Tales From The Word

#7: Delirant Reges

It was midnight.

As you’d expect, many homes in Egypt were silent, as households had retired to bed for the night. Exhausted after a regular busy day. Ensuring those slaves did the work they were supposed to do.

Just like any other day, the parents of each household made sure their young ones were tucked in and comfy before heading for the sack themselves. The general belief was that the next day would be a new one, and life would go on as it always had. The normal cycle of life would repeat itself as it had for years.

Once this particular middle of the night came up, however, things were about to get crazy.

And tragic.

Ten year old Tuba lay on his bed, turning from his side to his back, trying to doze off. His fifteen year old brother, Binra, was fast asleep on his slanted bed. Raising his head to peer at him for a moment, Tuba put his head down and grumbled inwardly to himself, Why is it so hard for me to fall asleep? How come Binra is able to go out so quickly? Ugh, it’s just not fair!

Before his thoughts were completed, however, a sound came from the bed across him.

It was his older brother. He had suddenly woken up.

And he did not look comfortable at all.

Eyes bulging, gasping for air, Binra looked like he was suddenly short of breath. Tuba sat up, looking alarmed. “Binra! What’s wrong?”

Whatever it was, it was so bad, Binra could barely speak. Falling off his bed, he continued to struggle for oxygen.

Frightened by this sudden turn of events, Tuba sprang out of bed and sped to his parents. Waking them up, he shrieked, “Papa! Mama! Something’s wrong with Binra! He can’t breathe!”

Tes-amen and Tabia were not pleased to have their slumber interrupted. With the man of the house being one of the frontline supervisors of the Israelites, every night’s sleep was welcome rest for those tired arms which constantly whipped the lazy slaves. But hearing that his eldest son was not in good shape would send any father into a panic.

Tes-amen and Tabia jumped out of their bed and followed Tuba into the room where their two sons slept.

From a distance, they could hear the painful gasps and choking sounds of their first fruit, and terror gripped the insides of their chests. What in the world could be wrong with him? He hadn’t complained of any respiratory problems before going to sleep. He seemed as healthy as always. Where from this sudden attack?

As they reached the room, the choking sounds suddenly stopped.

Turning to his bed, they found him laid out still.

Eyes still wide, mouth slightly open, he was no longer fighting for breath. No longer grasping at his throat as if that would help.

No longer breathing.

“Binra! Binra!” his mother shrieked, falling to her knees as she grabbed her son and tried to revive him. “Binra, wake up!”

Patting his cheeks and shaking his limp body, she tried her possible best to rouse her child.

A futile attempt.

Holding her son’s chest close to him, she listened to hear and feel the familiar sound of a heartbeat.

There was nothing.

Growing hysterical, she shook him even harder, screaming his name with desperation. Her husband and younger son were on their knees, watching with trepidation, willing the obvious to be untrue.

The efforts of each and every person in that room at that moment were hopeless. The unexpected had happened.

The firstborn son of the house had died. Suddenly and without warning.

As this sunk in, Tabia hugged her lifeless son’s body in her arms, wailing out loud, as sorrow engulfed her. This was a shock she was nowhere near prepared for. So much had occurred in the past few days. From a locust swarm to dwelling in darkness for a few days. Some crazy things had happened. But this, this was too much to bear.

Tes-amen keeled over in pain, weeping bitterly, as did Tuba. Their son and brother had suddenly passed on. Such a painful loss.

In a matter of moments, however, they would discover that they were not the only family to suffer this unexpected tragedy. Every household in Egypt was filled with wails and screams of anguish and pain, as firstborn sons of the Pharoah to the lowest person was hit with a sudden exit into eternity.

This was undoubtedly the worst moment in the history of Egypt. An outpouring of grief never seen before.

And really, if their leader had probably heeded to the orders of One with greater power than him and let go of his obstinate nature, that national tragedy would not have occurred.

I remember how it is said that kings act foolishly, and it is the people that suffer for it. That couldn’t be any truer than it was at that point.

Tales From The Word

#6: S.M.H.

I found this new teacher to be… interesting. I mean, it’s not like I really admired him or anything, but there was something intriguing about him that I wanted to get a deeper insight into. From a personal perspective.

So I sought him out, approached him and invited him to my home for dinner.

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised at how he graciously accepted my invitation. And he made it, too.

I made sure everything at home was in order before he arrived. You know, so he could be highly impressed by my levels of hospitality. I mean, it’s the least I can do as a host, right?

Yeah, so, he arrived, and I had him sit at the table and served him, and he ate.

Of course, this teacher is really popular, and I’m one pretty popular Pharisee (of course I would be! Do you think I wouldn’t remind the sinful ones around me of my position?), so people around knew he was at my place.

As I sat at the table with him, engaging him as he ate, I suddenly took notice of something.

This woman had entered my place, and was on her knees. Right in front of this teacher. Weeping her head off like she had just lost some relative or something.

Goodness, you have no idea how my stomach churned!

Given her overall appearance, I was very sure that this piece of human vermin was probably one of those disgusting harlots who possibly got beaten up by one of her clients. Typical. And it serves her right, in any case. I mean, did she think her sin would never find her out or something? News flash: it always does! That’s what our father Moses said, and he wasn’t wrong in the least.

I wasn’t the least bit moved by that nauseating pity party. She was being dealt with for the consequences of her actions. No need to feel any sort of sympathy for her.

But… you know where my problem lay?

It was with the teacher in my house.

I was really disappointed with his reaction to what was going on.

I hoped that at my table sat a man of integrity and uprightness, a stalwart for the law, a pillar of right. But I guess I was wrong.

Because, if he truly was, the thought of that piece of filth raining her tears on his feet would have been the most revolting of thoughts. The idea of her using her tear to clean his feet would creep him out. For a person who claims to speak for God, he should’ve been so intolerant of wrongdoing, this woman would receive nothing less than a shout down, a warning to never touch him again, and a quick dismissal from our presence. That’s what a true prophet would do!

But no, this man actually permitted her to do all that. She cried over his feet. Cleaned it up with her hair. And he simply sat there and let her do it.


I definitely didn’t admire him, to begin with. I just wanted to get close to him and know what makes his mind tick. The kind of ideology he possesses. Why he does what he does.

But at this point, I definitely lost respect for him. I might not be a prophet, but it was so easy to tell what kind of person was around us. For someone who is supposed to be a prophet, he certainly did not live up to expectations. Holiness and sin must never mix. Never!

If he really were a prophet, he would have known the manner of woman touching him. He would have known that he’s the total opposite of what he is.

A sinner.

Tales From The Word

#5: What If Jonathan Was There?


David sat back in his chair, eyes glazed, mind still focused on what he had just seen on his roof. The image of the beautiful woman bathing just could not get out of his mind. He was smitten. Fully smitten.

As he continued to fantasize about the gorgeous lady he had found upon his roof, one of his servants stepped in, bowed respectfully and said, “My lord, your friend Jonathan is here to see you.”

David snapped out of his reverie, quickly regained his composure and beckoned to the servant, saying, “Let him in, let him in.”

Jonathan entered the chamber-hall, delighted to see his close friend. He moved as if ready to rush and hug him, but stopped himself and knelt down in humble acknowledgement of David’s royal position. “Your Majesty!”

“Oh, rise, my brother. I am just a man, remember?” David said as he moved off his throne to embrace him with the biggest of smiles. The only thing that brought more joy to his heart besides seeing Jonathan was spending time in the temple of the Lord.

The two took their seats and just started talking enthusiastically about different issues, majorly concerning the wars that were being fought, including the one David had just chosen to sit out.

“Oh, by the way, I must tell you about what I saw earlier this afternoon. I can’t get my mind off it!” David said excitedly.

Jonathan sat up. “Really? I wanna hear it. What did you see?”

David started. “Well, since the men went off for war, like I was just saying, it gets a little boring every now and then, so I went up to the roof and just walked around surveying the city. I never get tired of the scenes, to be honest.

“Then, I realized something. I don’t know how she got there, but there was this beautiful woman bathing on the roof. Jonathan, I could not believe my eyes. She is so beautiful! I couldn’t stop staring at her.”

As he continued to speak of his ‘discovery’, he didn’t take too much notice of the disapproving look that had slowly started to form on his dearest friend’s face. He continued by telling how he had sent his servants to find out the woman’s identity, and had discovered she was Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite, one of his most trusted soldiers.

Jonathan was far from pleased when he had heard it all. Folding his arms, clearly letting his displeasure show, he asked, “So what’s your plan, David?”

Sensing the fact that his friend was not enthused by his afternoon escapades, David suddenly felt too shy to speak. He knew that with that look and tone of voice, Jonathan would not agree with his next line of action. He started to wring his hands nervously and stutter. “Umm… I was.. uh… I kinda…… I wanted to…”

Jonathan gave him a hard stare. “You want to have sex with her, don’t you?”

Head bowed down in shame, David nodded. “It’s just… I want her so bad. She’s like that dream girl every man wants.”

Jonathan’s hard stance softened a bit. He reached over to hold his friend’s hand. “David, you are my king, and I give you all the due respect for that. But above all things, you’re my friend, and I love you. If I see you doing the wrong thing, I have to let you know. And this plan you have in mind – it is totally wrong.

“David, you are a married man. You have quite a number of wives and concubines, with children to boot. You have a great family, with many lovely ladies at your disposal. You’d only be hurting your servant Uriah by sleeping with his wife, and being very unfair to him.”

“But most of all, you’d be displeasing God with your actions. Have you stopped to think about that?”

David sat back, that last statement obviously cutting deep.

“David, you spend so much time at the temple. I see it in your eyes, you love the Lord. You’re absolutely crazy about Him. Why do this and anger Him? It’s not worth it. David, let it go. It won’t be of any benefit.”

David, clearly mellowed by those words, remained silent. After a while, he opened his mouth to speak. “Wow, I never actually considered that. Wow, I guess I was so taken in by her beauty, I forgot all of that. Thank you, Jonathan. I guess I wasn’t thinking right.”

Tales From The Word

#4: How Embarrassed He Was

As Haman walked back to his abode, head covered and red with humiliation, he kept wondering to himself: How the heck did this happen? How could I have been so embarrassed today? I should have been honoured in the most extravagant of ceremonies. How???

… It had all started when he found himself in the courtyard of King Ahasuerus early that morning, having inspected the work done on a seventy-five foot high gallows built for the Jew he despised so much. With the gallows completed, his plan was to inform the king of his desire to see his enemy hanged on it.

“How that man Mordecai annoys me!” he said to himself as he paced around the courtyard, waiting for the servants he had seen to inform the king of his arrival. “How dare he refuse to bow down to me? I mean, me – Haman, son of Hammedatha! Look at the position the king has given me – a position above all the princes that are with him. It is a command given by him that all his servants must bow and pay homage to me. But he refuses to! How despicable!”

“Honestly, the thought of him alone makes me burn with fury, not to mention the sight of him. Ugh, even with the knowledge that he and his people are going to be wiped out soon, I’m so livid whenever I see him at that gate, totally indifferent towards me. Not even an attempt to stand up and greet me. The disrespectful fool!”

“But I’m so grateful for my sweetheart Zeresh and all my friends. We had a great time last night. Oh yeah, a real wonderful time! It was so awesome telling the guys about the riches I have, my many sons, and how important I am because of the position the king gave me. Then the reason I’m here: that advice on the gallows. Can’t wait to bring my request to the king…”

A servant entered the courtyard. Bowing respectfully, he said, “Sir, the king will see you now.”

Snapping out of his monologue, he nodded curtly and brushed by the servant brusquely into the king’s bed-chamber, where he bowed and said, “Your Majesty!”

King Ahasuerus sat up and nodded. “Ah, yes. Haman, it is good that you are here. I’m in need of a little bit of advice.”

“Speak, your Majesty. I am listening,” Haman responded.

“Well, there is someone I would like to honour, but I don’t know exactly what to do for the fellow. Since you happen to be around, I thought you’d give the best suggestion. What do I do for the person I want to honour?” the king asked.

Haman’s face maintained its posture, but within he was ecstatic with glee and delight.

Oh my! This must be my lucky day! The king wants to honour me! He may not have said it out loud, but I just know it is me. There certainly is nobody as deserving of royal honour as I am, he thought to himself, whilst brainstorming of a good way to be honoured.

A minute or two later, with his chest puffed out, he announced, “For the one you wish to honour, your Majesty, let them bring royal attire which the king himself has worn and a horse on which the king himself has ridden – one bearing the royal insignia! Then let this clothing and this horse be given to one of the king’s noble officials. Let him then clothe the one whom the king wishes to honour, and let him lead him about through the plaza of the city on the horse, calling before him, ‘So shall it be done to the man whom the king wishes to honour!’”

The king sat back, seemingly deep in thought about what had been suggested. Haman, meanwhile, stood there, feeling very proud of himself. That is certainly the sort of honour I deserve. I know he’ll approve, then we can get it done and I’ll get him to have that foolish Jew hanged.

“Very well then! Your suggestion is what I’ll carry out,” the king said.

Haman felt his heart jump for joy. OH YES!! Bring on the parade!

“Get the attire and the horse ready, just like you’ve mentioned…” the king started.

Haman’s joy slightly dissuaded with that. Get the attire and the horse ready??

“… and everything you mentioned should be done for the one I want honoured, have it done to Mordecai, the Jew at the gate. Make sure you don’t leave anything out!”

Haman was shocked and stunned. Although he couldn’t let his emotions be apparent to the king, his mind was swirling. I can’t believe this! This honour should be mine! I should be the one to be dressed in the king’s attire and placed on his horse and paraded through town, not that Jew! And he wants me to parade the moron around too!

However, there was no way he could protest the king’s orders. It would be foolish to fight against his decision, anyway; he had chosen Mordecai to be honoured. So he quickly mumbled acknowledgement and left the bed-chamber, going to get the attire and horse ready.

When all was set, he approached the man he passionately despised and told him about the king’s order. The feeling of agony in his heart as he did this was something he could not describe. As he handed the royal attire to Mordecai, he just wanted to scream in frustration: “THIS IS NOT FAIR!!”

And when they made the trip around town, with Haman constantly announcing through gritted teeth, “So shall it be done to the man whom the king wishes to honour!”, each proclamation was a heavy blow to his already-fractured ego. Mordecai, though, was hardly enthused by the treatment he was receiving.

When it was all over, Haman took his nemesis back to the palace, where he resumed his normal duties. He then rushed back home, weighted down by shame and embarrassment, unaware that it was only the beginning of his impending downfall…

Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

-Proverbs 16:18

Tales From The Word

#3: It Is Too Late

Helez held on to the tree for dear life, shivering as he tried his utmost best to withstand the torrential downpour. He was already freezing as his body violently trembled. It had been raining heavily for the past four days, with no pause.

And as he clutched tightly to the tree, thoughts spun through his mind.

How the heck did this happen? I can’t believe that crazy old man was telling the truth all along. Honestly, with all that babbling nonsense about the world being taken over by waters, there’s no way anyone could have believed him. And all that energy and effort put forth into building that giant thingy? We thought he was absolutely insane.

Wow! This is mind-blowing. Really, I thought this was just a crazy hoax. When he came out and told us only seven days were left, Mara and I really mocked him. Then the week passed, and the storm started. It’s been four days now. I’m sure the others may have drowned by now, it can’t be possible that they’ve survived down there. Too bad Mara couldn’t make it out the window. Can’t stop to think about her now, it’s too late. Got to find safety for myself.

If only I could, though…

He looked around, struggling to see, as the relentless downpour continued with force. His grip on the tree lessened as strength faded from his system. As to how he was still breathing was a wonder. He started to slowly slide down as his grip could no longer be firm enough.

Dropping into the growing deluge, though, he saw a big wooden structure not too far away.

Yes! That crazy old man’s ark, or boat, or whatever it’s supposed to be. Maybe he can give me some space. Maybe…

With the little ounce of strength left in him, he grabbed a nearby piece of wood, leaned on it, and kicked his feet violently, moving himself towards the ark.

Eyes burning with determination, he kept his gaze focused on the giant structure. It can’t be too late! Surely I can get some space in there. Surely I can! It’s big enough. They can’t refuse to let me in. they just can’t!

Arriving close to the ark, he was already short of strength, ready to give up. Nevertheless, the thought of finding safety in there wouldn’t let him let go. He climbed onto the ark, and hauled himself up to the nearest window, where he banged loudly on the door.


His loud cries, coupled with his pounding of the window, caught the attention of Ham, who looked up, and was unsurprisingly startled at the sight of Helez, face pressed against the window. He signalled to show he would be back in a moment, and ran out the door.

Helez stayed there, now shivering violently as the raging waters began to take their toll on his system. I hope he’s gonna be good to me.

Ham entered the room with his father. Helez groaned inwardly. Oh crap! He just had to call the old man, didn’t he? Ugh! He probably won’t let me in after all the nonsense I said to him.

Nonetheless, he opened his mouth. “Sir! Please, I beg you with everything in me, open up this ark and let me in. Please! I’m freezing out here. My body is weak. I need safety. Please, open up!”

The old man shook his head sadly. “For years, I warned you. Made it clear to you that a day like this would come. That God would destroy the world with a flood, and the only way out was to seek refuge in this ark. Yet you mocked my message and called me names.”

“Oh, come on, old man! I’m sorry, if that’s what you wanna hear. Alright, I’m sorry. Now pleeeease open up.”

The old man smiled sadly. “I’m sorry, dear one, but I can’t.”

A fiery rage immediately sparked up in Helez. “For real? Seriously? You’re gonna do me like that?” he bellowed weakly.

The old man was unperturbed by his tantrum. “If I had been the one to lock the doors, maybe I’d have helped you. But it is the Lord who shut the door behind us. He alone can open it. And He made it clear before this time that He wouldn’t open up to anyone when the grace period was over. You heard it for yourself, but rejected the call to enter. I’m really sorry, but it is too late.”

He walked away.

It is too late. It is too late. It is too late…

The words cut him deep. Muscles numb and mind stupefied by those words, he hardly noticed as the waters gently slid him off the ark and into the deluge. No more strength to fight, no place of refuge available, he didn’t react as the waves took him under, never to bring him back to the surface with the breath of life in his lungs. He would be one of the many, flushed out of the earth by the wrath of a holy God.

Tales From The Word

#2: Love Over Laws

‘Oh, hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!” the lady shouted, hopping about in extreme ecstasy.

We were all witnesses of it, and although we weren’t jumping about like her, we were all just about as excited as she was, considering all she had been through since we had known her.

At the time I was born, this lady who was now jumping about was bent over in this really weird position. Growing up, I always thought she was messing about, but after a while, I noticed it was pretty serious; she never stood up straight. Always bent over in a really uncomfortable position. My parents had no idea what was wrong with her. The only real piece of information they ever gave me was that it was sudden. They were just in the market one afternoon, chatting heartily when instantly she just cricked over, and that was it.

So I and my brother Evi grew up seeing this woman in a pathetic state. Always needing someone to help her, always in obvious agony. Of course, we helped her every now and then, but it was always quite a disheartening feeling to see her in that state, year after year. If only someone could help her. Because everybody else who could possibly help was of no help at all.

Then that man came into town. That man who came to preach and teach the word of God with some serious level of authority. I still remember the first time I heard him. Wow! I was taken aback. He was something else!

His name was Jesus.

So that day was another Sabbath, and as usual, the whole family was on their way to the synagogue. Our dear friend was with us as well. Something I really admired about her was her dedication to fellowship. Even though this condition had left her in an awful state to the eye, she never failed to come to the synagogue.

So this great teacher named Jesus was at the synagogue, and he was teaching. We listened to him as spoke about the commandments of God in a way we had never really heard before. Simply awesome!

Then as we listened, he stopped for a moment. He was looking at someone. I followed his gaze and realized it was in the direction of our lady friend. Everybody turned to what he was looking at. The lady seemed quite uncomfortable.

But Jesus gently beckoned to her and said in a clam but firm and audible voice, “Come.”

Slowly, with the help of one of the people living with her, she came to the front of the synagogue where Jesus was preaching.

He looked at her for a moment, then said, “Woman! You are loosed from your infirmity!”

Immediately after that, he placed his hands upon her low shoulders, kept them on for about five seconds, then let go.

What followed left us all stunned.

She stood up straight! For the first time in my life, I saw this lady standing like a normal human being. I couldn’t believe it! Such an awesome miracle!

As she jumped about in sheer delight, overjoyed at the reality that she had been healed, we were happy too, lifting our hands and praising the Lord. Little did we know that someone wasn’t happy with what was going on.

The synagogue ruler.

He was really strict and unrelenting when it came to keeping the rules intact. And of course, it was a Sabbath day; we weren’t supposed to do any sort of work. So with what was going on, he definitely wouldn’t be pleased.

He rushed forward and once in front of everyone, he raised his hands and in a harsh voice announced, “Listen, people! This is the Sabbath day. we’re supposed to keep it holy. That means no work of any sort. Including healing. If you really need to be healed of some sickness, there are six days you can come and get healed. But not on the Sabbath day! The law is the law, and it should be kept as such!”

That certainly dampened the mood. Of course! We were supposed to obey the law.

But then Jesus looked at the official. And trust me, he looked very annoyed!

“Tell me, if your lamb needs water on the Sabbath day, don’t you untie it from its stall and lead it to where it can drink?” he asked calmly.

The synagogue official raised his hand to argue, but stopped halfway. A nice question. Clearly he couldn’t dispute that.

Jesus shook his head, looked straight at him and said really harshly, “You hypocrite! You care for your animals and don’t forget to do what’s necessary for them. how much more this woman, who is a daughter of Abraham, and has been bound by the evil one all these years? Shouldn’t she be relieved of all her pain and grief on a Sabbath day? shame on you!”

As the ruler stood there, clearly rendered speechless by this harsh rebuke from Jesus, he hung his head in shame.

