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Options n’ Upshots – OE #4

The phone alarm went off at 4:20 am.

Thomas, who tended to be a light sleeper, was easily awoken by the blaring tone, as he reached for the phone and turned it off. Annoying alarms. Just as he was about to sleep, a flashing reminder popped up in his brain.

Glori. She was probably waiting for him in the bathroom by now.

How could he forget? After weeks of pushing past the rejection and the ignored messages, she had finally caved in to his proposal, and it was time to show her how badly he wanted her.

“Mmmmm,” he murmured as he rose from the bed, groaning as he stretched his arms out. Leticia stirred at the movement on the bed.

“Honey?” she murmured.

“Oh, uh, just remembered I need to get some work done on the laptop before I get ready for work. I left it in the living room,” he explained.

“Ahhh, ok,” she responded, before turning the other way to continue with her short slumber.

He smirked and shook his head, as he grabbed a morning coat, put it on, and headed out the door.

He made his way to the bathroom, noticing the light was on, and the door slightly open. He tiptoed toward it and peered in.

There sat Glori on the toilet seat, looking like she was patiently waiting.

Entering the bathroom, to her delight, he looked at her and grinned, shaking his head as he closed and locked the door, before taking off the morning coat and moving aggressively towards her.

Time to have a taste of this delicious little kitten…


Who would’ve thought she’d find herself in such a position?

Would anyone have imagined that there would be a day where it would be 4:30 am in the morning, and in the bathroom, instead of bathing in preparation for the regular day’s activities, Glori, clad in her old camisole and shorts she never wore outside her room, would find herself seated on the laps of Thomas Dawson, being hungrily fondled and kissed?

If anyone imagined it, it certainly wasn’t her.

Gasping as he squeezed her butt while nuzzling her neck, her brain was a blank canvas of blinding white. All she knew at that moment was that this was experience was insanely sweet. His grip was strong and secure, his laps too comfortable and his lips were in serious action.

The shower was on full blast as they continued to passionately make out, drowning out Glori’s sounds of pleasure…


“Alright, so the plumber should be coming around today to fix that annoying leak in the kitchen. Please keep an eye on him as he’s working. Some of these guys, they’ll do some shoddy job and take your money free of charge.”

“Hmmmm. It’s true oo, Madam. But don’t worry, I’ll be watching him,” Glori promised as Leticia took her bag, ready to head to work.

“Good. Oh, and by the way, I asked my deputy managing director about the course thing. Hopefully, he should get back to me when I go to work today.”

“Oh, wonderful! I’m so grateful, Madam. God richly bless you,” she gushed thankfully.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. You’re a bright, decent young lady, and if I can contribute to you having a brighter future while you’re here, why won’t I?”

Glori just smiled in response, her chest filled to the brim with euphoria as she took her boss’ bag and followed her as they stepped out of the house.

Ten minutes later, Leticia’s Hyundai Tucson was out of the house.

As Glori closed the gates and headed to the house to start her daily chores, she suddenly found herself under quite a mental bombardment.

An onslaught of critical bullets flew in the direction of her brain, fiercely berating her in the light of her fling with Thomas earlier that morning.

Glori, are you really happy with yourself? Look at what this woman is doing for you, and you stab her in the back by fooling around with her husband?

Glori, this is not right. It’s just not right.

Glori, this isn’t fair at all! She’s being good to you. Are you being good to her by doing this?? 

Shutting her eyes and gritting her teeth, she did her best to block out the thoughts as she headed back. This had been a good morning for her so far, from making out with Thomas to getting a favourable response regarding her creative writing course. The last thing she needed was a hippo tank of guilt upon her head.


“Boahemaa Appiah! There’s some juice I got for you! Super juicy juice!” Glori said excitedly as she put the phone to her ear. She was done with her duties for the day, the plumber had come and done his job and left, and now she was eating her lunch in the kitchen. Throughout the entire morning, thoughts of that passionate encounter filled her brain, and all she could do was giggle as she remembered the sweetness of Thomas’ kisses and his electrifying touch. Unable to keep it to herself, she called up her friend, eager to let them know what was going on.

Boahemaa was way more liberal with these issues, and given their attraction to men with well-toned muscles and incredible abs, she would probably be less judgmental. Rawda, on the other hand, was highly conservative when it came to issues like this, and certainly not hesitate to let her know she was on the wrong track.

And all she wanted at that point was someone who would make her feel less guilty of what she was involving herself in.

“Eeeishh! What’s happening? You found some Terry Crews boy bi anaa?”

She snickered. “Well, something of that sort, but…”

“Heeeerrrrhhhhhh!!! What’s his name? Where does he live? Does he have a twin brother? Tell meeeeeeeee!”

Her laughter grew louder. “Boahemaa, behave yourself! This one… chale, it’s kinda complicated. And… I don’t want no judgment, so…”

“Hmmmmmm. I wonder what this could be…”

Glori took a deep breath, held on to her words for a moment, then began.

“Um, Boahemaa, Mr. Dawson moved to me. A few weeks ago. And I… I accepted his proposal yesterday.”

The line was silent for a moment.

“I know, B, I know it’s not right. But… he was so persistent. I refused his advances, but… he just wouldn’t let me go, and… geez, these past few days, I… I couldn’t help but notice how he’s everything I like in a man. God, it’s like I had a veil over my eyes until I noticed that. B, he is so damn sexy. And the way he was all over me today…”

“Wow,” Boahemaa responded. “Hmmmm… I know it’s wrong, but I dunno what to think…”

“Babe, like I said, I couldn’t help it. He wouldn’t relent. And after the way we made out this morning… damn! Everything we want in a finely built man, eh, I got the experience!”

This seemed to get Boahemaa’s attention. A light giggle was followed by, “Ooooh, I see. Strong and sexy, eh?”

“Too much, B, too much! Never had hands on me like this. Kneading my ass. Kissing my cleavage. God, I’m getting all tingly just remembering it!”

“Eish, then he handled you well papa! Good for you! Mad lovemaking, eh?”

“Ummm… we didn’t have sex. You know, with the madam and the children around.”

“Oh, I see. Hmmm, well Glori, I guess you know what you’re doing. Just be careful, wai. Na if your madam discovers this, you know you’re finished.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s the most obvious thing, so chale, we’ll be careful.”

“If you say so, Glori. As for me, I’m actually just jealous of you right now. You this mad girl, you’ve got some macho man squeezing your average buttocks while me that my own is bigger and nicer, I’m not getting.”

“Herh, you’re a foolish girl, okay?” Glori laughed. This was why she called this friend up. She needed to have her ego massaged, not punctured. “Anyways, I’m just about finishing lunch, so I’ll talk to you later. And please, one major thing: under no circumstances must Rawzy hear about this.”

“Ei, of course! Rawda diɛɛ, she’ll tear you apart if she knows you let him fondle you. Totally.”

“Exactly. So it’s between the two of us.”

“Sure thing, baby girl.”

“Great. Bye, babe.”

“Bye, Glori.”

She hung up with a smirk on her face. “Well, that went pretty good,” she said to herself as she got up from the kitchen table, heading to the sink to wash her plate. As she started, her phone buzzed. She checked to see a message.

From Thomas.

Hey there, my little treat. What you up to?

She immediately grew flushed. She responded by typing, Just thinking about you and what you did to me this morning 🤭🤭

She waited as he typed back.

And his response had her flustered and excited as before.

This is just the beginning, Glori. Gird up your loins, coz I’m gonna make sure that sexy body of yours is gonna have an experience like never before…

Well, I guess we can see what kind of friend Boahemaa is. And Glori is venturing into certain waters…

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