Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP7 – Tears and Talks

So episode 6 was a pretty thrilling one, with us witnessing Toby letting go of his self-control and kowtowing to the seductress that is Delphine. We’ll see what happens with him later, but in the meantime, let’s find out the repercussions of what happened with Oscar…

Taro Street, as was usually the case on a Saturday afternoon, was moderately quiet. Here and there was the sound of pounding, as some households prepared fufu for the day. A few people could be seen walking to and fro, on various errands and assignments. Nothing too extraordinary.

Anasah was one of those on an errand. Having been sent by his mother to get some ingredients for the dinner she was making, he walked along the street, holding the polythene bag in which the provisions were contained. Humming to himself, he looked around, enjoying the usual solitude the neighbourhood offered. This had been what he was used to since the family moved in when he and Serwaah were about two years old, and he’d not exchange it for anything.

Except for the usual sprinklings of drama here and there.

Continuing his journey back to the house, he was momentarily startled as a familiar Range Rover drove by at an unusually fast speed. Anasah stopped in his tracks and looked in surprise as the vehicle quickly turned to the side and parked abruptly.

Squinting as he looked at the registration number, he nodded at the familiar digits.

But why is Chief Tay driving like that?

He moved a little further in the car’s direction, and began to hear voices.

And judging by the raised tones, anyone could tell there was a heated argument ongoing.

“Look, just accept you messed up, okay? Just accept it. Stop dragging this whole thing, na it’s not necessary.”

“Accept what? Massa, I’m not accepting anything ooo. I stand by my words. What your friend do be very foolish thing, and you still dey there dey defend am. Like, I no dey understand. Wey silly kind of blind loyalty too be this?”

“Ohhhhhh, ah! Why are you doing this? I don’t understand you.”

“You too, I no dey understand you. The way you dey defend am like ibi nothing she do.”

“Ah, but what was so bad about it? What was so bad about it?”

“See the stupid question you dey ask. What was so bad about it? Chale, chale, don’t annoy me any further. Ah, you make this buffoon girl hijack wana movement. Every day, then she’s following us wherever we’re going. I tolerated it a bit, but now I just tire. Now she dey misbehave, then you dey there dey behave like ostrich – head under the sand.”

“Look, look, this plenty talk is not necessary. You messed up last night. That’s the long and short of it. Let’s just stop all this and just accept it and apologize. Please.”

A silence followed. Anasah decided it was a good time to find his way behind a tree nearby. The little he had heard had him super invested, and he had to hear the end of this.

As he positioned himself, he heard Chief Tay’s voice.

“Get out of the car.”

“Ah. Chief. What are you say…”

“I said get out of the car, damnit!”

The door immediately opened, and out stepped Barbara, looking slightly scared. It didn’t look like she was very used to this side of Chief Tay. He literally roared at her.

“Close the door.”

She heeded obediently.

“Now listen to me. This whole wahala has been the climax of many things I’ve been observing over the past few weeks. With all that’s happened, I can now confidently come to the conclusion that you this girl, you are a big fool.”

“Ohh, Chief!”

“Fiww, Chief! Ibi truth I dey talk. You just be Makuyo’s puppet. I really observe you. Everything this girl go talk, you go follow like obedient little puppy. Her likes be your likes. Her dislikes be your dislikes. And for whatever reason, the girl dey despise Oscar, so you too, you dey follow. Like ah, I no dey get you. The guy dey like you, the feeling no be mutual. Where from the aspersions and innuendos? Just reject and leave him! There’s no need to pour scorn on him like that. He be decent nigga, for God’s sake. Or you think you fine, so you dey flex am or what? Have you seen his mother and big sister?

“See, I watch all these things wey I come to this conclusion ooo. The way she dey control you, the way she dey tag along with us by force, the way you no dey challenge am if she mess up, wey you just dey move with her flow. I watch these things all, wey what happen last night just be the icing on the cake. And with the way you dey defend am like she be some oppressed rape victim, I see sey this relationship no get future.”

“Ei. Ch-ch-chief, wh-wh-wh-what are you saying?” a stunned, wobbling voice asked.