And we, we rejoiced and praised the Lord.

Because this man Jesus was showing us something about the heart of the Father. A God who loved us. A God who loved His people.

Tales From The Word

#1: Just Another Day

Perez stood outside his tent and breathed deeply. Ah, the great feel of a brand new morning! The morning breeze was so lovely, and it always made him feel good.

He was busy observing the neighbouring tents around him when he heard a voice call him. He turned.

It was Javan, one of closest pals, running towards him.

“Hey, Javan, what’s good?” Perez called excitedly.

“Another good day for the same old stuff, man,” his friend responded. “I got some interesting news for you, though. Is Shimeon around?”

“Yeah, he’s inside. Let’s get in.” The two entered the tent, where Shimeon was seated. Javan greeted him and took his seat next to him.

“So what’s happening? What interesting news do you have for us?” Perez asked.

Javan leaned forward. “It has to do with that foreigner. You know my brother is engaged to one of his daughters, right? Well, what he told me this morning shows just how insane that guy is. He said that he should come with him and the family out of town because destruction is coming upon this place!”

Shimeon and Perez burst into uncontrollable laughter. “What a confused idiot!” Shimeon said. “What destruction is he talking about?”

“I wonder,” Javan laughed. “My brother’s too smart to believe all that crap, though. He just brushed him off. I heard he said the same thing to the other guy engaged to his younger daughter. Same response.”

“Ha! This alien is such a dolt. You’re a total stranger here, yet you wanna act like you’re the boss around here,” Shimeon sneered. “I don’t know if you heard of what happened at his place last night. It must have happened before he did what you’re talking about.”

“When the guys wanted to do their thing with those strangers?” Javan asked. “Yeah, I heard something like that.”

“He has absolutely no right in that matter,” Perez added. “If the real citizens of this city want to deal with strangers in a certain way, you’ve got no right as a stranger to interfere, even if it’s happening at your house. I just wonder how that blindness struck the guys, though.”

“Yeah, I’m yet to find out what happened concerning that. Anyway, what’s happening with the orphans?” Javan asked Shimeon. He was a judge in one of the courts.

“Oh, they’re still disturbing me, but I’m not gonna mind them,” Shimeon answered. “The man who seized their property gave me a pretty nice amount last week, so that was settled. You know me, all I need is a little ‘gift’, and a case is all yours. Doesn’t matter how much the aggrieved party is right. To hell with them!”

The three men laughed heartily.

“You remember the case with the abused widow?” Shimeon reminded them. “Hahaha! The abuser came to see me even before she brought the case forward. I threw the case out as soon as she brought it. She cried like a baby in front of me for about an hour. As if I cared!”

“Yeah, I have a sweet memory of that…” Perez started. He then stopped. “Uh, can you hear something weird outside?”

“No, but I just caught a whiff of something burning. Is there a fire or something?” Javan asked.

Before any of them could answer, though, the roof of the tent started to give way and hot lava started to drop on the floor. In a matter of seconds, the peaceful atmosphere had turned into a terrifying scene of pain.

“AAAHH! What’s happening?” Shimeon screamed in fright.

None of them were able to respond. Javan had brimstone all over his face, and he was now on the floor, being hit with more strikes of fire. Perez was running around, screaming as his body was on fire.

A streak of fire caught Shimeon right in the face, and he dropped to the ground in agony. Brimstone and fire continued to drop upon them all around, and in a matter of minutes, the screams of agony and extreme pain died out as the hot elements consumed the men and all that was in the tent…


… In the distance, as the smoke rose from the remains of the cities ruthlessly destroyed by the heavenly blaze, a crystallized figure made entirely of salt stood, frozen in place. A pillar created by the hesitancy and disobedience of one meant to escape the judgment that had struck the now non-existent cities.

Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

7 – Mad

It was 1:28 am. Basit sat up in his bed and sighed. Sleep was proving hard to come by, with all the thoughts in his mind.

He looked at the person lying beside him. She looked rather comfortable in her slumber.

He turned away and shook his head.

For the past 2 weeks, he and his beloved bride, Caroline, had been going through a rough patch. For a couple that loved displays of affection, there had been very little of that recently. Tension had replaced the aura of sweetness, and instead of pet names and cute little references to each other, snarky and biting innuendos seemed to be the order of the day.

He couldn’t tell how it all began. And it was quite possible that she didn’t, either. All they knew was that suddenly, certain things which would have caused a tiny squabble at the worst were catalysts for full-blown shouting matches. Whether it had to do with Caroline moving his charger from the bedroom, or him forgetting to close the windows in the living room, these little things ended up sparking loud and unpleasant fights between them.

For instance, what had instigated that evening’s fight? A sarcastic comment from Caroline concerning Basit not changing the water bottle on their dispenser. Just like that, and they were exchanging words.

As he sat up, reflecting on the events of the past couple of weeks, he knew this was getting old and needed to end quickly.

It was trite knowledge that they wouldn’t have a perfect marriage. As crazy as they were about each other, they knew the married life did not consist of just roses, intense physical intimacy and sweetness. There would be trying times where it would take more than just romance to get through. That they perfectly understood and accepted.

But this felt too much.

They were literally treating each other like enemies now. They barely actually attempted to listen to each other when arguing; each party just wanted to prove to the other that they were right, not realizing just how negatively it was impacting on their relationship.

He sighed. Something had to be done about this.

He reached over to tap her, then hesitated for a moment. Won’t she get pissed off all over again?

Then he shook his head, and went ahead to tap her. “Caroline?” he called gently.

As comfy as she seemed in her sleep, Caroline was not a heavy sleeper. She stirred, turned over to look at him, and immediately her face darkened. “What is it?”

He looked down and sighed within himself. This was not going to be easy. But it had to be done.

“Umm, Caroline, I’m sorry to disturb your sleep, but, we need to talk,” he said gently.

“At this time of the night? Gentleman, are you serious?” she responded.

He shut his eyes. This rough patch had certainly brought out the worst in them.

“Caro, baby, listen. I know I’ve been a total ass to you sometimes, and… for reasons I now don’t fully understand, I’ve been stubborn. And I’m sorry, I really am. But the reason I woke you up is because of how things have been these past few weeks. Babe, I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

“Caroline, look at us. We used to be that cozy couple everyone envies, the way we were so attached to each other. Always laughing together in public. Always smiling with each other. Now we’re always at each other’s throats. I know things weren’t always gonna be this smooth, but this is too much.”

Caroline, initially looking ready for battle, now seemed mellowed by those memories.

“Remember when we first started out as Mister and Missus? Those awesome days of bliss, joy and… ridiculously good lovemaking?”

Caroline smirked and looked down. “Yeah. Sweet days.”

“Indeed, my queen. Granted, the honeymoon phase might be over. But this phase… this ain’t it. I don’t want this. I know sometimes we piss each other off, but letting it fester and degenerate into what it is now is not good enough. I’m tired of seeing you and gearing up for a fierce fight. That’s not why I put that ring on your finger and made you my queen for life, to be sparring with over little things. We’re a team.”

The look on her face grew solemn. “Hmmm. You’re right. We have been going overboard with these fights. I just remembered Counsellor Bernard telling us we need to be fighting the powers behind the scenes instead of fighting each other, before we got married. I guess we forgot.”

“Yeah, we did. But please, let’s do better. I love you, Caroline. You’re my best friend, my life partner, my future baby mama, the woman I’m gonna grow old with. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to offend and hurt you, and I promise I’m gonna go back to being the good man I am.”

“I’m sorry too, honey. For everything. Indeed, let’s do better than this. I know we’ll never be the skilled sailors we should be if we only get to experience calm seas, but can we please endeavor to ensure that everything’s alright between us before we sleep?”

Basit smiled and reached across for her hand. “Sure thing. Let’s pray.”

Both of them facing each other while holding hands, they bowed their heads and closed their eyes as Basit began.

“Father, we thank You for opening our eyes to all the madness we’ve engaged in these past few weeks. Constantly bickering and yelling at each other, turning against each other when You made us to be one flesh. Lord, forgive us as we’ve forgiven each other. And we ask right now, that no matter how tough things get between us, no matter how annoyed we may be at each other, give us the grace and the strength to be able to settle things between us before we go to sleep. Help us to be able to ensure that the sun does not go down on our anger. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen!”


Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

6 – A Beautiful Picture

It was 1800 GMT, and the western horizon was a canvas of aesthetic perfection. A wonderful sight that would get the hairs on the back of the neck of any admirer of beauty on edge.

Mr. Richie Acquah smiled at the glorious sunset as he parked his car next to the familiar Toyota Land Cruiser in the car park of Christ The King Catholic Church. Such a beautiful picture painted by the Greatest Artist, he thought to himself as he killed the engine, ready to step out of the car and head for Evening Mass.

A pretty appropriate place to find himself after returning from Nkawkaw, having spent a whole week there on a business trip. He had left pretty late, and after a three hour journey, which included getting stuck in traffic around Amasaman for half an hour, he was pretty exhausted, and heading straight home sounded like a more reasonable choice.

However, it was a Wednesday, and being the faithful Catholic he was, he rarely missed out on Evening Mass. As tired as he was, missing out was not an option.

Besides, the car parked next to him meant only one thing.

Two of his favourite people were around.

And after being away from them for seven days, he missed them dearly.

He stepped out of the car, locked it, and headed towards the church building.

As he walked in, he made the sign of the cross as he faced the altar, immaculately decorated as usual. He kept his eyes on the huge cross on the wall for a moment.

Then suddenly…


His gaze turned from the cross to the pews on his left.

And what he saw made his heart, and his face, smile with gladness.

There they were!

As they both got up from the pew to meet him, he beheld them and felt his heart jump for joy.

A few minutes ago, he had seen the exquisite artistic hand of God in the magnificent sunset. Now before him stood another beautiful picture.

A picture of the two most important, most beautiful and most precious people in his life.

In front of her mother stood Esi. The first arrow in the quiver. His darling four-year-old daughter. His precious little girl. Sometimes troublesome, like any other toddler, but an all-round sweetheart.

And behind her, Mrs. Eleanor Acquah. The lady of his life. His queen. His better half. His rose.

Seeing them stand together at that moment couldn’t have made him happier. A perfect picture of the sweetest gift God could possibly ever give him on this earth.

“Dadddyyyyyy!” Esi shrieked happily as she rushed towards him, arms outstretched.

He laughed and bent down, opening his arms as she ran into them, flinging her arms around his neck. “Esi my sweetheart! I’ve missed you, baby!”

“I’ve missed you too, Daddy!” the little one enthusiastically gushed.

He laughed gently, then rose to his feet and faced Eleanor.

She smiled at him.

It had been five years of marriage, yet somehow, her smile and that loving look in her eyes never ceased to leave him feeling weak in the knees. There was some aura about her that captured him from the first day he met her, and he was still chained to that day. There was no doubt about it; Eleanor was made for Richie, and Richie was made for Eleanor. Any other union would never have made any sense.

She kissed him on the cheek. “I’ve missed you, Richie.”

He smiled and stroked her on the cheek. “I’ve missed you even more, my love. Spent about three hours on the road. Should’ve been shorter, but chale, you know Amasaman can get crazy, and it did.”

“Awww, sorry, honey. I was wondering if you’d go home first, but then I remembered it’s Wednesday, and it’s more probable that you’ll come here, so Esi and I have been hanging around for a while. Father Lee is in, though, so service should be starting any time soon.”

“Oh, okay. Let’s get to the front, then. Right in front of the altar,” Richie suggested, to which she obliged and they walked to the front.

The church wasn’t empty. Quite a few members were around. Some reading their Bibles, others silently praying, others chatting with friends.

As they got to the front pew and Richie allowed his bride to sit before him, he took his seat and assured his little girl that he would take a look at her latest drawing after service. Then he nudged Eleanor gently and murmured, “You know, speaking of pictures, I saw two beautiful pictures this evening.”

Eleanor looked interested. “I see. What were they?”

“Well, the first one was the sunset that I witnessed just as I got here. You know me and my fascination with those things. It was absolutely glorious.”

“Mm-hmm. And the second one?”

“The second one… was a picture of God’s best gift to me on earth. The most beautiful woman on earth, and her sweet little twin standing before me.”

“Awwww!” she blushed at that, laying her head on his shoulder.

“I love you, Ellie,” he murmured. “You and Esi will always be my favourite reminder of how God loves me. Always and forever.”

“I love you too, Richie,” she whispered back, before they got up just as the priest and mass servers were preparing to begin Mass. She held his hand as they sang the entrance hymn.

It was the small things like this that Richie cherished the most. Church service with his wife and daughter in the evenings. He knew that the sight of the three of them together, to many, would be a photo of beauty to many.

A reminder that family, God’s first institution to create, is a beautiful thing.

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”


Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

5 – Eternal Flame

“I really don’t understand why this guy is torturing himself like that,” Theo said to Shane. “It’s so obvious he’s suffering in his predicament, yet he won’t free himself.”

“Hmm, I wonder myself,” Shane responded. “He’s in bondage. He can easily free himself – nobody will chew him up for it – but he’s keeping himself trapped. I just don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

“Ah, well, we’re almost there. Hopefully, we’ll get an answer from him, and if possible, see if we can talk to him, ‘cause honestly man, this is ridiculous.”

Ten minutes later, as the two continued to talk about the situation at hand, they arrived at the home of their friend, Davidson. They casually walked over to the door and knocked.

A smiling Davidson was at the door, already aware of their coming. He welcomed them heartily and let them in, teasing them as they entered. Given the fact that he hadn’t seen these two for the past three months, it was no surprise he was quite excited to see them, with whom he had been friends for a very long time.

They made themselves comfortable, and as Davidson went to the kitchen to get them drinks, they briefly looked around the living room.

Pictures of Davidson and his beautiful bride, Mercy, were all around. Theo shook his head. “Look at how happy he and Lari were then,” he said in a low voice.

Shane nodded. “Now it’s all down the drain since the accident. It’s so obvious the smile on his face is forced. He’s so unhappy, yet he’s locked himself to the situation. We really ought to talk some sense into him.”

“Word.” He straightened up as Davidson entered with the drinks. They were served and he sat with them, striking up a conversation. For the next thirty minutes, they all reminisced on their university days and all the things they did. They hadn’t been the crazy types who did silly stuff in school; they went all out for Christ. Many people knew them for their heavy exploits, leading revivals and all. Great times.

As they laughed over one funny incident they went through, Theo took the chance and interjected, “Oh, Dave, by the way, how’s the wifey?”

“Oh, like I mentioned earlier, she’s resting. It’s not been easy for her at all, but now everything’s alright,” Daniel responded.

Theo and Shane then looked at each other, pity etched on their faces. Daniel was confused for a moment. Before he could ask what the sudden silence was for, Shane asked, “Davidson, you’re not a happy man, are you?”

Davidson looked incredulous. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Theo started. “Davidson, we’ve known you for ages. We know you always wanted a great marriage; a beautiful wife and lovely children. You often mentioned the lovely things you’d want to do with them. and when you and Mercy got married, we were overjoyed, because we felt your dreams had finally come true, especially considering how chaste you kept yourself.

“But the accident has changed everything. I was devastated to hear that she was about 2 months pregnant when it happened. Now with what you told me the last time we spoke, she’s lost her ability to walk for good, and not only did she lose the baby, but now she’s never gonna have children. This isn’t what you wanted. Why are you torturing yourself?”

Davidson looked stunned. “Ummmm… what exactly are you trying to imply?”

Shane came in. “All we’re trying to say is, reconsider your stance, man. You’re going through a torturous time dealing with an… excuse me to say, invalid wife. Just back out. You need to live your life, man. Don’t do this to yourself. It’s not right.”

Davidson looked down at the floor and shook his head. He took in a few deep breaths, then looked up at them. “I’ve known you guys for a long time as well. But in a matter of minutes, you’ve just showed me something I never knew. You guys don’t know anything about marriage.”

The two opened their mouths to protest, but Davidson put up his hand to silence them. “Listen, guys, listen. Now, before Mercy and I got married, our counsellor taught us some real hard truth about marriage. You see, marriage isn’t just about your personal happiness and all; it’s more or less a ministry. He mentioned how people don’t really pay proper attention to what’s in Ephesians 5 and hit hard on it.”

“Marriage, my dear friends, is not that ‘happily ever after’ nonsense we see on TV and all. It’s deeper than that. It’s a ministry where we’re displaying what the real Marriage is all about. And by the real one, I’m referring to that between Jesus and the Church.”

“Yeah, we know of that. It’s all true,” Theo cut in. “But aren’t you unhappy with this situation?”

Davidson looked at him incredulously. “Of course it’s hard. Each day I wish to God that it was all just a dream; that Mercy would be able to walk, and we’d have had our baby. But this is the cold, hard reality. And I am NOT going to walk out on her. No way!”

He sprung up, starting to breathe hard. He was getting angry and had to calm himself down. The two decided to be quiet for a moment; they knew he was heating up and didn’t want to spark him off.

He gestured to Shane. “Shane, do you remember saying back then that love is never easy?”

Shane nodded. “Of course, it isn’t.”

“Good! Loving Mercy has not been easy since the accident. But I look at Christ as the example. You know who His bride is? A bunch of sinful beings, undeserving to even be within ten feet of Him. Yet He showed incredible love by laying down His life for us. That’s love, and that’s what I’m aiming to do! When I told her ‘for better or for worse’ at the altar, I meant every word. And since the accident, I can say I love her more than I ever did. I’m laying down my life for her, just like Christ did for His church.”

His friends were silent. They had really planned to come around and talk some ‘sense’ into him, but he had successfully turned the tables on them.

Daniel wasn’t done. “I’ve always hated that new trend in some churches where they twist the vows to make it seem like marriage should be perfect. It’s still ‘for better or for worse’, not ‘for better and for best’. Thank God our counsellor warned us against such unrealistic rubbish. If loving your spouse was that easy, Christ would never have died for us. I’ve denied myself so much, but when I see Mercy’s smile, her eyes full of glee, the joy I’ve placed within her heart by sticking with her through thick and thin, I know it’s worth it. This is a commitment I made to her for life, an eternal flame I lit with her, and I’ll die keeping it!”

Theo and Shane had been floored. All the points they had put down mentally before were now dashed. They had their faces in their palms, totally struck by this display of real love.

Daniel walked to them, and squatting, placed both hands on each of their shoulders. “Guys, I know you have my interest at heart. I appreciate that. But remember how we used to tear up campus, letting everybody know the Good News?”

Theo raised his head and with a morose expression on his face, said quietly, “Impossible to forget those days, man.”

Daniel smiled. “Exactly. We let them know the truth. And that’s what I’m living right now. I might not be happy denying myself, but there’s no greater joy in dying to myself for the love of God and others. Just like how Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her, so am I loving Mercy and giving myself up for her. This is love!”

Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

4 – Our First Phone Call

Philip dropped his bag as he entered his room, exhausted. “That N1 traffic is nothing short of demonic,” he groaned with relief as he stretched himself out on his bed, thinking back to the over ninety-minute period he had spent on the highway that evening.

Having enjoyed the comfort of being sprawled out on his bed for a minute or two, he then sat up and untied his shoes. A big smile spread all over his face, as he remembered the events before he had gotten caught up in the pileup. An event that was more than enough to make those extra minutes in the long line nothing more than an afterthought.

“Man, this has been one of the most beautiful evenings of my life. I promise,” he said to himself, enjoying the warm, fuzzy feeling that arose in his chest as he reminisced. “Oh, I have to call her.”

He took out his phone, and going straight to the contacts list, the first name he saw…

… Adeline.

Shaking his head in gratitude as he pressed the dial button, one thought ran through his mind as he put the phone to his ear.

I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it.

On the third ring, she picked up.

“Hey you!” she answered excitedly. “You home now?”

He smiled as he noted the excitement in her voice.

“Yeah, baby girl. Just got home. The traffic on the N1 was serious eh. From Dzorwulu to the Interchange alone, one hour!”


“Hmmm, Adeline. It was annoying papa. But at least I’m home now. The way I want to sleep. Thank God it’s Friday.”

“Oh, make sure you’ve had at least a cup of Milo before you sleep oo. I want my adorable sweetheart to have sweet dreams about me.”

A giggle followed.

Philip smiled at that. Silent for a brief moment, he responded, “No problem, Addy.”

The next few words from her were spoken in a softer tone. “Philip? Tonight was magical. I’ve never been this excited before.”

“I know, Addy. So magical. I knew tonight was the right time to have that talk. And I’m so glad you’re my girl now. You are such a precious gem, Adeline. I’m still yet to adjust to the fact that you’re my girl now. Like, the cutest girl in West Africa? You, Adeline Brobbey, the sweet, petite, massively intelligent Jesus-loving baby girl said yes to me tonight?”

Adeline giggled. “Better believe it, baby boy. You’re not the only one experiencing that ‘Obinyane me’ vibe. I’ve been crushing on you for a long time. You have no idea how excited I was when Gigi hooked me up with you; oh Lord, what a major answer to my prayer it was! The man I’ve been praying for finally came along. I serve a prayer-answering God, no doubt!”

Philip laughed. “That shook me up, you know. I mean, I know I’m pretty awesome, but I’ve always had the idea that the girl I’m smitten with would almost always never be interested in me, and yet the one who would like me is someone I’d say no to.”

“Hmmmmm. ‘Almost always never’. Means it’s a 99.5% chance, right? Well, guess what? I’m the 0.5%. Simple, isn’t it?”

Philip laughed again. “Too simple. But, dear Lord, you are such a cutie. You’re so cute, it’s ridiculous. No wonder I love to stroke your chin so much. You’re just too adorable, baby girl!”

More giggling over the phone. “Stop it, boy, you’re making me blush! Don’t ask me how a dark-skinned girl is blushing. I won’t say. But I like it when you do that to me. You make me feel cute and adored. I just love to be doted on, and it’s so sweet to have you do that to me.”

