Tales From The Word

#5: What If Jonathan Was There?


David sat back in his chair, eyes glazed, mind still focused on what he had just seen on his roof. The image of the beautiful woman bathing just could not get out of his mind. He was smitten. Fully smitten.

As he continued to fantasize about the gorgeous lady he had found upon his roof, one of his servants stepped in, bowed respectfully and said, “My lord, your friend Jonathan is here to see you.”

David snapped out of his reverie, quickly regained his composure and beckoned to the servant, saying, “Let him in, let him in.”

Jonathan entered the chamber-hall, delighted to see his close friend. He moved as if ready to rush and hug him, but stopped himself and knelt down in humble acknowledgement of David’s royal position. “Your Majesty!”

“Oh, rise, my brother. I am just a man, remember?” David said as he moved off his throne to embrace him with the biggest of smiles. The only thing that brought more joy to his heart besides seeing Jonathan was spending time in the temple of the Lord.

The two took their seats and just started talking enthusiastically about different issues, majorly concerning the wars that were being fought, including the one David had just chosen to sit out.

“Oh, by the way, I must tell you about what I saw earlier this afternoon. I can’t get my mind off it!” David said excitedly.

Jonathan sat up. “Really? I wanna hear it. What did you see?”

David started. “Well, since the men went off for war, like I was just saying, it gets a little boring every now and then, so I went up to the roof and just walked around surveying the city. I never get tired of the scenes, to be honest.

“Then, I realized something. I don’t know how she got there, but there was this beautiful woman bathing on the roof. Jonathan, I could not believe my eyes. She is so beautiful! I couldn’t stop staring at her.”

As he continued to speak of his ‘discovery’, he didn’t take too much notice of the disapproving look that had slowly started to form on his dearest friend’s face. He continued by telling how he had sent his servants to find out the woman’s identity, and had discovered she was Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite, one of his most trusted soldiers.

Jonathan was far from pleased when he had heard it all. Folding his arms, clearly letting his displeasure show, he asked, “So what’s your plan, David?”

Sensing the fact that his friend was not enthused by his afternoon escapades, David suddenly felt too shy to speak. He knew that with that look and tone of voice, Jonathan would not agree with his next line of action. He started to wring his hands nervously and stutter. “Umm… I was.. uh… I kinda…… I wanted to…”

Jonathan gave him a hard stare. “You want to have sex with her, don’t you?”

Head bowed down in shame, David nodded. “It’s just… I want her so bad. She’s like that dream girl every man wants.”

Jonathan’s hard stance softened a bit. He reached over to hold his friend’s hand. “David, you are my king, and I give you all the due respect for that. But above all things, you’re my friend, and I love you. If I see you doing the wrong thing, I have to let you know. And this plan you have in mind – it is totally wrong.

“David, you are a married man. You have quite a number of wives and concubines, with children to boot. You have a great family, with many lovely ladies at your disposal. You’d only be hurting your servant Uriah by sleeping with his wife, and being very unfair to him.”

“But most of all, you’d be displeasing God with your actions. Have you stopped to think about that?”

David sat back, that last statement obviously cutting deep.

“David, you spend so much time at the temple. I see it in your eyes, you love the Lord. You’re absolutely crazy about Him. Why do this and anger Him? It’s not worth it. David, let it go. It won’t be of any benefit.”

David, clearly mellowed by those words, remained silent. After a while, he opened his mouth to speak. “Wow, I never actually considered that. Wow, I guess I was so taken in by her beauty, I forgot all of that. Thank you, Jonathan. I guess I wasn’t thinking right.”

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