Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP9 – All Yours

Time to close out the month of May with the latter part of this season. So, as was mentioned the last time, your wonders about Toby and his little dalliance with Delphine will finally be answered. Let’s go!

“Ah! Seriously?”

“Yes oo, Toby. The man was keeping Maabena as a side chick all this time, and he went and got married to someone else this past weekend. If not for Queen Cee, we wouldn’t have known.”

“Ei! Na how are some guys this wicked? I don’t understand. You know you won’t marry her, but you’re dating her. Then suddenly you go and marry your actual lady. Chale, it bosts my mind!”

“Hmmm. You men. Anyways, I’m on my way to her place. She’s not been answering her calls and all. The girl is devastated, obviously. Gotta give her all the help I can give.”

“Definitely. Oh chale, I feel bad for her. These stories di33, they’re always painful to hear.”

“Very. It’s left me feeling very someway… very someway… ei, I’ve forgotten to ask in a while: that Delphine girl, have you fixed your boundaries with her?”

“Uhhh, yeah, yeah. I have. You know, I don’t give her that space… so… yeah…”

“And how has her reaction been?”

“Welllllll… she’s… seemingly okay with it, I guess…”

“Toby, if she’s not mpo, too bad. It’s better she’s pissed at you than to fall in her trap. Trust me. That girl will destroy you if you make loose.”


“Well, I’ll talk to you later. Bye, Toby.”

“Bye, Dee.”

Ending the call, he switched to his WhatsApp, where he went straight to open a message that got him high on testosterone.

2 am, bumpkin. I’m all yours.

Just the message he had been waiting for, for more than a week.

It had been a pretty painful waiting period Delphine had put him through, after denying him that fateful night they first kissed. After visibly enjoying his caressing of her thigh, as well as getting necked, she had shaken her head, pushed him away again and told him, “Not tonight, boo.”

Obviously, this had not gone down well with Toby, who had been eager to rip off her clothes and unleash the overflowing cauldron of passion upon her. He tried to coax her, all to no avail. She insisted she would give him the perfect time, before exiting his room, looking very pleased with herself.

The girl was clearly the one in total control of this fling, but Toby was way too taken up by the desire to devour her to realize this. The only thing of concern to him was that he had had a taste of her goodness, and he was not the least bit satisfied. He needed her. Badly.

For days, his attention was slightly divided. Whether in class, group study or serving customers, his mind was often drifting to those sensuous curves of hers, and his craving to touch and kiss them. Her teasing videos didn’t help, either, along with cryptic messages that gave him no idea as to when she’d let him in. It felt similar to death row, at a point.

But that was over now. In a few hours, he’d be able to go beyond that caress and fulfill his most lewd thoughts.

What Diamond said had pretty much made its way through an auditory tunnel unwilling to absorb those words of wisdom into the top tower of his brain. All that mattered was finally having the opportunity to do what Clement, Adjetey and probably most of the guys in the hostel wished they could do: get it on with the unashamedly risque Delphine Awittor.


“How could I have been so stupid to not see this?” Maabena wailed as she tightened her grip around Diamond. It had obviously been a rough couple of days for the poor girl. After receiving the shocking news, she had made her checks, and indeed, the man she believed was her darling boyfriend had gone off and married another woman.

Devastation was not enough to describe how she felt. She had heard of such stories, but she never thought she would ever experience that. To think the man she had loved was nothing but a straight-faced liar who had used her heart for keepy-uppys so slick, Ronaldinho would be stunned.

“It’s alright, baby girl, it’s alright,” Diamond said soothingly, running her hands through her hair. “It’s not your fault. He’s the asshole here. He came for you and started what he knew he’d never finish. He’s the bad guy here.”

Maabena remained silent, sobbing as she kept her face buried in Diamond’s blouse. “God, I can’t believe I was in a farce all this time. And here I was, thinking I’ve found the love of my life.”

Diamond simply sighed. There was not much she could say. It was pretty sad. A few weeks ago, she was happily chatting with this guy and believing she would soon begin plans of spending forever with him. Unbeknownst to her, his idea of forever included someone else.

“It’s alright, honey. Just take it easy. Let me get you something to drink, alright,” Diamond said as she gently pried her friend off her shoulder, readying herself to head for the kitchen.

As Maabena nodded, there was a knock on the door.

The two ladies sat up. “Who’s there?” Maabena asked.

“Babe, it’s me. Finally done with my business retreat now.”

The look on Maabena’s face changed. From misery to rage.

The absolute nerve of Robert! To get married behind her back and come running back to pretend as if nothing had changed!

She looked ready to march right up to the door and rip his head clean off his shoulders. Diamond seemed to notice that was her desire, as she begged her to let her be the one to open the door to him.

Maabena shook her head vehemently, shoving her aside as she sprung to her feet and walked straight to the door, opening it and facing Robert.

“Hey you! I’ve missed you!” he gushed, reaching over to hug her. She pushed him off roughly, to his surprise.

“What are you here for? Does your wife know you’re here?” she asked bluntly.

The look on Robert’s face, which was already one of surprise at being pushed away, changed to one of shock upon hearing ‘your wife’. He had not expected this at all.

“Umm… wh-what do you mean?” he stuttered.