That warm, fuzzy feeling that somehow drifted into his belly. Weird sensations, but did it matter? All that mattered was that the sweet girl he had fallen for about six months ago had officially said to his proposal, and they were having their first official couple phone call.

“Anything to make you feel on top of the world, my adorable one. But all that aside, Addy, I promise you, this journey we’re taking together, is gonna be so worth it. I know it’ll not be a smooth journey; we’re bound to have some issues here and there. But I want this to work. I’m ecstatic right now, no doubt, so I’m just gonna have a beautiful rest of the night. But tomorrow, I know there’s work to be done. And I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to commit to making you the happiest cutie in the world.”

“Awwwww, Philip,” she said, sounding overwhelmed by that last statement. Sighing for a moment, she continued, “You’re wonderful, Philip. I thank God He led me to you. And I pray this is the start of something real. I pray we’ll be together for the long haul. I’ve had dreams of shaking the world with you, and I desire nothing more than to see it come into manifestation.”

“We’ll make it, Addy. God’s on our side, I see the ribbon in the sky,” he responded softly.

She laughed. “The Sho Baraka fan as always.”

“You know how I do. Hehe. Well, I just wanted you to know that I’m home. And ..uh… that spending tonight with you will be the major highlight of this year. So, I guess I’ll go get myself that cup of Milo before I get to bed.”

“Alright, Philip. No problem. Good night, my cute boyfriend. I love you, and make sure I’m prominently starring in your dreams.”

He laughed. “I love you too, baby boo. And I sure will. Just make sure you picture me cupping that cute baby face of yours in my hands while reminding you what a doll you are.”

“I like that. I’ll probably go to bed with a flushed face.”

“I’ll need to figure out how an glorious melanin boo like you actually blushes one of these days.”

“Whatever! Bye, boo.”

“Bye, Addy.”

Hanging up, the smile remained on his face. He pressed the gallery icon on the home screen and looked at the most recent picture taken. It was him and Adeline, posing for a selfie. A quick chill took a quick trip down his spine as he remembered the deep hug she gave him after that little ‘photo session’.

Such a sweet shot of oxytocin that was.

Just then, a message came from her. Switching quickly to his WhatsApp to see what she had sent, he saw a familiar-looking video.

How ironic, he thought to himself as he pressed the download button. This was the corniest and lamest video a few months ago. Now my heart is full of joy right now at receiving this.

Hitting the play button, a silly grin was all over as he watched an animated child sing, “You’re my honey bunch sugar plum, pumpie umpie umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie…”

At the end of the video, he put the phone down and closed his eyes. “Oh, God. This feeling is so beautiful. Lord, I know it’s just a minor aspect of the whole thing called love, but it is so awesome. Please, help me on this journey with Addy. I want to love her to the end, in every sense of the word. Your way. God, she’s so precious. I want Your precious little girl to be happy and loved. Help me to do that from this very day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

3 – You’re Appreciated

Comfort was feeling pretty exhausted. Another busy evening for her. Like every other day, she balanced her job as a school director with being a mother to her three-year-old daughter and a wife to her husband, Ebenezer. And it was not easy.

This evening, little Sarai had been a little troublesome, and Comfort didn’t take it very lightly, as her little antics gave her more work to do. Patience, though, was a virtue she possessed in abundance. Handling all that mess, plus serving her husband, had made her quite tired. Another day as a young working mother and wife.

She walked to the living room, where her book was lying on the table. As she got closer, though, she noticed an envelope beside it. With her name on it.

She looked strangely at it. “How come Ben didn’t tell me I had a letter? Who is it from?” she wondered aloud as she took a seat in the sofa and opened the envelope.

The letter had a familiar scent on it. Almost like somebody had gently sprayed it with what happened to be her favourite perfume.

She unfolded the letter.

Dear Mrs. Comfort Lawson,

You know, we go back. Way back. I look at you now, and I can’t help but remember when I first met you; as young as Sarai (ok, I think you were a lil older). We ain’t stay neighbours for long, but of course, we stayed friends. Our families stayed friends, to be specific.

I always knew there was something special about you. Even as a lil toddler, I saw something that just made you stand out from your sisters. Of course, not to say they’re bogus, you know I got love for them, but… you know what I mean, babe! 😉

She smiled as she reached that point in the letter. Oh my, this man never fails to make me smile!

So as you grew up, and I grew up, I took notice of your beauty, innocence and sweetness. After going through a crazy time of rebellion against our Daddy, I was brought to my senses, became a changed guy, and saw in you a gem, a precious soul who, like every other lady out there, needs to be loved and cherished every day of her life. You really delayed your answer when I let you know how I feel, though. Ugh, you made me wait for close to 3 years!! Well, it was totally worth the wait, though.

Since the day you became my girlfriend and disciple, my life changed completely. Believe me, love, you didn’t change alone, I changed too. Our courtship was such a turning point. I’ll never forget what we went through.

As memories came to mind, tears started to form in Fati’s eyes. She wiped them away and continued to read.

It’s been three years since you went from Ms. Comfort Darteh to Mrs. Comfort Lawson. It’s been tough, but baby, it’s been worth it. I love how you alternate between being the boss at work and being a wife and mummy at home. You pull it off real good, shawty!

We’ve had our tough times together, we’ve had a couple of nasty arguments here and there, but we made a vow to stick together no matter what, and I intend to stick to it. And I trust you do too. I love you, Connie, flaws and all. I still will never understand why you hate Kojo Antwi’s music. That’s so…. ugh!

She laughed out loud at seeing that. “Oh, Benny, you silly boy!” she cooed to herself.

So, Fati, this is just to randomly let you know how much I love and treasure you. I see all you do, and believe me, it’s not in vain. Till the day I die, I’ll always treasure you as my queen and value you more than a ship full of gold. We’re in this for God’s glory, and I know He’s gonna lead us through.

I love you, baby.


P.S. Yeah, about the smell of your perfume, I used it while you bathed Sarai. I was hoping it would add a lil touch of romance to it. You know me, baby. L’homme romantique!!

Smiling as a tear of happiness rolled down her cheek, she placed the letter down. Obviously not the greatest love letter, but all he had written had touched her. And the thought of using her perfume definitely made it all the more special.

“Oh, Lord, thank you for Ben,” she said aloud. “Thank you for the best hubby in the world. I don’t know where I’d be if You hadn’t placed him in my life.”

“And thank God for the greatest wifey in the world,” a voice gently added.

Ebenezer, who had been hanging around with his wife unaware, joined her on the sofa and gave her a big kiss. “I just wanted to do something random to make you happy.”

“And you did a great job of it, sweetheart,” she remarked, resting her head on his chest. “Thank you so much, Ben.”

“Aw, don’t thank me, you deserve it. You’re such an inspiration to ladies your age. You support me like a real wife does. What else can I do but appreciate the most beautiful woman? I have to. And I’ll continue to do so till I’m gone. But seriously, you ought to sit down and listen to some smooth Kojo Antwi tunes. You’ll love it!”

Comfort gave him a look.

He laughed and kissed her again. “You’re appreciated, babe. Never forget that.”

Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

2 – Chocolate Cake

“Good evening, sir. What can I offer you and your children?” the waitress asked Kevin.

“Well, give me a meat pie. And two chocolate cake slices for my children,” he responded, much to the delight of the young ones. They were bouncing in their seats with excitement as he made the order.

“Yaay! Our cake is coming!” one of them said gleefully, as the waitress went to get their orders.

Kevin smiled. “Well, I did promise you it was coming on this Sunday, didn’t I?”

His two daughters, five year-old Awo and three year-old Abrema, had had a serious craving for chocolate cake, and had been on his neck all week about it, so he promised them he’d get them some that Sunday.

True to his word, Sunday evening approached, and at about five o’ clock, as the girls were sleeping, he woke up them up, had them get dressed, and drove them to Golden Tulip Hotel, and took them straight to the bar, where they were now seated, waiting for their craving.

As they waited, Abrema asked her father, “Will Mummy call?”

“Yes, sweetie. Mummy will be calling us not too long from now,” Kevin assured her.

“But when is she coming back! I’ve forgotten,” Awo added.

“Oh, she’ll come on Wednesday, God willing,” he responded. “You know, she called while you two were sleeping. She’s already getting bored in Canada. She’s so eager to come back home.”

“Aww, we miss her, Daddy,” she said wistfully.

“Not as much as she misses you two.”

He continued to talk with his daughters, acting silly at times and making them laugh. He was in the middle of telling them one joke, the two girls already squealing with laughter, when the waitress came around, bringing their orders: one huge meat pie for Kevin, and two lovely-looking slices of chocolate cake for little Awo and Abrema.

The waitress smiled as she saw the looks of delight on the girls’ faces. “Enjoy your cakes, sweethearts!” she said sweetly to them.

“Thank you!” they responded.

As Kevin broke off big pieces of his pie and popped them in his mouth, he moved his chair over to help Abrema eat her cake, as the toddler needed it. There was one moment when the piece Kevin cut for her fell off the fork. Luckily, it fell on his lap, and he quickly picked it up and placed in her mouth before she started to cry.

As soon as Awo finished her cake, Kevin’s phone rang. It was the person they had been waiting to hear from. Kevin’s wife and the mother of the two girls, Margaret.

Kevin answered the call. “Maggie baby!!”

“Kevin, I’m bored here!” she started, in a whining voice. “Since we spoke earlier, Joey hasn’t been back. I’m stuck all alone in this house, like always. Oh, Lord, I can’t wait to come back home on Wednesday.”

“Aww, I can tell. You really miss home, I can see.”

“Of course I do, love! I miss you so much. And where are my dear honeycakes? I miss them like crazy!”

“They’re right here, baby, itching to talk to you. Hold on for Awo.” He then handed the phone to the five year-old, who immediately squealed into the phone, “Muummmmmiiieeeeeeee!!!!!!”

He shook his head in amusement. How she loved to do that with her mother.

As Awo chatted comically with her mother, Kevin helped Abrema finish the rest of her cake. An easy task, given the eagerness with which the three year-old wanted to speak to her mother.

Five minutes gone, and Awo was satisfied enough to hand over the phone to her sister. As Abrema happily said hello to her mum, Kevin could hear Margaret over the phone, “Awww, my sweet little vanilla tart! I miss you like strawberry shake and apple pie!”

He stifled a laugh. Good Lord, Margaret could get all mushy with these girls!

Just then, he noticed a familiar couple coming from the restaurant. Mr. Ekow Danquah and his wife, Akweley. He had known them since university, and it had been no surprise to him when they got married just about a year ago; they were almost a perfect fit for each other. He waved wildly at them, Akweley noticing him first.

As they got to Kevin’s table, they gave the girls big hugs, then proceeded to talk to him. “Hey, Kevin!” Akweley gushed, hugging him. “How lovely it is to see you here! Spending a lil time with the girls, eh?”

Kevin nodded. “Yeah, you know. Since last week, these two have been on my case about chocolate cake, so today I decided to give them a treat. At least I can spend some lovely time with my girls whilst my lady is out of town.”

“Awww, how sweet!” Akweley said, now having Awo on her laps. “I remember how you always wished for something like this.”

Ekow nodded, a smile on his face. “Yeah, those days. Dreaming about having adorable little children, taking them out to beautiful places, all since the day you and Margaret started dating.”

Kevin nodded, giving his three year-old an affectionate squeeze. “You two remember it well. I always knew she was gonna be the mother of my children, and I always knew I’d have days like this, when my children and I would go out and have quality time with them. Even though it’s better with Maggie around, it’s just awesome to be with them alone; a father and his children spending time together. Trust me, I always knew it would be a wonderful experience. I remember how I loved seeing men with their little children, doing stuff together, and I always prayed to God I’ll get there. Now that I’m there, I’m loving every moment of it, and there’s nobody else to thank but God.”

“Of course? Who else but Him? I have to admit, seeing you this happy definitely makes me look forward to us having our own kids,” Ekow said.

“Oh, trust me, man, you’ll most definitely get there. Maybe one day, just like me, when Akweley’s out of town, you’ll also take your children out to have some quality father-children time with them. And who knows, you’ll also get them some chocolate cake.”

Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing

1 – A Sweet Lil Speech

Laughs and smiles all around the room as the birthday boy, five minutes into his entrance, was now starting to absorb the sweet reality of the pretty big surprise party that had been clandestinely arranged. His two colleagues from work, Edem and Sandy, were still shaking him playfully, teasing him about the way he gripped his chest in a brief moment of terror upon hearing the loud “SURPRIIIISEEEEEEE” that filled the room once he opened the door.

As you can expect, the house was buzzing with activity. The organizers of this secret party had definitely done a yeoman’s job; everything had gone perfectly according to plan. The right number of invitees, the drinks and snacks, the decorations, the DJ, the cake… all in place.

As Nicky, the newest 28 year old in town walked over to get himself another cup of coconut water from the vendors, Edem followed him, the grin preceding his last teasing statement starting to fade as his face returned to its normal look.

“Winnie is behind all this, isn’t she?” Nicky asked.

Edem rolled his eyes. “Like Sark would say, what else? Of course, lah!”

Nicky sighed and shook his head as he turned away from the lady that had served him. “Dear Lord, that babe blows my mind. Most incredible blessing I’ve had in the past two years. I promise, I gotta start making…”

“Attention please! Will the birthday boy please report to the dining table for the cake cutting?” a voice boomed over the PA system. The voice of Adjeiwaa, Nicky’s younger sister.

“Time to go and cut the cake, chale,” Edem said, as he accompanied the man of the hour from the big living room space to the dining table on which sat a big, beautiful red velvet cake. Judging by its size and width, Nicky could easily tell: this was a product of Kareena Cakes.

One of the few cake bake shops in towns he rated very highly.

“Peeps, let’s gather round, let’s gather round,” Adjeiwaa ordered. “Issa very essential period of this eyi that we’ve gotten to. Let’s do this… DJ, could you let the music go down a bit?”

As people moved towards the new converging center, Nicky took his place behind the cake, admiring the ‘Happy Birthday Nickyyy’ inscription on the cake.

Within a minute or two, all attention was now on the gathering at the table.

“Alright, alright, alright, we all here,” Adjeiwaa said, the satisfaction in her voice plain and apparent. “Now where’s the knife?”

Nicky blinked and looked at the table. No knife. Wait, wuhhh? How did I forget to notice there’s no knife on the table?

“I’m bringing it, please!” a voice rang out from the kitchen.

Nicky’s face brightened as the owner of the voice briskly walked out the kitchen, clearly in a hurry to get the knife to him. As the crowd made way for her, the smile on his face grew with each passing millisecond.

She placed the knife on the table and looked up at him.

The smile and the look in his eyes said enough. She giggled and stuck her tongue out at him.

Winnie. Nicky’s boo for the past two years.

Snickering at that action as he rolled his eyes, she turned to Adjeiwaa, who nodded, and turned to the crowd and said, “Oh, before the birthday boy cuts his cake, there’s a special message for him. From the  most organizer in chief, most Nicodemus, most hot irresistible mama, most hard geh hard geh. Dear people, let’s hear what Winnie Gyampoh has to say to her booboo!”

The room was immediately filled with cacophonic choruses of eishes, oohs, aahs and awws as she took her spot in front of the table, directly facing Nicky. Clearing her throat, she signaled for the noise to settle. “You people dey come give me pressure!”

A few laughs, and the place was now silent, waiting for whatever it was she had to say.

Until someone mischievously cried out in a deliberate high-pitched voice, “Why so sassy, ma?”

The noise returned in the form of laughter and more eishes and ‘damn girl’, as everyone was now focused on her black and white off-shoulder blouse and her dark blue leggings. Already described by many of her friends as a ‘ridiculously enchanting hottie’, there was no way they’d let her off the hook with that so easily.

“Ei, you people, I dey beg, relax gimme, eh,” she pleaded.

Took a while, but the admiring ended for her to begin her little speech.

“Please, before I start, I beg, don’t take videos. I dey beg waaa,” she pleaded, eyeing one guy who had steadied his phone, ready to capture the action. Snickering, the guy relented and put his phone down.

She turned to Nicky.

“You know, I still have fond memories of the day you first spoke to me. While I was busy looking for that history book in the library. Believe me, I could tell from day one that you wanted me. And at first… I kinda thought you had some nerve looking to hit on me. Yet at the same time, it kinda excited me. And how you constantly kept in touch and all. I still get goosebumps over how you took my hand on that date at Roots Apartment Hotel and told me so plainly, ‘Winnie, I want you.’ Damn, it was so… intriguing.”

A chorus of oooooohs followed at that. “Herh, levels dey, wati!” some of his friends exclaimed.

The two lovebirds laughed as they looked at each other. The brief period of noise died out, and she continued.

“It’s been two years and about four months now. And I know I don’t regret saying yes in the least. You’re amazing, baby boy. I never thought being in love with a guy like you would be such a thrilling journey. Of course, we have our issues every now and then, but that’s just a tiny percentage of the beautiful experience it’s been having you as my man.

“You’re so much fun to be with. And you’re such a silly boy sometimes. I mean, how can you tell me drones are like giant mosquitoes? Who does that?”

Everybody including Nicky laughed. “But it’s true, lah. Don’t you hear the noises they make?” he protested.

Winnie shook her head. “Waleva. Let’s reserve that argument for another day.”

The laughter ran out. She continued.

“So yes. Nicky, you’re fun to be with, and you always know how to make me laugh. And I might be known as a hard girl, but nobody else sees and cuddles my softer side more than you do. I love the way you dote on me sometimes, make me feel like the baby girl I am. I love it. You pamper me like no other. And those forehead kisses?” She giggled and looked away shyly. He’d get the hint.

“I love the way you care about me as a whole. The hottie that I turned out to be, I’ve encountered guys who make it too obvious with their behaviour that it’s just my body they want to press-press. Nothing more than that. But you… you go beyond that. Lord knows how poorer I would have been in so many ways if I didn’t have you in my life. Going out of your way to help me finish my project work, pushing me to start this Masters degree, encouraging me when I was having those issues in the Children’s department in church. I’m just awestruck at how God gave me a man who’s not obsessed with my body, but who’s interested in helping me walk in my purpose. I couldn’t have asked for more.

“Your family has embraced me, just as mine has embraced you. AJ is the sis I never had, and your mother is an absolute gem! You already know how highly my dad speaks of you, so no long tins. You naa, you know.”

Winnie took a deep breath, then reached out to hold his hand. “Nicky babe, all this is just to say, happy birthday. I love you. So much. You mean more to me than ampesi with kontomire and avocado, and you know that’s a big deal for me!”

Nicky shook his head, a grin on his face as some people laughed, those who were fully aware of her love for the local delicacy.

“I love you, Nicky. I wish you all the very best this day. Thank you for making me the happiest chic on earth for the past two years and four months. I wouldn’t have it any other way. God bless you so much, my love, and may He establish you, continue to lead you on the path He’s set out for you and make you a blessing to your generation. Can’t wait to spend forever with you.”

The chorus raised this time was a chorus of Awwwwwws. Something which Nicky usually couldn’t stand, especially when the likes of Edem and Sandy distorted it to make it even more annoying to his eardrums. As he got his lady to come over to his side, though, those teasing chants were the last thing on his mind.

Giving her a kiss on the forehead, he hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear, “Thank you so much, baby girl. Lord, I love you. More than words will ever comprehend.”

“My love,” she murmured, her head leaning on his shoulder, giggling as she gave him the softest of punches on his chest. Her standard reaction whenever his lips touched her forehead. “Nobody makes me happy the way you do.”

He smiled, then whispered, “Well, queen, better get ready. Because one thing I know for sure is, next year by this time, God willing, you’re gonna be having my ring on your finger. It’s time I begin to make things official, girl. I need you around for the rest of my life to make it a blessed life. No two ways about it. It’s time to make you mine, Winnie. For good.”

Gems Of Yesteryear

10. Proverbs 7 Lady

It’s basic, really. A re-enactment of the chapter in question. Definitely another personal favourite of mine…

Joe took his phone and looked at the time. It was seven-thirty.

It was time for him to go and see Cecilia.

A mysterious young lady who he had taken notice of just a few weeks ago, she had noticed the attention he was giving her and was responding in a rather seductive manner. Anytime he saw her while passing by her house, she would either give him a wink or blow him a kiss. Eventually, after about two weeks of this, he had shyly approached her to try and strike up a chat with her. He hadn’t been given the chance, but she had gently taken his hand and wrote her phone number on it.

The first time he called had him discovering her voice was as seductive and smooth as her body and attitude. She suggested he visit her on Sunday.

Now he was seated in his room, ready to leave and go and see her.

His desire to befriend her didn’t go unchallenged, though. Being an important member of the Living Arts department of his church, his friends had noticed the object of his affection and had strongly advised him to stay away from her.

The fact was, she did not have a very good reputation around, even though she had only moved into the area about six months ago. Her love for scanty dressing and that flirtatious behaviour made her pretty disliked by many, especially considering how shamelessly she let her trashy attitude show. Rumours were even circulating that she had slept with a few of the hooligans around. Aside that, she was said to be quite rude and had already engaged in a couple of fierce quarrels with a few neighbours.

Despite all this knowledge, plus the stern rebukes from his friends, Joe had been captured by the enticing aura of this young woman. He felt too captivated by her charm to pass up this opportunity.

I’m going to make this visit as short as possible. Maybe about 20 minutes. I can’t risk having Grace or Emmanuel see me, else they’ll never give me rest, he thought as he left his room. As he stepped out of his house and locked his door, he heard a voice. Joe, don’t do it. Don’t go there. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. DON’T GO!

He struggled for a moment, torn between fulfilling his desires or listening to the voice. He chose to discard the voice.

“I’m sure I’ll regret not going. I must go!” he said to himself as he took the key out of the lock.

