Stalling For A Fool

Stalling For A Fool #3

Maverick came out and although I was dreading what was to come, I was grateful that he was fully dressed.

Winnie’s face went from smiley to completely blank. The dead silence of the room was deafening and I was ready for the earth to swallow me. Maverick stood in front of the bathroom for a full minute, then went back inside.

Winnie looked at me, then looked at the shower, then looked at me again, saying absolutely nothing in the process. The look on her face wasn’t one of pure anger; it was more like a mix of disbelief, irritation and confusion. I hoped that she’d remember that I’d told her that I was not in when he left and she would declare me innocent in her mind.

I opened my mouth to speak when Maverick opened the shower door again and came out, this time standing at the side of the door while Maame came out and marched straight for the main door. Winnie now looked shocked. The confusion had left her face and in its place was anger. Even worse, Maverick followed Maame like a happy hound after its master, and they both left without a word. The paranoia came back with full force.

Oh Dear God, now I have to deal with the blowback! Please don’t let me die today from all the punching, I thought to myself.

A very angry Winnie looked me in the face. “Carl, did you know all along that he was in there?” The question came at me hard and I was sure that I could still be absolved of any possible crimes.

No, I did not.

“Carl, did you know all along that he was in there?”

“No, I really didn’t. Since Bill told me he’d left, I assumed he really had left.”

“When is Bill coming back?”

I shrugged.

For the next five minutes, I watched the most polite, most courteous woman Maverick had ever brought into this room cuss him out as if she was quoting lines from a Samuel Jackson character. I’d never heard that many expletives used by anyone like her in the same context or even at the same moment. From all the cussing, I learned that somewhere in her, she was glad she didn’t let him touch her but she was mad about the fact that she’d felt bad about that and considered bending just for him. She was also mad because she came so they could talk things out. Their relationship had gone sour from the lack of intimate contact and she was going to let him have her today. She’d had a whole evening planned and it was going to end in my suffering to sleep.

At that moment, I was glad that this happened. Maame and Maverick had made my nights very unpleasant with their shaking of the bed and if Winnie had let him have her, his bed would no doubt have been broken and the supports along with it, and that would have given us all a date with the ER doctors.

She had barely calmed down when he returned. At that moment, I gave her a hug and told her to calm down. The return hug came with a message that suggested that I had better hoped that my room was intact by the time she left. I left and hurriedly went to see my friend across campus. I had no interest in staying to watch the drama that ensued.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief when I came back the next morning and found the room intact and Maverick’s bones still in place. I almost punched him when he attempted to accuse me of sabotage but I made him realize his folly.

He later told me that he and Winnie broke up that night and Maame slept over and they “celebrated.” I pitied the poor girl but I knew she would learn her lesson the hard way if she hadn’t learned anything from last night. I was glad to be in my bed again.

I closed my eyes, this time knowing that no creaking sounds would wake me up, and drifted off into the arms of the beautiful damsel whose face I never saw.


Well, the title never lied. Maverick certainly is one heck of a fool. Winnie should consider it a bullet dodged. Or what do you think?

Thank you for visiting this little side of the State, and all gratitude to Makafui for yet another riveting story!!

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