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Options n’ Upshots – OE #9

Before Dr. Kevin Bulber of the Luther Memorial Hospital in Sunyani, sat a relieved but shaken Leticia and Kwesi. It was 11:30 am, and after checking up on Barnabas, the two immediately went to meet with him in his office, where he had given them an update on the patient.

The good news was that Barnabas was out of danger. However, the stroke had taken a hard hit on him, and even though death had been tossed out of the picture, he was going to have major problems with speech and movement. No time frame had been placed on the recovery time, but it was possible it could take months before he was restored to full health.

“Hmmmm. Well, at least we are grateful he’s out of danger. That’s the major thing,” Kwesi commented.

Dr. Bulber nodded. “Indeed. So we’ll start therapy for him as soon as possible. I don’t know if you noticed his inability to speak at the moment.”

“Actually, he was asleep when we checked up on him, so… no,” Leticia answered.

“Oh, alright. Please, don’t be too ruffled up, Mrs. Dawson. Your brother will make it out of this. He was in terrible shape on Wednesday when he was rushed here, but that man honestly has some crazy fight in him. I’m sure if he keeps it up, his recovery rate will be quicker than expected.”


“Ouch. So he won’t be able to talk or move about for a while?”

“Hmmmm, no.  The thing hit him really hard. It’s gonna be a long therapy before he’s back to the Barnabas we know.”

“Wow. Chale, that’s serious. But at least, death is far from him, right?”

“Yeah. Unless some horrible relapse occurs, but God forbid that. He’ll be fine.”

“That’s great, that’s great. Well, when he wakes up and you’re able to see him, tell him Thomas sends his regards, and he should keep fighting. None of us are going anywhere prematurely, chale. We all need each other alive.”

“Definitely! I will. So, how’s the emergency distin you needed to attend to?”

“Oh, it’s coming along smoothly. We’re in a board meeting. Just went on break, and I said lemme call you and know what’s happening up there.”

“Oh, alright. Hmmm, it’s crazy how we both had these various emergencies coming our way.”

“Mmm, indeed. Although mine is at least work-related, so nothing spoil. Your emergency is not a very nice kind of emergency to receive. But it shall be well. I spoke to the kids earlier, and they’re alright. Sammy finally got his Twix, so…”

“Hahahahaha! Oh, my little man! I’ve missed him. And my sweet Denise. And of course, you too. I can’t wait to be back home.”

“Hehe, well, take your time, Lit. just make sure Barnabas is alright. We’ll be home waiting for you.”

“Yes, please, Mr. Dawson. I’ll most certainly do that. Well, I’m sure you’ll need to go get ready for the continuation of your meeting.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think we’ll be going in any moment from now. So, just continue to keep your eye on him, alright?”

“Yes, honey. I will. I’ll call your mother so I can speak to the kids. Talk to you later then. Bye!”

“Bye, Litty!”

The only meeting he had at that moment was one in the shower with his housekeeper. A steamy, noisy and extremely X-rated meeting.


“Goddamn, Glori, why you gotta be so damn sexy?”

Glori smirked as their foreheads touched, her sitting on his lap, as he sat back in the sofa. “Anything for you to be happy, TomTom.”

Thomas grinned as he ran his hands up and down her bare back. It was 3 o’ clock, and they had already been super active that day, having made love about three times, the shower time inclusive. If anybody had come near the house between the hours of 11 o’ clock to that time, the likelihood that they would have heard Glori making sounds that would either excite or embarrass them, would have been very high. 

Of course, this was the reason why they left Accra, in the first place. To have as much fun as possible with close to zero probability of getting caught. And they were certainly making the most of it. With the two of them topless on the couch, busily admiring each other’s bodies, their Lust-N-Thrust plans were in full force.

She gave off a small moan as he ended his caress with a spank on her butt. Giving him a sassy look, she placed a finger on his nose and purred, “Be gentle with me. Or I’ll put my T-shirt back on. No free show for you.”

Thomas laughed, and immediately pressed his lips against hers in response. The gentle aggression with which he kissed her never failed to send the most spine-tingling of sensations down her spine. The warmth that clothed her whenever they locked lips was sweeter than the Niche chocolate she  loved with a passion. In Thomas, she had a piece of heaven.

As they parted, she sat up, smirking. “You know I haven’t seen you this happy since I came to the Dawson household?”

“Mmmmm,” Thomas murmured absent-mindedly, his attention clearly set on her exposed chest.

“TomTom!” she scolded playfully, hitting him on the forehead. “Take your attention off my breasts for a minute, please.”

Back to reality, he looked at her. “Oh, uh, sorry, babe. Just can’t wait to squeeze those boobies again, hehehe. Yeah, what did you say?”

“I said, did you know I haven’t seen this much happiness from you since I came to the Dawson household?”

Thomas’ facial expression changed at that. Taking on a more solemn disposition, he nodded. “Yeah. Basically because I haven’t been happy.”

Glori looked saddened by that. In her four months at their house, she had never really seen them fight or get aggressive with each other, but she had seen much to note that they weren’t the lovey-dovey type. She had been of the opinion, however, that they probably weren’t into shows of PDA and simply dwelt on a foundation of respect and friendship. Given that they had been married for almost seven years, she found it totally normal and acceptable. So this was news to her.

“Awwww. Are things that bad with Madam Lit?”

Thomas nodded, pulling himself up a bit. “You know what I think now? I think marriage is highly overrated.”

Glori’s eyes widened at that statement. “Really?!”

“Yep. I know it sounds shocking to you, what with all the rubbish they say about it being sweet and blah blah blah. Look, I lost the whole vibe a while back. The whole waking up to one person got dry and overplayed for me. Things got really strained between us, before we hired you. We began making snide comments at each other, and things escalated too quickly. We had a big fight one Saturday night, and we yelled the most horrid things to each other. I walked out and went to sleep at a hotel that night. And honestly, that was the night I fell out of love with her. Totally.”