As he walked to her house, images of her seductive gestures and postures formed in his mind. With each mental picture popping up, he grew more and more excited, and increased the speed of his footsteps.

I can’t wait to meet her! He thought as he was just about to turn into the lane to her house.

He didn’t have to wait too long.

She was leaning against the walls of her house, obviously waiting for him. She was wearing a negligee, barely covering her thighs and exposing a lot of cleavage.

For a moment, Joe felt scared. This wasn’t new; she loved to stand outside her house in clothing that covered so little, it seemed a bad idea to even label it clothing. However, this particular dressing seemed to send a message. Almost like she had plans for him…

Oh, forget it. I already decided to spend only twenty minutes. Whatever she may have planned won’t come on…… well, it depends…

He resisted the urge to run towards her, maintaining his gentlemanly walk as he approached her. She had a sly smile on her face, coming up to him. As she approached, he anticipated a hug, getting ready to open wide his arms. To his surprise, she chose to give him a deep kiss on the lips.

Joe, in the midst of her rather unconventional greeting, was both aroused and confused. This feels so good, but why is she doing this?

She parted lips with him and purred in her silky voice, “I’ve been waiting for you, Joey baby. You have no idea what I’ve got planned for you.”

At this point, Joe was totally intoxicated by his lustful desires. The voice of wisdom was still trying to speak to him, but he was paying no attention to it.

“I went to church today, and the service was great,” she said as she led him in. “I’ve been by myself since I got back, so I prepared the house for your visit. Not too many people come around, so when they do, I make my house look good.”

Her living room looked fantastic, to say the least. From the chandeliers to the plush sofas, one could see this was the house of a wealthy young woman.

So she’s a Christian, given she went to church, she’s lonely and she has such a lovely house? I’m already glad I came. I’m sure she’s just largely misunderstood.

She had him take a seat in the living room, and went to the kitchen to fetch him a drink. He took notice of a picture of her and a man, looking very happy. As she returned, she followed his gaze to the picture, and said, “That’s my uncle. He’s out of town right now. I don’t know when he’ll be back.”

As he took in his drink, she came and sat next to him, making sure he had a full view of her exposed thighs. She had the front of her lower lip between her teeth, and was watching him with the most seductive look on her face.

Defenses grew weaker and weaker with each mesmerising gesture she made towards her body. At this point, the voice of reason had been totally discarded, and the initial plans made were now slowly being pushed aside. She looked him in the eyes. “Joe, I was gonna serve you dinner, but I changed my mind. I know why I asked you over, and I know you know why you’re here. Joey, I’m so lonely. I need the touch of a man, I need to feel like a real woman, and I know you can do that for me.”

I know it’s wrong. But… but… look at those thighs… and her breasts… feels so sweet against my chest… I can’t resist it… I just can’t…

“Let’s go to my room,” Cecilia whispered. “I got it specially prepared for your visit. Let’s go have some fun. I know you want me, and I won’t lie to you, Joey, I want you bad.”

Sense had clearly left Joe’s head, and he was so taken in, he wouldn’t pay attention to anything else but the testosterone. He lifted her off the couch and carried her in his arms, and in less than in a minute, they were in her beautifully decorated room, ready to fulfil those lustful desires.

An hour later, and they had had their fill. Sure, Joe had thrown out all forms of integrity and uprightness, but having the most irresistible lady around in bed with him felt absolutely incredible. Surely there wasn’t any better feeling than this!

He hopped out of the bed and told her he wanted to go to the kitchen for a bottle of water. But in the next couple of minutes, what transpired in the house was absolutely stunning.

As he was about to leave the room for the kitchen, the door flew open, and there stood Cecilia’s uncle.

One little problem, though: he was actually her husband, as his furious speech revealed.

“What the…? Who the hell are you? And what are you doing in my room with my beautiful wife?” he bellowed.

Joe was shocked to the core. Cecilia was a married woman? How? He had never, ever seen a ring on her finger. How could this be?

No time for wondering, though. Cecilia’s husband looked extremely dangerous as he stood there, the look of fury growing uglier and harder on his face. “So I can’t let my Cecilia settle down in our new home on her own without a little piece of trash making moves on her? How dare you even entertain the thought of sleeping with my wife!” With that, he grabbed Joe by the throat, lifted him up and threw him with great force to the side of the room.

It was like he had been thrown by a gorilla. Joe’s head hit the wall hard, and he instantly fell dizzy as he lay on the floor. Now he realised the folly of following his carnal desires.

Still in a daze, he hardly heard Cecilia lie to her husband, amidst fake tears, that Joe had forced her into bed with him.

This seemed to have sent the man into a red-hot rage, as he rushed to where Joe lay, took off his shoes, and beat Joe repeatedly in the face with it. Cecilia screamed and tried to stop him, but it was to no avail, as he shoved her aside. When that felt inadequate, he took a cable and strangled Joe with it, growling between gritted teeth, “Mess with my wife, and you mess up your life!”

Despite Cecilia’s screams, cries and pleas, her husband refused to listen. His temper seemed impossible to bring under control; he was an absolute monster at that moment.

Joe was half-dead by the time he was let loose. The beastly man carried him out, found the nearest Dumpster, and placed Joe’s almost lifeless body in it.

Somebody found his body the next day. Barely living, but still with breath in his body, and a lot of blood lost. That breath could not sustain him on his way to the hospital though; he gave up the battle before his good Samaritan could get him to the nearest hospital.

Like an ox on its way to the slaughterhouse, Joe had found his way to the house of the adulteress and had ended up on the path of destruction. Just like the senseless young man in Proverbs 7.

Gems Of Yesteryear

9. Hell Hath No Fury

I think this was a challenge to write a story based on the saying ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. Which is why it pretty much ends with that proverb…

Derrick laughed as he thought of Vanessa. To think she had really believed all his lies and thought he really did love her? What an idiot!

He had had his fun with her, and now it was time to move on to the next loose girl.

Vanessa was at home, weeping at the realization that she had been used by that bastard. How could she have fallen for his deceptive tricks and let herself be cheaply taken advantage of? It was just too much to bear.

But sorrow took over, and a red-hot fury replaced it.

How could he use a girl like her? How dare he?

She swore there and then she would get back her pound of flesh.

After being approached by the cunning Derrick around campus a few months back, she had fallen for his smooth talk, innocent features and cool attitude. He had been so nice to her on the first day they met, and afterwards she always looked forward to seeing him. With a calm and collected countenance, he was the type of guy whom was adored by every girl.

He was such a smooth talker, he could convince any girl to do anything. Of course, he always ensured he gained their absolute trust before getting them to do what he wanted. So it took him about five months, but she was coerced into sleeping with him. As you’d expect, she was very hesitant about breaking her virginity before marriage, but Derrick knew what words to get her to soften up. With his false declarations of loving her, wanting to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her, she was easily pulled into it. And she let him make love to her.

A week after that, his reaction toward her changed totally. He avoided her, refused to pick her calls, and even when he ran into her, acted so hostile; it was like she had shot his parents.

She called him one day and mournfully asked why he was treating her like an enemy. His response was swift and sharp.

He didn’t like her anymore.

He had lost interest in being around her, and felt he needed to be far away from her. He told her never to call him again, and hung up.

He burst into laughter. Having a ‘piece’ of her had been so much fun. As he thought of her body, those curvaceous hips, nice backside and shapely thighs, he smiled and thought, I hit the jackpot! Now I can move on to the next one.

Vanessa, on the other hand, had already started plotting her revenge. The more she thought about it, the more it enraged her. To think he had been so sweet to her before, and now that he had managed to get it her pants, he was treating her like a tramp. There was no way she was going to let him walk on campus scot-free.

A week passed. Derrick was proudly strolling through campus, looking for another innocent girl to ‘hit and run’.

Then he saw Vanessa. Turning up his nose, he pretended not to see her. He did hear her loud whisper. “I’ll get you.” He shook his head. What could she possibly do to him?

Later that evening, as he hang out with some of his other notorious boys, telling him of his escapades with Vanessa, his eyes fell on Barbara, another girl he had been seeing around. He nodded in her direction and told his boys that was his next target.

Winking at his comrades, he got up and walked over to where Barbara was. He gave her a sly smile, introduced himself and then started a conversation with her.

She wasn’t known to be very free with boys. The word amongst guys on campus was that she was quite tough. This seemed to be a myth, however, as she responded positively to his advances and showed a bright and amicable side of herself. His boys watched on in surprise as he actually managed to get her number; something quite a number of guys had tried without success.

When she left, he returned to his boys, greeted by high fives and cheers. “Ei! Keep it down before she finds me out,” he warned, before quietly boasting that his ‘Midas Touch’ had worked perfectly that moment. He vowed that given her laid-back countenance, he’d be having a ‘piece’ of her within a matter of weeks.

He was in for quite a surprise, however.

A few days after their conversation, Derrick took a little walk with Barbara around campus, ensuring his smooth talk kept her infatuated with him. As he talked, Barbara commented that she felt like chewing gum. Thinking spending 20 pesewas on chewing gum was no big deal, he bought it for her, which made her happy. Very happy, as a matter of fact. So much she gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

Now Derrick may have been smart when dealing with girls, but of all the girls he had played ‘hit and run’ with, none of them had been the type who always asked for something. And he had no foreknowledge of handling such girls. So that peck got him pretty psyched up, making him believe this girl was going to be easier than he had expected.

So this only invigorated him, making him more determined to get her into bed. And it seemed she was ready to play her part. Over the next couple of days, her demands grew. From phone credit to a hamper of goodies, she made sure he emptied his pocket for her sake. Always rewarding him with a peck, he had the impression he was edging nearer and nearer to his set target.

Two months went by, and Derrick was draining his pocket just to keep Barbara pleased. He was almost broke right then, but still managed to eke out some money to buy Barbara what she needed. Her demands were constantly growing, it was like she had taken him for her provider.

Within three months of this ridiculous treatment he was getting, his financial situation was quite bad. His bank account was down in the red, and he was pretty much depending on his roommates for his daily bread. He lived very far from home, otherwise he would have returned for more money. But he was being so stupid, refusing to put his foot down as far as Barbara’s demands were concerned. She kept on showing signs of agreeing to sleep with him, and he just did not want to let that opportunity pass by.

Finally, after crippling the guy’s finances, she told him she was ‘madly in love’ with him and wanted them to ‘consummate’ their love by ‘doing what couples do’. He was overjoyed and delighted. After all that spending, he was finally going to get what he wanted, and he didn’t have to ask.

He hadn’t been letting his boys know what had been going on, but on the night they were to sleep with each other, he let them know he was just about to finish his task. They wished him the best of luck and a mighty good time letting her have it.

So nighttime came, and he went to her hostel. He passed by Vanessa’s room as he went up to her place. Looking at the door with contempt, he just spat out, “Cheap bitch!” and continued to move to his about-to-be-new victim’s room.

As he knocked, his checked his pocket for the umpteenth time to ensure his condom was there. It was.

“Come in!” Barbara’s voice called out. And he entered.

She was looking all pretty and cute when he came in. eyeing her from head to toe, he found himself thinking ahead to what a good night it would be.

She told him to relax and get ready, for she’d give him a ‘night he would never forget, even in the grave’. As he sat on the bed, thinking of what styles he was going to do, she came out of the bathroom in a simple blouse and a mini skirt.

She walked towards him, and bending over so she could give him an eyeful of cleavage, she whispered in his ear to go and freshen up in the bathroom. She mentioned that she had a nice drink waiting for him when he got naked.

She didn’t need to tell him twice. He got up excitedly and rushed to the bathroom, throwing off his clothes excitedly. He had never imagined he’d get this so-called tough girl so easily, and now it was time to turn his dreams into reality. Already drooling over her voluptuous shape, he heard a knock, followed by her voice. “Here’s your drink.” She opened the door slightly and put in a cup full of Sprite. He grabbed it and took it all in one big gulp. Then he opened the door.

Seeing Barbara seated on the bed, legs crossed, he purred, “I’m ready, shawty. You’re gonna love this thing for real. You’re gonna be begging for round two by the time I’m done. Now get undressed.”

Wagging her finger, she said, “No, boy, I do foreplay to get undressed. Or you don’t like the thought of it?”

He didn’t mind. After all, it would just get him more psyched up for the action, so he sat on the bed and watched her seduce him with certain moves. But as he did, his eyelids grew uncharacteristically heavy. He tried to force himself to stay awake, but the urge was just too strong. As she danced, he dozed off.

He woke up the next morning.

Naked. And right in front of his hostel.

Embarrassment was an understatement to describe how he felt as he got up, realizing he had nothing on. Facing the laughter of all those who had seen him, he rushed to his room and locked himself up. He didn’t even have the courage to go out for lectures.

And he was thankful he didn’t, for the first call he had was from one of his boys who, in a fit of laughter, told him of how almost everyone on campus had seen pictures of him naked, with his manhood erect.

Derrick felt lower than an earthworm. How could one night of simple pleasure have turned into such a disastrous situation? He called Barbara, who sweetly answered.

“How could you do this to me?” he bellowed. “All I wanted was to have a little fun. Now you’ve made me broke and a laughing stock of the whole university. How dare you!”

“Well, you should’ve thought about that before you decided to treat my cousin like a whore!” Barbara snapped back.

Derrick was stunned. What the hell was she talking about?

Then Vanessa’s voice came on the line. “We set you up, you brainless bastard. I got her to teach you a lesson. I convinced her to drain you of all your cash before agreeing to go to bed with you. And it was the two of us who drugged your drink, carried you downstairs in your birthday suit and took pictures of you. Maybe next time, you’ll stop and think twice before treating another girl like trash!” the sound of the two laughing, they hung up on him.

In disbelief, Derrick let out a loud, angry cry of frustration. Just then, one of his boys came in, and he told him all he had just discovered.

“I can’t believe this! How could they do this to me!” Derrick raged furiously, ready to throw things about. “They’re snakes!  Absolute vipers!”

“Well, a snake usually doesn’t strike unless it’s stepped on,” his friend said.

Derrick eyed him evilly. “What are you trying to imply?”

“Well, Vanessa never would have done this to you if you hadn’t ‘chopped and dumped’ her the way you did. Some women are only dangerous because we make them so. If we treat them like rubbish, they’ll go to any lengths to pay us back, no matter how hurt we are afterward. Boy, just take it as a lesson not to be treating girls the way you have, for hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Gems Of Yesteryear

8. Putting Her In Her Place

Another one of my very first works that I believe should have a place on this anthology.

Jay was loving the look on her face. She looked like she had been told she had contracted the HIV virus. Despondency was written all over her face as she faced him.

And his fiancée.

To think he’d be dumb enough to take her after the embarrassment she had caused him way back. Hell no! He had a wonderful lady now, more beautiful and caring than Robin. Maybe this would teach her a lesson not to have an immediate judgment of people.

Back in the university, Jay hadn’t been the most affluent of guys. His family pretty much struggled as far as money was concerned. So with him always excelling academically, it was quite a relief when he went through secondary school on a scholarship. In the tertiary part, though, his parents had to cough up the money themselves. They managed to, but of course, there wasn’t much left for Jay to really spend on himself.

So he was a little less than the normal guy. He didn’t have many flashy clothes, had a simple phone and, of course, didn’t have a car. And being the type of guy he was, he stayed satisfied with what he had.

Robin was one of the finest girls on campus. One who most guys would look at twice when she passed by. She wasn’t from a rich family. Comfortable was a better word to describe her background. Jay noticed her, and in a matter of weeks, he was smitten.

One day, he decided to make his move just before a lecture. Her class had just ended, and she was sitting by herself, typing away on her laptop.

He didn’t have that fear of rejection like most guys, so he freely walked into the hall, put his bag down, and approached her with a simple, “Hi.”

She looked up, and studying him for a split second, gave him a rather snide look. “Yes?”

“Oh, I got a lecture here in the next thirty minutes. I just happen to be an early bird, and I just couldn’t ignore you. Busy with those assignments, aren’t ya?”

Unfortunately for him, though, Robin didn’t seem too amused by his come-on. “Um, Mr. Man, do you mind? I’m in the middle of a serious assignment and your twittering is bothering me. Please leave me alone.”

Well, Jay was definitely turned off by her nasty response, but he wasn’t the hot-tempered type, so he just mumbled, “Sorry,” and went to his seat quietly.

She just made a ‘mtchew’ sound and continued typing.

After about 20 minutes, she got up, looked at him fidgeting with his little mp3 player, shook her head and left.

That could have been the end of it, but Robin had other ideas.

After Jay’s lecture, as he headed to his hostel, a group of girls he knew to be Robin’s friends giggled and whispered about him as he passed them. He heard one of them say, “She said his mp3 player is probably a 64MB type!”

Jay was somehow unperturbed by that. He never cared much about those types of girls. But in his hostel, a close friend came to tell him something rather interesting. “Robin is going round, telling everyone you proposed to her!”

Now that attracted his ire. “What?! That’s ridiculous! All I did was try to strike up a conversation with her, and she brushed me off like those half-caste kids you see on the streets.”

“Well, it seems that wasn’t enough. But it’s not just the proposal thing she’s saying. Boy, she’s demeaning you in front of everyone. Talking about your bag, shirt, mp3 player, phone, dude, she’s trashing you big time.”

Now that really hurt. If there was anything Jay detested, it was being mocked for not being rich. He was a firm believer of the adage ‘All fingers are not equal’, and nobody could be sure that once you were rich in the present, it would continue into the future.

The next day, from what seemed pretty obvious, half of the students around knew of Jay’s botched attempt to befriend Robin. Those who didn’t know him too well also learnt of his ‘financial plight’, seriously exaggerated by Robin. Some people were cruel enough to make mean jokes about him and taunt him. They stung like bee stings, but Jay held his peace.

Then he came across Robin, who, evidently, wasn’t done wrecking his reputation. She was talking to a different group of girls, and from the little he heard, she was scoffing at his ‘cheap necklace’. She turned just in time to see him. Giving him that ‘up-and-down’ look, she gestured towards him and said to the group, “Here he is.” Giggling followed suit.

Jay wasn’t the type of guy who was shy of girls, so he walked up to her and said calmly, “Robin, you know something? If you didn’t like me because I’m not a nice guy, that’s fine. But you can’t judge me because I’m poor. Not all fingers are equal, and your parents’ money isn’t automatically yours. I don’t appreciate your actions one bit, and I’d be happy if you ended it. Right now. If you don’t like me, fine, but don’t drag my name in the mud ‘cause I tried to make a move.”

All she had been doing was giving him that same look while he spoke. When he was done, she just looked towards her friends, and they all burst into laughter. Then she spoke. “So you admit you wanted to woo me? Did you honestly think I’d be caught dead as your girlfriend? Can you even afford to buy me a soft drink, or take me to 37 Bonjour? Please, let me think. No broke ass nigga comes making moves on me and lives without a regretting it. Get that into your poverty-stricken head!”, punctuating that by pushing his head with her index finger.

If Jay wasn’t such a cool guy, he’d have given her a serious beat-down. But beating women was way out of his league, and besides, he could see nothing would stop her. So he raised his index finger and swore, “I promise you this: Wo be hu mi aferi.” With that, he walked away, mocking jeers coming from the arrogant girl and her counterparts.

That was the last time they spoke to each other on campus. Till they completed their time there, Jay avoided her like a plague. She continued to mock him, constantly cheered on by her close friends and criticized by others. Jay always wished he had never approached someone as egotistical and terrible as Robin. Girls like her weren’t many, but those who existed were the type every guy had nightmares about.

Years passed. Jay became a successful banker. He had forgotten completely about that she-demon and was enjoying the life he had worked so hard for. His family was so proud of how he had battled the odds to become such a successful person.

He also had a dear girlfriend, Becky, who he was planning to get married to the following year. She was a wonderful young woman who loved Jay for who he was, and had supported him in his journey to be the best. She was definitely a woman worth having as his better half.   

One day, stopping by a bar after work, he ran into her. And what a surprise it was.

She gawked when she realized it was that same guy she had humiliated on campus who was now looking all smart and good in a three-piece suit and driving a classy car, as well as holding four different phones. Like a dog with its tail in between its legs, she approached him and tried to make conversation.

Jay knew it was her, and could have easily snubbed as she did a few years back. But he never believed in ‘an eye for an eye’, so he responded positively. And what a story she had to tell.

The boyfriend she had taken (who was rich, as you’d expect) was no good. He’d been cheating on her, so she dumped him. She had tried her luck with a few other guys, but none of them were good to her, so she was still as single as ever.

They said their goodbyes, Jay gave her his business card, and they went their separate ways.

That wasn’t the end of it.

Robin started calling him regularly. Just to see how he was doing. Then regularly turned to frequently.

Jay could smell a rat.

With time, the way she spoke when she called, the subjects she brought up for discussion, the text messages she sent all spoke a clear message.

She wanted him.

Did she really think he’d be that stupid to give in to her, after the embarrassment she had caused him? He mused over this for a couple of days, amazed at how people could change so quickly. Then he came to a realization.

Robin hadn’t changed.

She was still that materialistic bitch who looked down on others less fortunate. She only wanted him because she could see he was well-to-do. He seethed with rage. What a cheap woman! Even with all the trouble she claimed she had had with the other rich guys, she still wanted someone’s cash to suck on.

But he had a plan.

One night, when she called, she said she had something very important to say to him. He offered her the chance to say it at a little barbeque he was holding. She agreed.

The day came…

 She arrived at his place. There were a lot of people around, enjoying themselves. Then she saw Jay standing in front of the house. She went up to him, greeted him, and made savoury compliments about his house. She was clearly taken in by his well-acquired wealth.

Then she said, “Um, Jay, about what I wanted to tell you. Well, I… I think I’m in…”

“SWEETHEART!” a loud female voice called out.

“Oh, dear me, I forgot,” Jay said, putting his hand on his temple. “Robin, this is Becky, my fiancée. We’re getting married next year, by God’s grace. Becky, this is Robin.”

