Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

4 – Our First Phone Call

Philip dropped his bag as he entered his room, exhausted. “That N1 traffic is nothing short of demonic,” he groaned with relief as he stretched himself out on his bed, thinking back to the over ninety-minute period he had spent on the highway that evening.

Having enjoyed the comfort of being sprawled out on his bed for a minute or two, he then sat up and untied his shoes. A big smile spread all over his face, as he remembered the events before he had gotten caught up in the pileup. An event that was more than enough to make those extra minutes in the long line nothing more than an afterthought.

“Man, this has been one of the most beautiful evenings of my life. I promise,” he said to himself, enjoying the warm, fuzzy feeling that arose in his chest as he reminisced. “Oh, I have to call her.”

He took out his phone, and going straight to the contacts list, the first name he saw…

… Adeline.

Shaking his head in gratitude as he pressed the dial button, one thought ran through his mind as he put the phone to his ear.

I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it.

On the third ring, she picked up.

“Hey you!” she answered excitedly. “You home now?”

He smiled as he noted the excitement in her voice.

“Yeah, baby girl. Just got home. The traffic on the N1 was serious eh. From Dzorwulu to the Interchange alone, one hour!”


“Hmmm, Adeline. It was annoying papa. But at least I’m home now. The way I want to sleep. Thank God it’s Friday.”

“Oh, make sure you’ve had at least a cup of Milo before you sleep oo. I want my adorable sweetheart to have sweet dreams about me.”

A giggle followed.

Philip smiled at that. Silent for a brief moment, he responded, “No problem, Addy.”

The next few words from her were spoken in a softer tone. “Philip? Tonight was magical. I’ve never been this excited before.”

“I know, Addy. So magical. I knew tonight was the right time to have that talk. And I’m so glad you’re my girl now. You are such a precious gem, Adeline. I’m still yet to adjust to the fact that you’re my girl now. Like, the cutest girl in West Africa? You, Adeline Brobbey, the sweet, petite, massively intelligent Jesus-loving baby girl said yes to me tonight?”

Adeline giggled. “Better believe it, baby boy. You’re not the only one experiencing that ‘Obinyane me’ vibe. I’ve been crushing on you for a long time. You have no idea how excited I was when Gigi hooked me up with you; oh Lord, what a major answer to my prayer it was! The man I’ve been praying for finally came along. I serve a prayer-answering God, no doubt!”

Philip laughed. “That shook me up, you know. I mean, I know I’m pretty awesome, but I’ve always had the idea that the girl I’m smitten with would almost always never be interested in me, and yet the one who would like me is someone I’d say no to.”

“Hmmmmm. ‘Almost always never’. Means it’s a 99.5% chance, right? Well, guess what? I’m the 0.5%. Simple, isn’t it?”

Philip laughed again. “Too simple. But, dear Lord, you are such a cutie. You’re so cute, it’s ridiculous. No wonder I love to stroke your chin so much. You’re just too adorable, baby girl!”

More giggling over the phone. “Stop it, boy, you’re making me blush! Don’t ask me how a dark-skinned girl is blushing. I won’t say. But I like it when you do that to me. You make me feel cute and adored. I just love to be doted on, and it’s so sweet to have you do that to me.”

That warm, fuzzy feeling that somehow drifted into his belly. Weird sensations, but did it matter? All that mattered was that the sweet girl he had fallen for about six months ago had officially said to his proposal, and they were having their first official couple phone call.

“Anything to make you feel on top of the world, my adorable one. But all that aside, Addy, I promise you, this journey we’re taking together, is gonna be so worth it. I know it’ll not be a smooth journey; we’re bound to have some issues here and there. But I want this to work. I’m ecstatic right now, no doubt, so I’m just gonna have a beautiful rest of the night. But tomorrow, I know there’s work to be done. And I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to commit to making you the happiest cutie in the world.”

“Awwwww, Philip,” she said, sounding overwhelmed by that last statement. Sighing for a moment, she continued, “You’re wonderful, Philip. I thank God He led me to you. And I pray this is the start of something real. I pray we’ll be together for the long haul. I’ve had dreams of shaking the world with you, and I desire nothing more than to see it come into manifestation.”

“We’ll make it, Addy. God’s on our side, I see the ribbon in the sky,” he responded softly.

She laughed. “The Sho Baraka fan as always.”

“You know how I do. Hehe. Well, I just wanted you to know that I’m home. And ..uh… that spending tonight with you will be the major highlight of this year. So, I guess I’ll go get myself that cup of Milo before I get to bed.”

“Alright, Philip. No problem. Good night, my cute boyfriend. I love you, and make sure I’m prominently starring in your dreams.”

He laughed. “I love you too, baby boo. And I sure will. Just make sure you picture me cupping that cute baby face of yours in my hands while reminding you what a doll you are.”

“I like that. I’ll probably go to bed with a flushed face.”

“I’ll need to figure out how an glorious melanin boo like you actually blushes one of these days.”

“Whatever! Bye, boo.”

“Bye, Addy.”

Hanging up, the smile remained on his face. He pressed the gallery icon on the home screen and looked at the most recent picture taken. It was him and Adeline, posing for a selfie. A quick chill took a quick trip down his spine as he remembered the deep hug she gave him after that little ‘photo session’.

Such a sweet shot of oxytocin that was.

Just then, a message came from her. Switching quickly to his WhatsApp to see what she had sent, he saw a familiar-looking video.

How ironic, he thought to himself as he pressed the download button. This was the corniest and lamest video a few months ago. Now my heart is full of joy right now at receiving this.

Hitting the play button, a silly grin was all over as he watched an animated child sing, “You’re my honey bunch sugar plum, pumpie umpie umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie…”

At the end of the video, he put the phone down and closed his eyes. “Oh, God. This feeling is so beautiful. Lord, I know it’s just a minor aspect of the whole thing called love, but it is so awesome. Please, help me on this journey with Addy. I want to love her to the end, in every sense of the word. Your way. God, she’s so precious. I want Your precious little girl to be happy and loved. Help me to do that from this very day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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