Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

3 – You’re Appreciated

Comfort was feeling pretty exhausted. Another busy evening for her. Like every other day, she balanced her job as a school director with being a mother to her three-year-old daughter and a wife to her husband, Ebenezer. And it was not easy.

This evening, little Sarai had been a little troublesome, and Comfort didn’t take it very lightly, as her little antics gave her more work to do. Patience, though, was a virtue she possessed in abundance. Handling all that mess, plus serving her husband, had made her quite tired. Another day as a young working mother and wife.

She walked to the living room, where her book was lying on the table. As she got closer, though, she noticed an envelope beside it. With her name on it.

She looked strangely at it. “How come Ben didn’t tell me I had a letter? Who is it from?” she wondered aloud as she took a seat in the sofa and opened the envelope.

The letter had a familiar scent on it. Almost like somebody had gently sprayed it with what happened to be her favourite perfume.

She unfolded the letter.

Dear Mrs. Comfort Lawson,

You know, we go back. Way back. I look at you now, and I can’t help but remember when I first met you; as young as Sarai (ok, I think you were a lil older). We ain’t stay neighbours for long, but of course, we stayed friends. Our families stayed friends, to be specific.

I always knew there was something special about you. Even as a lil toddler, I saw something that just made you stand out from your sisters. Of course, not to say they’re bogus, you know I got love for them, but… you know what I mean, babe! 😉

She smiled as she reached that point in the letter. Oh my, this man never fails to make me smile!

So as you grew up, and I grew up, I took notice of your beauty, innocence and sweetness. After going through a crazy time of rebellion against our Daddy, I was brought to my senses, became a changed guy, and saw in you a gem, a precious soul who, like every other lady out there, needs to be loved and cherished every day of her life. You really delayed your answer when I let you know how I feel, though. Ugh, you made me wait for close to 3 years!! Well, it was totally worth the wait, though.

Since the day you became my girlfriend and disciple, my life changed completely. Believe me, love, you didn’t change alone, I changed too. Our courtship was such a turning point. I’ll never forget what we went through.

As memories came to mind, tears started to form in Fati’s eyes. She wiped them away and continued to read.

It’s been three years since you went from Ms. Comfort Darteh to Mrs. Comfort Lawson. It’s been tough, but baby, it’s been worth it. I love how you alternate between being the boss at work and being a wife and mummy at home. You pull it off real good, shawty!

We’ve had our tough times together, we’ve had a couple of nasty arguments here and there, but we made a vow to stick together no matter what, and I intend to stick to it. And I trust you do too. I love you, Connie, flaws and all. I still will never understand why you hate Kojo Antwi’s music. That’s so…. ugh!

She laughed out loud at seeing that. “Oh, Benny, you silly boy!” she cooed to herself.

So, Fati, this is just to randomly let you know how much I love and treasure you. I see all you do, and believe me, it’s not in vain. Till the day I die, I’ll always treasure you as my queen and value you more than a ship full of gold. We’re in this for God’s glory, and I know He’s gonna lead us through.

I love you, baby.


P.S. Yeah, about the smell of your perfume, I used it while you bathed Sarai. I was hoping it would add a lil touch of romance to it. You know me, baby. L’homme romantique!!

Smiling as a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek, she placed the letter down. Obviously not the greatest love letter, but all he had written had touched her. And the thought of using her perfume definitely made it all the more special.

“Oh, Lord, thank you for Ben,” she said aloud. “Thank you for the best hubby in the world. I don’t know where I’d be if You hadn’t placed him in my life.”

“And thank God for the greatest wifey in the world,” a voice gently added.

Ebenezer, who had been hanging around with his wife unaware, joined her on the sofa and gave her a big kiss. “I just wanted to do something random to make you happy.”

“And you did a great job of it, sweetheart,” she remarked, resting her head on his chest. “Thank you so much, Ben.”

“Aw, don’t thank me, you deserve it. You’re such an inspiration to ladies your age. You support me like a real wife does. What else can I do but appreciate the most beautiful woman? I have to. And I’ll continue to do so till I’m gone. But seriously, you ought to sit down and listen to some smooth Kojo Antwi tunes. You’ll love it!”

Comfort gave him a look.

He laughed and kissed her again. “You’re appreciated, babe. Never forget that.”

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