Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP6 – This Ain’t Right, But…

So y’all have probably been wondering what’s happening with Toby. Yeah, he’s been low key, but you’ll know what’s up with him today. Let’s get into this one!

“So Aki’s home now?”

Kwame nodded. “Yeah. Still recovering from the surgery. At least, it was a success. So the chemo follows afterwards. If the cancer hadn’t spread too much, that would’ve been it. But, well…”

“Well, thank God she’s fine. From the look of things, this will end in glory.”

“Yeah. I must admit, it hit hard. Brought to mind my mother’s passing. I really got stricken with fear that I was gonna experience another heavy loss. It still pops up every now and then…”

“I know. You were an absolute mess when I had to break the news; that was my greatest fear. But thank God it’s not stage 4 cancer. That wouldn’t be good at all. And as for those little thoughts, don’t let them get to you. Aki is gonna have a full recovery and come back to torment your life full-time; as for death, we forbid that in Jesus’ name!”


Kwame and his cousin were seated at Tasmin’s Express, a new cafe that had been opened. He had suggested they pass by to lift Oscar’s spirits. He was having a hard time himself, dealing with Akinyi’s unavailability due to hospital appointments, but seeing Oscar crestfallen really made him sad. Witnessing him fall flat in two relationship attempts in such a short time was not a pleasant thing. He may not have trusted Barbara, but he liked Adelaide a lot, so the news of her backing out was pretty sad.

“So, with Addy, no word from her?” he asked.

Oscar shook his head. “Nope. Chale, just as I was getting fond of her. She may not be as fine as Barbara, but she’s wonderful to be with. And her goofy smile… it just makes me happy.”

“Yeah, she definitely does steal hearts with that smile of hers. Let’s just give it some time. Hopefully, things will straighten themselves out, whatever they may be.”

“Hmmmm. I sure hope so.”

“Hello, bosses, may I take your order?” a sharply dressed waiter asked as he approached them, a polite smile complimenting his impeccable uniform.

“Yeah. Two cheeseburgers. And Mountain Dew to go with that, please,” Kwame responded.

“Noted. I’ll be with you shortly.”

“But chale, this place is on point mohm,” Oscar commented as the waiter walked away. He took note of the owner walking around. “Tasmin Basha. He works with Uncle James. Daddy’s older brother.”

“Oh, I see. Nice. And yeah, this place is pretty cool. I like the atmosphere here…”

As they discussed the ambience of the place, they did not notice the three people that opened the door, also looking to check out the place. It was when Kwame turned his face toward the entrance that he noticed them. His face immediately fell, and he murmured a low, “Oh s**t.”

It was Chief Tay, his girlfriend Barbara and her friend Makuyo.

Certainly the last group of people Oscar needed to see, considering the current state of mind he was in.

Ever since the last time they met, where the girls unleashed a torrent of scorn upon him, sightings of the three had been few and far between. Not that it was necessary to see them, anyways; they were part of a bad chapter of Oscar’s life, and he’d rather keep that chapter shut.

Oscar followed his gaze. Upon seeing them, his countenance changed. “Dammit. Why this time?”

“Boy, just ignore them. Let them go their way while we stay here,” Kwame whispered.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Mr. JJ. Master No Space,” Makuyo said loud enough for them to hear. Barbara giggled as he held on to Chief Tay’s arm while they all approached the counter.

Kwame looked at Oscar. “Master No Space?”

Oscar shook his head. “She came up with that the last time I encountered them. Something about me not being on Barbara’s supplementary list of potential boyfriends or something.”

Kwame shook his head. “Ugh, God, what nonsense! Boy, ignore that stupid statement. Let’s just hope they sit far from us. Nothing ought to spoil our lil guys night out.”


“Ayyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!!” Delphine cheered gleefully as Toby completed his dance routine with a dab. “Chaleeeeeeeeyyyy! When you said you can dance, I thought it was those simple simple dances some. This one di333…”

Toby smirked as he sat down on the floor to catch his breath. “Oh nahh. Been a serious dancer for a while now. Me and my baby sister. Dunno what it is, coz our parents aren’t exactly dancers, but we’re pretty good. We have cousins on my dad’s side too who are good: Ethan and Afrakuma.”

“Ooooooh, fascinating!” Delphine gushed. “Then there’s something in your dad’s background.”

Toby shrugged as he took a seat on the chair next to the bed, where she sat. “Yeah, I guess.”

“How many kids are you in the family again?”

“Five. I’m the middle man.”

“Nice. Two girls at my end, and I’m the younger one. All girls house.”

“Oh, interesting… all girls. Your dad’s not around?”

“Nah. He left us.”

“Oh. Why, what happened?”

 “The dumb ass nigga couldn’t keep his erect manstick zipped up. Found some small girl and ran off with her a couple of years ago. Never heard from him again.”

An awkward silence followed. “Oh. Wow. Sorry about that,” Toby mumbled. It was always tough to hear stories like this. With a father like Daniel Kwadwo Dolphyne, the picture of a promiscuous and unfaithful father was virtually impossible for him or any of his siblings to envisage. With the choice of words, it was all too evident that Delphine was still pissed with her father.