Glori watched him solemnly as he shook his head, remembering the events of that night. It didn’t look like he had forgiven her for the horrible things she had said to him, whatever they were.

“She apologized when I returned the next morning. Said that we were getting to a tough stage in our marriage, and that maybe we should go for counselling. I really didn’t want to, but… the way she begged and all, I just conceded. We went, they said these storms are part of the whole marriage process… some plenty bulls**t. I’m surprised I even remember all they said mpo, I just didn’t care. I don’t love her anymore. That’s that.”

Glori pursed her lips together. “That’s why you got so miffed when I said you should stick to her when you started chasing me, I guess.”

Thomas nodded. “I’m just so tired of being told that. That’s what they all say. Stick to your wife, fight for your marriage… honestly, f*** all that! I don’t want to. It’s my choice. I don’t want to fight for anything. I’m tired. Period. There are only two reasons why I’m staying in the house with her.”

Glori raised her eyebrow. “Which are…”

“One, because of the kids. I don’t think it’ll help if we go our separate ways now, with them being so young. Two, she’ll probably go mad if I tell her it’s over. She’s got some level of emotionalism bi that can be extremely annoying. So for the meantime, I’ll just endure. Put up a satisfied husband facade while the kids get older. With time, I ‘ll have an idea of what to do.”

“Hmmmmm. But will you be able to go through this endurance thing?” Glori asked in concern. “I mean, with the way you seem so unhappy and all…”

The grin returned to his face. “Well… I’ve got you around, soooo… I’m happy now.”

Glori giggled at that. “Ooooooooh, I see,” she said, her finger drawing circles on his bare chest.

“Oh yeah, babe. At least I got something to keep me going. And that’s you, you tasty little treat! Now you know why I didn’t let you be when you said no. I needed you so badly.”

“Awwwww, I’m flattered, TomTom,” she drawled seductively, genuinely feeling a flush of delight at his words. Fighting the dissenting voices in her head that insisted she was blinding herself to the fact that Thomas was just a selfish man who was refusing to do the right thing to save his family, she reasoned to herself that being this man’s source of happiness in a tough period was the least she could do.

Besides, he’s staying on because of the kids. That surely must make him a good guy in some way, she added, hitting back at her conscience.

“Turn around, babe. Time for me to play with you a little bit.”

Glori giggled as she quickly turned over, her back to his face as she remained on his lap, waiting for him to get all touchy on her. “Nowhere near getting enough of me, are you, TomTom?”

“Not even close, babe. Not even close.”


“… so I tried to cover up ooo, Glori, I tried to. But chale, Rawda just wouldn’t accept whatever I’d say. And you know her, she can be a little too sharp to detect things. Hmmmm. Sorry about that. But what did she say?”

“Oh, you know her, la. Started questioning me in that her bossy manner. ‘What is wrong with you?’ ‘Do you realize what you’re doing?’ Typical Rawda attitude.”

“Hmmmm, no surprise. As for that girl…”

It was evening, and after some takeaway food and exposure to Thomas’ knack for lewd jokes, Glori was in the bedroom, chatting with Boahemaa while she awaited him to finish watching the La Liga match. Initially, she had had the mind to lambast her friend for letting the secret slip, but it was hard to stay mad at this bosom buddy of hers.

Besides, which other person was she going to tell about the ravenous appetite of Thomas Dawson and how she had enjoyed the day’s events?

“Chale, forget am. When we were coming, she sent me some message, saying I should stop this madness, na it won’t end well. The girl dey bore roff!”

“Ah, na Rawzy too, is that how to talk? Oh. When it comes to these things diɛɛ, she doesn’t force at all.”

“Oh, Boahemaa, like I said, I’m not even going to pay her any attention. I don’t like those things.”

“That’s all! My dear, mute her kraaa. Preserve your peace. Anyways, that distraction aside, how’s the day been?”

Glori giggled as she made herself comfortable on the bed. “Crazy, B, crazy! This man is just one crazy lovemaking machine! Working me up and down this house like a vacuum cleaner. Oh God!”

“Chale, chale, chale, you dey make I dey jealous you ooo! Herh!”

“My friend, humble yourself, wai. I’m experiencing your future so I can tell you how it feels.”

“Ayooo, I’ve heard you. Tell me how it feels, please.”

Glori snickered before launching into a rather dirty description of what it felt like to get pummeled by a strong man like Thomas. Boahemaa, all ears, gasped and screeched at her friend’s dirty revelations.

“…so you’re gonna show him something tonight, eh?”

“Chale, B, stop! I was just looking at some article bi, and the ideas it has given me for tonight…”

Lying on the bed, she sat up as the door creaked open. Losing her train of thought, she smirked as Thomas entered the room. He grinned and bit his lower lip as he stared back at her, the look in his eyes indicating what he was ready for.

“Umm, B, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Got a little work to do,” she said mischievously.

“Ooooooh. The student’s about to take the test, isn’t she?”

“Gerrout! Later, boo.”

She tossed the phone aside and looked at Thomas. “Wanna play some extra time, TomTom?”

“Oh yeah, babe. 30 minutes of sweet action.”

She giggled. “Ummm… mind if I be on top?”

“Oh, be my guest, babe. As long as I get to feast on that sexy body of yours, I’m all game.”

She giggled some more as he approached her, taking his shirt off and unbuttoning his jeans.

Well, hello to a thrilling end to a thrilling Saturday! Best Saturday of my freaking life!

Well, the end of this season is up next. With the option she took, I just wonder how it’s all gonna end.

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