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Options n’ Upshots – OE #5

“Sammy! Denise! Can we get moving now?” Thomas called as he grabbed his laptop bag, waiting for his little ones to get their bags and follow him. They had quite a penchant for delaying him sometimes, and today seemed to be one of those days. As to whether it was their breakfast, or forgetting to pack the needed books for the day, he did not know. But it was usually one of the two that caused that.

“Daddy, we are coming!” Samuel responded as he put on his bag, his little sister following suit.

Thomas smiled in relief. “Great. Don’t want you to be late.”

The two rushed to stand before him as their mother emerged from the kitchen.

“Alright, have a good day in school, my dears,” Leticia said, placing a kiss on each of their foreheads before turning to Thomas and adjusting his tie before cupping his cheeks in her hands and giving him a whispered “Have a blessed day, honey”.

Thomas smiled and mouthed, “You too.”

As he walked out, he sighed at how little an effect that had on him. He really was tired of his wife. She was trying her best, he knew. She was certainly doing her part to ensure this marriage would prevail. Unfortunately, on Thomas’ part, the white flag had already been hoisted, and very little could be done to bring it down. He preferred to do what made him happy backstage while playing Mr Satisfied-With-Life.

As he opened the door for the children to get in, he saw Glori walk over to the gate to open it for him. Standing by the left side of the gate as the exit lay before his car, her eyes met his.  

He made a flirtatious biting movement with his mouth and winked. She turned away shyly.

It had been a week and a half since she had approached him and gave in to his approaches. It had been dangerous but extremely thrilling and stimulating for him. Glori was one heck of a kitten, with sexy slender curves and a sweet bust that always had him excited, and he was fully enjoying his dirty little deeds with her.

Due to his schedule, and the presence of Leticia and the kids, however, they had not yet consummated their affair, although he was fervently praying for an opportunity to pop up so he could.

As the car moved out of the compound, he gave her another wink before switching his gaze to the road. A real treat, this Glori is. Can’t wait to finally taste that p***y…


As the car sped off, Glori bit her lip and closed her eyes as she reminisced on what had gone down earlier that morning in the bathroom. 

This fling was something else.

Thomas was turning out to be one hungry man. The way he kissed and fondled her with a sweet aggression never failed to leave her astounded. It was as if the elixir to eternal youth could be found in her underwear, with the way he often jammed his hands into them to have a feel of her delicate property.

It was always intense when they met up in the bathroom, and with each passing day, Thomas maintained his high drive. But it always made Glori feel so good, so in spite of those guilt-tripping thoughts constantly hitting hard, stopping was nowhere on the agenda. It was only a matter of time until they eventually engaged in the actual thing.

“God, he’s such an animal,” she murmured to herself as she closed the gate and walked back to the house to continue with the day’s work and wait for Leticia to leave. “And I love every freaking bit of it.”


It was about fifteen minutes to the end of the lunch break for the office. As Leticia walked back to her office, her lunch bag in her hand, her assistant met her on the hallway.

“Mrs Dawson. You missed a call from Kwesi Sunyani,” Rosette informed her as she was handed her phone.

“Thanks, Rosette,” she answered as she walked into her office. That was one of the co-workers of her brother Barnabas. She looked at the number, wondering what he was calling for. She hadn’t saved his number; it was Truecaller that gave her the name.

“I wonder what the issue is. I hope Barnie is okay,” she murmured to herself as she called the number.

A rather breathless voice answered after the second ring. “Leticia! Leticia, good afternoon.”

“Yes, Kwesi, good afternoon. I missed your call. I was in the kitchen at work. What’s up?”

“Hmmm… Leticia, I wish I could say all is well, but… it’s Barnabas.”

Leticia, who was now in her seat, froze. Kwesi’s wobbly and anxiety-filled tone of voice was not one that had glad tidings accompanying it. “Wh-wh-why? Wh-wh-what’s wrong with him?”

Kwesi sighed over the phone. “Umm, so… I’m at the hospital right now. And… Barnie is not in good shape at all…”


It was about 4:45 pm when the familiar horn of Leticia’s Hyndai Tucson could be heard at the gate. Glori, who was in the dining room, watching on as the little ones were happily seated in front of the television watching Dora the Explorer, was surprised to hear the horn. Her madam usually got home around 5:30.

She went outside to be sure if it wasn’t just her ears being too sharp. Indeed, there was a car outside the gate. She opened it, and sure enough, it was Leticia who drove in.

And her facial expression was not exactly a happy one.

Glori approached the car and peered at the mirror. Leticia looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“Madam, is something wrong?” she asked nervously.

Leticia looked at her and put her hand on her forehead. “Oh, God, I did not need to get this kind of news. I really, really didn’t. Heiii!”

“What’s wrong, Madam? What news?”

Leticia shook her head, remained silent for a minute, then blurted out. “I got a call from Sunyani this afternoon. My brother Barnabas… he suffered a nasty stroke this afternoon.”

Glori put her hands over her mouth. “Oh my God!”

“They say he’s in critical condition right now, and I’m just so scared. I dunno what to do right now. What if he dies? God, I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I lost my little brother…”

“It’s alright, Madam, it’s alright! Calm down,” Glori shushed, opening the door and grabbing Leticia’s hands as the older lady’s voice picked up in pitch. Four months had taught her one thing: when it came to life-and-death issues, Leticia did not fare very well.

“I’m terrified, Glori, I’m terrified. I’m so terrified,” Leticia whimpered.

“Madam, please, don’t lose hope already,” I pleaded as I helped her wipe her tears. “I don’t know how bad it is, but once he’s not gone, there’s still hope. Don’t give in so easily. Our God is a Healer.”

It took a few more minutes of encouragement to get Leticia calmed down, as Glori reminded her that the little ones wouldn’t be too happy to see their mother as upset as she was.

“Take it easy, Madam,” she continued to reassure her stricken mistress as she took her bag and led her into the house. “Let’s just pray for the best.”


Later that night, Glori made the day’s entry into her diary.

So, it obviously wasn’t too pleasant a day, with the way Madam Leticia got hit with that bad news about her brother. I sure hope he recovers.

Anyways, I overheard her and Mr. Thomas talking earlier tonight. Turns out that there’s no other relative around who can be by his side but her. And given how close they are, it only means one thing.

She has to go out of town to care for him.

Yep, so tomorrow morning, she’s off to Sunyani to tend to him. From what she said, she’ll probably be there till Monday.

Well, this was not what I expected. And I can’t help but feel divided. Obviously, I’m not happy that her brother’s in a bad state, and I sure hope he gets better.

But at the same time, if she’s out of the house… Diary, Mr. Thomas is gonna come for me and do the do with me. And damn, I feel kinda tingly and excited thinking about it. If how he’s been fingering and fondling me is anything to go by, then oh my God, he’s gonna damage me once she’s gone.

Well, it’s a pretty divided feeling, but, not much I can do. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. And let’s hope, above all things, that Madam Leticia’s brother recovers. That’s more important.

Ummmm… this is not good. Not just on Leticia’s part, but the door’s wide open for major fooling to take place. Hmmmm, well…

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