Stunned is an understatement to describe the look on Robin’s face. The expression was frozen on her face as Becky came around and gave Jay a peck before extending her hand. Robin could see she was clearly no match for the other woman, for she was undoubtedly more attractive.

Jay was loving the moment.

She looked stricken as she shook Becky’s hand, and as she watched them in an embrace, she looked pale, like she was deathly ill.

“Oh, yeah, as you were saying?” Jay asked sweetly.

Robin shook her head. “Um, I-I… you know, I think I have to rush home. I think I left my gas cooker on.” With that, she rushed off.

The young couple burst into laughter when she exited the area. “That’ll show her! Perfect timing, sweetheart! Our plan was a great success,” Jay gloated, hugging Becky.

“Did she really think you’re dumb enough to fall for her deceptions? I would’ve loved you even if you were the guy you were back in school,” his fiancée declared.

“I know, Becks. That’s why I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Not that gold-digger. I hope this experience teaches her not to judge people based on their pockets, but what’s on the inside, because that’s what matters in this life.” 

Gems Of Yesteryear

7. Victim Of An Abusive Love

This was one of my earliest works when the whole ‘writer’ instinct kicked in around 2010…

Akwesi looked Araba in the eye, pleading for her to let the policemen have mercy on him. As one of the cops slapped the cuffs on him, chanting the usual ‘anything you say…” stuff, he looked at her, not opening his mouth, but he was clearly begging for forgiveness.

Araba looked back at him, eyes full of disgust. In front of her stood a guy she had once loved so very deeply. Now, he was a hateful object in her eyes, an abomination to her very being. “Stop begging me, boy”, she snapped. “There’s nothing I can do for you. I guess I’ll be seeing you in court.” She gave him a hard, distasteful look, and then left the house with her cousin.

“Are you alright?” her cousin asked as they got into his car, ready to head back to her parents’ house.

She nodded. “Yeah, I am.” As the car started moving, she reflected on how this love affair with Akwesi had turned into such a nightmare.

She first met Akwesi at a bank, when they were both doing an internship. He had been a year ahead of her, and was in a private university in Kumasi, whereas she was in a private one in Accra. They had been in the same workgroup, so they bonded quite nicely. After working together for about two months, they were now very good friends. So when it was time for them to go back to school, they exchanged numbers and promised to call each other.

They more than fulfilled those promises, calling each other as often as possible. The bond that had formed between them back at the bank was growing stronger with the distance. All they did was talk about each other to their friends in their respective schools. It had become quite evident that they both had strong feelings for each other.

So when Akwesi graduated, they were both very happy, since he was returning to the capital. As he was set to do his national service, they had the opportunity to get even closer to each other.

By this time, the duo was well and truly smitten with each other, and everyone around them could see it. They were already making big plans for each other in the future; such was their love for each other. Araba had always dreamed of a guy like Akwesi, and now here was her dream turned into reality. Nothing could burst this bubble. It was oh, so magical.

Or was it?

One day, Araba went over to his place. It was a holiday, so he wasn’t at work. She came around just to keep him company, and help him in his kitchen.

As they busied themselves, talking along the way, Akwesi made a rather unsavoury comment about Muslims. Araba took offence to it, being distantly related to a Muslim household and living closely to one. She talked up her defence, and Akwesi, openly not ready to change his views, hit back. With time, it turned into a rather unpleasant argument, the two losing control. Angry voices droned on, and Akwesi was the first to receive an insult, his girlfriend calling him ‘worse than a racist swine’.

His immediate reaction was a nasty one. Holding a small pan, he threw it in Araba’s direction, the metal object striking her on the forehead.

She yelped in pain as it whacked her. She put both hands over her temple, blood already starting to flow from the cut.

Akwesi gasped. “Oh my God! Baby, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry.” He rushed over to her, grabbing a pack of tissues, ready to mop up the blood coming out of the wound.

She looked at him, tears in her eyes. “You hurt me.”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart! I just don’t know why I did it. I guess I got caught up in the heat of it. Please forgive me. This is the first and the last time this will ever happen.” He cleaned the blood from her head and moved for the first aid kit.

When Araba went back to her hostel, she told all concerned that it was a broken mirror that cut her.

Like a true lover, she had put that incident behind her, and she still loved Akwesi with all her heart.

Little did she know what was in store over the next few months.

Akwesi was a very bad-tempered man, and his throwing of the pan was just a normal reaction of what he’d do when in a foul mood, especially if he was insulted.

And it didn’t take too long for that ugly side of him to come to the fore again.

Another visit from Araba, one supposed to be a sweet surprise visit, degenerated into another big fight. The insults were more this time round, and when Akwesi felt he couldn’t hold his muscles back, he beat her up. Very badly. After which he threw her out of the house.

A stricken, bruised and crying Araba, not wanting her roommates to see her in such a condition, went to her parents’ house, aware that only the maid was around.

The maid, on seeing her condition, immediately asked what was wrong. She hesitantly told her, and resisted the urges to report to the police. The maid warned her, saying, “Think about it. Men like that never change. No matter how many times they’ll apologize, they’ll hit you again.”

Well, he called her the next day. She refused to pick his calls. He called about fifty times, all ignored by Araba. He showed up at her place later that night obviously, after realizing she wasn’t at her hostel.

He begged her, tears in his eyes, to forgive him for his actions. He said he knew he had acted out of line, and wanted to seek help to keep his bad temperament in check. She was angry and initially refused to listen to him, but after an hour and a half of his tear-streaked appeals, she gave in. hugging him, she whispered in his ear, “My love for you is greater than any bruise I could receive.”

Nearby, the maid watched them, shaking her head.

As Araba completed her stay in university, this occurrence wasn’t the last of it. And now that she had already secured her own apartment, her parents weren’t aware of it. And of course, she declined the chance to tell them.

Six months down the lane, and the picture was crystal clear: Araba was in an abusive relationship. Akwesi beat her at will, and then came back, tail in between legs, to apologize. And like an idiot, she always took him back.

One late afternoon, after the maid, sent by her parents to bring her some items, saw her in bad shape, evidently undone by another bout of Akwesi’s rage, decided enough was enough.

She called Leslie, Araba’s closest cousin, and told him all that the poor girl had been going through.

Leslie immediately went to Araba’s house, and upon seeing her state, decided it was time for the law to step in.

As usual, she objected to it. “Les, please don’t bring the police into this. It’s just a little misunderstanding.”

Leslie looked at her in disbelief. “Little? Araba, this sicko is laying his hands on you at will, and you call this little? Naa told me this isn’t the first time she’s seen you like this. How can you be in a relationship like this, and dismiss this brutal treatment as little?”

“Les, he’s seeking help. When he gets like that, he always regrets his actions. Besides, I do say silly things that’ll provoke him to beat me. It’s not like he’ll kill me, anyway. He loves me too much.”

Leslie shook her head. “Girl, are you certain the beatings haven’t gotten to your head? If he truly loved you like he claimed he did, he’d never hit you. Even Uncle Dan and Auntie Pat don’t beat you anymore. Nothing you do gives him any authority to be doing this. And don’t deceive yourself, girl. If he does this to you, what stops him from killing you one of these days? Look, I’m calling the cops. I’m not going to stand for this anymore.”

Araba held his arm. “Leslie, don’t do it. It’s not necessary.”

The look in her eyes, hard as brimstone, said it all. She truly didn’t need this interference.

Leslie let his guard down, but as he left her place, he decided to find out where Akwesi lived, so he could keep tabs on him. Araba may have been blinded by love, but there was no way he was going to let this disturbed guy continue to hurt her.

So Araba continued to dwell in her foolhardy state of love, still crazy for the violent Akwesi. She was convinced that despite his uncontrollable and ferocious attacks, he’d never go as far as to cause real damage.

Well, one Sunday, that changed.

She had promised to get him credit the previous night, but it escaped her mind totally as she went to his place late afternoon.

He wasn’t pleased at all, and made her aware of it. She apologized, but he continued to make a fuss about it, which got to her, and after some more complaining, she snapped, “Will you keep quiet? Ah, simple credit too, you are talking plenty like a kid? Grow up! I forgot. End of story.”

Akwesi turned to her. “How dare you call me immature. Stupid idiot!” ending that insult with a heavy slap.

She fell to the ground, holding her cheek. Yet again, he was at it. Why can’t I watch my big mouth, she moaned to herself. The regret was going to get bigger, though.

The ‘immature’ remark had apparently gotten to Akwesi big time. He was seething with a red-hot wrath, and he didn’t seem to care about what he did right now. Venting his spleen on his girlfriend was the thing he looked set to do. He grabbed a glass vase and flung it on her. She screamed as it broke on her.

“I swear, I’m gonna kill you for this!” he declared through clenched teeth. He reached for a big plank of wood, ready to smash her head in.

She sprung to her feet, crying for help, and ran towards the front door, trying to escape. Unfortunately, she tripped over a stool and hit her head. She lay there, groaning in pain and looking in terror as the man who claimed to love her strode towards her, plank in head, ready to hit her with it.

“Now next time, you’ll never call me immature,” Akwesi growled. He raised the plank…

… And two policemen kicked the door down, guns cocked.

He dropped the plank.

Leslie walked in from behind the policemen. “Well, well, well. What do we have here? A loving boyfriend ready to murder his one and only sweetheart in cold blood, only to tell her corpse afterwards he didn’t mean to. Officers, this is the sick, twisted bastard who’s been hitting my cousin like a dog.”

As they apprehended him, Leslie led Araba out into his car. Just as they started moving, Araba said, “Wait! I forgot something!” she jumped out of the car, and went through the crowd to meet Akwesi, who was being led to the police car. He stopped when he saw her, and Araba signalled to the policemen to wait.

“Araba, I’m sorry. I swear to God, it wasn’t me. It was all the work of the devil. Please, I’m begging you-“

Akwesi was silenced. By a hefty punch from Araba. He turned his head, and felt the blood trickling from his lower lip.

“Sorry my ass. How many times did I hear that? How many times did you swear never to hit me? Millions of times, but you always did. You’re a sick f***. I don’t know why I stayed with you, but now I know better. I hope you rot in hell and get roasted by the devil, you spineless asshole.” She turned to go, but briefly stopped. “And once again, grow up and stop blaming the devil for your actions. As far as I’m concerned, you’re worse than him.” She walked away, the people around applauding her actions. Such a twisted human being deserved his plight.

She got back into the car. “Leslie, how did you know I’d be there? And how did you get the police around so quickly and at such a good time?”

Leslie looked at her and said, “I kept tabs on you two. You said I shouldn’t interfere, but I wasn’t going to let that guy kill you. You know why? Because I love you. Real love. Not what that demon professed.”

Araba, bruised but relieved, smiled at him. “Thank you, my sweet. I was a fool in love. People warned me, but I refused to listen. But you’ve saved me. I guess I’m wiser now. I’ll never be such an idiot in the game of love. Ever again.”

Gems Of Yesteryear

6. It Stops Now

I remember this one being inspired by a similar story, with the famous Anas Aremeyaw Anas being behind the investigation…

He picked up the phone, and calmly scrolled through the call log. Finding the number he was looking for, he pressed the call button and held the phone to his ear.

The dial tone sounded twice, and in the middle of the third beep, the recipient answered the phone.


“Yes, good evening. This is Mr. Nathan. I’d like to confirm the deal.”

“Oh yes… uh, yes, sir. I thought for a moment you weren’t interested after our conversation last week.”

A silent laugh over the phone to that statement followed, then, “Chief, once it has something to do with the possibility of making more money, I will always be interested.”

“Oh, uh, ok, sir. Forgive me. I was just distracted by the tone and all…”

“Forget about that,” Nathan said sharply. “It’s time to talk business now. So the proposal is still available, right?”

“Yes, sir. Most definitely. I’ve been tracking a particular target for a couple of days now, ever since our first talk. If you’re ready, I can get to work as early as tomorrow.”

“So soon?”

“Yes. It won’t be any major hustle. It’s Tuesday, right? You can come around on Thursday morning, with the money.”

“Oh, excellent. That would be fantastic,” Nathan said passionately, obviously very pleased with how speedy the process sounded.

“Yes… umm, just to clarify, do I execute straight away?”

“No. I’d like to see the target for myself before you get to do the main work.”

“Hmmm… I see. Not many customers make that sort of request.”

“Well, I’m a different breed. I do my business differently. Any problem with that?”

“No, sir, not at all. The first time we met, I could tell you’re something else. No problems at all. Now that you’ve confirmed the deal, I’m going to get to work on it straight away.”

“Good! So I’ll be expecting your call once the target has been acquired.”

“Not a problem at all, sir. You shall hear from me by this time tomorrow.”

“Excellent. Thank you very much. Good night.”

*                                    *                               *                          *

“Alright, good seeing you! Now that I’ve got your number, I’ll definitely keep in touch,” Joe gushed enthusiastically as he shook hands with the old friend he had just had a long chat.

“Sure thing. Talk to you later, and stay safe,” the old friend said, waving as Joe left the restaurant.

It sure is good to meet with old friends! he thought to himself as he briskly walked the streets. It was around 9pm on a Wednesday evening. As usual, he had a couple of people stare at him in an odd manner as he passed by. He could feel the typical stares of surprise as he went his way. Shrugging to himself, he just said, “Normal.” He was quite used to that sort of treatment, and it hardly bothered him.

As he moved further away from the busy streets and on to the rather deserted road leading to the apartment, a sudden wave of tense fear washed over him. Given the few robberies on that stretch of road, which had only a broken down van by the wayside, this was not a trip the faint-hearted would enjoy taking. Having moved in about two months ago, every time he had to pass around here at this time of the night was a nerve-wrecking one. So far, he hadn’t witnessed any attack, much less experienced it, but a sense of safety and security was far from settling in his soul.

“We really need to get the rest of these streetlights fixed,” he muttered as he walked past one. “And I don’t get why this van has been left by the wayside like this. I’ll definitely have to alert some of the neighbours so we get this thing towed away.”

He increased his footsteps as he walked past the vehicle. “It’s so careless how the owner just dumped it here. Pure breeding grounds for armed robbers and the like…”

He stopped in mid-sentence as he heard a sound.

The back door of the van swung open, and out jumped two figures, both clad in all black.

A first time for everything, goes the adage. A first time nobody ever wants to experience.

Adrenalin poring through his veins, Joe took the ‘flight’ option, and ran, hoping to get close to the neighbourhood as quickly as possible and raise an alarm.

That wasn’t to be. From the moment they started chasing, it felt like Usain Bolt and a clone of him were the ones in those masks. The harder Joe pushed himself to run, the quicker they seemed to catch up.

One of them pounced, catching Joe right by the waist, bringing him down to the ground. As Joe tried to struggle himself out of his aggressor’s grasp, face down on the ground, he felt the second one grab him, and as he was turned over, the first guy let go of his waist.

His first thought was to kick out at the one who had tackled him to the ground, and quickly find out what to do to the second aggressor. The latter, however, had other ideas.

And a seemingly iron fist. Literally.

The impact his fist made with Joe’s nose was enough to knock their victim into unconsciousness.

*                       *                              *                                     *

When he regained consciousness, he was bound up and tied to a chair. In a dark room.

Where the hell am I? he wondered as he winced at the lingering pain caused by that staggering blow to the nose. It didn’t take too long for him to figure out the answer.

He was a hostage at a witchdoctor’s place.

The constant robbery attacks were one thing, but people like him had a far greater issue. His skin pigmentation made him a prospective victim of a wicked superstition that convinced people that his body parts would make them rich and bring them all sorts of good luck and fortune. Already, a number of others had been killed, most likely by this same witchdoctor, and it looked like he would be the next one.

Yep. Joe is an albino.

*                        *                                  *                                   *

Nathan’s phone rang at 11:45 pm. As he peered at the caller ID, he smiled and nodded his head. Pressing the receive button, he said, “I take it you kept your word.”

“Yes, boss. My men were on point tonight. The target is in our custody as I speak. Slightly bloodied, since he tried to put up a bit of a struggle, but he is all right.”

“Excellent! Good work done. I have the suitcase right here. I was trusting you’d get the job done. I shall be at your place by 7am tomorrow.”

“Thank you sir… um, about execution. Are you sure you don’t need it done now? I wouldn’t want to waste your time…”

“That’s a non-negotiable, please. If you have to sedate him or something like that, you can do that. But do not kill him until I get there and inspect him for myself.”

“I could take a picture for you and…”

“Kind sir, like I said, I do my business differently. I made it clear that this is how I want it. Do you want us to successfully and affably conclude this transaction or not?”

The doctor sighed over the phone. He had met a few tough customer, but this man was something else. Clearly a lover of money, and one controlling man. “Yes, Mr. Nathan, I want it completed. I’ll order my men to hold on until you arrive. Probably have him knocked out before you come.”

“Perfect. I will see you tomorrow. Good night.”

*                                   *                             *                            *

6:30 am, and Joe had barely slept a wink. Remaining in a sitting position for more than 6 hours was definitely nowhere near comfortable, and at this point, movement felt so painful, with the rope starting to cut into his flesh. It felt like death row at that point: knowing he was going to die, but having no idea when.

As his eyelids fluttered a bit, the sound of a key turning in the lock revived him, and he looked in snide contempt as the two thugs who accosted him at the van walked briskly towards him.

“You pathetic bastards!” he spat in disgust as they moved closer.

Their response was to send him back to sleep, as they both delivered devastating Tyson jabs to his face.

*                                   *                                       *                                  *

Thirty minutes later, one of them, hearing the knock on the front door, walked up to it and opened it to meet Nathan, dressed in a business suit, a hat, and a briefcase in his right hand. “I’m here for the albino parts,” he announced in a rather arrogant tone of voice. The thug, obviously unamused by this, nodded with a blank expression on his face and signaled him to come in. As he did, the thug asked him, using his hands, to put down the briefcase and put his hands up, so he could be searched. After the searching process, he was beckoned to enter the room where the victim was.

After knocking, Nathan opened the door to find the witchdoctor, the second thug wielding a knife, and a shirtless Joe laid out on the floor in there.

“Oh yes, Mr. Nathan, good to have you here. It is clear you are a man of your word,” the witchdoctor said enthusiastically.

“Of course I am!” Nathan responded, almost scornfully as he tossed the briefcase at the other thug, who caught it. “You can count the money in there. Six thousand dollars.”

The witchdoctor nodded. “Great. Now you can observe the sacrifice.”

Nathan then walked nearer to Joe, still unconscious. “Mmmm… no black spots on the face, I see. Good, good…”

For the next few minutes, the witchdoctor and his servant waited, with tints of impatience, as their difficult customer did what seemed like a full body check.

After lifting the victim’s right leg, he stood up, pulled out a small piece of paper and a pen, and put down some notes, after which he handed it to the witchdoctor, who smiled and shook his head as he looked at the content of the note. “You are certainly one of a kind, Mr. Nathan.”

“I know,” he responded smugly. “Trust me, I know.”

The witchdoctor quickly signaled to the servant, who had just rolled his eyes at Nathan’s statement, and made a throat-slitting sign. The servant immediately stood up and nodded.

Just then, there were weird sounds coming from outside the room. The witchdoctor immediately perked up. “What’s that?”

Nathan seemed unperturbed. “What’s what? I don’t hear anything.”

Then came the sound of wood being crashed through. All three inhabitants in the room jumped at that.

“Go outside and find out what it is!” the witchdoctor yelled at his thug, who quickly and silently obliged, quickly rushing to the door and opening it to find out what was going on.

As the witchdoctor and Nathan peered out of the door, they saw a plethora of armed SWAT forces starting to swarm in. The thug didn’t go too far before yielding to the orders of one officer to kneel and put his hands behind his head.

“FREEZE! HANDS UP! DON’T MOVE!” the one in front of the other officers yelled to the two.

A look of bewilderment on his face, the witchdoctor put his hands up, absolutely stunned. “But how did this happen? How did you know about this?” he hysterically asked, terrified at the sight of those guns pointed directly at him.

As one of them walked over to him and cuffed him as they recited the regular rhetoric, he was stunned to notice that none of them went to Nathan. The guy didn’t even have his hands up.

Nathan suddenly raised his voice. “Dear forces, this is the place where greed and wickedness rules. Much to the extent that people as callous and evil as him,” pointing to the witchdoctor, “are willing to shed innocent blood just because of some stupid beliefs that don’t even exist.”

Incredulous at the reality that he had fallen victim to an undercover operation, his jaw dropped open. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…” the officer behind him continued as he struggled for words.

“Take him and his servants away. Let me find Joe and see if he’s awake,” Nathan said.

The witchdoctor’s eyes grew wide. “Wait a minute,” he started as the officer started to lead him away. “You mean you know the albino, and you both set us up? I can’t believe this! How dare you!”

Nathan hardly paid him any attention as he and his first goon were taken outside, with the second one already cuffed and in the waiting car. Walking back into the room with two other officers, he checked to see if Joe had regained consciousness. It took them a few minutes to revive him, but once he awoke, he sighed with relief and smiled as he saw the familiar faces.

“You guys made it! Thank God. Those bastards are like some iron human beings! Ugh! I still feel the pain in my nose,” he said, touching the tip of his nose and wincing.

“Sorry, Joe. I’m sure it does. But at least we came through. Now we can deal with these monsters and bring awareness to the troubles your kind go through. You did a good job!”

Sitting up, Joe grinned and saluted. “Yes, sir! Couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. It’s tiring living in fear of being used for some senseless sacrifice. The time to take action against these atrocities starts now.”

Gems Of Yesteryear

5. In The Car

Another sweetly written one by yours truly. I think an experience of similar proportions is what inspired this one…

“Where are you?…. I said where are you? Stop telling me you’re coming, I want to know exactly where you are. Where are you?”