He had no idea that that anger happened to be the fuel that drove her to do what she did. 

“Well, don’t worry about that. He’s history now. I just prefer to look to the future.”

“Yeah, that’s what matters. So what do you see in your future?”

She shrugged, giggling. “I dunno yet.”

“What level are you in?

“Level 300.”

“Oh. I see,” he mumbled. He wasn’t exactly expecting her to be ahead of him. “Oh well, there’s still more time for you to figure things out, so…”

“Yeah, definitely. But I think you should take up this dancing thing. You know, form a group or something.”

Toby had a thoughtful look. “Hmmmmm. I’ve thought about it, to be honest. Baby sis has mentioned it. I’m still considering it…”

“Well, I hope you decide to do it. By the way, there’s this move I really wanna do. That one where you’re tapping the ground or so. They do it to that Zlatan song all the time.”

“Oh, you mean Zanku? Oh, Delphine, that’s one of the easiest moves. All my siblings and I know how to do it. Here, get up and lemme show you how it’s done.”


“Massa, forget it, I’m not taking your opinions on GOT stuff seriously anymore. Ahhhh! First you claim Ramsey is more evil than Joffrey. Which is totally questionable in and of itself. Now you’re telling me you’d choose Cersei over Danaerys?? Kwame, really?”

Kwame rolled his eyes as the two walked across the car park to their car. If there was anything that kept their conversations heated, it was the subject of that famous HBO series. For some reason, there was always something one of them would raise that would be vehemently opposed to by the other. They certainly had a good bond, but with these debates, each of them always took the black and white sides, and firmly stuck to them.

“Gentleman, have you really looked at her? What’s not to love? I’m not denying Danaerys is a work of art herself, but jeez, boy. Look at Cersei Lannister!”

“Nah. Enough,” Oscar said, his nose in the air. “I don’t wanna talk about it. I am stunned, befuddled and amazed that you’d choose her over the Mother of Dragons.”

“Dude, you just pissed coz she was creeping about with Jaime. Ridiculously depraved and gross, yes. But that don’t change the fact that she a dime. An absolute dime! And yes, I’ll always stand by it: the Bastard over the Nasty Lil Kid any day of the week!”

“Ugh, forget it, Kwame. I’m not dignifying you with a response,” Oscar scoffed as he quickened his footsteps, leaving his cousin behind him as he moved quickly to the car.

Snickering as he took out his phone and opened his gallery, Kwame got into the passenger seat. Smirking as he came across the picture he was looking for, he pushed the phone in Oscar’s face.

“Look at her!” he announced triumphantly. “Cersei Lannister. Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Look at that natural, sexy pout. Like, hot damn, girl! Why so fineeeeee?? Listen, boy, Danaerys is cute. Obviously. Who doesn’t know Emilia Clarke is a walking definition of the word ‘cute’? But Cersei? Chale, Cersei is sauce! Hot, raw sauce! She could order me to wear pyjamas and sleep with one leg in the air, and I’d do it allllllll day!”

Oscar turned up his lip in scorn at his cousin. “Eww! Kwame Benson, this is worse than I thought. You, dear sir, are a pervert! Don’t talk to me for the rest of…”

“Hey! Hey!”

The two of them were startled at the sudden shouts. They looked to see what it was.

Makuyo was standing in front of the car, a spectacularly stupid grin on her face. It was way too obvious that whatever she had up her sleeve at that moment was no good. Barbara could be seen a few meters away, giggling uncontrollably as she enjoyed the scene.

“Hey! Mr. Pathetic! Yawa boy! You know what you and my grandfather in a wheelchair have in common? You’re both so lame!”

Kwame immediately opened the door and stood out, a fierce expression on his face. “What is wrong with you?” he yelled at her. “Do you realize this is a public place, and there’s no need for this foolishness?”

“Massa, go wey you!” she snapped back before returning her gaze to Oscar, still seated in the car, now boiling. “Herh, so you no go change this tin trash? Your gay partners all, you no go buy better car? You be jon ooo! Gyimi Jonson ampa!”

As to what gave her the idea to come and cruelly troll him, he had no idea. But the memories of how she and Barbara verbally humiliated him a few months back, and they still stung bad. That insulting name in particular stung harder than a thousand bees, and with the mention of that name, he snapped.

He stepped out of the car and rushed to her, grabbing her by the neck and pushing her roughly to the floor. “You open your f**king mouth one more time, and I swear to God you will spend the rest of this year in the emergency room, you f**king stupid hippo!”

He looked just about ready to kick her on the floor, when a third party stepped in between them.

“Whoa! Calm down, my guy!” Chief Tay said, moving to stand in between him and Makuyo. “Relax! I beg you!”

“Buei, the boy wants to kill me oooo! Abuse oo, abuse!” Makuyo wailed as a firghtened-looking Barbara came to stand by her.

