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Options’ n Upshots – OE #10

It was 11:45 pm on Sunday.

Glori was seated in the car, busily noting down the intimate details of what Thomas had done to her earlier that evening. 

It had not been as active a day as the previous. Thomas had suggested they take the ‘Netflix and chill’ option for the day, so from 9 am to about 7 in the evening, in between breakfast and lunch which they ordered from some of the restaurants around, they binged on one Spanish series, ‘El Final Del Paraiso’. Being a fan of telenovelas, Glori was already into the show, and enjoyed every moment of it.

Once it was evening, Mr. Dawson, who had surprisingly kept his libido under lock and key despite observing Glori in the hottest babydoll all, decided it was time he opened the floodgates and ended their trip with “lovemaking so incredible, you’ll faint with joy”.

Thirty minutes later, they lay on the couch, exhausted but delighted at a pretty mind-blowing finale to the Lust-N-Thrust weekend.

After about five minutes of straight writing, she put her pen down and took a look through what she had written. She gasped as she realized just how raw and detailed she had been in her description of their last coupling in the living room. Anyone who picked it up and read it would definitely have their innocence ripped away from them.

“Ei, this thing I’ve written diɛɛ, it’s more than porno!” she laughed. “Herrhh, see what Mr. Thomas has done to me. Turned me from an innocent children’s writer to a Jackie Collins.”

She looked at it again, then shrugged. “Ah well, abi nobody else but me is gonna read this anyway. It’s not like Madam Lit is ever gonna find this, so… nothing to worry about.”

Putting the book back in her bag, she sat back and sighed in satisfaction.

Damn, what an amazing weekend it’s been. Geez, I never knew sex was this sweet. Hihi. Makes my choices totally worth it. To hell with Rawda and all those annoying voices in my head. It was all worth it. Totally worth it.


“Hmmm. As for this your love of travelling at this time of the night diɛɛ, I’ll never understand it.”

“I just love it, that’s all. You know that already. I already slept earlier this evening, so it’s not like I’m gonna fall sleepy any time soon.”

“Oh, alright, alright. It slipped my mind mpo. You usually do that whenever you’re travelling at this time of the night.”

Of course it would slip through your mind, he scoffed inwardly to himself. “Yeah, so don’t worry about that. You’ll be back later in the day, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll leave around 10 am, so, give or take, by 6 pm, I’ll be back in Accra.”

He rolled his eyes. Back to the boring old charade, chale. “Alright, alright, that’s good. So we’ll meet at home, then.”

“Definitely, honey. OK then, stay safe, Thomas. Have a safe trip back to Accra.”

“Thanks, Leticia. And safe trip as you return tomorrow.”

“Thanks, hun. Bye.”

As he hung up, he had the most bored expression on his face. He had enjoyed himself a lot more than he had thought. And now, after a weekend of ecstasy and unbridled freedom with Glori, the thought of returning to his regular role as Mrs. Dawson’s husband made him feel a little sour. Left to him alone, he probably would not return back.

But of course, that could not be done. The children were the only real reason why he remained in the union, so he had to go back and be their father.

As he picked up his backpack and exited the room, he smirked as he looked at the neatly made bed, gleefully reminiscing on how he had driven Glori insane on the night of their arrival.

“Well, at least, she’s coming back with me,” he mused to himself. “So this weekend might be over, but getting into that kitten’s panties certainly isn’t. Hopefully we’ll have her around for as long as possible, so I can be happy.”


“Hey sexy mama!”

Glori turned and saw him approaching the car. “Oh, finally!” she sighed in relief. “I was wondering when you’d come out at a point. I’m ready to go now.”

“Well, I had to speak to her,” he explained, a tint of contempt applied to the last pronoun. “So, you know. Long talk, blah blah blah, chale. But forget that. We can move now.”

“Thank goodness,” she said as he opened the back door and placed his backpack in the back seat before getting into the driver’s seat. “Are you sure about this leaving late thing, though?”

“Of course, babe! Been doing it since time immemorial. Works magic for me. That’s why I slept after taking you down, so I’m all fresh and set for the journey.”

“Okay,” she replied. “I trust you, TomTom.”

As he turned the engine on, he looked at Glori, who stared back at him.

“This has been one of the best weekends I’ve had in so long. I know I’ve said this numerous times, and I’ll say it again. You’re a treat, Glori. A super delicious treat.”

She smiled shyly at his compliment. Thomas sure knew how to say things that got her flushed and flattered, and for some reason, being called a treat never got old for her.

“You know,” he continued, moving to whisper into her ear, “this weekend might be over, but you and I certainly aren’t. I can’t get enough of you, girl. We gotta keep this thing going, no?”

Breathing heavily, she nodded. “Yes. Yes, Mr. Thomas. No two ways about that. I can’t get enough of you either. Don’t wanna let you go. I’ll be damned if I have to.”

