Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP10 – Black & White Sunday

So from last season, it became obvious that Delphine wanted Toby in a certain way. And it’s pretty official, she got her wish. What’s next? Oh, and we’re surely hoping for the best for Aki, too…

It was 6 am on Sunday morning. In room 101, Toby was just about stirring from his sleep when a vibration from his phone forced him to open his eyes and check who it was.

A WhatsApp video call from Delphine.

Upon seeing it, the drowsiness immediately fled from his eyes, and excitement took hold.

They hadn’t spoken much since that Thursday at 2:00 am, where they finally made love, but Toby was wholly smitten and taken up by the experience. He could hardly believe that he had been in bed with a naked Delphine, doing all the things he could imagine to her. Glorious was an understatement to describe that hour spent in her room. It had been the prominent thing on his mind since then, and he was itching for another chance to be alone with her in a room. 

 He sat up and excitedly answered. “Hey you!”

Delphine appeared on his screen. “Hey you. What’s up?”

“Ugh, just woke up. Just now, chale. Now gonna get ready for the day.”

“I see. Well… hihihi… I just wanted to let you know that I… can’t stop thinking about you. And how good you handled me the last time. Oh God, ecstasy be what!”

The slow, sensual manner in which Delphine spoke, coupled with the flirty expressions she made, did not fail in making an unholy ardour the first major emotion Toby felt that morning. She sure knew how to trigger a man in every way.

“It was awesome,” Toby agreed. “Damn, that body of yours is so ridiculous and… so juicy!”

Delphine giggled. “You enjoyed me, didn’t you? Devouring my sweet lumps, making me squeal with joy… wanna get a lil reminder of it?”

With that, she moved her phone to show him the rest of her. Covered in only her underwear.

Toby grew even more excited as she flashed her scantily clad figure at him over the phone. “Oh crap!” he moaned. “Gademn, woman! Why you gotta turn me on this early?”

“Well, Mummy called coz… she wants someone to make her feel good this morning,” she purred sensually, touching herself as Toby watched on. “Mummy needs some good love this morning. And you, with that sweet magic stick and that amazing pink wonder in your mouth, got what Mummy needs. You down for it, baby boy?”

Toby nodded without even realizing he was nodding. Exactly what he had been hoping for all weekend.

Delphine giggled as she watched his stupefied expression. “My neighbours will be all out for church by 10:30. When they’re gone, I’ll flash you, okay?”

He nodded once again.

“Good. And when you come, that thing you did the last time? Right before you left? Oh God, it was so sweet. Can you do it again when you come?”

“Oh yeah, that. I’m more than happy to do it, Mami. Loved the way it made you squirm and beg for more.”

“Hehe, can’t wait to feel you again. See you later, bumpkin.”


“Ah, so he’s going to the campus church?” Kwame asked as Oscar hung up, shaking his head as they stood at the technical area of the church, preparing for service.

“Yep. As to why, I don’t know. With the way he always complains about how they behave and stuff.”

“Exactly. He says he finds their overall demeanour to be fake or something like that. Or has he been captured by some girl bi in the church?”

Oscar shrugged. “I wonder for him. I’ll have to ask him later. And Daddy is definitely gonna question him on why he decided to go there instead. You know he feels the same way Toby does about them.”

As they stood there talking, some of the choristers, already in their robes, passed by, some of them waving to the two as they made their way to their designated seats.

Among them was Adelaide.

She looked at the two of them, quickly turned away and walked on as if she had not seen them.

Having seen her reaction, Oscar shook her head. “I just don’t get it. I’ve never met her parents that they might say I was rude or something. All of a sudden, they say don’t talk to me. I really don’t get it.”

“That’s what she said?”

“Nah, but when I asked, she didn’t deny it. Just continued to push me away.”

“Hmmmm. Well, let’s worry about that later. Let’s just get ready for service. Aki’s gonna be around today.”

“Oh, grand, chale! Then no be small fans she go receive when she shows up!” 


“Mmmmmm. See you later, you dirty little man.”

Toby smirked as he looked back at the naked lady on the bed, who lay on her side, giving him that good old look of desire.

It was 10:37 when he had gotten the expected missed call. In a state of enthusiasm, he sped out of the room and headed to the top, straight for Room 401. When he knocked on the door and she opened, looking the same way she had when she called, there were no words between them. Just an outpouring of raw, unfiltered emotion as they hungrily and ravenously kissed and undressed each other before spending the next hour pleasuring each other in various ways, to the point of madness.

As he exited the room, he was feeling extremely good about himself. Within a week, the hottest babe in the hostel had been ravished twice by him. He had been super discreet, avoided getting caught, and most of all, Delphine’s reaction to both moments had him feel like he really satisfied her.

As he entered his room and fell on his bed, he sighed, the air of accomplishment still occupying space in his chest. No doubt about it, he felt good.

He closed his eyes and felt his body totally relax as he began to playback in his mind what he had done to her not long ago.

Then a voice in his head dropped a question.

Okay, so now what?

He frowned, discomfort suddenly taking over. He had been so focused on the periods of enjoyment, he didn’t ponder over the future. Now his conscience was raising all sorts of deep questions. Questions that he did not like.

