Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP5 – It’s Complicated

So the journey continues. As far as Adelaide is concerned, she’s in a pretty sticky situation, isn’t she? And poor Oscar hasn’t got a clue what’s going on…

Edem stood outside the gate of the Dolphyne house, fiddling with his phone as he waited for Diamond to come out. 

After some conversations and check-ups, Selasi had confirmed availability for that Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, Maabena was not available, having church responsibilities to attend to. She had suggested, however, that the other two go ahead and meet her, as it was mainly about asking her to be the MC for the grand opening.

Of course, that was good news of some sort to Edem. Anything to be alone and have some time with the girl he now had the hots for.

The gate opened, and out stepped Serwaah and Diamond.

“Hey, Edem!” Serwaah greeted him.

“Hey, princess! How are you doing?”

“I’m good, I’m good. How are you? And how is Boochie?”

Edem laughed. She still remembered his dog’s name, months after his brief moment of carelessness nearly led to her sustaining physical and mental wounds from a canine attack. “She’s fine, and she’s well-behaved now.”

Serwaah giggled in response. “That’s good.”

“Alright, baby girl. We gots to get moving now. So please, keep an eye on my drink, na I don’t trust those boys,” Diamond said, her arm around her little sister.

“No problem, Dee. And by the way, you are looking so beautifulllllllll!”

His eyes fixated on her, Edem certainly couldn’t disagree. It was a simple white shirt and jeans she wore. But Diamond couldn’t have looked more amazing.

“Thank you, my loveeeee!! Kisses!!”

Edem briefly drifted into a daydream of what a lovely mother and wife she would be as the sisters did their routine Dolphyne Air Kiss. It took a light punch from Diamond to bring him back to reality.

“Oi, you! Mr. Sedudzi!” she mockingly called out in a fake British accent. “Let’s get a move on, lad!”

Edem shook his head and rolled his eyes as he turned to get into the car. “Worst Cockney accent ever, young lady. Worst Cockney accent ever.”


“Aki! How are you doing, baby?”

“Addy!” Akinyi exclaimed weakly as Adelaide entered her room. Sitting up as her friend greeted her with a kiss on the forehead, she responded, “I’m feeling okay. A little weak, but I’m doing good. The surgery was successful, at least.”

“Thank God for that,” Adelaide sighed in relief as she took a seat. “This is gonna pass, baby girl. You will be fine.”

“Amen, amen. How are you, though?”

Adelaide nodded. “I’m good.”

Akinyi raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? Coz you don’t sound too convincing.”

Adelaide nodded, although the look on her face had visibly changed and it was obvious that she wasn’t as good as she was claiming to be.

“Addy. What’s wrong? Is it about Oscar?”

She sighed in response. What was the use of lying at this point? She might as well let it out. It wasn’t like Akinyi had no idea what was going on in her life, anyway.

“Yes, it is. Ummm… I cut things off with him,” she muttered, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

Akinyi gasped. “Ohhh! Is it about the whole prophecy thing?”

She nodded.

“Ohhh! Addy, I’m so sorry…”

The standing tears began to roll down as she moved closer to Akinyi, who took her in and hugged her tightly. She sniffed and laid her head on her diminutive friend’s shoulder, relieved to have let go of the need to pretend all was well. As to why she said she was fine at the beginning was now a wonder to her

“It hurts, Aki. It really does,” she confessed, her arms around Akinyi’s waist. “I’ve had feelings for Oscar for so long. He never really paid any attention to me. Then suddenly, we get close, just as you come in and get close to Kwame. All seems well and gravy, and suddenly this happens. I don’t get it. I just don’t…”

“Take it easy, honey. Take it easy,” Akinyi calmed her. “But you still don’t feel good about it? The prophecy, I mean?”

Raising her head, Adelaide shook it. “Not just because I’m emotionally attached to him, but… something just feels off about it. And that prophetess, to be honest. But… I can’t say anything. Else things will go bad. Already, I feel like she’s still angry with me…”

“Addyyyyyy! Are you sure you’re not still hung up on guilt? I thought you settled it all.”

“Hmmmm. It’s not easy, Aki. I mean, I was on the wrong path. Being disrespectful at home, yet being the absolute angel to Pastor Lois. I thought it was cool to direct all my honour to my pastor. Then Mama reported me to Pastor Lois, and she also came to the house and sat me down and gave me the biggest blasting I’ve ever received. I changed, but… guilt aside, I still feel like she still holds my past against me.”

“Why, is she cold towards you or something?”

Adelaide nodded. “A lot of the time. And she makes a lot of innuendos here and there. So… I dunno how I can deal with this. If I say this prophecy doesn’t sit right with me, it might turn into something else.”

Akinyi shook her head. “Hmmmm. This is complicated. Really complicated.”

“Yeah. It really is. Only God can intervene in this. Because I just can’t let Oscar go, but… I can’t risk messing things up with my mom. Things are still fragile as it is.”

“Well, I can only hope and pray for the best at this point. If I could do more than that, I would. But…”

“Awww, don’t worry about that, honey. You’ve got your own battles to deal with,” Adelaide said, hugging her. “Don’t trouble yourself over my issues. I’m just glad you’re around to hear me out. And of course, I’m here to hear you out. So enough about me, tell me how you’re doing…”


“Mmmmm, this is a beautiful place,” Diamond murmured as they arrived at the sweetly furnished bungalow within the estate they entered. “Simple, but elegant.”

