I Am So Fond Of You

I Am So Fond Of You #4

Well, how is it gonna go with these two friends?

It was about 6:01 am when we left my room as I saw her off.

As we walked down the stairs of the hostel, Ansomaa’s phone rang.

The Uber driver she had ordered.

As she answered and confirmed exactly where she was, I couldn’t help but keep my gaze on her as we continued to move down. Must have been one of those enchanted modes, I guess.

Yeah, those modes where Ansee just catches my attention by just… being her.

Chale, I’ll delve into some super emo state of mind if I let myself go. Let me just leave it at that. She had me in that enchanted mode. Period. Hehe.

“Well, he said he’s not too far from the hostel. And at least my first class is at 9:30, so that’s good,” she commented as she hung up.

“Yeah, yeah,” I agreed. “More time to relax and get prepared for the class. Anyways, what did Hilda say when you called her?”

Hilda is Ansomaa’s roommate. An equally troublesome human being. A professional leg-puller, as I like to call her. For some reason, ever since Ansomaa and I got close and I began visiting her, this girl has made it her aim in life to give me stress! No be small stressing the girl dey fit stress me!

Oh, sometimes she’ll just find some small distin in some statement I’ll make, and stretch the thing and do long arguments with me over it. Herh!

I remember I initially wanted to really dislike her at some point, because it was quite annoying the way she seemed to seek to wind me up. I think Ansee noticed it and told her about it, so now… she still winds me up, but she at least made it clear she has nothing against me, and that she’s just a crazy girl.

I appreciate that. And lowkey, I know she’s more than just ‘crazy’. Ansomaa once showed me some video of them and some friends in a good mood. The insane dance moves this Hilda girl was doing, eh! Still makes me snicker whenever I think about it. I’m just timing her. The day I descend on her and tell her I know of her ‘scopa tu mana’ moves…

“Oh, she subjected me to some plenty questions. Just making sure I’m fine and all that. She said the next time you come around, she’s subjecting you to some heavy cross-examination for keeping her roommate in your room.”

Like I said. Major tormentor.

I shook my head. “You better tell her to watch herself. Na if I decide to let her know about the ‘scopa tu mana’ video…”

“Buu, I beg, pleeeeeeeasseeee! Don’t let that out!” she pleaded, holding on to my arm. “I beg you. She’ll kill me if she knows I showed you that video.”

“Then find a way of telling her to stay clear. Coz me di33, I’ll laugh at her. Ei, see winding of waist!”

We both laughed. I mean, seeing that cute little bespectacled melanin beauty acting a fool in the room with their other friends was pure gold. God bless Ansomaa for recording that for posterity. Lord knows Hilda’s children will need to know what a nutcase their mother is.

We walked out to the car park of the hostel, where a few people were out, readying themselves for their daily jogging routine. Some of the shop owners around too were passing by, ready for another day of work.

Most of the other students were obviously getting ready for the day. It’ll be another thirty to forty minutes before they start trooping out to the shuttle area. So yeah, it was a pretty empty park, as far as human beings were concerned.

As we stopped and waited for the Uber to arrive, both of us silent, I took her hand. “Ansee? Thank you.”

She looked at me in surprise. “For what?”

“For trusting me,” I said simply. I turned to her. “I know it’s… probably a lil crazy that I’m saying it. But I mean, I just felt like I ought to say it. For trusting that I’d let you sleep in my room without me doing anything untoward to you. Not that it was easy, but, I definitely do not wanna jeopardize what we have.”

She looked up at me.

“Ansee, I am so fond of you. And I know I want more than just friendship with you. I want you all to myself. You’re too awesome a girl to not be with. And as much as those hips of yours drive me nuts, I know it’s not just getting in them I want, but something real.”

She stifled a shy laugh.

“I’m not looking to put too much pressure on you, but you need to know this is real. I really have a thing for you. Back then, I’d probably have been all ‘I’m madly in love with you’ and all that. That’s a stretch, at this point. But my feelings are real, and I just hope you see they are and accept me.”

At that point, I had her chin in my hand. And chale, the temptation to kiss her was so freaking high!! That girl honestly is the weakness in me.

A slightly flushed expression on her face (I think), she pried her face away from my tender grip and nodded. “Just give me some time, Buenortey,” she said softly. “That’s all I ask.”

I nodded back. “Sure, sure. Take all the time you need.”

I didn’t really mean that. One of my friends called Rhodaline once told me if a girl takes more than a week to respond to your proposal, then it’s more than assured that it is ending in dangerous premium tears. For some reason, I’ve taken that to be as true as John 3:16.

But hey, it just rolled out of my mouth.

About five seconds later, a red Daewoo Matiz came in. 

She checked the registration number and nodded. “Alright then, BuuBuu, I’ll see you later.”

She wrapped her arms around my waist as I responded by wrapping her in an embrace. “Take care of yourself, Ansee,” I murmured.

“You too,” she said as we separated from each other and she walked off. I had to turn my eyes elsewhere, lest my gaze get stuck on things I shouldn’t be watching too eagerly.

But in all, it was a cool conversation we had concerning the relationship. I have a hint she wanted to talk about it yesterday, but Queen Sono and her antics had her totally relegate it somewhere. I honestly had some super romantic proposal lined up for her, but… well, at least she knows.

And I meant every word I said. I truly want something real with her. Hopefully all the way. She truly is that special, and I do not wanna lose her in the least.

But well, she wants time to think about it. So let’s just… wait and see…

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