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Options n’ Upshots – OE #7

Glori groaned inwardly at the unexpected onslaught. Rawda had found out about her and Thomas!

Dammit, Boahemaa! She wasn’t supposed to know about this!

“Uhh, uh, what are you talking about, Rawzy?” she lied.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Glori! I heard you and Boahemaa. Talking about how your madam’s husband has been chasing you, and you let him in to your secret garden. Glori, what are you doing? This is not right, and you know it.”

Glori rolled her eyes. Just when she had lulled her conscience to sleep and was enjoying some good stuff, Little Miss Righteous had to find out. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

“I… I dunno what you’re talking about, Rawda. Honestly, I don’t.”

“Glori, please, stop trying to lie to me. You’ve never been good at lying, and this is definitely no improvement.”

She shut her eyes in exasperation. Rawda was right; her dry attempts to deny the affair were as effective as the pleas of a deer to a starving lion.

“Look, Rawda, you wouldn’t understand…”

“Understand what? Glori, you know what is right and what is wrong. You know there’s nothing honourable in sleeping with a married man. You know it. This isn’t something to be happy about, Glori.”

“I know it’s not right, but… his body, Rawda. His body is…”

“Are you serious right now? Glori, that’s no excuse. That’s no excuse at all! I know you and Boahemaa love those macho type of guys, and there’s no problem with that, but not someone else’s husband, for goodness sake! You know I’d love to see you get your own personal hunk as a husband, but this is not it, Glori! Mr. Dawson is someone’s husband, and that someone is your boss! What if she finds out?”

“She won’t,” Glori replied simply. “We’ll keep it on the low. She’ll never find out.”

“Ei, Glori. Are you listening to yourself? Are you? Or has some spirit entered you? Ei! After the way you’re always on about how nothing under the sun will be hidden forever, now you’re saying this?”

“Look, Rawda, can you just leave me alone?” she snapped, starting to get irritated. “I’m a grown young woman, and I’ll do what I believe is best for me. It’s my business, and my business alone. If I want to let this sexy man have a piece of me, what’s your beef?”

A frustrated sigh came over the phone. “Glori, I get it. You’re defensive right now. I understand. And yes, you’re right. You are a grown woman, and your business is your business. But saying ‘I’ll do as I please’ has never been an excuse to do what is blatantly wrong, and it will never be. This is a family you’re messing up, girl. A family. Think of the children. Think of your madam. All the good things you say she’s doing for you. Is this the way you’re repaying her…”

“Chale, chale, bye bye.”

Glori ended the call and tossed the phone somewhere, totally miffed. Typical Rawda, always on hand to be as judgmental as possible. As to how Boahemaa slacked and allowed her to hear those sensitive details, she didn’t know, but she definitely was not pleased.

Forget her. Just focus on what’s ahead. Lust-N-Thrust weekend! she thought to herself, smirking as she let daydreams of Thomas doing the dirtiest things to her take over her mind.


“Yeah, so, it looks like I’ll have to take the kids to my parents for the weekend. I don’t think they’ll mind, though. Paapa said he has some KitKat and Twix for them, so I’m sure they’ll be very happy to go… haha, yeah, kids will be kids… sure, when I set off, I’ll let you know. How is Barnabas doing, by the way?… oh good, good. That’s good to hear. Tell him I wish him a speedy recovery… alright, alright, no problem. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, then… bye.”

Thomas hung up and turned to his guys, who were sitting with him at their favourite table in the drinking bar.

“Yep, that’s the madam. She’s in Sunyani now with her brother.”

“Hmmmm, abi the guy is fine now.”

“Yeah. Looks like he’s in a stable condition now. I wanted her out of my hair for a while, but not with this kind of news. At least, he should be okay.”

One of them, Marcus, drinking his bottle of Star beer, put his bottle down. “That be the most important thing, chale. So that aside, as she no dey the jurisdiction inside diɛɛ, abi you go clear the small girl tonight?”

Thomas laughed. “Guy, I drop the madam for the station naaa wey I go house go clear am.”

Marcus, Yaw and the other guy, Quayefio, cheered him on. “Ei, niggas no dey waste time!” Yaw laughed.