He smirked. “Perfect.” He briefly kissed her. “You’ve given me more excitement than I’ve had in the last three years. I’d be crazy to just let things go back to normal. We may not have too many chances like this, but… we’ll work something out the moment we get home.”

The butterflies in her stomach totally ignored the message from the brain to calm down. The fluttery sensation remained as strong as ever, as her chin remained in his firm but tender grasp, while he looked into her eyes. She absolutely loved this feeling. And she was totally all for finding new and creative ways to creep around with this godly-built man without getting caught.

He chuckled as he shifted himself onto the seat properly, readying himself to get the engine running. “Get ready, babe. More secret getaways, more undercover games… more ridiculously good lovemaking.”

She smiled. “Can’t wait.” Putting on her seat belt as he sparked the car engine into life, the last words she had written in her diary reverberated around her mind, putting a smile on her face.

Ain’t no stopping us now, baby! We’re on the move! Woohoo!!


The car sped along the highway, no other car in sight. Mr. Thomas was right, Glori thought to herself. Indeed, the road was literally empty. And he was moving at a pretty top speed.

 She toyed with her phone, opening YouTube to watch a video or two to while away the time. They had been on the road for about an hour and a half. By Thomas’ estimation, based on the speed at which he moved, they would be back in the capital within a minimum of three hours.

Her eyelids growing heavy as the cool air hit her face, she began to doze off.

Thomas watched her from the corner of his eye and smirked. Finally!

After developing an aching urge for her body a few weeks ago. After being straight with her and immediately getting rejected. After rejecting the rejection and pushing on. He had finally conquered her! Fulfilled all his crazy fantasies on her.

Lawd, it’s been sweet getting in this hottie. I definitely need to think up something when we get back. I just cannot lose this kitten. We’ll see what to do when we get home…

As he continued to speed along, Thomas noticed an oncoming truck from the opposite lane. It was quite a distance away, and he thought nothing of it, until he noticed something off.

The driver seemed to be dozing off, as the truck was moving off the lane and entering into that which Thomas’ car was on.

Having slowed down a bit, Thomas slammed his fist against the steering wheel, the car horn beeping loudly in response. “Look at this idiot,” he said loudly. “Is this the place to be sleeping?”

Whatever was wrong with the driver, he didn’t hear, as the truck continued to sway off its proper lane, until it was off its proper lane and actually facing them.

The next few seconds happened quickly.

In a moment of panic, Thomas veered to the extreme right to move out of the way. The move was a microsecond too slow, as the truck hit the side of his car, sending it spinning beyond his control. The only sounds he heard, aside the screams from Glori, who had been oblivious to what was happening till she heard the horn and saw the incoming huge vehicle, were those in his head, praying and begging God to make a way so the car would somehow stop.

It didn’t. It spun off the road…



…and ended its irregular movement as it smashed into a large tree nearby.

The screams that had filled the car were silenced upon that gory collision.


“Chale, getting home is one hell of an underrated blessing!” one of the police officers mumbled to his colleague as they observed the accident scene before them. “Awurade, this is terrible!”

The truck had veered off the road itself and ran into a ditch. The damage was extensive, and pretty nasty. Though its condition wasn’t as horrific as that of the saloon car nearby. The impact with the tree had been heavy, with the resulting carnage a major eyesore. The car was totally condemned, and it would be an absolute miracle if anybody came out of it alive.

Chief Inspector Seidu Moro walked over to the area where the saloon car had hit the tree, where some of the officers had retrieved all that was in the car.

“Have you noted those in the car?” he asked one of the officers.

“Yes, Sir. Two people were in at the time of the crash. One man, one woman. The identification on them reveals one Thomas Dawson, and Glori Vanderpuye.”

“And did any of them survive?”

The officer shook his head sadly. “No, Sir. Per our checks, both died on the spot.”

The Chief Inspector sighed and shook his head. “Allah have mercy on us. These accidents are becoming too much. We keep losing innocent Ghanaians. Hmmmm. Alright, carry on with your duties.”

“Yes, sir.”

The fretful look on the Chief Inspector’s face was all too evident as he walked away. Another horrid accident on the road. Another occasion where two lives precious to the nation had been senselessly lost.

Another occasion where two families would have to receive shattering news that would turn their lives upside down.

“Tragic. Absolutely tragic.”

After a weekend of charged passions and illicit sessions, Thomas and Glori did not make it home alive. The next time they would arrive in Accra, it would be their lifeless bodies heading for a morgue.

Well, the way they chose seemed right unto them, but the end thereof has been an untimely death. Unfortunate. Very unfortunate.

This crazy twist doesn’t just affect them, however. What is Leticia going to do about this? How will Boahemaa and Rawda take this? It’s gonna be quite an intense second season, full of a lot of emotion. Brace yourself for that!!

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