I Am So Fond Of You

I Am So Fond Of You #5

And here is the conclusion to this brief tale…

“Ah, really? Yossi Benayoun an average player back then? Massa, you watch am for Liverpool in 2008, 2009? What you dey talk?”

“Hoh, my guy! Notin, my guy. Apart from Torres, Gerrard and Alonso, who else was good in that Liverpool squad? Make I think.”

“Herh, Buenortey, you dey watch football? The three you dey mention be world class, no doubt. But you dey try tell me sey Mascherano then Benayoun thems be trash? Ei, guy! Go watch thema match plus Arsenal. That 4-4 draw wey Arshavin score 4. Pop the way Benayoun play ball that night. You go shun what you dey talk.”

About three days since I ‘proposed’ to the amazing beauty that is Akua Ansomaa Abrokwah, and I was in the back of the shuttle with one of my guys, Stanley, who is an avid Liverpool fan.

And just so you know, he’s one of those new fans that popped up after they won the Champions League last year. So obviously, I don’t take him seriously. I’m sure the boy never watched that match he was talking about. Just some highlights bi.

It was a long day, with lectures going from 7:30 to 5:30, so I was definitely in the mood to let out some steam. And this boy brought himself by coming to talk.

So I stretched him well well. The argument was not loud, but we were definitely at each other’s throats for the length of the journey. Best part is how some guys joined me to knock his argument down.

Yeah, that was bullying, but whatever. I just find it annoying how this dude barely cared about Liverpool until they won the Champions League. The proud Bayern Munich fan I am, I couldn’t be bothered about them anyways. And I’m lowkey still pissed they beat us at the Allianz on their way to that win.

When we arrived at our destination, though, we said our greetings, shook hands and went our way.

Yep, we were fiercely sparring with each other over football stuff, but we departed, laughing with each other as if nothing had happened. Normal, chale. It’s not because of some Israeli footballer that we are gonna have beef with each other. We argue, then we move.

So anyways, I made my way to the hostel. Trudging through, greeting familiar faces as usual. You know, the standard thing.

Then I got into my room.

Oh Lord, that feeling of getting into your room after a long day is simply the best! Herh! Well-deserved rest and relaxation!

As I took my shoes off while sitting on the bed, my phone buzzed. It then hit me: I was so busy battling with the fake Merseyside boy that I did not touch my phone throughout the trip back to my room.

Not a very common thing for me to do, to be honest. 

So I picked it up from the bed and checked my WhatsApp.

78 messages from 14 chats. Majority of them from my class group and the GH Bavarians group (In case you’re wondering what that is, the Bayern Munich fan club chat).

There was only one that caught my attention, though.

Of course, none other than Ansomaa. She’s the one I wanted to get in touch with first of all. The others could wait.

I opened the chat, which had about 5 messages.

Hey you!!

Hope you had a good day

I’ve got a little meeting to attend to, so I’ll call you later

But here’s something you need to hear

The fifth message was a voice note.

Instant heartbeat increase, chale!! Herh! I was feeling nervous as heck.

The way the thing was, I could tell baby girl had something to say about our relationship.

I just sat there for a minute or two, panicking and wondering what it was she had to say. Had I been bounced? Was it gonna end in tears? What was her reason? Was I nothing more than a friend to her? What if she had changed her mind and actually decided she wasn’t ready for a relationship?

Ugh. It just had to be bad news my adrenaline would suggest to me. Typical.

I shook myself and picked the phone up. No use wondering what it was she had to say when I could simply press play and find out what it was.

So I pressed that play button.

Yeah, so… um, about what we spoke about when I spent the night at your place. Well, there’s not much to say. I already told you how I appreciate you and all that. There’s nothing more to say than to just say yes. Yes, let’s take this thing further.

I nearly dropped the phone.

You’re an amazing guy, Buenortey. And… like I said, I’ve not really sought to be in a relationship, but… to say no to you? Nahhh, I know I’d regret it. I see you being an amazing boyfriend, hopefully my future husband. So yeah, it’s… official, I guess? I’ll call you after the meeting, alright? And by the way, should we tell Hilda first? Let’s tell Hilda first, Buu. Pleeeeeeaaaaseeee? Hehehe. I’ll catch you later.

The voice note ended.

Well, putting Stanley in his place was certainly a sweet thing earlier on. But did it compare to this? Not even the slightest hint of a chance!

Ansomaa said yes!

Disbelief. Shock. Delight. Joy. Euphoria. Confusion.

As to how I experienced all those feelings at that exact point, I’ll forever wonder. But that was the least of my worries. The major question on my mind had been answered, and it was a most beautiful answer.

The sweetest, most amazing and irresisitble honey on the planet said yes to me.

That was the start of our relationship.

It’s been two years now, and trust me, I love her so much. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. She makes me happy, and I do all I possibly can to make her happy too.

Yeah, I still get distracted by her every now and then. Hot damn, my lady got a killa shape! But chale, resisting the temptation to do the illicit has some feel-good distin to it. I know that girl is gonna be my wife one day, and I won’t have to resist no more. She’ll be my bed buddy, baby mama, best friend, arguing partner, life partner… yep, all of that and more.

There’s something beautiful about being able to share your life with someone special. For me, it’s Ansee. Shared two years of my life with her, and it’s been awesome. Not easy, but awesome. Can’t wait for the future ahead of us. It surely will be bright.

And beautiful.

Cute!! They got together. Sometimes, all you need is an adorable little story to remind you how sweet it is to fall in love and be loved back. Love is such a beautiful thing!

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