Tales From The Word

#3: It Is Too Late

Helez held on to the tree for dear life, shivering as he tried his utmost best to withstand the torrential downpour. He was already freezing as his body violently trembled. It had been raining heavily for the past four days, with no pause.

And as he clutched tightly to the tree, thoughts spun through his mind.

How the heck did this happen? I can’t believe that crazy old man was telling the truth all along. Honestly, with all that babbling nonsense about the world being taken over by waters, there’s no way anyone could have believed him. And all that energy and effort put forth into building that giant thingy? We thought he was absolutely insane.

Wow! This is mind-blowing. Really, I thought this was just a crazy hoax. When he came out and told us only seven days were left, Mara and I really mocked him. Then the week passed, and the storm started. It’s been four days now. I’m sure the others may have drowned by now, it can’t be possible that they’ve survived down there. Too bad Mara couldn’t make it out the window. Can’t stop to think about her now, it’s too late. Got to find safety for myself.

If only I could, though…

He looked around, struggling to see, as the relentless downpour continued with force. His grip on the tree lessened as strength faded from his system. As to how he was still breathing was a wonder. He started to slowly slide down as his grip could no longer be firm enough.

Dropping into the growing deluge, though, he saw a big wooden structure not too far away.

Yes! That crazy old man’s ark, or boat, or whatever it’s supposed to be. Maybe he can give me some space. Maybe…

With the little ounce of strength left in him, he grabbed a nearby piece of wood, leaned on it, and kicked his feet violently, moving himself towards the ark.

Eyes burning with determination, he kept his gaze focused on the giant structure. It can’t be too late! Surely I can get some space in there. Surely I can! It’s big enough. They can’t refuse to let me in. they just can’t!

Arriving close to the ark, he was already short of strength, ready to give up. Nevertheless, the thought of finding safety in there wouldn’t let him let go. He climbed onto the ark, and hauled himself up to the nearest window, where he banged loudly on the door.


His loud cries, coupled with his pounding of the window, caught the attention of Ham, who looked up, and was unsurprisingly startled at the sight of Helez, face pressed against the window. He signalled to show he would be back in a moment, and ran out the door.

Helez stayed there, now shivering violently as the raging waters began to take their toll on his system. I hope he’s gonna be good to me.

Ham entered the room with his father. Helez groaned inwardly. Oh crap! He just had to call the old man, didn’t he? Ugh! He probably won’t let me in after all the nonsense I said to him.

Nonetheless, he opened his mouth. “Sir! Please, I beg you with everything in me, open up this ark and let me in. Please! I’m freezing out here. My body is weak. I need safety. Please, open up!”

The old man shook his head sadly. “For years, I warned you. Made it clear to you that a day like this would come. That God would destroy the world with a flood, and the only way out was to seek refuge in this ark. Yet you mocked my message and called me names.”

“Oh, come on, old man! I’m sorry, if that’s what you wanna hear. Alright, I’m sorry. Now pleeeease open up.”

The old man smiled sadly. “I’m sorry, dear one, but I can’t.”

A fiery rage immediately sparked up in Helez. “For real? Seriously? You’re gonna do me like that?” he bellowed weakly.

The old man was unperturbed by his tantrum. “If I had been the one to lock the doors, maybe I’d have helped you. But it is the Lord who shut the door behind us. He alone can open it. And He made it clear before this time that He wouldn’t open up to anyone when the grace period was over. You heard it for yourself, but rejected the call to enter. I’m really sorry, but it is too late.”

He walked away.

It is too late. It is too late. It is too late…

The words cut him deep. Muscles numb and mind stupefied by those words, he hardly noticed as the waters gently slid him off the ark and into the deluge. No more strength to fight, no place of refuge available, he didn’t react as the waves took him under, never to bring him back to the surface with the breath of life in his lungs. He would be one of the many, flushed out of the earth by the wrath of a holy God.

Got something to say? Go ahead and drop it down there!!