. I can only imagine. But don’t let that weigh you down. It’s better than having the cells run riot in your body and taking the life out of you. This is for a couple of months,” Adelaide assured her as she reached for her hand.

Akinyi nodded. “Yeah, I know. It’s just that… it’s a scary future ahead. And I’m not looking forward to it at all. There’s even the risk of contracting infections here and there, and I sometimes get scared that I might just catch something deadly and…”

“Don’t worry, Aki, don’t worry,” Adelaide consoled. “I know they’re gonna do their utmost best to ensure you make it through safely. And besides, I know above all things that God will protect you. He’s already taken you out of the main danger, so there’s no way He’ll let anything minor take you out.”

Akinyi sighed. “Thank you, Addy. I’m just shaken by it all. But I guess I have to get over the fear now and brave the storm.”

“That’s all! Be bold and courageous. You’re gonna make it through and be an inspiration to many!”

“Amen to that, sister. What’s up with you, by the way?”

Now it was time for Adelaide to sigh. “Well… my mother and I are still on ice, if I should put it that way. And I’ve had to keep avoiding Oscar. Which hurts so much. The worst part is when I end up avoiding Kwame as well. Makes me feel so awkward. The poor guy’s done nothing to me, yet it’ll feel rude greeting just him. I just wish something would happen, coz this is unbearable…”

“Hmmmm. Another complex situation. And this is gonna drive a wedge between us four.”

“Exactly. I really don’t like this at all. Extremely divisive. This is just one of the reasons I doubt the whole authenticity of that prophecy. I don’t know. I just keep praying and hoping, that’s all. I just keep praying and hoping…” 


“So what’s the plan at this stage? Now that these reports have come out?”

“Well, Barnie said the aim right now is to at least get the charge knocked down to manslaughter. It’s about the best we can do for her right now.”

“Hmmm. Now I’m really starting to feel bad about doubting her. Ei, so this Adamtey man was that wicked? Herh!”

“Don’t worry, Danny. At least you now know it’s the truth. Those tears were no fake. She really was raped by the man. The slimy bastard literally penetrated her anally at a point.”

Daniel cringed at that last sentence. “Oh God, that’s messed up.”

Larissa shook her head as she sat up in the chair adjacent to his seat. “Very messed up. Yet those dumbasses out there are too blinded by political loyalty to accept their flawless warrior was a pathetic waste of semen who treated this lost girl like trash. It’s just disgusting.”

It was evening, and as usual, after a long day at work, the Dolphyne couple were seated in the living room, talking about various issues. The topic of Aniyah’s trial came up. The medical reports had been released, with the confirmation of Aniyah’s rape by Adamtey, as well as the revelation that she was suffering from PTSD. With all this having come out, it was no longer a straightforward case, as many would have believed.

Of course, his party faithful would rather drink a bucketful of dog vomit than accept that their fallen hero was a bad person in private, so they continued to proclaim all these as falsified documents, all part of the grand scheme to drag his name further into the mud.

“So, there’s no chance of her being freed?” Daniel asked.

Larissa shook her head. “If he had come there and tried to rape her and she did something to protect herself, we could have claimed self-defence. But this one… she planned it, lured him in… chale, manslaughter is the best we can get. As for going behind bars, it’s the most likely eyi to happen. I really wish it wouldn’t have gone that way, but chale, the law is the law.”

Daniel sighed and shook his head.

The two of them turned as the front door opened, and Diamond walked in, looking pretty knackered.

“Diamond honey!” Daniel greeted as his daughter threw herself on the couch. “Exhausted , I can see.”

“Very!” Diamond groaned. “Setting things up for the grand opening is not a joke. The next two weeks will not be easy at all.”

“Oh, that’s for sure,” Larissa said. “It’s all in the game. You can see entrepreneurship is not jollof.”

“Ei, Maa, it’s not ooo. It’s not at all. This girl has had stress starting up this thing. But at least it’s been good. Edem and Maabena are definitely godsends.”

“Thank God about that. By the way, the Maabena girl, is she okay? After that whole boyfriend issue?”

“Oh yeah. Initially I thought she might not be in the right frame of mind for it, but she said she won’t let it throw the whole dream out of shape. She doesn’t wanna sit at home and brood when there’s this to attend to. As for the guy, he tried begging her, but he backed off when she threatened to tell his wife.”

Daniel shook his head. “Very stupid boy. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these young men these days. Do they think a woman’s heart is some plaything they can cast aside and pick up any time they want? Hmm.”

“Oh, say it again, Daddy. Anyways, he’s out of her hair now. So that’s over. We’re focused on the task at hand.”

“We thank God. And Efo too is doing fine, eh?”

Diamond held back a big smile. Thoughts of his compliments on her dress came to mind, and it really made her feel good. She didn’t want to give her parents any ideas, though. “Yeah, he’s good.”

Larissa gave her a mischievous side eye. “I see. We thank God. Well, I’m certainly looking forward to the grand opening. These two weeks won’t be easy, but it’ll definitely be worth once it’s open.”

“Oh yeah, no doubt about that, Maa. And I can assure you and Daddy about this: the grand opening of Smooth Wrapz is going to be nothing short of spectacular!”

“AMEN!!” Daniel and Larissa cheered.

Alright! Well, the last two episodes of this season will pretty much be centered around that special day. A lot will happen that night, that’s for sure, and an interesting ending is coming!

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