“Don’t play stupid with me, you liar! You think I don’t know? That you and some Brenda chic got married last Saturday? At the Corpus Christi Anglican church in Sakumono?”

Robert stood there, mouth agape.

Maabena shook her head. “You thought I’d never find out, didn’t you? Hmm! After toying with my heart, lying to me each and every day about how you loved me and there was no space for anybody else, you ran off to go marry somebody else, eh?”

“Baby, please, it’s not what you think-” Robert began to plead, before being silenced by a hefty slap.

“Not what I think for the where? Do you really think I’m that stupid? That you can sweet talk some false bulls**t into my ears for me to get all giddy again? How dare you!” she roared as he held his cheek.

“Babe… y-y-you slapped me,” he whimpered.

“Gentleman, don’t bring that Naija movie rubbish on me. And also, stop calling me babe. I am no longer your babe. Your babe is your wife. Go and call her babe. Now get out of my house, and never come here again.”

“Come on, ma-“

She immediately slammed the door in his face, locking it as he banged on the door, pleading for her to open.

Diamond, who had been shoved back onto the couch, had sat there watching the exchange unfold before her eyes. As Maabena stood back and took in a deep breath, she got up and walked briskly to her.

“Are you okay, Empress?” she asked.

Her eyes shut as she tried to fight back the tears, she nodded. “Yeah… I… I guess I needed to get that out.”

Diamond looked at the front door, where the persistent knocks and pleas continued. She looked back to her friend, who was fighting the urge to break down again. She put an arm around her and drew her closer.

“It’s alright, Maabena. It’s okay. Let’s get you to your room. I’ll deal with that stupid mosquito later on if it continues its buzzing.”

Maabena couldn’t help but crack a little laugh at that jab.


“So you’ll be out of here within the next 24 hours?” Kwame asked as he rose from the chair next to the bed.

Akinyi nodded.

“Well, we can be thankful that the tumour has been successfully removed. That was so flipping crucial.”

Akinyi sighed and leaned back on the fluffed up pillow. “Indeed. Oh, God knows I was terrified something would go wrong. You know how we hear those stories of doctors leaving stuff in people’s bodies and how it can have a horrid effect and so on. Trust me, those thoughts were running through my head just before I entered the theatre.”

Kwame shook his head with a little smirk on his face. “Well, nothing of that sort happened, did it? They got the needed tumour out. Now it’s left to see if the chemo will be needed or not. They said it’s a 50-50 thing for the stage you’re in, right?”

Akinyi nodded glumly. “Yeah. But… Kwame, I’m scared.”

She looked up at him, the fear visible in her eyes.

Kwame sighed, returning to his seat and taking her hand in his.

The prospect of chemotherapy had been discussed, and she was not looking forward to it at all. The side effects scared the lights out of her, and she was desperately hoping it would not be necessary. Because having to lose her hair, face constant bouts of diarrhoea and nausea and become a perennially fatigued human being was not a nice thought.

“Aki, I know. I know the side effects are not pleasant at all. That’s why we’re hoping it doesn’t have to get to that. But if it does, remember that it’s mainly to ensure those other cells don’t get up to their nonsense and cause a relapse of sorts. And as awful as it sounds, please remember that it won’t be forever. And most of all, we’re here for you.”

Akinyi sighed and nodded. “I know. I’m just… not happy about having to get there. It’s a horrible place to be.”

“Oh yeah, that I know. I can only imagine. Horrid as heck. But Aki, no matter what happens, you always have a support system you can depend on to hold you up during those low moments.”

She simply squeezed his hand in response.

“Remember what you said to me back at the A&C Mall? The feeling is very much mutual. You’re my best friend, and I love you dearly, Aki. If there’s no need for it, all glory to God! But if there is, I’m with you through it all. Be assured of that.”

A tear ran down Akinyi’s cheek as her free hand reached over to grab his occupied hand. “I really appreciate this, Kwame. I really do. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, cutie. And by the way, you can always don a bandana if the hair goes. That should help maintain the cuteness levels!”

“Hehe, we’ll see about that.”


It was 2:00 am on a Thursday morning.

Toby stood in front of Room 401. The halls, as expected, were empty, with most of the students asleep or in their rooms. He had made sure his movements were as discreet as possible. Looking around, he felt satisfied that nobody saw him come up.

He knocked. The door opened a few seconds later, and before him stood Delphine, in a transparent lace robe that covered only her underwear.

Toby shook his head. Damn!!! was all that went through his head.

Giggling, she took a step back, and unbuttoned the robe and dropped it.

He swore to himself at the resulting sight.

“All yours, Bumpkin.”

Toby immediately sprung into action, hungrily kissing her as his hands immediately went up and down her body.

From the day he had first truly noticed the ridiculously endowed Delphine Awittor, there had been that one tiny desire which had grown and battled his beliefs and values. It had been a battle to give in to it, with internal and external warnings coming his way, informing him of the consequences.

But at that point, as they got onto her bed, both of them taking each other’s last layer of clothing off, it was all too clear that he had given in to that now gigantic desire of lust.

The bound and gagged angel lowered his head in sorrow as the demon did the victorious fist pump.

Well, he didn’t go all in the last time apparently. But it’s official: Toby gave in to the girl’s charm. Sigh. What happens next? Episode 10 will tell…

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