I Am So Fond Of You

I Am So Fond Of You #3

Okayyy, so Buenortey has made his intentions known! What is Ansomaa’s response?

Ansomaa sighed as I uttered those words of intention for this relationship. It sounded pretty much like she had been expecting this all along.

As I let go of her hands, she started. “Well… first of all… can you turn that light off? Day is breaking.”

Brief diversionary tactic. I know her.

But yeah, it was no longer pitch black. From my window, I could the sky was a gradually brightening shade of blue, with the bats flying overhead from the west.

One of the sights I like to feast upon when I wake up at those times of the morning.

“Oh yeah, sure. Hehe.” I turned it off. 

“Good.” She remained mute for a moment or two, then began.

“Well, Buu, I must say, I’m not exactly surprised that you have feelings for me. I mean, I’m a big girl, and I can tell these kind of things from the onset. I just wanted some clarity on it. At least, as far as you and I are concerned, there’s some level of blunt honesty that we’ve established with each other, so… I’m glad you’ve let it out. I know you wouldn’t be silent forever, but… I just wanted to know.

“Ummm… I won’t lie, I appreciate you too. I obviously didn’t expect I’d meet a guy like you that blessed day, but I did, and life has been pretty awesome since. You’re such a funny and interesting person to be with. I like the way you’re quite open-minded and all, not to a nonsensical degree, of course. You’re fun to talk to. I love the way we can spend hours together just talking about various issues. I don’t get that kind of connection with many people.

“Also… I love your drive. Your ambitions. The little project we’re starting honestly led me to believe you’re a Godsend, Buu. You have no idea how heavy that project has been on my heart. I’ve honestly been super lazy to get it up and running, but you came in and gave me that needed kick up the butt to get it going.”

Yeah, so I’m very passionate about African comics. We have Marvel and DC, who have a crazy library of comics. But nothing really popular from the African front. In one of our numerous conversations, she brought up the issue, and made mention of some superheroes living in her brain and how she wants to bring them to life. Totally in line with my dream, right? So we’re working on it.

“And yeah, I like the fact that you respect me. Honestly, you’re like the only guy I’ve had a certain kind of closeness with who actually respects my boundaries and doesn’t just follow what his penis tells him to. I mean, I know my hips get you guys hooked, but chale, show some decency eh! Ahba! I’ve cut so many guys off because they tried to grope me, and some got aggressive mpo. You’ve been different. Most of them… even if they slept on the chair, they’ll try and sneak into the bed and do something.”

Well, that’s a win for self-control! Clearly won me this queen’s trust. It isn’t easy, though. If I tell you the number of times I’ve watched her and wanted her so bad… it’s not easy. But it’s not worth jeopardizing a relationship this special. I’d rather wait till she’s wearing my ring and literally backing that beautiful booty into me while we’re on our matrimonial bed.

I nodded and shrugged. “It’s all about controlling your libido, I guess.”

“Well, thank God you do. You’re a good guy, Buenortey.”

I smiled. “Thanks, baby girl.”

“You’re welcome. Well, concerning how you feel about me… I… I wouldn’t say I’m not ready for a relationship. But I haven’t really desired it that much. It’s not been a priority like that. I do think when a good guy comes around, it’s absolute madness to put it at the backside. Especially when he makes you happy and helps you to become a better person. And I can’t lie, BuuBuu, that’s the kind of person you are.”

God, it’s so good to have a beautiful girl tell you these kind of things! Lord knows how happy that made me.

She had a look of uncertainty, though. “Ummm… I still have to think about it, though. I mean, I really like you as a person and everything, and you’ve proven to be a great guy. But I don’t exactly wanna rush into giving you an answer. Now that I know you like me for real, I need to take some time over it, you understand?”

As always! The ‘let me think about it’ thing. I’ve gotten used to that, to be honest. Sometimes it ends in tears. Other times too, in praise.

I nodded. “Sure, sure, I totally get it.”

“Thank you, BuuBuu. Let’s just take it easy for the moment. You’ll have my answer when I’m totally at peace and sure of what I want.”

I exhaled. “Sure thing, Ansee. I’m fine with that.”

“Great. Now, I need to wash my face and get an Uber,” she said as she took off the blanket and got off the bed. “Do you have a spare towel or so?”

“Yeah, yeah. Hold on a moment.”

Going for the small towel in my wardrobe, I felt a warm feeling of confidence. Yeah, like I said, sometimes the whole ‘lemme think about it’ vibe can be a negative sign. They’ll come back and tell you they’re not ready for a relationship, or you’re just a friend, or something like that. Other times too, it can pan out well.

At least, Ansee said she wouldn’t take that ‘not ready’ route, so that’s a good thing, that ‘bouncer’ is off the cards. And with all she said, it’s pretty clear my approach from day one showed that I was interested in something more. I just tend to be one of those guys who doesn’t rush in just like that.

But at least, it was all good. What mattered was that Ansomaa knew that I’m mad fond of her.

That was the major thing she needed to know.

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