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Options n’ Upshots – OE #1

Welcome to the first season of this story! You can call this the Options season. This follows the tale of Miss Glori Vanderpuye, the housekeeper of the Dawson household. Prepare for a crazy little journey!

“Madam, please, I’m going to bed now.”

“Alright, Glori. Have a good night! I’ll see you tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Yes, please. Good night, Madam.”

As she trooped back to her room, Glori stretched and yawned as she prepared to get the needed rest after a long day of work as always. Entering her room, she stood before her neatly made bed. Beside it was her small television set and a little library of books. Her little source of relaxation heaven.

As she walked over to it and looked at the various books, humming as she deliberated on which one to read for the night, she noticed a book at the bottom. More or less under the bookshelf.

“Ei, which book is that?” she wondered out loud, as she reached down to pick it. She had been picking books from this nice little shelf every night, but this book on the floor had seemed to evade her eye until tonight.

In her grasp, she took a rag on the nearby table and cleaned off the dirt. Then she stared at the book in surprise.

“Ei! My diary!”

The journal she said she would be putting every detail in when she first started this job.

She opened to the first page…

Hey Diary,

So this is the beginning of my stay in the Dawson household. My name is Glori Vanderpuye, and you are gonna be my confidante as I go through this new phase of life as a housekeeper. Doesn’t sound very glamorous, I know, but chale, times are tough in GH, and I needed to find something. Praise God, I got this!

Having dropped out of university at the first level due to lack of funds, it’s been hard. Paapa and Mama don’t have it easy at all; the old man is an electrician and my old girl isn’t working. This was the best I could get, and I was only motivated to go for it because issa Ghanaian family, and at the interview, it sounds like they have more respect and regard for such people than the usual, who will just treat you like a sub-human. The accommodation too is good. Satisfactory conditions.

I got the call on Friday morning that I passed the interview, and that I could start work the following week. You have no idea how excited I was to receive that. I could finally boast of being employed! You might think being a housekeeper is nothing to boast about, but if you’ve been jobless for almost 5 years, and you don’t have a degree, this will suffice. People have Masters degrees mpo, yet they’re suffering to find jobs. So chale, I thank God for this.

I moved in late last night, and I officially met the family.

Mr. Thomas Dawson, the man of the house. Madam Leticia, the lady of the house. Six year old Samuel and four year old Denise, the children. They gave me a pretty warm welcome, and assured me I’m in a good place.

Well, that mainly came from Madam Leticia. Mr. Thomas barely said much. Looks like he’s the reserved type of man. He just simply said a small welcome, and that he hopes I give of my best during the period in which I stay here.

Simple enough, I guess.

Today was my first day of work. My duties mainly consist of cleaning the rooms, sweeping the house, mopping afterwards, cleaning the furniture, helping out with the washing and cooking… you know, typical stuff needed to keep a house clean. Dear Lord, I had one hell of a busy day doing all that work. I was done by midday, and lawd, I was exhausted! I had some good food waiting for me, though, so I had no problems. Rice and chicken stew. A welcome meal, as the Madam described it. In subsequent days, though, I’m obviously gonna have to contribute to the kitchen work.

There wasn’t much to do for the afternoon. Just helping out in the kitchen as Madam Leticia prepared food for the children after she brought them home from school. They were watching their cartoons while we did that. Afterwards, I was free to do my own thing. So I retired to my room and went straight to my little library.

My little library of Peggy Oppong books.

If there’s anything I love, it’s a good book. And Peggy Oppong has always been one of my favourite authors (may her soul rest in peace). Throughout the period I’ve been searching for a job, her books are one of the only things that have kept me sane. They’ve also made me quite an indoors person. I doubt I’ll be stepping out of the house that much when I still wanna read The Red Heifer and Angel of Death again. Looool.

So it was reading, followed by helping Madam Leticia in the kitchen briefly, then I was released, so of course, back to the room to continue reading.

I left my room to open the gate when Mr. Thomas arrived at about 8 pm. I decided to hang around the dining room just to observe the Dawson family dynamics. Particularly that on the man’s side.

A sweet lil family they are, when you watch them interact. Mr. Thomas is adored by his children, that’s for sure. Watching how she was playing and giggling with him, Denise is gonna be a daddy’s girl for sure. And it’s pretty obvious how highly Samuel thinks of his father. As for the couple… well, normal married couple vibe, as far as I could tell. Not everyday romantic distins, abi? Most times, it’ll be normal conversations and mundane stuff.

So that’s that. I came back to my room around 9. Returned to my current book, The Adventures Of Cleopas, till about 10, where I decided to switch to the news.

You know one of the benefits of moving in here? Now, I can choose what station I wanna watch. Thank goodness I don’t have to put up with those late night political fights. Ugh! Always using current affairs for partisan fights and all that nonsense. Paapa religiously follows that stuff though, passionately yelling at whichever panelist he thinks is being narrow-minded.

Me? I couldn’t care less about all those greedy liars. We all know they’re in to leech the country. Just give me the news for the day and I’m good to go.

Anyways, first day in the Dawson household as a housekeeper is complete. First entry complete. And as you can tell, it’s been pretty mundane. This is gonna be a long journey. But it’ll certainly be an exciting one as time goes by!

Glori V.


“Chale! It’s been quite a while ooo!” Glori remarked as she completed the first page. It had been four months since she last wrote this. After about two weeks of religiously updating the diary with the day’s events, she suddenly forgot about its existence. 

Of course, since that period, she had pretty much adapted to life in the Dawson household. Madam Leticia was any maid’s dream boss, with her taking Glori as more of a niece than a servant, and the little ones pretty much enjoyed her presence in the house. They were quite a handful at times, but with the experience she had dealing with her extremely troublesome cousins back in the day, Glori had little to no trouble dealing with these ones.

She shook her head, smiling as she went through the other pages. How things can change in a matter of months, she thought to herself. 

And, now that she thought about it, with the new and very interesting developments popping up in her life, it couldn’t have been more appropriate that the diary showed up. The writer she was, she needed a place to write out her feelings. 

She looked for a pen on her bedside table. Finding it, she turned to the last page she had made an entry, turned it over to a fresh page, wrote down the date for the day and began.

Hey Diary!

Listen, I know I’ve neglected you for the past four months, and I am sooooooo sorry! I dunno what happened; I just shelved you somewhere. Well, I’m back, and I know you’ve forgiven me, so let’s get back to it!

Soooooo, the past four months have been cool, and I’m now totally used to life with the Dawsons. They definitely treat me well, and I’m glad to be here. I’ve been able to send some small monies to my family too, so… that’s a plus.

But ummm, Diary? There’s something new and… pretty crazy, that popped up some days ago and… I gotta let it out to you…

What could this new something be? The next few episodes will tell…

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