Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

2 – Chocolate Cake

“Good evening, sir. What can I offer you and your children?” the waitress asked Kevin.

“Well, give me a meat pie. And two chocolate cake slices for my children,” he responded, much to the delight of the young ones. They were bouncing in their seats with excitement as he made the order.

“Yaay! Our cake is coming!” one of them said gleefully, as the waitress went to get their orders.

Kevin smiled. “Well, I did promise you it was coming on this Sunday, didn’t I?”

His two daughters, five year-old Awo and three year-old Abrema, had had a serious craving for chocolate cake, and had been on his neck all week about it, so he promised them he’d get them some that Sunday.

True to his word, Sunday evening approached, and at about five o’ clock, as the girls were sleeping, he woke up them up, had them get dressed, and drove them to Golden Tulip Hotel, and took them straight to the bar, where they were now seated, waiting for their craving.

As they waited, Abrema asked her father, “Will Mummy call?”

“Yes, sweetie. Mummy will be calling us not too long from now,” Kevin assured her.

“But when is she coming back! I’ve forgotten,” Awo added.

“Oh, she’ll come on Wednesday, God willing,” he responded. “You know, she called while you two were sleeping. She’s already getting bored in Canada. She’s so eager to come back home.”

“Aww, we miss her, Daddy,” she said wistfully.

“Not as much as she misses you two.”

He continued to talk with his daughters, acting silly at times and making them laugh. He was in the middle of telling them one joke, the two girls already squealing with laughter, when the waitress came around, bringing their orders: one huge meat pie for Kevin, and two lovely-looking slices of chocolate cake for little Awo and Abrema.

The waitress smiled as she saw the looks of delight on the girls’ faces. “Enjoy your cakes, sweethearts!” she said sweetly to them.

“Thank you!” they responded.

As Kevin broke off big pieces of his pie and popped them in his mouth, he moved his chair over to help Abrema eat her cake, as the toddler needed it. There was one moment when the piece Kevin cut for her fell off the fork. Luckily, it fell on his lap, and he quickly picked it up and placed in her mouth before she started to cry.

As soon as Awo finished her cake, Kevin’s phone rang. It was the person they had been waiting to hear from. Kevin’s wife and the mother of the two girls, Margaret.

Kevin answered the call. “Maggie baby!!”

“Kevin, I’m bored here!” she started, in a whining voice. “Since we spoke earlier, Joey hasn’t been back. I’m stuck all alone in this house, like always. Oh, Lord, I can’t wait to come back home on Wednesday.”

“Aww, I can tell. You really miss home, I can see.”

“Of course I do, love! I miss you so much. And where are my dear honeycakes? I miss them like crazy!”

“They’re right here, baby, itching to talk to you. Hold on for Awo.” He then handed the phone to the five year-old, who immediately squealed into the phone, “Muummmmmiiieeeeeeee!!!!!!”

He shook his head in amusement. How she loved to do that with her mother.

As Awo chatted comically with her mother, Kevin helped Abrema finish the rest of her cake. An easy task, given the eagerness with which the three year-old wanted to speak to her mother.

Five minutes gone, and Awo was satisfied enough to hand over the phone to her sister. As Abrema happily said hello to her mum, Kevin could hear Margaret over the phone, “Awww, my sweet little vanilla tart! I miss you like strawberry shake and apple pie!”

He stifled a laugh. Good Lord, Margaret could get all mushy with these girls!

Just then, he noticed a familiar couple coming from the restaurant. Mr. Ekow Danquah and his wife, Akweley. He had known them since university, and it had been no surprise to him when they got married just about a year ago; they were almost a perfect fit for each other. He waved wildly at them, Akweley noticing him first.

As they got to Kevin’s table, they gave the girls big hugs, then proceeded to talk to him. “Hey, Kevin!” Akweley gushed, hugging him. “How lovely it is to see you here! Spending a lil time with the girls, eh?”

Kevin nodded. “Yeah, you know. Since last week, these two have been on my case about chocolate cake, so today I decided to give them a treat. At least I can spend some lovely time with my girls whilst my lady is out of town.”

“Awww, how sweet!” Akweley said, now having Awo on her laps. “I remember how you always wished for something like this.”

Ekow nodded, a smile on his face. “Yeah, those days. Dreaming about having adorable little children, taking them out to beautiful places, all since the day you and Margaret started dating.”

Kevin nodded, giving his three year-old an affectionate squeeze. “You two remember it well. I always knew she was gonna be the mother of my children, and I always knew I’d have days like this, when my children and I would go out and have quality time with them. Even though it’s better with Maggie around, it’s just awesome to be with them alone; a father and his children spending time together. Trust me, I always knew it would be a wonderful experience. I remember how I loved seeing men with their little children, doing stuff together, and I always prayed to God I’ll get there. Now that I’m there, I’m loving every moment of it, and there’s nobody else to thank but God.”

“Of course? Who else but Him? I have to admit, seeing you this happy definitely makes me look forward to us having our own kids,” Ekow said.

“Oh, trust me, man, you’ll most definitely get there. Maybe one day, just like me, when Akweley’s out of town, you’ll also take your children out to have some quality father-children time with them. And who knows, you’ll also get them some chocolate cake.”

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