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Options n’ Upshots – OE #3

As she buttoned up her jacket, checking herself out in the mirror, she nodded as she turned to ensure her dark blue seasonless suit gave her that professional look she never compromised on.

“Thomas, honey, do I look okay in the suit?” she asked as she faced her husband, who was putting on his own jacket.

He nodded simply. “Yeah, yeah. Definitely looking sharp, Lit.”

“Great, great. Thanks,” she said as she approached him to help with adjusting his tie. He stood still as she carried out one of her personal favourite tasks in the morning, making sure he looked on point.

“There you go. Sharp and crisp as always,” she commented as she straightened his collar and dusted off a bit of dirt on the arm of his jacket.

He smiled at her. “Thank you, my dear wife.”

“You’re welcome, my dearest husband. Now, time to get moving.”


“Bye, Mummy!”

“Have a good day, Mummy!”

“You too, my loves!” Leticia gushed as she gave Samuel and Denise a kiss on the forehead before they rushed outside to join their father in the car.

She then made her way to the kitchen, where she made herself her usual cup of coffee. With the little ones ever energetic and eager to go for school, she always had to attend to them and ensure they were set before having her regular shot of caffeine.

Of course, she had no problems with that. It was always sweet to be able to take in those slow sips without Denise crying about her favourite pencil gone missing or Samuel running around the dining room thinking he was Superman. Her babies were quite a handful.

But of course, she loved them regardless. She loved her family and was willing to do anything for them.

“Madam Leticia, I like your suit.”

She turned to the door, where Glori stood, with a look of admiration on her face.

She smiled. “Thank you, Glori. I was about to ask for your opinion on it.”

“Oh, you look absolutely splendid in it, Madam. Super professional.”

Leticia laughed. “Just as it should be, my dear. By the way, have you made a decision yet on the course you’d like to do?”

“Hmmmm. Probably the creative writing course.”

“I thought so. The way you don’t joke with your Peggy Oppong books. I can see you really wanna follow in her footsteps. It’s a good thing, mohm. I like the way you have those big ambitions. Author. Scriptwriter. Playwright. It’s achievable. And I’ll definitely do my part to help you reach there.”

Glori curtsied in gratitude. “Thank you so much, Madam. Lord knows I’ll eternally be grateful to you for all you’re doing, and He’ll bless you big time. And by the way, inspirational speaker is part.”

“Hahaha, well noted, my dear. So I’ll get to work on that for you when I get to the office. There’s one guy who should have some info for me. Even if not today, I should get some info soon enough.”

“Alright, Madam. I’ll be waiting.”


“Good morning, Mrs. Dawson!” Tricia Ampomah, the receptionist of Adrob Ghana Ltd, greeted as she made her way through the entrance of the building that housed a leading company dealing in wholesales of auto parts.

“Good morning, Tricia! Hope you’re doing good this morning!” Leticia responded brightly as she briskly made her way to her office.

If there was one person who was liked and feared in that office, it was certainly Mrs. Leticia Dawson. As the Human Resource Manager, she knew pretty much everyone who worked in that office, and even though she was friendly and sweet to everyone, the last thing you wanted was to breach the rules and end up in her office.

Arranging the papers in her office was her personal assistant, Rosette.

“Good morning, Mrs. Dawson!”

“Good morning, Rosette. How are we doing this morning?”

“Good, good, madam. By God’s grace.”

“Great, I’m well too. So, what’s our schedule for the day?”


“Oh yeah, Reverend Bondzi, things are way better than they used to be. I mean, he used to bring it up every now and then, in some sarcastic way. But now he doesn’t. I’m more than convinced that our marriage is back on track,” Leticia spoke into the phone as she chatted with her priest, Reverend Nana Kojo Bondzi, during the lunch hour.

“Mmmmm, well, we thank God for that. I hope on your part, you’re also behaving well.”

“Oh yes, Reverend, definitely! I mean, sometimes I get a little irritated when he’s being lazy and stuff. Little, little irritants. But to become snide and make certain biting comments, no, I’ve promised him and myself not to be doing that.”

“That’s good. Then things certainly are improving.”

“Oh yes, they are. That fight was something else. I mean, it’s been years, but it was definitely the ugliest part of our marriage. The things we said to each other were so horrible. I still regret it sometimes…”

“Ohh, Leticia, don’t worry your head about the past. At least you apologized to him afterwards, right? So there’s no need holding on to it. Things are better now. Both of you are relating well, abi?”

“Yeah. You know us, we’re not really into PDA like that. It’s mainly communication and respect. Yeah, that’s how it still is.”

“So all is well. Your marriage truly is back on track. Just be thankful to God and pray He continues to bless and protect it. There are many marriages under attack these days, and it’s so important to constantly commit your union to God. Too many broken homes, divorces and separations. We need to keep Christ in the center of our marriages, and they will stand the test of time. So continue to pray for your marriage.”