So now that you’ve had sex with her, what’s next? Are you gonna start a relationship with her? Will she agree to that? Can you introduce her proudly to your family? Are you okay with the control she has over you right now? To the extent of giving up church just to go give her head and strokes?

These questions hit hard. He tried to blank them out, but they came back at him with an unrelenting vengeance, forcing him to ponder over the real answers to them, until he sat up from his bed, feeling nauseous.

He had fallen into the trap!


“Brothers and sisters, let’s welcome our dearly beloved sister, Aki!”

The auditorium of Triumphant was rife with cheers and applause as the little Kenyan lady made her way to the podium.

She had been around for a few months, but it had not taken long for her to become a popular figure among many in the congregation. So obviously, the news of her diagnosis had been very unpleasant news to all, and she had been absent for a while, following her surgery. So it was natural that with her return, she’d let everyone see her and know how she was faring.

As she stepped onto the podium, she received a tight hug from Pastor Lois before taking the microphone from her. Her eyes quickly scanning the happy congregants, she spotted all the familiar faces.

Including Adelaide, her auntie, bestie, and all the Dolphyne family members.

Except for Toby, of course.

“Praise the Lord, everybody!”

“Hallelujah!” an enthusiastic response came from them.

Smiling, she shut her eyes and took a quick deep breath before opening them again to continue.

“Umm, so, we all know what happened. I had the surgery and had the tumour removed a few weeks back. And by the grace of God, it was successful…”

She was interrupted by the applause that erupted. Once they cooled down, she went on.

“… so this week, Auntie Grace and I will be finding out whether chemotherapy is needed or not. Since it was stage 2, the doctors said there’s a chance I might not need it, and honestly, I don’t want it, because the side effects that come with it are just… they scare me. So, I’m grateful to God for what’s happened so far, and I’m thankful to all of you for your immense support through this tough time. That said, I still need your prayers, so I get a positive response from the doctors. Thank you.”

She handed over the microphone to Pastor Lois and stepped off the podium, amidst more claps and loud promises that she would definitely be remembered in their prayers.

Of course they would. Triumphant Chapel adored Akinyi Mwita.


“I know you’ve been frightened about this whole thing, sonny boy. I’m sure there may have been flashbacks of your mom and Renata. That one di33, I know it’s been on your mind since it all started…”

Kwame sighed, nodding as he held up his phone as he chatted with his father via WhatsApp video call. Service was over, and the compounds were buzzing with activity, as people met and greeted and chatted and laughed. 

“Yeah, I have. Can’t lie about that. I really got scared that yet another dear female figure would get snatched by death. It’s not been easy, with how I have to cover up and be strong for her sake. But… it’s been really alarming for me.”

“Well, you can calm down now. She’s gonna be fine. And hopefully there will be no need for her to undergo chemo. You’re definitely not gonna go through that trend again, son, so don’t let fear keep its grip on you. Calm down.”

Kwame nodded as he kept his eyes on the screen. “Sure, sure. I’m calmer now. Much calmer.”

“Good. And uh, I hope there’s been no temptation to… you know…”

Kwame shook his head. “Nope, no cigarettes, Dad. Haven’t even entertained the thought of it. Wouldn’t even work if I attempted it while under the Dolphyne roof. I’d definitely get caught.”

“Thank God. I’m just glad to hear that. Well, I’ll soon be coming home. Looking at late January. I’m getting tired of Canada, chale. Just want to come back and settle down.”

“Oh, neat! That’s great!”


The familiar voice of the baby Dolphyne was the next sound they heard, as Serwaah walked up to the car.

Kwame sat up. “Hey princess, what’s up?”

“Is that Serwaah?” Clayton asked.

“Yeah. Hey, Serwaah, it’s my dad on the line.”

“Oh, nice! Hello, Uncle Clay!”

“Hello, sweetheart! How are you doing?”


The toilet seat slammed down, he flushed it, discarding of the little breakfast he’d had earlier that morning that he had ended up vomiting.

Getting up, he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. Tears welled up as he gazed at his reflection with shame.

What have you done to yourself, Toby?

“God, I’ve messed up!” he wailed as he looked down, the tears dropping into the sink.

The bound and gagged angel had somehow finally broken loose, and was wasting no time in pointing out the utter folly in his decision to be led by his feelings.

Flashbacks of exhortations from Daniel, Larissa and their pastors came hard and fast at him like stones hurled at Stephen. Hitting his temples hard, he felt the need to hurt himself as much as possible, as punishment for being so stupid.

Oh God, Toby, what have you done? Why did you fall for it? Why did you focus on her breasts and hips and thighs? Why did you discard the many warnings? Why have you given a precious piece of yourself away to this girl?

The sounds of his phone ringing in the bathroom were nothing more than a faint echo to his ears, as he continued to shed tears of deep regret.

The veil was well and truly off. 

Toby had messed up. Fallen totally into the trap.

Hook, line and sinker.

Indeed! Toby fell into the trap. And he’s now waking up to the reality of his actions…

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