As Abrefa watched the obviously annoyed man through the rearview mirror, he shook his head and grinned. Too obvious, wasn’t it? The person on the other end was lying. The good old tactic of avoiding a direct answer. He’d done that a couple of times himself, and more often than not, the person he was talking to accepted that answer. It was pretty clear, though, that the man behind his car in the parking lot beside the Accra Mall was nowhere near ready to do likewise.

“Tell me exactly where you are…. Massa, for the last time, where are you? Ah! Stop wasting my time…. Huh?…..still in a line at Tema Station? And you were saying you’re almost here? Ah!…. Relax for what? After spending 30 minutes in traffic from Flowerpot to the mall and waiting 3 solid hours for my money, you are there telling me to relax? Nonsense! What do you mean?

Abrefa perked up. “Ahhhh! I should’ve known. Money matters. No wonder the guy is trying to swerve like that. Ei, chale, Pastor Modupe was talking about this on Sunday oooo. Being a debtor diƐƐ, chale, terrible thing-”

The sound of the passenger door opening cut him off. He turned to see Adobea enter the car and take her seat. “Hello, Abby.”

Adobea. What a girl.

For the past seven months, she had been the object of his affections. Since they had been pitched together in the same department in church, he had gone from simply knowing her as ‘one of the girls in church’ to being intrigued by her sheer intelligence, sweet heart and passion for God. There was this aura of sweetness that enveloped her, and it was something that kept Abrefa awake at night. In all honesty, Adobea was that kind of girl that’s hard to forget.

He had prayed about it, weighed the options and confided in his mentor about it. Now, after those past few months, he had made the decision to take the relationship to the next level. So two weeks earlier, right after the midweek service, he had pulled her aside, and despite his nerves slightly betraying him, he admitted to falling for her.

Her response? A hesitant ‘lemme think about it’.

The past fortnight had been mental torment for him, as night after night, he tossed and turned in his bed, considering all the probabilities. As one week passed, hope became a fading shadow. Voices of old started creeping in. Telling him to give up, and that nothing new would spring up.

‘She’s not interested. Just let it go.’ ‘Massa, stop wasting your time, it’s obviously no.’ ‘It’s gonna be the same old story, chale…’

But now, at her request, they had met here. She had an answer. Time to see if the voices were right, or a beautiful thing was about to be conceived in his Hyundai Elantra.

She took a deep breath, then started.

“Um, so, Abrefa, we’ve come to know and really appreciate each other over these last few months. You, are a really nice guy. I mean, you’ve done some really sweet things for me. Ummm…. I just remembered, I still owe you an umbrella. Don’t worry, I’ll replace it ASAP.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Forget kraaa. It’s not a problem,” Abrefa replied. Actually, he did need a new one quite urgently, but scratch that. He’d handle it later.

Adobea laughed softly, causing a little spark in his gut. Then she looked him in the face.

“The thing is, I see you as a friend. Nothing more than that…”

He barely heard what followed as his heart sank. The voices were right.

What the hell was I thinking? What at all made me take this step? Crap! He thought as Adobea ‘apologized’.

His attention to her returned as he heard her say, “I hope you don’t hate me for this.”

No response. Still swallowing the bitter pill she had just given him.

A minute passed, and after having his head bowed, he looked up at her, pain in his eyes. “Adobea, I am in love with you. I can’t just settle for friendship at this stage.” A brief pause. “Seriously. Where it has gotten to diƐƐ, I can’t downgrade.”

Adobea giggled a bit. The look of frustration on his face made her stop.

“Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself, with the ‘downgrade’,” she said, her head leaning against the headrest. Shaking her head as she looked up, she stressed, “No, Abby, no. I just don’t see it working. I don’t feel it. I’m sorry. I know it hurts, but…”

Once again, her words became a mere humming in his ears as his mind drifted. Her words of ‘comfort’ only a dagger inflicting fresh wounds and opening up old ones. Another rejection to add to his collection.

His eyes now fixated on the windscreen, those voices came around yet again, telling him the ‘unpleasant truth’.

Abrefa, this is a lost battle you’re fighting. Stop trying to date. No matter what, they’ll always say no. Give it up, bro, give it up. It won’t work. That’s just how it is…

Her talk ceased when she realized his oblivious countenance.

“Abrefa?” she called gently.

He snapped out of his misery-saturated reverie and looked at the rear view mirror. The man he had been watching was walking towards the mall, still looking quite angry.

He laughed to himself very quietly. I hope he gets his money back, he thought as he started to adjust his seat.

Adobea had looked behind to see the man too, but she hadn’t paid him any attention. “Abby, is everything OK? Is something wrong?”

Of course something’s wrong, he retorted to himself. But really, he knew there was no need to be nasty to her. It was her decision after all. He just felt so hurt inside, a little bit of church might do him some good.

Without looking at her, he shook his head, smiled weakly, and turned the key in the ignition. “Let’s get going. Almost six o’ clock. Midweek service will be starting soon.”

Gems Of Yesteryear

4. Saving My Life, Yet Losing It

This is based on a true story, which took place in 1977. I chose to make a cover of it because of how it embodies what Jesus said in Matthew 16:25. I changed the names and all, but it’s a real-life incident that took place in China…

It was morning. Bernard opened his eyes and sat up in his prison bed. The first thing that came to his mind was a thought of gleefulness.

He was going to be freed from this prison.

But first, he had to do something. Something which would be extremely hard to carry out, but worth it.

Kill two young girls he had brought up in the Christian faith.

He and these two girls, Lawrencia and Celestina, had been arrested, imprisoned and sentenced to death for their faith in Christ. Throughout their short trial, they had been mercilessly mocked and insulted by the authorities for choosing to believe in an “unseen, imaginary entity”. Nevertheless, the three stood firm in their faith.

Until a few of the men in authority came to Bernard with an offer he somehow considered too good to refuse.

They told him that if he would willingly shoot the girls, he would become a free man once more.

It had been a bit of a mental struggle, but eventually he accepted their offer. Now the time had come for him to get it over with.

In the past few days, he had hardened his heart to any form of regret or sympathy. All he wanted was freedom from all the torturous treatment he was getting.

An hour passed, and after getting himself ready, he was led out by the soldiers into the yard where the execution was to take place.

Lawrencia and Celestina were already there, having been made to stand against the wall. As they stood there, waiting for their departure from earth, Bernard observed the expression on their faces. His cellmate had been right; he had seen them as they were led to the yard and remarked that their faces were “pale, but beautiful beyond belief; infinitely sad but sweet.”

Indeed, their faces spoke of an aura of innocence and sweetness around them. Bernard knew it so well. Since the day he led them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, that radiance surrounded them so strongly, anyone could see they were no ordinary girls.

But that was the last thing on his mind. My freedom from this place beckons. Just two shots, and I’ll be out of this place!

One of the soldiers handed him a pistol. “Finish them!” the burly man ordered him.

He duly took the gun and moved toward the girls, a cold, hard look in his eyes.

As he did, the girls whispered to each other. After about a minute of doing so, they turned to face Bernard. With tears running down her face, Celestina stepped forward a bit and spoke.

“Pastor Bernard, before you kill us, we just want to let you know that we are eternally grateful to you for leading us to the narrow gate. You baptized us, taught us the Word of God and helped mould us into the girls we are. Please, as you kill us, please remember that you once told us that Christians aren’t perfect; they’re always liable to fall into sin, but the key is not to fall into despair like Judas, but repent like Peter. As you do this, we pray you follow Peter’s example afterwards.

“Worry not, Pastor Bernard. As we depart to be with our Beautiful Saviour, we hold absolutely nothing against you. No feeling of anger against this slight blip. Lawrie and I will forever remember you for telling us of Jesus Christ the Messiah and His undying love for us. God bless you.”

With all that said, she stepped back and embraced her friend tightly, waiting to death to come upon them.

The sight of those two locked in a tight hug was heart-rending. Two beautiful young girls with an otherworldly radiance about them, preparing for death. It was an angelic view that would bring anyone to tears.

Not Bernard though.

He had turned his heart away from compassion and love. The almost holy sight of these two girls didn’t move him one bit. All that mattered to him at that moment was his own feelings, his immediate gratification by no longer being beaten and insulted for being a follower of Christ.

He raised the pistol, and with direct aim, pulled the trigger twice.

Lawrencia and Celestina dropped to the ground instantly, the breath of life departed from their bodies.

OK, it’s been done. That was quick and easy. Now it’s time to be free. Wooo! I can’t wait to finally get out of this horrible place. The insults are just so degrading-


Before he could finish his thoughts, two strong soldiers descended upon him and grabbed him, roughly dragging him to the wall.

He struggled and yelled to them, “What’s going on? What are you doing? Haven’t I killed the girls?”

They ignored him. Slamming him against the wall, they held each hand and had him stretched. Another soldier came forward with a rifle, ready to shoot.

Bernard’s eyes widened in terror as he saw the rifle pointed straight at him. “No! Stop!” he screamed frantically. “I killed the girls! This wasn’t part of the plan! You said you’d free me if I shot them! Stop!”

“Foolish man!” the soldiers holding him sneered. The one holding the rifle had it pointed at his forehead.

“No! This can’t be! NO! NOOOOOO – “

The five bullets that came out of the rifle silenced him. Forever.

Gems Of Yesteryear

3. Taken For Granted

I think some old song by Cherish, ‘Unappreciated’, was the inspiration for this one…

I’d been the serious type all my life. I was never one who took my studies and work lightly if something needed to be done, I’d ensure I did it, and did it well. And I was a serious introvert. Not that I didn’t have time for friends and stuff like that, but eight out of ten times, I’d choose work over a party or something like that. That was how I was.

So I was in my office in Allianz Insurance, when one of my colleagues invited me to a little get-together he was having over the weekend. He really prepared himself to get me to go, because every little excuse I gave, he countered very easily. Within ten minutes, I gave up and agreed to go.

The get-together, taking place at his residence, was on Saturday afternoon. Getting there, I saw a number of friends and started to loosen up. This wasn’t so bad, after all. Laughing with my colleagues and friends was a soothing thing, breaking up tension and stuff. Then my eyes fell on one young lady around. She kept smiling and waving at me.

She looked so familiar, but I couldn’t quite remember her. So I stepped up to her, and said, “Hi.” She said, “Hey, Ebbs, what’s up? I wasn’t expecting you here. It’s been ages since I saw you.”

What she called me triggered my memory. It was Sara Eshun, that girl every boy had had a crush on back in J.S.S.! What a pleasant surprise. We talked at length and exchanged contacts afterwards. Something sweet came out of crawling out of my shell after all.

Sara and I kept in touch constantly, her calling during work, I taking her out for lunch, that sort of thing. This went on for about a year, and at a point in time, I realized I thought about her a lot, I often spoke of her to my other colleagues… it became obvious I was falling for her.

So I proposed. And she accepted. I was one happy fella that day. Being one of the few boys who had been infatuated with her back in the day, my daydreams were now a reality.

Sara moved into my house two months after my proposal. She was the most wonderful lady a man could have by his side. Even though she had her own job, which kept her busy a lot, she always had time. Sara would always have my food ready whenever I came back from work. She always had a smile to welcome me. She was always ready to show me love, whatever mood I found myself in.

She was everything a guy could ever want and need in a girlfriend and a potential wife.

You know where it all went wrong?

I didn’t show any appreciation.

I can’t count the number of times I got home and told Sara I wasn’t hungry, failing to see how the food had been prepared with TLC. Whenever Sara welcomed me with a big smile and sweet words, I just nodded, or gave her a quick, unemotional peck on the forehead. Whenever she sat down to talk to me, I just dozed off.

Once I heard her cell phone ring. The ring tone was “Unappreciated” by Cherish, but it never clicked in my brain.

My belief was that Sara was happy with our relationship, because I was well-paid, thus enabling me to splash the cash on her whenever I thought it necessary. I took her out a couple of times to plush, expensive restaurants, but then, all I talked about was stuff like my work, politics and sports, which were of little interest to her. I mean, I spent money on her! Cars, jewellery, the like. So all of that convinced me Sara couldn’t be happier with me.

How wrong I was.

Three years passed, and nothing changed. I was still my dry and unappreciative self. Sara, amazingly, was still by my side. Despite the way I showed little concern for her emotional needs, she kept going by my side. She stayed, hoping I would somehow change, because she loved me so much.

8th November. I received great news from my boss. I was getting a promotion! Now this was what I had been working had for since I had joined the company four years ago. My head was spinning with joy, and I couldn’t wait to tell Sara the good news. Now I could save up enough for us to take a vacation to the United Arab Emirates.

I got home early, around six-fifteen, and met Sara just as she was about to start cooking. I ran and lifted her in my arms. “Baby, I’ve got wonderful news for you!”

Putting her down, she looked a little excited. “What is it, dear?”

“Sara, you wouldn’t believe this: I was called by my boss today, and he told me this: I’m going to get a promotion!” I waited for the excited scream and the big hug from her.

Didn’t happen. Instead, she muttered, “That’s great, Ebo. Congrats,” and turned to the stove.

I was furious. To think I’d left the office so early, just to hear an icy congratulation message from Sara of all people. “That’s great. Congrats? Sara, is that all you can say? This is my job I’m talking about here. I thought I’d get a louder ‘congrats’ and a hug, at least? I can’t believe you’re being so insensitive.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

That last word I used really struck a nerve. She dropped the knife she was holding, and slowly turned to face me. “Me? Insensitive? That’s an interesting thing to say, considering you’re the one who doesn’t show a tint of appreciation in this house.”

“What are you…”

“Oh, cut the crap, Ebo!” I had just set off a time bomb that had been kept secret for three good years. “Who’s more insensitive than you? How many times have you said a simple ‘thank you’ for the food I waste my time preparing for you? How many times have you sat down to talk with me, real talk, not the politics and stuff, because you know they don’t interest me? How many times have you kissed me? Ebo, if there’s anyone who shows no appreciation, it’s you, you, and YOU!”

Already annoyed, I countered, claiming the stuff I bought for her was enough. How many ladies could boast of the type of things I bought for her? “I work my ass off everyday to make you the happiest girl in the world, and now you’re turning around to say I don’t appreciate you?”

Things started to get emotional. Sara started screaming at me. “Do you think I needed all that stuff you buy me? I don’t need it, Ebo, I don’t need it! What I want is your love! Your love! For three years, I’ve stayed by your side, praying for the day you’ll come home and give me a real kiss, eat my food, and talk with me and make me feel like I really do matter to you. Do you have any idea how many times my family and friends have insulted me for not leaving you? I should have… Ebo,” she paused, wiping her tears, “do you know what day it is?”

I shrugged, taken aback by that question. “I don’t know where that’s coming from, but isn’t it Wednesday? Why, is there something about today that’s so special?”

“MY GOD, EBO, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!” Sara wailed, the tears running faster down her face. “Today is the third anniversary of our first kiss! That’s just it! You don’t care about me! You don’t even treasure our love!” She screamed unhappily at me, then threw down the cutlery and stormed out.

I was pissed. How could she show such ingratitude to me? After all I did for her, and all I was going to do for her, this is what I got in return. How irritating! What was supposed to be a great announcement and a little celebration had turned into a fight. I looked outside. She had opened the gate, and was backing out with her car. I yelled some obscenities to her, then walked out of the kitchen. What a selfish woman. I got out my laptop and got to work.

Forty-five minutes into my work, and sleep took over.

9:00 pm. I got a call. Sara was in the hospital. She had run into a broken-down truck.

Thirty minutes later, and I was rushing to Lister Hospital, worried as hell. As I drove, all I hoped was that she’d be okay.

I got there. The doctor told me her condition was really bad. She was in intensive care, but had requested to see me should I come. So I was allowed to see her.

She looked in bad shape as I entered, but she was awake. She smiled at me as I dragged a chair towards her bed. I took her hand and kissed it. “What happened, honey?”

She told me of what happened. Apparently, the truck, as we all know happens in Ghana all the time, broke down on the road, but the idiot driver didn’t put any signal there to indicate. So she drove furiously, and by the time she realized there was a stationary vehicle around, it was too late.

As she lay on the bed, speaking to me, it hit me like a golf club across the forehead. For the first time in three years, I really took notice of how beautiful she was. I saw the beauty in her eyes, the loveliness of her rather weak smile. For the first time in ages, I felt a burn within me looking at her. That made me realize how right she had been.

I had deceived myself thinking I was making her happy. I didn’t show any concern. I didn’t even act like I loved her. My real love was my work. At that moment, I felt so ashamed. I had this wonderful woman by my side, and I never showed a tint of appreciation.

Tears in my eyes, I whispered to her, “Sara, I’m sorry. You were right. I’ve been a selfish, insensitive, unappreciative bastard. I’m so, so sorry. I haven’t been the man you wanted to be with. All I’ve done is put my work above you. But all that’s going to change. I promise… I love you, Sara.”

Tears formed in her eyes. “I love you too, Ebo.”

I moved towards her, ready to give her a real kiss. Not the dull, unloving type I’d given her for three years.

But the doctor came in and said it was time for me to leave, so she could rest and recover.

So I left, telling her I loved her, and I’d be back to see her tomorrow.

As I drove back home, I swore to myself that things would change for the better when she got back. This time round, I’d always be ready to listen to her whenever she wanted to talk. I’d tell her I loved her a dozen times. Hmm, the list of things I vowed to do was endless.

At home, I could feel it. Something special was missing. I knew what it was, but no worries, she’d be back in a few days, and we would start a new life together. A life of mutual respect, love and appreciation.

4:52 am. My phone woke me up. Sleepily, I reached for it and answered.

It was the doctor taking care of Sara.

Some serious complications had occurred later that evening. Very serious complications. The doctor and his team had had to work hard to get her condition a little stable. But it had only worsened. They had done all they could. They worked as hard as possible, but it just wasn’t enough.

She was dead.

I thought it was either a dream, or the doctor had called a wrong number. But he knew my name, and it was undoubtedly Sara’s name he had mentioned as well. I couldn’t believe it.

For three years, she had put up with my indifference, tolerated my icy attitude towards her. For three years, she had stayed with me even though I treated her worse than one could treat a dog. For three years, she had ignored her family and friends. All because of love.

And I, a selfish, heartless, cold bastard, had taken her love for granted.

I cried. I wept. I wailed. I screamed. Nothing and nobody could console me at that moment. My Sara was gone forever, and my dreams the previous night of treating her like the woman I loved would forever remain dreams.

I wasn’t seen at my workplace for about a fortnight. Colleagues called, my boss called, I didn’t care. Work seemed unattractive to me now. That promotion of mine even seemed bogus to me. Sara had been far more important than all that, yet I never even saw it.

It’s a nightmare I’ll never, ever wake up from. The wonder-woman given to me is six feet under now, and all I have is wishes and regrets. Wishes that I had treated her right, made her truly happy. Regrets that I denied her of my love and made her feel like a pair of worn-out shoes.

It’s 5:30 pm, and I’m in the Osu Cemetery, sitting in front of her tomb. As I continue to weep bitterly and wish in vain, please, I beg you, never take your lover for granted. Or loved ones, for that matter. Never fail to let them know you love them. Don’t be like me, who never got the chance to show my Sara I really did love her, much less say goodbye.

Sara, I’m so, so sorry I couldn’t make it up to you before you left me. My life is a mess without you. Forgive me, my love.’ (A tear-stained note left on Sara’s tomb)

Gems Of Yesteryear

2. No More

Another tragic story here! And I like it just as much as the Archibald one…

Selorm wiped her eyes one more time as she sniffed, somehow surprised that her tear glands could still work. These past two months had seen her shed tears on the daily, as she struggled to get over what had happened.

She was the first born of two children born to Benjamin Brese and Emefa Dogbey. Benjamin, after the birth of the second child, Mawuli, finally got what he had been fighting to get for a long time. An American visa. She had just turned three when he bid the family farewell, with passionate promises of how he would come back for them and how wonderful a life they would have in New York.

Promises that were yet to be fulfilled as she stood on the chair in her room. He had never gotten back in touch with them.

With time, their mother accepted the reality that the father of her two children had run out on them and took on the task of being a single mother. If there was anything Selorm and Mawuli would ever say with confidence, it was that their mother worked her head off. To her, rest was almost like a curse word. She refused to let off one minute for slacking; the future of her children was far too important to do that.

Her hardworking attitude was highly commendable, no doubt. But it came with the disadvantage of not spending as much intimate time with the children as she should have. She was out of the house by 6 am, and came back home around 10 pm, so the connection between them was not as strong as one would’ve expected.

And as Selorm and Mawuli grew up, disagreements were sure to be a part of their life, but they sometimes took the normal ‘sibling rivalry’ beef too far, with petty little disagreements often turning into huge fights. It was a miracle that the only time fists flew was one Friday evening, just as their mother walked in.


That night, a long stern discussion about respecting and loving each other followed, with Emefa making the two promise to settle differences amicably.

Six months later, Emefa spoke to Selorm, who was now 21, as they were standing outside their house. “Selorm, please, remember what I told you about dealing with your brother. You two are all you have. Excuse me to say, you can change friends easily. But you can never change your sibling. Never. At least, you two don’t fight as much. But please, don’t get nasty with him. You have quite a sharp temper. Keep it in check.” She rubbed her chest, muttering about it hurting as she entered the house.

It turned out that chest pain was a symptom of something very serious. The next morning, the two entered the room to find her unconscious. Rushing her to the hospital, the doctors delivered a nasty blow.

Emefa had suffered a heart attack early that morning and didn’t survive.

The two youngsters were devastated. They had grown indifferent to not having their father around, but losing their mother at this point in time was just too painful. For the next fortnight, the siblings were inconsolable, particularly Mawuli, who had shared one heck of a bond with her. As they were joined by one of their aunts in the home, who did a pretty satisfactory job stepping in for their departed mother, the pain slowly subsided, and it seemed like the contention that often rose between them had passed on along with her.

