Tales From The Word

#1: Just Another Day

Perez stood outside his tent and breathed deeply. Ah, the great feel of a brand new morning! The morning breeze was so lovely, and it always made him feel good.

He was busy observing the neighbouring tents around him when he heard a voice call him. He turned.

It was Javan, one of closest pals, running towards him.

“Hey, Javan, what’s good?” Perez called excitedly.

“Another good day for the same old stuff, man,” his friend responded. “I got some interesting news for you, though. Is Shimeon around?”

“Yeah, he’s inside. Let’s get in.” The two entered the tent, where Shimeon was seated. Javan greeted him and took his seat next to him.

“So what’s happening? What interesting news do you have for us?” Perez asked.

Javan leaned forward. “It has to do with that foreigner. You know my brother is engaged to one of his daughters, right? Well, what he told me this morning shows just how insane that guy is. He said that he should come with him and the family out of town because destruction is coming upon this place!”

Shimeon and Perez burst into uncontrollable laughter. “What a confused idiot!” Shimeon said. “What destruction is he talking about?”

“I wonder,” Javan laughed. “My brother’s too smart to believe all that crap, though. He just brushed him off. I heard he said the same thing to the other guy engaged to his younger daughter. Same response.”

“Ha! This alien is such a dolt. You’re a total stranger here, yet you wanna act like you’re the boss around here,” Shimeon sneered. “I don’t know if you heard of what happened at his place last night. It must have happened before he did what you’re talking about.”

“When the guys wanted to do their thing with those strangers?” Javan asked. “Yeah, I heard something like that.”

“He has absolutely no right in that matter,” Perez added. “If the real citizens of this city want to deal with strangers in a certain way, you’ve got no right as a stranger to interfere, even if it’s happening at your house. I just wonder how that blindness struck the guys, though.”

“Yeah, I’m yet to find out what happened concerning that. Anyway, what’s happening with the orphans?” Javan asked Shimeon. He was a judge in one of the courts.

“Oh, they’re still disturbing me, but I’m not gonna mind them,” Shimeon answered. “The man who seized their property gave me a pretty nice amount last week, so that was settled. You know me, all I need is a little ‘gift’, and a case is all yours. Doesn’t matter how much the aggrieved party is right. To hell with them!”

The three men laughed heartily.

“You remember the case with the abused widow?” Shimeon reminded them. “Hahaha! The abuser came to see me even before she brought the case forward. I threw the case out as soon as she brought it. She cried like a baby in front of me for about an hour. As if I cared!”

“Yeah, I have a sweet memory of that…” Perez started. He then stopped. “Uh, can you hear something weird outside?”

“No, but I just caught a whiff of something burning. Is there a fire or something?” Javan asked.

Before any of them could answer, though, the roof of the tent started to give way and hot lava started to drop on the floor. In a matter of seconds, the peaceful atmosphere had turned into a terrifying scene of pain.

“AAAHH! What’s happening?” Shimeon screamed in fright.

None of them were able to respond. Javan had brimstone all over his face, and he was now on the floor, being hit with more strikes of fire. Perez was running around, screaming as his body was on fire.

A streak of fire caught Shimeon right in the face, and he dropped to the ground in agony. Brimstone and fire continued to drop upon them all around, and in a matter of minutes, the screams of agony and extreme pain died out as the hot elements consumed the men and all that was in the tent…


… In the distance, as the smoke rose from the remains of the cities ruthlessly destroyed by the heavenly blaze, a crystallized figure made entirely of salt stood, frozen in place. A pillar created by the hesitancy and disobedience of one meant to escape the judgment that had struck the now non-existent cities.

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