“Indeed,” Edem responded, taking his seat belt off before stretching over to unbuckle hers. 

She looked at him and smiled smugly. She had sometimes given him grief for not doing it for her, claiming acts like that were all part of chivalry, and he might as well get acquainted with it. She always got rolled eyes as a response, but it looked like he had taken the advice. “Thanks, Edem.”

“You’re welcome, beautiful,” he answered.

She turned away and felt a hot flush on her cheeks. Edem had upped the ante when it came to compliments recently, and she couldn’t deny, she was beginning to love it. Especially when he simply referred to her as ‘beautiful’.

The two of them remained mute in the car for a moment, each party wanting to say something, but hesitating to do so.

“Ummm… let’s get inside, shall we?” Edem said, opening the door.

“Sure, sure.”


“Edem my baby boyyyyyy!”

A delighted Selasi entered the living room, arms wide open, happy to see her dear cousin.

“My darling Ceeeeee!”

The two embraced tightly while Diamond was seated.

“Ei, you, but I should be fighting with you. The way you’ve dawged me for so long is not nice. My only little bro and you don’t hit me up at least every week. You’ve not forced kraaaa.”

Edem scratched his head and grinned sheepishly as she folded her arms and gave him a look. “Errrmmmm… let’s just say I… have a lot of explaining to do. By the way, is Jackson able to argue with you when you do like that right there? Coz dayuumm girl, you looking as tasty as a pack of Marwako chicken!”

Selasi shook her head and laughed out loud. “Herh, in fact, get out of my face and lemme attend to my visitor,” she said, pushing him aside as she turned to Diamond. “Hello, Miss Diamond!”

“Hello, Queen Cee!” Diamond enthusiastically, springing up and almost running into her arms. “Oh Lord, you have no idea how much I adore you, Queen Cee! You’re like, my second major role model! And you’re so beautiful!”

“Yep, she’s a fangirl for real,” Edem muttered loud enough for her to hear. “On some serious Belieber levels.”

The sharp looks he immediately received from Diamond and Selasi had him snickering and backing away.

“Ignore that little brother of mine. Thank you so much, darling. I’m honoured to know that. And God bless your parents for giving you that name, coz you, my dear, are an absolute diamond.”

“Awww, I’m flattered. So flattered.”

The sweet pleasantries over, they now sat down to talk business, with Edem joining in.

It didn’t take very long. Selasi was obviously very willing to serve as their MC for the occasion, and within a matter of minutes, it was all wrapped up.

As Diamond briefly excused herself to get her other phone from the car, Edem stood up and walked to the window.

“She’s the one, isn’t she?” Selasi asked as he looked out, watching her go to the car.

He turned to her. “What?”

Selasi held back a laugh as she walked to him, rubbing him on the back. “I’m that sharp, cuz. You’ve barely spent an hour here, but it’s so obvious. From the way you’ve glanced at her when she’s not looking to you currently standing here. Edem, you like this girl, don’t you?”

Edem lowered his head and sighed. Indeed, his favourite cousin had read him too easily. Being the older sister he never had, Selasi knew so much about him, and before getting married, they spent a lot of time together. Enough for Selasi to be fully acquainted with little particulars about him.

He looked her straight in the eye and made the confession.

“I’m in love with her, Cee. Deeply in love with her.”

Selasi smiled, her hand moving to grab his. “Awww, my little brother in love. How sweet!” she teased lightly.

Edem rolled his eyes. “Ugh, you always have to do that, don’t you?”

“Of course, darling. You’ll always be my sweet little bro,” she further teased, snickering as he shook his head. “But on the real, though, from the little I’ve seen, I guess I like her. Seems like quite a sweetheart, and I like her drive and ambition, too. And goodness, she’s gorgeous!”

Edem nodded, remembering one Sunday he had brought some documents to their house. She had met him outside, clad in a stunning white beach dress that he was yet to get out of his mind. He was well and truly taken in with her.

“Yeah. The most beautiful girl I’ve ever set my eyes upon. Oh dear Lord, she’s marvellous!” he murmured almost absent-mindedly.

“Edem!” Selasi called, snapping her fingers in front of him, bringing him back to reality. He grinned sheepishly as he ran his hand over his fading hair. “Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Drifting off to another place.”

“Have you told her though?” Selasi asked.

He shook his head. “I know I should, but… I just feel like we’re in a busy period right now. I just want things to cool down a bit.”

“But do you think you stand a chance with her? Do you feel like she’ll reciprocate your feelings?”

He shrugged. “I guess. It does seem like she may be interested sometimes. But… I get a little uptight. What if I read them wrongly and she doesn’t see me like that at all?”

Selasi shook her head as she turned his face towards hers. “Listen to me, baby boy. These questions will always ravage your mind in situations like these. But here’s the deal: the only way you’ll get an answer is to hear it from her. That’s the only way.”

Edem sighed.

“Edem, if you really love her, as you say you do, then you need to tell her. Let her know how deeply you feel about her. No need to wait for any perfect time. Do it as soon as possible.”

Yep, Edem’s in love with Danny and Lari’s firstborn! How is that gonna pan out? And I sure hope Adelaide’s situation is resolved properly…

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