“I am saying that, I have realized what kind of a girl you are, and I can’t maintain a relationship with your type. Blind and nonsensical loyalty to the point of defending the indefensible. The way you are, this your friend can tell you to poison me, and you’ll do it, no questions asked. So please, I’ve advised myself. It is over. The next time you pass by my house, come for your clothes. If you go go date Maku too, feel free. As for me, I can’t take this bulls**t anymore.”

“Oh, Chief Tay! Please, don’t do this. This doesn’t have to go this far,” Barbara tearfully pleaded.

“This doesn’t need to go what far? Massa, massa, go wey you! Sia geh. You no get sense aa, you say make I dey your body. Nonsense. Lef my car door make I move!” Chief Tay snapped, the glass rolling up as he turned away and set his eyes on the road as he drove away.

Poking his head out, Anasah could see Barbara frozen in her spot, looking like she had been informed she had a terminal illness. Her face growing paler by the second, her legs buckled and gave way as she fell to the floor, whimpering out loud, as if the wails were stuck somewhere in her chest.

He looked at her, shaking his head pitifully. Chale, there are breakups and there are breakups, but this was brutal. Absolutely brutal…


“Yeah… hmmm, I see… oh sure, I will. They’ve already apologized, so that’s settled. But you know you owe them a free meal for the little wahala they endured, right?… yeah, coz from the way I’ve heard it, the girl was just unbearable…”

Daniel was walking up and down the living room, the phone to his ear as he chatted with Tasmin over the events of the previous night. Oscar and Kwame were seated on one of the couches. Of course, he had not been pleased with the way Oscar had handled the situation, but the explanations, including that of Tasmin, helped him appreciate why his son had flown off the handle the way he did. Nonetheless, he still had a word for them.

“Mm-hmm… chale. Well, good move making sure she doesn’t step in your cafe again. We don’t need such bush human beings in your cafe. Alright, alright. I’ll talk to you later then. Bye.”

As he hung up, he gave a big sigh as he threw himself into his regular chair, ready to speak to the boys.

Larissa appeared from the kitchen to stand at the entrance to the living room. “Boys?” she called.

Oscar and Kwame looked in her direction.

“Remember, when you’re done with him, straight to the kitchen. All hands on deck as always. No contribution, no chop.”

They responded obediently. When it came to cooking in the house, everyone had to chip in. Larissa’s rules.

“And uh… make sure that man doesn’t enter my kitchen,” she added, pointing at Daniel. “I don’t like the way he’s looking at me.”

With the glint in her eye, however, and the rather sassy manner in which she turned to go back into the kitchen, the boys snickered, knowing all too well she meant the absolute opposite. The sight of her in that cute black dress with an apron over it had her husband’s attention locked down like a fly wrapped in spider’s silk. And if there was anyone’s attention she loved to capture, it was obviously Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne.

They smirked as Daniel murmured to himself, “Damn, I really love it when she teases me like that.”

His eyes shifting to the young men before him, he shook his head quickly. “Oh, umm, sorry about that. Just… hehe, you know. So, to the point at hand. So I was speaking to Tasmin. He’s explained everything. I told him you should get a little compensation for that heckling you got, bla bla bla. I get it. The girl was an idiot. But please, there’s something I want to tell you.

“Please be careful how you react to these sort of things. There are so many people walking around who behave like they were dropped on their heads as babies. Sense no dey the brain inside. Sometimes, you’ll have to show them something so they stop fooling, I agree. But don’t let your anger always dictate how to behave. It can go against you.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Oscar responded obediently as Kwame nodded.

“Good. If you always react angrily to what some brainless idiot says or does, you might end up looking as dumb as them. So watch it. Better to keep your calm. Even when you need to put the person in their place. When you do that, you maintain your dignity.”

As they nodded, the front door opened. Anasah passed by, holding the polythene bag of provisions his mother had sent him to get. Daniel saw him and called out, “Anas! Those are the things your mother asked you to get, right?”

“Yes, Daddy,” the boy replied.

