Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S3 EP4 – A Certain Prophecy

So a lot seems to be going on with the young adult Dolphynes. Everybody’s got their relationship issue. And yeah, there’s the Aki issue, too. Let’s see what’s happening with that…

“Awwww, my sweet little doll! I’m so happy to see you before you get into that theater!”

Akinyi smiled at Kwame’s phone screen. “My beautiful, beautiful Diamond! Thank you so much, booboo! Lord knows I need all the support right now. I feel so scared.”

“Don’t be, Aki. You’ll be fine, alright? No complications will occur or anything like that. They’ll get that cursed tumour out, and this cancer thing will be defeated before it tries to hurt you any further. Amen?”

She nodded. “Amen.”

She and Kwame were in the back seat of an Uber, with Madam Grace in the front seat, as they made their way to Barton Hospital. As bad a piece of info it was, the silver lining in it was that it had been detected early enough, and surgery was vital to remove the cancerous tumour. According to the doctor, the spread of the cancer in her system was not a wide one, and the earlier she got it removed, the better.

“Oh, Aki, here’s your fellow rapper.”

The phone was tilted to show Edem, who waved at her. “Hey, Aki!”

“Edemmmm!” she cheered gently. “It’s been ages, hasn’t it?”

“It has, chale. And listen, I’ve not been much of myself since I heard the news. Terrible. But we thank God you found out early enough. And see, you might be scared, but trust me, there’s no need to. Don’t let fear tell you that this thing will come back or that things will go wrong, okay? None of that is gonna happen. Your case won’t be like others.”

Akinyi had no idea what it was about his words that provoked that reaction, but before she knew it, tears trickled down her cheeks, a new wave of optimism and gratitude rising up in her. If there was anything that would contribute to her recovery, it would most certainly be the love many had shown her since the news broke out. She knew she was a lovable handful, but she never really expected such an outpouring of compassion and goodwill. It was overwhelming.

“Awwwww, it’s all right, Aki, don’t cry,” Edem cooed as Diamond’s face appeared on the screen. Kwame put his arm around her as she wiped her face.

Sniffing, she murmured, “It’s alright. It’s just… I didn’t think I’d get this kind of support in a time like this. Thank you all so much. Thank you.”

“No need for thanks, Aki. You deserve it. You’re a wonderful little lady, and we need you around. No two ways about it.”

Akinyi nodded happily. “I’m honoured, guys. I truly am.”

“You’re welcome. Well, Diamond and I are going to meet the new girl and continue making plans for Smooth Wrapz. So, all the best. You’ll come out of this victorious, alright?”

“Yes, Edem. I believe. Talk to you later. Bye, my beautiful Diamond!”

“Bye, baby girl!! God be with you!”

As the WhatsApp video call ended, Akinyi sighed and placed her head on Kwame’s shoulder. “Oh, God, how I needed that. I’ve been terrified, bestie. Terrified out of my mind.”

“I know, doll, I know. But like Edem said, all will be well,” Kwame reassured her.

She wasn’t the only one who had had her spirits lifted by that. Constantly haunted by the frightening thoughts that this dear friend of his might go the way of his mother, Kwame too needed a word like that. That Akinyi’s case would not be like that of Mary Sarfo Benson’s, and that disease would not take another beloved female figure from him.

He sighed and pulled her closer. “Yes indeed, Aki. All shall be well. It surely shall.”


Larissa was busy on her laptop, working on some court documents in her office when her phone rang.

She looked at the screen. Barnie Mensah.

She picked it up and answered. “Barnie, good morning.”

“Yeah, Larissa. Good morning oo. Just letting you know that I’ve had Aniyah taken in for medical examination and psychological testing.”

“Oh, good, good, that’s good. Is she doing okay?”

“Well, yeah, pretty much. Slightly calmer now. Some cousins have come in, served as sureties, so she’s out of custody now. And they say she’s doing fine.”

“Thank God for that. Continue to keep me updated on how things go.”

“Sure. It’ll take time, mohm, but I’ll let you know what the results are as soon as they’re made available.”

“Thanks. And by the way, all the best, na the theories going round di33, just crazy stuff. Her being hired by the ruling party and all that silly stuff. I know it’s tough.”

“Hmmmm, Lari. It really is. But chale, you know the drill. Man must protect his client as best as he possibly can, even though she did it. Once all the tests prove what she’s saying, I can get the judge to give her a sentence for manslaughter instead of murder.”

“Yeah. Hmm. Well, like I said, just keep me in the know. And I’ll try and get in touch with her soon.”

“That’ll be great. Alright then, later, Lari.”

“Later, Barnie.”


“Oh my God! Are you serious? You mean Selasi Amenu is your cousin? The glamorous, glorious Queen Cee?”

Edem nodded. “Yep, that’s my cousin.”

“Herh! And you never told me? Are you a good friend at all? Do you know how much I adore that woman?? Huhhh?!”

He laughed as she punched him on the arm. He had expected some excitement from her, but not to this extent.