The way they had stuck together all throughout the period of their mother’s funeral seemed to suggest their fights were now six feet deep.

Within six months, however, Selorm’s self-centered attitude – which in reality was the major catalyst for many of their face-offs – began to show up once more, and Mawuli was not very enthused, as usual.

One Saturday morning, their aunt gave them a list of chores to do, then stepped out to do some shopping. As Mawuli mopped the veranda, he noticed that Selorm was not washing the cups, plates and cutlery like she was supposed to. He went to knock on her door, already guessing that she had gone back to her room. “Selorm, the things in the sink ooo!”

“Ohhhhh, ah! Don’t you think I already know? Leave me alone! I’ll go and wash them.”

Mawuli got irritated at her rude speech. He entered. “Selorm, I don’t like the way you responded. Ah, I was just reminding you…”

Five minutes later, and the tension between them was raised back to life as they shouted at each other and traded nasty insults at each other. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Mawuli, still in possession of the mop, raised it high and struck her on the arm. Incensed, she retaliated by grabbing a hairspray can and striking him twice on the forehead. Her counter seemed to do more damage, as both hits sent him tumbling to the ground, holding his forehead and grimacing in pain.

“Fool! How dare you hit me with that dirty mop! How stupid can you get, you useless good-for-nothing?”

Mawuli looked up as his sister, driven by a fit of fury, rained the nastiest of words upon him. At that point, he felt nothing but hate for his big sister. At that point, anywhere far from her would be heaven. He just wanted to get out of there.

“Selorm, I can’t stand you and your selfishness. You’re a terrible person, and I do not want to be anywhere near you. I hate you! I’m getting out of here!” With that, he sprung to his feet and stormed out of her room.

As she followed him, mocking him for running away, he took his money on the dining table and stormed through the front door. And as he went, Selorm yelled after him.


She slumped in one of the sofas nearby. What a stupid boy!

She remained there, still steaming for about an hour or two.

Then she heard her phone ring. She rushed to her room to answer the call. After hanging up, she noticed the screensaver.

It was her and Emefa.

She shook her head. “Oh Ma! Hmmm. If only you were here…”

Just then, a sharp flashback occurred. The last few words her mother had spoken to her.

You two are all you have…please, don’t get nasty with him…

An immediate twinge of guilt followed. Oh God! What have I done? She was right. I should’ve been more gentle with him. Oh God!

She quickly dialed his number.

Switched off.

She tried five more times. Same response.

Fine. I’ll wait for him to come home. Then I’ll apologize. I really have to watch myself now.

Midday came, and the aunt arrived from the market. No Mawuli.

Three o’ clock came, and still no Mawuli.

As she continued to try calling, her aunt, who was watching the TV, suddenly exclaimed, “Ei, Selorm, they say there’s been a terrible accident on the George Bush Motorway. A trotro colliding headfirst into a stationary truck. My goodness…… it seems there are no survivors ooo…”

Her heart skipped a beat.

About half an hour later, an unfamiliar number flashed on Selorm’s phone screen. She usually hated seeing ‘strange’ numbers call, but she answered. “Hello?”

“Um, hello, good evening, madam. Please, is this Selorm Brese?”

She got a little nervous. “Uh….y-y-yes?”

“Please, do you know any young man by name Mawuli Brese?”

The knots in her stomach grew tighter. She swallowed hard. A cold sweat broke out on her forehead. “Yes… h-h-h-h-he’s my y-y-younger brother.”

The male voice on the other side sighed reluctantly, as if he had no desire to say what he was about to say, yet had to say it. “I’m sorry, Ms. Brese, but it appears your brother was involved in a motor accident…”


Selorm shook her head as she placed the noose around her neck. The memories just would not go away. Emefa’s last words… their final fight… those terrible words she screamed at him before he left the house… the sight of his lifeless corpse in the 37 Military Hospital… they couldn’t stop reverberating around her cranium.

She closed her eyes as she felt the tough nature of the rope around her neck. Three months in, and she couldn’t be any lower than she already was. Nothing mattered to her. Suddenly, she felt there was no reason to live. Pastors had spoken to her, family members and friends had done their best to console her, telling her to stay strong and not give up, but the guilt and grief had eaten away at her soul too deep. There was no fight left in her.

I’m sorry I disappointed you, Ma. And I’m sorry I insulted and cursed you so badly, Mawuli. I don’t wanna do this anymore. I’m calling it quits.

She hopped off the chair.

Gems Of Yesteryear

1. The Tragedy of Archibald Firtizwald

This is definitely one of my personal favourites. Probably because I was so wicked here. But yeah, this is a tragic story from beginning to end.

Seventeen years old. That’s how old Archibald Firtizwald (actually known as Benjamin McCann) was.

A young, turbulent, trouble-filled and ultimately sad life ended so suddenly.

It all started at birth.

He was born to young parents. He was something like the result of an unplanned pregnancy, with the father demanding he be aborted, only for his mother to refuse. Eventually, his father relented and accepted responsibility.

Poor as they were, they couldn’t afford to go to the hospital, so they blessed their stars when a friend, who happened to be a midwife, was around when his mother went into labour. So he was brought forth with no problems.

And that’s when things got really hard for Benjamin’s parents.

His father had been without a job for about two years, and his mother had never really completed high school, so her chances of being employed were close to impossible. So getting proper care and nutrition was a big issue, and the source of many fights between the young couple. His father had to sell so many of his personal items just so Benjamin could be okay.

A year later, though, he was fed up. He told his ‘wife’ he was sick and tired of giving up his livelihood for a baby. That brought about another huge fight, and despite all she did, he abandoned them.

The selfish man was found dead two weeks later. Shot to death because of a drug-related scuffle.

So now Benjamin’s poor mother was left alone to cater for her baby. Totally handicapped job-wise, she had no other option but to turn to begging.

Of course, some gave, some didn’t, but she managed to gather up enough to cater for herself and the child. But her luck shined on her one day, when some relatives, the McAdamses, came across her on the street and took her and Benjamin in.

So for the next five years, Benjamin grew up in good conditions, and was looking quite handsome as he became older. But at the age of six, tragedy struck.

His mother went out with some friends to a concert one Wednesday night, and never came back. Her untimely demise resulting from the car she sat in with her friends colliding head-on with an oncoming, speeding truck.

Losing his father hadn’t been so painful, considering he hadn’t really gotten to know him, but losing his mum was a huge, devastating blow. His smile disappeared. His countenance changed. Even at that young age, the happy Benjamin was gone, and present was a moody and unhappy little boy.

His uncle, auntie and two cousins, Robert and Victoria, did all they could to try and help the lad move on. But as time passed, and the reality that his mother was well and truly gone began to sink in, there was very little they, or anybody else, could do as he turned into a temperamental, unpleasant person.

At the age of twelve, he decided he was sick of living with the McAdamses, because being with them only conjured images of his dear mother. So one night, he packed a few belongings in his school bags, stole some of his uncle’s money, and set off while everyone was fast asleep.

He ended up leaving Scotland completely.

Through bus, ship and train, the second of which he somehow managed to board and get off without getting caught, he made his way to Ireland.

In this new and cruel world, Benjamin McCann knew he had to struggle to survive. So he tried begging for a while, then realized he might be recognized and taken back to the McAdamses, so he went into hiding. Finding some fellow street boys, he went with them to raid some houses and take whatever food they found.

But on one particular mission, disaster’s ugly head popped up.

The owner had left some soup on his gas cooker overnight, thus making it cold. Benjamin, the self-imposed leader of his new group, thought he might get the soup a little warm before they took their fill. Turning the knob, he realised there were no matches around, so he went out of the kitchen to get a box of them, forgetting to turn it off.

When he returned with the matches, telling his squad outside he’d be with them in a jiffy, he struck the matchstick against the side of the box.

The result: his face got terribly burned.

The sight of the fire and the screams of agony that followed scared some of the boys, inciting them to run away. Two of them, however, went in and recovered the badly burned Benjamin. Carrying him a few metres, they realised there was little they could do to help him, so they dumped him in a gutter.

A good Samaritan saw him and immediately sent him to the hospital. His face had been so badly damaged; he needed reconstructive surgery to repair his face. When asked for his name, Benjamin, fully aware that the hospital might know of the fact that he had been declared ‘Missing’ in Scotland, gave the name Archibald Firtizwald. That and his age, now thirteen. Nothing else.

So the surgery was done, paid for by the Samaritan, and Archibald’s face looked significantly different. He took this as a ‘blessing in disguise’. Now his relatives would never find him.

The person offered to let him stay with him, and Archibald agreed.

So he moved into Mr. McAteer’s house, had himself registered in a school, and seemed to getting back to proper life.

However, Archibald’s problems were far from over. He still wasn’t a happy person deep within; it had been seven years since his mother passed away, yet he still couldn’t get over it. And he had no friends.

At school, everybody saw him as a weird, dirty kid. The boys mocked him on a regular basis, and the girls avoided him like a tarantula. Nobody to talk to, and although Mr. McAteer was good to him, he was almost always unavailable, with business meetings and trips taking up his time.

Unfortunately for his current guardian, some guys had taken notice of his affluence, and one night, after three years of having Archibald around, they broke into his residence, and after forcing him to show them his money, they shot him right between the eyes.

Archibald saw what happened and ran away before the armed robbers took notice.

He left that city and came to a quieter town, where peace seemed to be the order of the day.

Now sixteen, yet to turn seventeen, Archibald had faced more troubles than most teenagers his age could imagine. It had all turned him into a very withdrawn person, extremely hard to reach out to. That’s what the next family to have him realised. The girl in the house, the only child, tried to get close, but once he resisted, she chose to act like he didn’t exist at all.

At his new school, it was the same. Whilst everybody had a friend he or she walked with, Archibald kept to himself. The boys dismissed him as ‘gay’, and most of the girls just saw him as plain weird. He often got pushed around by some of the bigger boys, but he just resisted the urge to fight back. Even when he thought of loosening up and participating in some extra-curricular activities, some people managed to make him look stupid. From playing football to learning to playing a musical instrument, someone had to make him mess up, thus discouraging him from doing anything.

Academically speaking, he was  poor. Very poor. His teachers constantly complained about his inability to answer the simplest of questions in class, as well as his constant failures in assignments and class tests. Archibald was even more miserable this time round, with teachers and students putting him in their bad books.

There were a few girls, however, who saw a troubled young man who needed help and love. One of them was called Golda.

One afternoon, after class, she met Archibald at his locker and tried to talk to him. Even though he tried to ignore her, one mean guy, Bill, who was known to have a thing for Golda, didn’t take kindly to seeing the ‘gay boy’ near her.

A tough, well-built guy, he beat up poor Archibald, right in front of most of the students. Archie threw a few punches here and there, but he ended up with a black eye and a broken nose. With a number of the students laughing at him, he trudged home, not only hurt, but unhappily equipped with the news that he had failed a few tests and would have to rewrite them the next week.

Typical of him, he refused to mention who beat him when his new guardians found out. They asked and asked, but he just wouldn’t answer. They threw up their hands in frustration and declared that he could do whatever he wanted. They were tired of his silence.

The next day, Archibald went to school as usual. But after being pounded by Bill the previous day, he was faced with giggles and pointing fingers wherever he passed.

Golda tried to apologize for what happened, but Archibald, eager to prevent another beat-down, avoided her completely.

He ran into one of Bill’s close pals in the washroom, however, who said to him, “I see you’re happily bustling up and down the school, right? Well, as long as you keep your poofy, arse-loving self away from Golda, you’ll remain this way. Do you understand me?”

Archibald looked at him evilly. “All I know is that you’re a pathetic, poo-eating idiot. No wonder they strangled your mum to death. She must have begged them to, just to get away from you.”

This enraged the boy, who immediately threw a punch at Archibald. They fought for a minute, before, by a strange twist of fate, Bill and a few others entered. Upon seeing Archibald overpower their friend, they threw him off and began to brutally pummel him. He was coughing blood by the time they were done.

As if that wasn’t enough, they pissed on him, and laughing, they left him in the bathroom, lying there, smelling of urine.

By the time Archibald got home, he was fed up.


Night time arrived, and Archibald was thinking of how life had been so mean and vindictive to him. Losing both parents, getting burned, losing Mr. McAteer, and being tortured and mocked by his fellow students. It was far too much for him.

The next day came. He woke up and got ready for school as usual.

At breakfast, his male guardian told him reports had come of his academic performances being terribly poor. He just acknowledged he wasn’t studying hard enough. “But that won’t happen anymore,” was what he said before leaving for school.

Classes started at eight o’ clock, but Archibald just walked about town, doing nothing.

He arrived at nine o’ clock.

He went straight to the bathroom, entered one of the booths, and locked it.

He took out a piece of paper and started writing. He paused for a moment as two boys walked in. He listened to them talk about him, and didn’t react as they labelled him ‘useless’ and ‘stupid’. When they left, he continued writing.

When he was done, he folded the paper, put it in his pocket, and opened his bag.

In it was a pistol.

He shook his head, said to himself, “Finally, I’ll be free from this bloody world,” and placed it in his mouth, twisting it to let it point up to his brain.

No hesitation within, he pulled the trigger.

The sound was quite loud, thus attracting a number of people around. The first person to find his lifeless body was Bill.

The bully was petrified, and alerted the authorities.

In a matter of minutes, classes had been abruptly cut short, with many students in a state of shock over the awful incident that had just taken place.

Now all those who had been mean to him at any point in time were feeling terrible, seeing they had only deepened some hidden wounds within that poor boy and driven him to take his own life. You can guess the worst culprits.

As the appropriate authorities came to take his body away, they searched for a suicide note. They found it. And it pretty much summed up his life and feelings.

To whoever gives a crap,

                My real name is Benjamin Dolphyne McCann and my life has been messed up since the day I was born. My father, I was told, was too much of a b**** to man up and take responsibility. He died. My mother also died when I was six. I never recovered. I left Scotland to try and put it behind me, but it didn’t work. I had my face burned trying to get something in my stomach. I was abandoned. I was helped by somebody who took me in. Armed robbers came around and killed him. So I left. And found myself here. And nothing but torture and ridicule have I had since. Is this life worth living?

                I’m fucking tired of suffering. I’m tired of having people laugh and look at me with disgust. I’m sick of being treated like s***. I’m tired of this life. I’m better off six feet under. Don’t miss me. I’m not going to miss anyone, not in this f*****-up school. Not some motherf****** kids who call me useless and stupid, like Augustine and Zack did today when they came in here. Maybe I’m going to join my mother in heaven or hell. I don’t know. But I don’t care anyway. Any of them is better than this screwed-up earth.

                P.S.: Today is my seventeenth birthday.

It drove a dagger through the hearts of all who had known him just before his death. If only some of them had pushed a little harder. They just might have been able to help him.

Archibald was buried a week later, the McAdamses around to finally know what had happened to their poor little Benjamin.

Options n Upshots

Options’ n Upshots – OE #10

It was 11:45 pm on Sunday.

Glori was seated in the car, busily noting down the intimate details of what Thomas had done to her earlier that evening. 

It had not been as active a day as the previous. Thomas had suggested they take the ‘Netflix and chill’ option for the day, so from 9 am to about 7 in the evening, in between breakfast and lunch which they ordered from some of the restaurants around, they binged on one Spanish series, ‘El Final Del Paraiso’. Being a fan of telenovelas, Glori was already into the show, and enjoyed every moment of it.

Once it was evening, Mr. Dawson, who had surprisingly kept his libido under lock and key despite observing Glori in the hottest babydoll all, decided it was time he opened the floodgates and ended their trip with “lovemaking so incredible, you’ll faint with joy”.

Thirty minutes later, they lay on the couch, exhausted but delighted at a pretty mind-blowing finale to the Lust-N-Thrust weekend.

After about five minutes of straight writing, she put her pen down and took a look through what she had written. She gasped as she realized just how raw and detailed she had been in her description of their last coupling in the living room. Anyone who picked it up and read it would definitely have their innocence ripped away from them.

“Ei, this thing I’ve written diɛɛ, it’s more than porno!” she laughed. “Herrhh, see what Mr. Thomas has done to me. Turned me from an innocent children’s writer to a Jackie Collins.”

She looked at it again, then shrugged. “Ah well, abi nobody else but me is gonna read this anyway. It’s not like Madam Lit is ever gonna find this, so… nothing to worry about.”

Putting the book back in her bag, she sat back and sighed in satisfaction.

Damn, what an amazing weekend it’s been. Geez, I never knew sex was this sweet. Hihi. Makes my choices totally worth it. To hell with Rawda and all those annoying voices in my head. It was all worth it. Totally worth it.


“Hmmm. As for this your love of travelling at this time of the night diɛɛ, I’ll never understand it.”

“I just love it, that’s all. You know that already. I already slept earlier this evening, so it’s not like I’m gonna fall sleepy any time soon.”

“Oh, alright, alright. It slipped my mind mpo. You usually do that whenever you’re travelling at this time of the night.”

Of course it would slip through your mind, he scoffed inwardly to himself. “Yeah, so don’t worry about that. You’ll be back later in the day, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll leave around 10 am, so, give or take, by 6 pm, I’ll be back in Accra.”

He rolled his eyes. Back to the boring old charade, chale. “Alright, alright, that’s good. So we’ll meet at home, then.”

“Definitely, honey. OK then, stay safe, Thomas. Have a safe trip back to Accra.”

“Thanks, Leticia. And safe trip as you return tomorrow.”

“Thanks, hun. Bye.”

As he hung up, he had the most bored expression on his face. He had enjoyed himself a lot more than he had thought. And now, after a weekend of ecstasy and unbridled freedom with Glori, the thought of returning to his regular role as Mrs. Dawson’s husband made him feel a little sour. Left to him alone, he probably would not return back.

But of course, that could not be done. The children were the only real reason why he remained in the union, so he had to go back and be their father.

As he picked up his backpack and exited the room, he smirked as he looked at the neatly made bed, gleefully reminiscing on how he had driven Glori insane on the night of their arrival.

“Well, at least, she’s coming back with me,” he mused to himself. “So this weekend might be over, but getting into that kitten’s panties certainly isn’t. Hopefully we’ll have her around for as long as possible, so I can be happy.”


“Hey sexy mama!”

Glori turned and saw him approaching the car. “Oh, finally!” she sighed in relief. “I was wondering when you’d come out at a point. I’m ready to go now.”

“Well, I had to speak to her,” he explained, a tint of contempt applied to the last pronoun. “So, you know. Long talk, blah blah blah, chale. But forget that. We can move now.”

“Thank goodness,” she said as he opened the back door and placed his backpack in the back seat before getting into the driver’s seat. “Are you sure about this leaving late thing, though?”

“Of course, babe! Been doing it since time immemorial. Works magic for me. That’s why I slept after taking you down, so I’m all fresh and set for the journey.”

“Okay,” she replied. “I trust you, TomTom.”

As he turned the engine on, he looked at Glori, who stared back at him.

“This has been one of the best weekends I’ve had in so long. I know I’ve said this numerous times, and I’ll say it again. You’re a treat, Glori. A super delicious treat.”

She smiled shyly at his compliment. Thomas sure knew how to say things that got her flushed and flattered, and for some reason, being called a treat never got old for her.

“You know,” he continued, moving to whisper into her ear, “this weekend might be over, but you and I certainly aren’t. I can’t get enough of you, girl. We gotta keep this thing going, no?”

Breathing heavily, she nodded. “Yes. Yes, Mr. Thomas. No two ways about that. I can’t get enough of you either. Don’t wanna let you go. I’ll be damned if I have to.”

He smirked. “Perfect.” He briefly kissed her. “You’ve given me more excitement than I’ve had in the last three years. I’d be crazy to just let things go back to normal. We may not have too many chances like this, but… we’ll work something out the moment we get home.”

The butterflies in her stomach totally ignored the message from the brain to calm down. The fluttery sensation remained as strong as ever, as her chin remained in his firm but tender grasp, while he looked into her eyes. She absolutely loved this feeling. And she was totally all for finding new and creative ways to creep around with this godly-built man without getting caught.

He chuckled as he shifted himself onto the seat properly, readying himself to get the engine running. “Get ready, babe. More secret getaways, more undercover games… more ridiculously good lovemaking.”

She smiled. “Can’t wait.” Putting on her seat belt as he sparked the car engine into life, the last words she had written in her diary reverberated around her mind, putting a smile on her face.

Ain’t no stopping us now, baby! We’re on the move! Woohoo!!


The car sped along the highway, no other car in sight. Mr. Thomas was right, Glori thought to herself. Indeed, the road was literally empty. And he was moving at a pretty top speed.

 She toyed with her phone, opening YouTube to watch a video or two to while away the time. They had been on the road for about an hour and a half. By Thomas’ estimation, based on the speed at which he moved, they would be back in the capital within a minimum of three hours.

Her eyelids growing heavy as the cool air hit her face, she began to doze off.

Thomas watched her from the corner of his eye and smirked. Finally!

After developing an aching urge for her body a few weeks ago. After being straight with her and immediately getting rejected. After rejecting the rejection and pushing on. He had finally conquered her! Fulfilled all his crazy fantasies on her.

Lawd, it’s been sweet getting in this hottie. I definitely need to think up something when we get back. I just cannot lose this kitten. We’ll see what to do when we get home…

As he continued to speed along, Thomas noticed an oncoming truck from the opposite lane. It was quite a distance away, and he thought nothing of it, until he noticed something off.

The driver seemed to be dozing off, as the truck was moving off the lane and entering into that which Thomas’ car was on.

Having slowed down a bit, Thomas slammed his fist against the steering wheel, the car horn beeping loudly in response. “Look at this idiot,” he said loudly. “Is this the place to be sleeping?”

Whatever was wrong with the driver, he didn’t hear, as the truck continued to sway off its proper lane, until it was off its proper lane and actually facing them.