Daniel immediately sprung to his feet and walked over to his youngest son. “Alright, so lemme take those,” he said gently, prying the bag from Anasah’s hands, “I’ll take them to the kitchen.”

Anasah looked surprised, then amused as he watched his father walk excitedly into the kitchen. Looking at his older brother and cousin, the snickering and head-shaking told him all he needed to know.

“Well, while Daddy and Maa are busy in the kitchen,” he announced, coming into the living room to sit on the chair nearest to them, “there’s a story I have for you. Something happened on the way.”

“Hehe! Trust you to know what’s going on on these streets!” Oscar teased, sitting up. “What’s the title for this one?”

Anasah looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded excitedly, very pleased with what his brain had come up with. “This one is called… It Brutally Ended In Tears.”

“EEEEEEEEEIIIIIIII!!!” the two older boys exclaimed out loud. Quite a title it was.

Kwame then quickly looked in the direction of the kitchen. “That’s not gonna disrupt them from their little making out distin, right?”

They immediately heard the kitchen door lock.

Kwame turned back to Anasah. “No, it won’t. Chale, Sherlock Holmes, give us the juice!!”

“Awwwww, I miss you too, babyyyy… yeahhhh, I know, I know. At least you make the effort, Bobby. That’s all I need…”

Diamond, busily preparing one of her masterpiece smoothies, smirked as she watched her new friend chat heartily with her boyfriend on the phone, all giddy and delighted. She had heard a lot about him since they had met, and although she was yet to meet him, she certainly looked forward to it. Maabena was absolutely taken with him, and gushed about what a romantic, sweet and caring guy he was.

“Alright, honey, no pee. I’m a little busy with Diamond at the moment, so… sure, sure. Byeeeee!”

She ended the call and put down her phone on the table, giggling as she looked at Diamond, who had a raised eyebrow.

“Odo diɛɛ, wopɛ!*” Diamond mocked.

“Na sɛ odo yɛ dɛ?**” she asked breezily, walking over to taste the smoothie. “Honestly, if I hadn’t met Bobby, like it’s not good. Ei, what a man!”

She paused and took a sip and shut her eyes. Her smile grew even bigger. “Oh Lord, Dee, this honey-tangerine combination is magnificent! Herrrrhhhhh! I love it! Truly and honestly!”

“Oh, wonderful! Thank God! That’s honestly some relief. At least I didn’t miss the cooking distin back home for nothing. My mother wasn’t too pleased letting me come here, but I begged her saaa, so she relented.”

“Oh yeah, you definitely didn’t waste your time. I’ll just keep this in the fridge.”

As Maabena carried the glass over to the fridge, Diamond looked at the wallpaper on her phone. She grinned as she saw the picture of Maabena and her beloved Bobby.

“Hehehehe, sista geh and Bra Bobby on some cute romantic poses!” she teased.

“Chale, chale, it’s not a joke kraaa!” Maabena responded sassily. “Me and my boo for you.”

“So you said you guys have been together for a year, right?”

“Yep, one year of bliss and happiness.”

“Sweet. Plans coming up anytime soon?”

“Well… we’ve not exactly discussed them yet, but it’ll definitely come up at some point.”

“Oh, okay. That’s cool. I must say, it’s so cute seeing you so in love and all that. Seeing someone weaken you in the knees…”

“Oh, staaap, Dee!” Maabena laughed. “But yeah, it’s a beautiful thing to be in love. It really is.”

“Mmmmm,” Diamond sighed, her mind drifting away.

Indeed, it was a pleasant sight to see her friend happily talking to her lover. It was more like an extension of what she witnessed at home on a regular basis. And she wanted that kind of happiness, now that she thought about it.

And honestly, there was one guy that came to mind as matters of the heart popped up. A guy she had met a few months ago, and now found herself spending a lot of time with. A guy whose presence she was beginning to cherish a lot more than she ever expected. A guy with whom she felt a connection and a vibe she hadn’t really experienced with anyone else.

A guy called Edem.

you like love!*

But isn’t love sweet?**

Well, the feeling is mutual on Diamond’s part! Are they gonna hook up soon or what? We need to know! And we will, very soon…

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