They had been discussing ideas for potential MCs for the event, and Edem had the perfect person in mind. His dearest cousin, who was a widely-loved influencer on Instagram and was popular for her gracefulness and elegant fashion sense. 

“I know, right!” Maabena added, giving him a hard stare. “You should’ve told us about this a long time ago, lah. Do you know how religiously I look forward to her pics? Do you know the joy that fills my heart every time she has those inspirational IG videos put up? I absolutely love Queen Cee!”

“You and me both, sista,” Diamond agreed. “I mean, after my own twinnie, she’s like my next favourite lady. I kid you not!”

Edem snickered. “Wow. It’s that deep, eh? I mean, I knew she’s popular and all, but I didn’t know you girls were such fangirls. You know, the kind of girls that are so squeally and ready to polish the soles of her shoes with each step she takes…”

“Well, now you know, Mr. Sedudzi. And instead of switching to that annoying explanation mode, you better start looking for the perfect time for us to meet her,” Diamond interrupted him.

“Exactly. Get that phone out and call her and tell her about it ASAP. And do it quickly, boy!” Maabena added.

Edem shook his head as he took his phone out. It wasn’t taking long for them to gang up on him and bully him. These sassy young ladies would definitely be the source of many headaches for him.

But once one of them got his heart racing and his knees knocking so easily, it wasn’t a problem. “Fine, fine, lemme see what I can do.”


“You want us to stop spending time together?” Oscar asked in disbelief. “But why?”

A very pained expression on her face, Adelaide shook her head. “I’m sorry, Oscar. I know it’s hard, I know. But… but it’s for the best if… if we keep our distance from each other.”

Oscar shook his head. This had been brewing for some time now, but it still came as a shock. For reasons that seemed personal, the girl who once looked excited and full of giggles whenever he was around, now seemed uneasy whenever they were together. It puzzled him, and of course, there was nothing more frustrating than the fact that she refused to mention what it was that caused this.

“But, but, I work with the technical team, and you’re in the choir! This distance won’t be as possible as you request it should be. We’ll be seeing each other.”

She took in a few breaths, trying hard not to let the tears spill out. He had a point; it was definitely impossible to truly avoid him. But…

“Besides, I’m really fond of you, Addy,” Oscar added, reaching out to hold her chin as he stared her tenderly in the eyes. “That lovely yet goofy grin of yours. Your beautiful voice. Your love for platform heels, or whatever they’re called. Your sweet spirit. Come on, Addy. Let’s not do this.”

If only he knew how much I wish we didn’t have to, she thought to herself, silently relishing the cute manner in which he propped up her chin. It was one of those things she had desired so much, back when he barely gave her face. To have him do the little things that made her feel pampered and cherished.

And it just had to happen at a time where she had no other option but to break things off.

She shook her head and pushed his hand away. “Oscar, please. I beg you. Let’s not complicate things. I’m pleading with you. Let’s just… go our separate ways.”

Disappointment written on his face, he sighed. “Fine. If you insist. I’ll leave you alone. But please, just answer this. Do your parents dislike me?”

Not the question she wanted to hear, especially in the swift manner he asked it. She looked away. 

He sighed. “Can’t I, like, meet them or something?”

She shook her head vehemently. “No, no, no need to meet them, Oscar. I beg you, please, let’s just end this. Please.”

With that, she stood up and made her way out the door of the technical room, leaving Oscar totally confused. That reaction seemed to confirm that it had to do with her family. Yet, he was yet to meet them, so he hadn’t done anything to make them have any informed opinion about him whatsoever.

But… but why do her parents dislike me? What did I do wrong?


As she entered her house, Adelaide passed by the living room, where her mother sat, busily reading one of her many Derek Prince books.

“Good evening, Ma,” Adelaide greeted.

Her mother looked up at her. “Good evening,” she responded in a rather bland tone. “I hope you’ve finally broken things off with that boy.”

Adelaide bowed her head, nodding sadly. “Yes, please.”

“Better. Na the way Prophetess Joyce warned me about you two coming together, I’m not taking it lightly. And neither should you.”

Adelaide sighed within herself. This prophetess friend of her mother had really worried her.

“If being with him will cause you to fall away from your ministry and lead to premature death, then this shouldn’t be something to be moping over. You should be thanking God for saving you. Now stop acting like your world has come to an end and start being grateful. He reveals to redeem.”

“Yes, Ma,” she responded silently, before walking away.

The truth was, she didn’t trust this prophecy at all. Beyond the fact that she had deep feelings for Oscar, there was something totally off about what had been told to her mother. The prophetess in question just seemed to tick all the wrong boxes in her spirit, and she had a big hunch that this was nothing but a fallacy.

But, with a relationship that was going through a difficult healing process, it seemed impossible and disrespectful to make that known to her.

All she could do at that point was to obey her mother. A painful choice, but one that had to be done.

Wow, so that’s why Adelaide be acting funny. Some of these prophecy things, eh. And hopefully, Aki has a successful surgery. Let’s see what follows…

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