Gems Of Yesteryear

10. Proverbs 7 Lady

It’s basic, really. A re-enactment of the chapter in question. Definitely another personal favourite of mine…

Joe took his phone and looked at the time. It was seven-thirty.

It was time for him to go and see Cecilia.

A mysterious young lady who he had taken notice of just a few weeks ago, she had noticed the attention he was giving her and was responding in a rather seductive manner. Anytime he saw her while passing by her house, she would either give him a wink or blow him a kiss. Eventually, after about two weeks of this, he had shyly approached her to try and strike up a chat with her. He hadn’t been given the chance, but she had gently taken his hand and wrote her phone number on it.

The first time he called had him discovering her voice was as seductive and smooth as her body and attitude. She suggested he visit her on Sunday.

Now he was seated in his room, ready to leave and go and see her.

His desire to befriend her didn’t go unchallenged, though. Being an important member of the Living Arts department of his church, his friends had noticed the object of his affection and had strongly advised him to stay away from her.

The fact was, she did not have a very good reputation around, even though she had only moved into the area about six months ago. Her love for scanty dressing and that flirtatious behaviour made her pretty disliked by many, especially considering how shamelessly she let her trashy attitude show. Rumours were even circulating that she had slept with a few of the hooligans around. Aside that, she was said to be quite rude and had already engaged in a couple of fierce quarrels with a few neighbours.

Despite all this knowledge, plus the stern rebukes from his friends, Joe had been captured by the enticing aura of this young woman. He felt too captivated by her charm to pass up this opportunity.

I’m going to make this visit as short as possible. Maybe about 20 minutes. I can’t risk having Grace or Emmanuel see me, else they’ll never give me rest, he thought as he left his room. As he stepped out of his house and locked his door, he heard a voice. Joe, don’t do it. Don’t go there. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. DON’T GO!

He struggled for a moment, torn between fulfilling his desires or listening to the voice. He chose to discard the voice.

“I’m sure I’ll regret not going. I must go!” he said to himself as he took the key out of the lock.

As he walked to her house, images of her seductive gestures and postures formed in his mind. With each mental picture popping up, he grew more and more excited, and increased the speed of his footsteps.

I can’t wait to meet her! He thought as he was just about to turn into the lane to her house.

He didn’t have to wait too long.

She was leaning against the walls of her house, obviously waiting for him. She was wearing a negligee, barely covering her thighs and exposing a lot of cleavage.

For a moment, Joe felt scared. This wasn’t new; she loved to stand outside her house in clothing that covered so little, it seemed a bad idea to even label it clothing. However, this particular dressing seemed to send a message. Almost like she had plans for him…

Oh, forget it. I already decided to spend only twenty minutes. Whatever she may have planned won’t come on…… well, it depends…

He resisted the urge to run towards her, maintaining his gentlemanly walk as he approached her. She had a sly smile on her face, coming up to him. As she approached, he anticipated a hug, getting ready to open wide his arms. To his surprise, she chose to give him a deep kiss on the lips.

Joe, in the midst of her rather unconventional greeting, was both aroused and confused. This feels so good, but why is she doing this?

She parted lips with him and purred in her silky voice, “I’ve been waiting for you, Joey baby. You have no idea what I’ve got planned for you.”

At this point, Joe was totally intoxicated by his lustful desires. The voice of wisdom was still trying to speak to him, but he was paying no attention to it.

“I went to church today, and the service was great,” she said as she led him in. “I’ve been by myself since I got back, so I prepared the house for your visit. Not too many people come around, so when they do, I make my house look good.”

Her living room looked fantastic, to say the least. From the chandeliers to the plush sofas, one could see this was the house of a wealthy young woman.

So she’s a Christian, given she went to church, she’s lonely and she has such a lovely house? I’m already glad I came. I’m sure she’s just largely misunderstood.

She had him take a seat in the living room, and went to the kitchen to fetch him a drink. He took notice of a picture of her and a man, looking very happy. As she returned, she followed his gaze to the picture, and said, “That’s my uncle. He’s out of town right now. I don’t know when he’ll be back.”

As he took in his drink, she came and sat next to him, making sure he had a full view of her exposed thighs. She had the front of her lower lip between her teeth, and was watching him with the most seductive look on her face.

Defenses grew weaker and weaker with each mesmerising gesture she made towards her body. At this point, the voice of reason had been totally discarded, and the initial plans made were now slowly being pushed aside. She looked him in the eyes. “Joe, I was gonna serve you dinner, but I changed my mind. I know why I asked you over, and I know you know why you’re here. Joey, I’m so lonely. I need the touch of a man, I need to feel like a real woman, and I know you can do that for me.”

I know it’s wrong. But… but… look at those thighs… and her breasts… feels so sweet against my chest… I can’t resist it… I just can’t…

“Let’s go to my room,” Cecilia whispered. “I got it specially prepared for your visit. Let’s go have some fun. I know you want me, and I won’t lie to you, Joey, I want you bad.”

Sense had clearly left Joe’s head, and he was so taken in, he wouldn’t pay attention to anything else but the testosterone. He lifted her off the couch and carried her in his arms, and in less than in a minute, they were in her beautifully decorated room, ready to fulfil those lustful desires.

An hour later, and they had had their fill. Sure, Joe had thrown out all forms of integrity and uprightness, but having the most irresistible lady around in bed with him felt absolutely incredible. Surely there wasn’t any better feeling than this!

He hopped out of the bed and told her he wanted to go to the kitchen for a bottle of water. But in the next couple of minutes, what transpired in the house was absolutely stunning.

As he was about to leave the room for the kitchen, the door flew open, and there stood Cecilia’s uncle.

One little problem, though: he was actually her husband, as his furious speech revealed.

“What the…? Who the hell are you? And what are you doing in my room with my beautiful wife?” he bellowed.

Joe was shocked to the core. Cecilia was a married woman? How? He had never, ever seen a ring on her finger. How could this be?

No time for wondering, though. Cecilia’s husband looked extremely dangerous as he stood there, the look of fury growing uglier and harder on his face. “So I can’t let my Cecilia settle down in our new home on her own without a little piece of trash making moves on her? How dare you even entertain the thought of sleeping with my wife!” With that, he grabbed Joe by the throat, lifted him up and threw him with great force to the side of the room.

It was like he had been thrown by a gorilla. Joe’s head hit the wall hard, and he instantly fell dizzy as he lay on the floor. Now he realised the folly of following his carnal desires.

Still in a daze, he hardly heard Cecilia lie to her husband, amidst fake tears, that Joe had forced her into bed with him.

This seemed to have sent the man into a red-hot rage, as he rushed to where Joe lay, took off his shoes, and beat Joe repeatedly in the face with it. Cecilia screamed and tried to stop him, but it was to no avail, as he shoved her aside. When that felt inadequate, he took a cable and strangled Joe with it, growling between gritted teeth, “Mess with my wife, and you mess up your life!”

Despite Cecilia’s screams, cries and pleas, her husband refused to listen. His temper seemed impossible to bring under control; he was an absolute monster at that moment.

Joe was half-dead by the time he was let loose. The beastly man carried him out, found the nearest Dumpster, and placed Joe’s almost lifeless body in it.

Somebody found his body the next day. Barely living, but still with breath in his body, and a lot of blood lost. That breath could not sustain him on his way to the hospital though; he gave up the battle before his good Samaritan could get him to the nearest hospital.

Like an ox on its way to the slaughterhouse, Joe had found his way to the house of the adulteress and had ended up on the path of destruction. Just like the senseless young man in Proverbs 7.

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