“Massa, shut up over there!” Chief Tay barked at her while restraining a still livid Oscar. “Didn’t I tell you not to come and taunt the nigga? Shun dey fool!”

“Oscar! Oscar, please, let’s get outta here,” Kwame pleaded, literally dragging his cousin away as some other bystanders who saw what transpired, came and added their pleas to exit before things ended up getting escalating to muddier territory. Given the fierce look on his face and the pathetic display by Makuyo to elicit sympathy, any more minutes spent with them in the same space would be likely to result in someone getting hurt.

Chief Tay and Kwame managed to pull him back to the driver’s side of the car. “Stupid idiot! Every day, raining insults on me for no reason, what kind of life is that?” Oscar snarled, still wishing he’d inflict some serious hurt on her.

“Boss, I dey beg you waaa, relax,” Chief Tay pleaded. “I warn am sey make she no do what she do. I know, ibi foolish thing she do. But I beg, make you no hurt am. It’s not worth it.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kwame added. “Please, Oscar, let’s just go.”

Breathing heavily, he glared at Makuyo, still putting on a lame acting display of a wounded and abused woman, and shook his head as he opened the door and got in.

In half a minute, the BMW was out of the parking lot of Tasmin’s Express, and on its way back to the Dolphyne residence.


Barbara turned to her boyfriend, a very unhappy expression on her face.

“Ah, but you too, this Oscar boy just assaulted Maku, and instead of defending her, you told her to shut up. I’m very…” she said.

“Massa, massa, don’t come and annoy me. I go bathroom for two minutes, see the wahala you two come cause. Ah. Stupid girls!” Chief Tay snapped at her, giving her an intense glare as he walked away from them.

“Ah, Chief. Herh! Chief!” she called out angrily as she rushed after him.


“Oh yes! That scene with the trivia questions! I absolutely love it!” Toby exclaimed.

Yeah, that part where Rachel’s screaming ‘transponster’ is something else. Never fails to make me laugh,” Delphine laughed as she remembered the scene in question.

“But the best part for me is how Monica screams when time is up. Lord!”

The two of them burst into loud laughter.

“Oh boy,” Delphine said, wiping the tears from the eyes from laughing so hard. “Good times, chale.”

“Yeah,” Toby agreed. “Good times for real. It’s funny, though, because it’s my older sister who introduced me to Friends. I was flexing her at first, saying it sucks, it sucks. Now I’m a bigger fan than her mpo!”

“Haha, interesting,” Delphine responded.

Walking down to his room, it had been quite an interesting visit. The song she played for him ended up not being the only one; Toby literally had himself a little dance concert in Delphine’s room. They had then proceeded to talk about various things, including their families, the songs they enjoyed, and their favourite TV shows.

It was now 11;45 pm, and Toby had to get back to his room. Delphine insisted on accompanying him back to his room, despite him saying it wasn’t necessary.

As they arrived at Room 24, he opened the door, with Delphine right behind him.

“Ahhhh, so this is the room of Mr. Toby Dolphyne!” she said as she looked around. “Never really seen the inside of your room like this.”

“Oh yeah,” Toby agreed. “You’re usually at the door. That’s true. Well, thanks again for tonight…”

Turning around to face her, he was taken off guard by what followed.

Delphine pressed her lips against his in a quick and impromptu kiss.

A bemused expression on his face as she drew back from him, that old flirtatious look slowly spread across her face like a raging wildfire, as she bit her lower lip to reiterate her lustful desire for him. “See you later,” she slurred as she turned and grabbed the doorknob.

In the blink of an eye, the bemusement that had enveloped Toby made its exit, and in its place, a raging erotic desire. He shut the door that she had opened, pushed her against the wall, and pressed his lips against hers in a wildly passionate liplock.

Within ten seconds of that steamy moment, she pushed him away, looking rather rustled but satisfied. “Oh, damn, my bumpkin’s hungry!” she murmured, giggling as she lifted up her foot against the wall, her slit dress revealing thick, enticing flesh that would certainly increase the flame of Toby’s libido. He stood back, looking ready to pounce back on her and resume their spicy smooch.

“You want me, don’t you?” she slurred.

Toby nodded, his eyes on her exposed thigh. “So freaking bad, woman.”

She giggled, visibly delighted at how inflamed he was.

Whatever the angel had to say in his head was destined to be ignored. He was on fire, Delphine was his desire, and she was right in front of him, offering herself up.

This ain’t right, he thought as she took his hand and slowly placed it on her thigh. Little sparks of ecstasy went off in his brain as he ran his hand up the bare part of her leg, enjoying the sweet feel of what she had been taunting him with for a long time. As he dug his face into her neck, there was only one phrase that was going to complete the words floating around in his brain.

but I don’t care.

Well, that was quite a night for the Dolphyne brothers! Oscar losing his cool, Toby losing his self-control. The latter’s really on the path to falling, ain’t he?

Stay tuned, y’all. Episodes 7 to 13 to follow in a few weeks!!

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