“Yes, Rev! Most definitely.”


It was about 3:30 pm, and after a brief nap, Glori was excitedly scribbling in her diary.

Diary, all I can think about right now is Mr Thomas. Oh Lord, he’s so damn hot! The most alluring thirty-seven year old body I’ve seen in years.

I’ve just been thinking about the way he’s expressed his desire for my body, and the crave just gets stronger and stronger. I’ve started imagining all sorts of things about him and what kind of kinky stuff he could do to me. And Diary, I must confess, those imaginations are so sweet! Made me all warm and fiery inside.

I know you’re thinking it’s not the right thing to do, but… ugh, it’s almost 5 pm, and my cells are lit up with a crazy longing for him. I mean, this ain’t no 50 year old potbellied freak. He’s an Adonis! A bloody Adonis! Do you know the number of women who would be falling over themselves to have this kind of man? I have to take advantage!

So I’m just gonna go along with it. When he comes tonight, I’ll let him know I’m finally giving in. It’s probably a crazy decision, but… I just can’t do this anymore, Diary. I want him. And he wants me too. So let’s just do this.


It was 8:40 pm when Thomas’ car could be heard tooting its horn at the gate.

Glori’s heartbeat doubled as she got up from the dining room to go and open it. The time was almost due.

As she opened the gate and the car moved forward to halt at its usual parking spot, she took a deep breath. This is it, Glori. Time to tell him the good news…

Walking over to the car, she put on her shy face as she approached the one sitting in it.

“Good evening, Mr. Thomas,” she greeted as he opened his door and stepped out, holding a couple of folders. She had her eyes fixed on his chest, which was well concealed by his blue shirt.

He smirked as he looked at her, getting ready to shut the car door and lock it. “Good evening, Glori. Looking pretty… spicy, as always.”

She felt a flush across her face. Thomas and his compliments. He always had something to say about her appearance. She could literally wear a hijab and a burqa, and he’d still make a comment about her body that would get her feeling funny. At the beginning, she simply ignored him and huffily walked off, but now she found herself happily reacting to those words.

As he shut the door, she took a deep breath and blurted, “Mr. Thomas, I have something to say to you.”

He looked at her in interest, already knowing what it was about. “I hope it’s a yes you’re giving me. Because I’ve already told you I’m not accepting any more nos. I’m not letting you go any time soon, Glori. I want you. Badly.”

The shy smile glued to her face, she looked down and murmured, “And I want you too.”

“What?” Thomas strained his neck, not sure he had heard right. “What did you say?”

She looked up at him, her heart pounding in her chest as she beheld the man of the house before her. “I want you too, Mr. Thomas.”

The look on his face immediately switched from surprise to satisfaction. Finally, she had given in!

“I know it’s… it’s someway, but… you’re so handsome, and… I kinda like your abs,” she murmured, wringing her hands together while giggling at the last statement. “I like men with big, strong arms and heavy chests, so…”

He reached out and held her chin, the look in his eyes a rather lecherous one. She could tell that he had been looking forward to this for a very long time, and couldn’t wait to get dirty with her. She blushed as his eyes travelled down from her face to her bust, then to lower parts of her body. 

“What time do you get up in the morning?” he asked gently.

“4:15,” she answered, watching in fascination as a bulge began to appear downstairs. Good Lord, this man is hungry for me!

“Good. Meet me in the bathroom at 4:20. Let’s get this show off the road tomorrow,” he ordered her, moving closer to whisper into her ear. “And uh, you better get ready for the future, coz I swear to God, your body’s gonna go faint with what I’ve got in mind for you.”

Turning to go, he hesitated for a moment, then turned back to her.

“Oh, and one more thing. Make sure you’re looking as sexy as possible. Turns me on real quick, and I, uh… like easy access to those delicious parts.”

Having put his message across, he drew back, winked at her and pressed the lock button on his car key before walking towards the house to meet his family.

As he disappeared from her view, Glori felt breathless. “Oh my God!” she said to herself excitedly. “That was… was… ugh, I don’t even know what to say. I’m just stunned!”

She had had a few guys chase her back in the day, but none of them ever really caught her eye. She was one of those rare human beings who had never been in a relationship at her age. She had no idea what it felt like to be romantically involved with a guy, and now she was about to have a major experience.

With a man who had the physique and build she adored and dreamed about.

Her head spun as she made her way back into the house, eagerly anticipating whatever it was that Thomas had in store for her the next morning.

Oh Lord, tomorrow morning couldn’t come soon enough! she thought to herself as she entered the living room. Watching Thomas land a kiss on his wife’s cheek, she bit her lip and walked off to her room, high on excitement as she readied herself to picture all the dirty deeds he would subject her to the next day.

So she’s made the choice to accept this man’s proposal? Hmmm, well… we read on to see what happens…

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