“Not at all, chale! She lef norr, Tom go smack the thing!” Quayefio added.

Thomas snickered. “That’s not all. As I eat finish wey I relax small naaa, I get idea. As the madam is absent, I’m taking her to Kumasi tomorrow, so we spend the weekend on some real dirty s**t. that be the weekend thing I mention to the madam. Inobi any business emergency biaa, I dey go enjoy the V!”

More cheers from the guys.

“Herh, Thomas Dawson, you be one sharp SoB, wati!” Marcus complimented him with a heavy pat on the back.

“I swear!” Quayefio pitched in. “You really be some hungry ass nigga. But I dey like it!”

“Chale, I no dey slack for this one kraaa,” Thomas boasted. “The girl be too tasty. I for do further exploration. Play with that body well well. Get her digging her nails into my back. I no dey play kraaa.”

“Ahhhhhh! You be the man! You officially turn my role model that!” Yaw said, raising his bottle. “Go for it, chale! Show am sey you be bossu for the bed top!”

“Yeah, chale. Screw am make she squeal!” Marcus added.

“No doubt, my guys. No doubt. I mean am rough. This weekend eh, no holds barred, chale. No holds barred.”


“Umm… Mr. Thomas?”

He turned as he made his way through the corridor of the house, a small mug in his hand. It was about 11:15 that evening, and he had just made a cup of Milo for his daughter, who was with her older brother in their parents’ bedroom.

He sucked his breath in as he stared at the one who had called him.

Glori, who had happily received the bag full of enticing lingerie when he arrived, was standing by the door of her room, peering slyly at him. Clad in the new bra and lace thong he had specifically picked out for her when he went shopping later that day.

“Goddamnit,” he whispered. She looked so stunning. So ready to be torn apart.

“Umm, I was wondering… you know, Madam isn’t home, and… you and me… we got a thing, and… I just thought I’d… make your night,” Glori purred, deliberately pausing every now and then to get an effect from him.

He simply stared at her for a moment, looking just about ready to drop the mug and pounce upon her. She had triggered him, no doubt.

But then, he sighed and shook his head.

“Glori, you know I wouldn’t hesitate to get into those panties and make you feel something special. You look so damn sexy, girl, you really do. But… Denise…”

Glori’s face fell. Oh, man.

How could she have forgotten?

The whole evening, the little girl had been complaining of having nightmares, and was very fussy about having to go to bed alone. She had left her in the hands of her father once he arrived, so she had not found out what the plans for the night were. She should have known Thomas would want to take care of her throughout the night.

“You know, her nightmares and all. She insisted she can’t sleep alone, so… I’m letting the two of them sleep in my room for the night.”

She nodded slowly, looking slightly disappointed but understanding. “Sure. Sure. I get it.”

He moved towards her and gently put down the mug by the door, before grabbing her chin and pressing his lips against hers. She giggled in between brief sweet kisses as he groped her virtually uncovered butt before giving it a light spank as his lips parted from hers.

“You’re still my tasty little treat, Glori. And that’s why we’re heading for Kumasi tomorrow. So I can enjoy what’s underneath that sexy thong all throughout. Just let me have my time with my babies, alright? They’ll be with my old peeps tomorrow, and I’ll have you squirming and screeching all night.”

She nodded, smirking as she moved back into her room. She blew him a kiss, to which he responded with that biting motion with his mouth before picking up the mug and walking away.

She sighed as she shut the door. Walking to her bed, she picked up her diary and began to write.

11:23 pm

So Diary, I was thinking I’d get some more of that incredible goodness from Mr. Thomas tonight. Dressed up in this sexy underwear just to trigger him and all. But… turns out he’s on daddy duty tonight. Denise has been having difficulty sleeping, so he’s taking care of her.

Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t be upset or anything. After all, it’s his children. I know. But I can’t help it. I wanted to spend the rest of the evening getting my mind blown.

Oh well, I’ll just let it go. After all, the weekend is ours, so… it’s all groovy!

Well, as expected, she resisted the words of Rawda, and she’s going ahead with this thing… smh

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