The next few seconds happened quickly.

In a moment of panic, Thomas veered to the extreme right to move out of the way. The move was a microsecond too slow, as the truck hit the side of his car, sending it spinning beyond his control. The only sounds he heard, aside the screams from Glori, who had been oblivious to what was happening till she heard the horn and saw the incoming huge vehicle, were those in his head, praying and begging God to make a way so the car would somehow stop.

It didn’t. It spun off the road…



…and ended its irregular movement as it smashed into a large tree nearby.

The screams that had filled the car were silenced upon that gory collision.


“Chale, getting home is one hell of an underrated blessing!” one of the police officers mumbled to his colleague as they observed the accident scene before them. “Awurade, this is terrible!”

The truck had veered off the road itself and ran into a ditch. The damage was extensive, and pretty nasty. Though its condition wasn’t as horrific as that of the saloon car nearby. The impact with the tree had been heavy, with the resulting carnage a major eyesore. The car was totally condemned, and it would be an absolute miracle if anybody came out of it alive.

Chief Inspector Seidu Moro walked over to the area where the saloon car had hit the tree, where some of the officers had retrieved all that was in the car.

“Have you noted those in the car?” he asked one of the officers.

“Yes, Sir. Two people were in at the time of the crash. One man, one woman. The identification on them reveals one Thomas Dawson, and Glori Vanderpuye.”

“And did any of them survive?”

The officer shook his head sadly. “No, Sir. Per our checks, both died on the spot.”

The Chief Inspector sighed and shook his head. “Allah have mercy on us. These accidents are becoming too much. We keep losing innocent Ghanaians. Hmmmm. Alright, carry on with your duties.”

“Yes, sir.”

The fretful look on the Chief Inspector’s face was all too evident as he walked away. Another horrid accident on the road. Another occasion where two lives precious to the nation had been senselessly lost.

Another occasion where two families would have to receive shattering news that would turn their lives upside down.

“Tragic. Absolutely tragic.”

After a weekend of charged passions and illicit sessions, Thomas and Glori did not make it home alive. The next time they would arrive in Accra, it would be their lifeless bodies heading for a morgue.

Well, the way they chose seemed right unto them, but the end thereof has been an untimely death. Unfortunate. Very unfortunate.

This crazy twist doesn’t just affect them, however. What is Leticia going to do about this? How will Boahemaa and Rawda take this? It’s gonna be quite an intense second season, full of a lot of emotion. Brace yourself for that!!

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #9

Before Dr. Kevin Bulber of the Luther Memorial Hospital in Sunyani, sat a relieved but shaken Leticia and Kwesi. It was 11:30 am, and after checking up on Barnabas, the two immediately went to meet with him in his office, where he had given them an update on the patient.

The good news was that Barnabas was out of danger. However, the stroke had taken a hard hit on him, and even though death had been tossed out of the picture, he was going to have major problems with speech and movement. No time frame had been placed on the recovery time, but it was possible it could take months before he was restored to full health.

“Hmmmm. Well, at least we are grateful he’s out of danger. That’s the major thing,” Kwesi commented.

Dr. Bulber nodded. “Indeed. So we’ll start therapy for him as soon as possible. I don’t know if you noticed his inability to speak at the moment.”

“Actually, he was asleep when we checked up on him, so… no,” Leticia answered.

“Oh, alright. Please, don’t be too ruffled up, Mrs. Dawson. Your brother will make it out of this. He was in terrible shape on Wednesday when he was rushed here, but that man honestly has some crazy fight in him. I’m sure if he keeps it up, his recovery rate will be quicker than expected.”


“Ouch. So he won’t be able to talk or move about for a while?”

“Hmmmm, no.  The thing hit him really hard. It’s gonna be a long therapy before he’s back to the Barnabas we know.”

“Wow. Chale, that’s serious. But at least, death is far from him, right?”

“Yeah. Unless some horrible relapse occurs, but God forbid that. He’ll be fine.”

“That’s great, that’s great. Well, when he wakes up and you’re able to see him, tell him Thomas sends his regards, and he should keep fighting. None of us are going anywhere prematurely, chale. We all need each other alive.”

“Definitely! I will. So, how’s the emergency distin you needed to attend to?”

“Oh, it’s coming along smoothly. We’re in a board meeting. Just went on break, and I said lemme call you and know what’s happening up there.”

“Oh, alright. Hmmm, it’s crazy how we both had these various emergencies coming our way.”

“Mmm, indeed. Although mine is at least work-related, so nothing spoil. Your emergency is not a very nice kind of emergency to receive. But it shall be well. I spoke to the kids earlier, and they’re alright. Sammy finally got his Twix, so…”

“Hahahahaha! Oh, my little man! I’ve missed him. And my sweet Denise. And of course, you too. I can’t wait to be back home.”

“Hehe, well, take your time, Lit. just make sure Barnabas is alright. We’ll be home waiting for you.”

“Yes, please, Mr. Dawson. I’ll most certainly do that. Well, I’m sure you’ll need to go get ready for the continuation of your meeting.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think we’ll be going in any moment from now. So, just continue to keep your eye on him, alright?”

“Yes, honey. I will. I’ll call your mother so I can speak to the kids. Talk to you later then. Bye!”

“Bye, Litty!”

The only meeting he had at that moment was one in the shower with his housekeeper. A steamy, noisy and extremely X-rated meeting.


“Goddamn, Glori, why you gotta be so damn sexy?”

Glori smirked as their foreheads touched, her sitting on his lap, as he sat back in the sofa. “Anything for you to be happy, TomTom.”

Thomas grinned as he ran his hands up and down her bare back. It was 3 o’ clock, and they had already been super active that day, having made love about three times, the shower time inclusive. If anybody had come near the house between the hours of 11 o’ clock to that time, the likelihood that they would have heard Glori making sounds that would either excite or embarrass them, would have been very high. 

Of course, this was the reason why they left Accra, in the first place. To have as much fun as possible with close to zero probability of getting caught. And they were certainly making the most of it. With the two of them topless on the couch, busily admiring each other’s bodies, their Lust-N-Thrust plans were in full force.

She gave off a small moan as he ended his caress with a spank on her butt. Giving him a sassy look, she placed a finger on his nose and purred, “Be gentle with me. Or I’ll put my T-shirt back on. No free show for you.”

Thomas laughed, and immediately pressed his lips against hers in response. The gentle aggression with which he kissed her never failed to send the most spine-tingling of sensations down her spine. The warmth that clothed her whenever they locked lips was sweeter than the Niche chocolate she  loved with a passion. In Thomas, she had a piece of heaven.

As they parted, she sat up, smirking. “You know I haven’t seen you this happy since I came to the Dawson household?”

“Mmmmm,” Thomas murmured absent-mindedly, his attention clearly set on her exposed chest.

“TomTom!” she scolded playfully, hitting him on the forehead. “Take your attention off my breasts for a minute, please.”

Back to reality, he looked at her. “Oh, uh, sorry, babe. Just can’t wait to squeeze those boobies again, hehehe. Yeah, what did you say?”

“I said, did you know I haven’t seen this much happiness from you since I came to the Dawson household?”

Thomas’ facial expression changed at that. Taking on a more solemn disposition, he nodded. “Yeah. Basically because I haven’t been happy.”

Glori looked saddened by that. In her four months at their house, she had never really seen them fight or get aggressive with each other, but she had seen much to note that they weren’t the lovey-dovey type. She had been of the opinion, however, that they probably weren’t into shows of PDA and simply dwelt on a foundation of respect and friendship. Given that they had been married for almost seven years, she found it totally normal and acceptable. So this was news to her.

“Awwww. Are things that bad with Madam Lit?”

Thomas nodded, pulling himself up a bit. “You know what I think now? I think marriage is highly overrated.”

Glori’s eyes widened at that statement. “Really?!”

“Yep. I know it sounds shocking to you, what with all the rubbish they say about it being sweet and blah blah blah. Look, I lost the whole vibe a while back. The whole waking up to one person got dry and overplayed for me. Things got really strained between us, before we hired you. We began making snide comments at each other, and things escalated too quickly. We had a big fight one Saturday night, and we yelled the most horrid things to each other. I walked out and went to sleep at a hotel that night. And honestly, that was the night I fell out of love with her. Totally.”

Glori watched him solemnly as he shook his head, remembering the events of that night. It didn’t look like he had forgiven her for the horrible things she had said to him, whatever they were.

“She apologized when I returned the next morning. Said that we were getting to a tough stage in our marriage, and that maybe we should go for counselling. I really didn’t want to, but… the way she begged and all, I just conceded. We went, they said these storms are part of the whole marriage process… some plenty bulls**t. I’m surprised I even remember all they said mpo, I just didn’t care. I don’t love her anymore. That’s that.”

Glori pursed her lips together. “That’s why you got so miffed when I said you should stick to her when you started chasing me, I guess.”

Thomas nodded. “I’m just so tired of being told that. That’s what they all say. Stick to your wife, fight for your marriage… honestly, f*** all that! I don’t want to. It’s my choice. I don’t want to fight for anything. I’m tired. Period. There are only two reasons why I’m staying in the house with her.”

Glori raised her eyebrow. “Which are…”

“One, because of the kids. I don’t think it’ll help if we go our separate ways now, with them being so young. Two, she’ll probably go mad if I tell her it’s over. She’s got some level of emotionalism bi that can be extremely annoying. So for the meantime, I’ll just endure. Put up a satisfied husband facade while the kids get older. With time, I ‘ll have an idea of what to do.”

“Hmmmmm. But will you be able to go through this endurance thing?” Glori asked in concern. “I mean, with the way you seem so unhappy and all…”

The grin returned to his face. “Well… I’ve got you around, soooo… I’m happy now.”

Glori giggled at that. “Ooooooooh, I see,” she said, her finger drawing circles on his bare chest.

“Oh yeah, babe. At least I got something to keep me going. And that’s you, you tasty little treat! Now you know why I didn’t let you be when you said no. I needed you so badly.”

“Awwwww, I’m flattered, TomTom,” she drawled seductively, genuinely feeling a flush of delight at his words. Fighting the dissenting voices in her head that insisted she was blinding herself to the fact that Thomas was just a selfish man who was refusing to do the right thing to save his family, she reasoned to herself that being this man’s source of happiness in a tough period was the least she could do.

Besides, he’s staying on because of the kids. That surely must make him a good guy in some way, she added, hitting back at her conscience.

“Turn around, babe. Time for me to play with you a little bit.”

Glori giggled as she quickly turned over, her back to his face as she remained on his lap, waiting for him to get all touchy on her. “Nowhere near getting enough of me, are you, TomTom?”

“Not even close, babe. Not even close.”


“… so I tried to cover up ooo, Glori, I tried to. But chale, Rawda just wouldn’t accept whatever I’d say. And you know her, she can be a little too sharp to detect things. Hmmmm. Sorry about that. But what did she say?”

“Oh, you know her, la. Started questioning me in that her bossy manner. ‘What is wrong with you?’ ‘Do you realize what you’re doing?’ Typical Rawda attitude.”

“Hmmmm, no surprise. As for that girl…”

It was evening, and after some takeaway food and exposure to Thomas’ knack for lewd jokes, Glori was in the bedroom, chatting with Boahemaa while she awaited him to finish watching the La Liga match. Initially, she had had the mind to lambast her friend for letting the secret slip, but it was hard to stay mad at this bosom buddy of hers.

Besides, which other person was she going to tell about the ravenous appetite of Thomas Dawson and how she had enjoyed the day’s events?

“Chale, forget am. When we were coming, she sent me some message, saying I should stop this madness, na it won’t end well. The girl dey bore roff!”

“Ah, na Rawzy too, is that how to talk? Oh. When it comes to these things diɛɛ, she doesn’t force at all.”

“Oh, Boahemaa, like I said, I’m not even going to pay her any attention. I don’t like those things.”

“That’s all! My dear, mute her kraaa. Preserve your peace. Anyways, that distraction aside, how’s the day been?”

Glori giggled as she made herself comfortable on the bed. “Crazy, B, crazy! This man is just one crazy lovemaking machine! Working me up and down this house like a vacuum cleaner. Oh God!”

“Chale, chale, chale, you dey make I dey jealous you ooo! Herh!”

“My friend, humble yourself, wai. I’m experiencing your future so I can tell you how it feels.”

“Ayooo, I’ve heard you. Tell me how it feels, please.”

Glori snickered before launching into a rather dirty description of what it felt like to get pummeled by a strong man like Thomas. Boahemaa, all ears, gasped and screeched at her friend’s dirty revelations.

“…so you’re gonna show him something tonight, eh?”

“Chale, B, stop! I was just looking at some article bi, and the ideas it has given me for tonight…”

Lying on the bed, she sat up as the door creaked open. Losing her train of thought, she smirked as Thomas entered the room. He grinned and bit his lower lip as he stared back at her, the look in his eyes indicating what he was ready for.

“Umm, B, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Got a little work to do,” she said mischievously.

“Ooooooh. The student’s about to take the test, isn’t she?”

“Gerrout! Later, boo.”

She tossed the phone aside and looked at Thomas. “Wanna play some extra time, TomTom?”

“Oh yeah, babe. 30 minutes of sweet action.”

She giggled. “Ummm… mind if I be on top?”

“Oh, be my guest, babe. As long as I get to feast on that sexy body of yours, I’m all game.”

She giggled some more as he approached her, taking his shirt off and unbuttoning his jeans.

Well, hello to a thrilling end to a thrilling Saturday! Best Saturday of my freaking life!

Well, the end of this season is up next. With the option she took, I just wonder how it’s all gonna end.

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Options n’ Upshots – OE #8

“Okay, Sammy, Denny, are you ready now? Daddy is waiting for you outisde,” Glori called as she entered the kids bedroom.

They both had their bags ready, with Denise holding her dear bear. “Yes, Sister Glori, we are coming,” she responded in her cute little voice.

Glori smiled and rubbed her on the head as she took their main bag and waited for them to move. “So, what does Grandpa have for you when you go?” she asked as their little bodies scurried out the door.

“Chocolate!” the two infants yelled gleefully.

“He said he’s giving us KitKat. And Twix,” Samuel specified, looking very pleased with himself for pointing out exactly which kinds of chocolate had been promised.

Glori laughed as she followed them. “I see. Good for you. I like chocolate, too. Especially Niche Chocolate. The one in the nice blue wrapper…”

The three of them stepped out of the house as she had a little mock argument with Samuel over whether Niche was nicer than Twix. The little boy was not having any of her remarks about the local chocolate being nicer than that of his beloved caramel goodness.

Thomas stood outside by the car, arms folded as his little boy stomped over to him, totally unamused. “Daddyyy, tell Sister Glori Twix is the best chocolate in the world! Not Nish Chocolate!”

Glori stifled a giggle at the wrong pronunciation of the chocolate.

Thomas laughed and stooped down to rub his little boy on the head. “Don’t mind her, sonny boy. We both know Twix is the best.”

“Yeahhhh!!” Samuel cheered, before turning to Glori to stick his tongue out at her.

She laughed and shook her head.

“Alright, kids. Say goodbye to Sister Glori before we leave.”

“Bye, Sister Glori!” the two chanted happily.

“Bye-bye, little ones!” Glori responded, giving each of them a hug. “I’ll see you on Monday. Have a wonderful time at your grandparents!”

As they entered the car, Thomas looked at Glori and winked, mouthing, “I’ll be back,” before getting into the car, ready to drop off the children at his parents’ place.


In her red off-one-shoulder blouse and a pencil jean skirt, Glori busied herself with YouTube videos on her phone as she waited for Thomas to return, so they could set off. Her madam had called her, and as agreed, she lied that she would be returning home for the weekend. Leticia, of course, sensed nothing suspicious, and simply told her to enjoy her ‘return home’ and come back once Thomas had returned from the Garden City.

There was a knock at the gate.

Wondering who it was, Glori got up to go and check who it was. Reaching the gate, she peeped to see who it was.

It was Thomas.

“Ah, Mr. Thomas, but why aren’t you coming in?” she asked as she opened the gate.

He smirked as he entered, then went straight for her lips.

For about a quarter of a minute, that sweet bliss of being kissed by the ‘sexiest man in the world’ overwhelmed her, as she melted in his strong hold. She let off a flurry of sighs as he switched to dirty mode, necking her while sliding a hand inside her blouse.

Just as she began to squirm from the impromptu grope, he pulled away from her, removing his hand from under her blouse as he smiled at her. “Coz I’m in a hurry to get to Kumasi and tear you apart, you sexy girl. Go get your bag, so we can move.”

Breathless, she glanced amorously at him as she walked away to get her bag, which was on the balcony.

She returned to the gate, the bag in her arm. He gently took it from her, his free arm reaching over to smack her on the butt.

“Let’s get moving, babe. The Lust-N-Thrust weekend begins!”


“Wow, Mr. Thomas, this is so new to me!” she said excitedly as they drove on the stretch of the Teacher Mante road.

He smirked as he kept his eyes on the road. “I see. You don’t travel much, eh?”

“Nope. Can’t remember the last time I went out of Accra mpo.”

“Wow. That’s interesting. So like, you’ve been in Accra your whole life? Even with the schooling?”

She nodded. “Never been outside of Accra. Maybe we had a trip or two back in the day, but that was when I was too young to remember anything.”

“I see. Well, just look at your luck! Imagine if you’d remained in that stubborn state of mind. Not only would you have missed out on some sweet action, you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see parts of Ghana you never knew existed. Aren’t you glad you gave in?”

She giggled and nodded her head, leaning back in her seat and resigning herself to enjoying the view as he returned to focusing on the road while singing along to ‘Nobody Has To Know’ by Kranium.

One of many songs on Thomas’ carefully curated Lust-N-Thrust playlist. With others like ‘Motivation’ by Kelly Rowland, ”Doin It’ by LL Cool J and ‘Magic Stick’ by 50 Cent and Lil’ Kim, the atmosphere was being set up for what would be a crazy weekend.

As she relaxed, thoughts of her family came to mind. Having mentioned their possible trips when she and her younger brother were at the toddler stage, she could now picture them. Going about their regular duties in the compound house she had known since childhood.

The house she had promised to get them out of once she became the famous bestselling author, playwright, scriptwriter and inspirational speaker she knew she was destined to be…

Glori, are you really letting this all go because of some married man? Wake up, girl!

Sista geh, would your parents be happy to see you right now?

Glori, you’ve got big dreams ahead of you! This ain’t part of it, girl! Playing sex toy to some selfish married man? Come on!

Suddenly, those voices were at it again. Hitting hard at her conscience.

She swallowed hard, trying her best to dismiss them. She attempted to hum to the song on play as the car moved along, doing her possible best to dull the sharp edge with which they cut into her mind.

Her phone then vibrated. She picked it up, and saw a text message.

From Rawda.

Glori, I don’t know why you’ve let yourself go like this, but please, stop this madness! This will not end well. I repeat, this will not end well. Please…

She sighed out loud. Dammit, this is not what I need!

“Glori. You okay, babe?” Thomas asked, noting her reaction.

She looked at him and nodded. “Yeah, yeah. Just some annoying message bi somebody sent me.”

Looking down at the phone, she shook her head and turned the screen off. This is not the time for all that self-righteous BS. Leave me alone and let me have my peace!

Nodding to herself as she looked out the window, she repeated the words to herself inwardly, feeling a bit of contentment as the reiteration seemed to dull her raging conscience.

Leave me alone and let me have my peace. Leave me alone and let me have my peace. Leave me alone and let me have my peace…

She continued until she dozed off…


“Well, here we are,” Thomas announced.

Glori opened her eyes, her slumber come to an end after dozing off around Konongo-Odumase. Peering at the building before her, she gasped in amazement.

“Oh my God, Mr. Thomas, this place looks amazing!”

“Yep. This is my luxurious mansion. Magnificent aesthetic landscape. Remote-controlled gate. Big ass garage. Four bedrooms. This is my little piece of paradise here in Oseikrom.”

“Woooow!” Glori breathed, wide-eyed at the beautiful structure before her. This house was miles ahead of the simple bungalow back in Accra. “This is incredible!”

“Mm-hm. Not a cheap house in the least. I pass by every now and then, just to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Neither Leticia nor the kids know about this place, by the way, so remember not to say anything about it to any of them.”

Glori nodded absent-mindedly, too overcome with awe to really hear his order. She had always heard about mansions like these, and to think she was going to spend the weekend in one had her in absolute awe.


She snapped out of her starstruck reverie and looked at him. “Yes?”

“I said, I’m the only one who knows about this, so don’t let it slip when we go back. This is between you and me. Nobody else should know about this place. Especially not my family.”

Glori’s look of delight lessened by a few degrees. Why would he buy such a prestigious house and keep it a secret from his family? Did he really dislike them that much?

She wasn’t in the mood for asking questions, however. This was supposed to be a weekend of fun and enjoyment, and Thomas could be quite irritable when it came to issues concerning his family. So she nodded. “Sure, Mr. Thomas. Our little secret.”

“Perfect! Now come over here, you little…”

Any thought of dissatisfaction was extinguished as he grabbed her by the waist and made contact with her lips. She giggled as his usual touchy nature came into play, his hands quickly exploring and squeezing the favourite parts of her.

“Come on, girl,” he whispered in her ear, the two of them already breathing heavily from that brief loss of self-control, “let’s get in and get busy. I got a little pink machine that’s waiting to go downstairs and… have you feeling like you’re walking on golden streets.”

“Oh, God, yes,” she moaned. “Let’s go, Mr. Thomas.”

With that, both of them swiftly opened the doors, got out and ran to the door of the house. Thomas excitedly unlocked the door, with Glori right behind him. They quickly ran in, ready to get off to a flying start. Forget about their bags and all, it was the sex that mattered at that point.

The Lust-N-Thrust weekend was well and truly underway.

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #7

Glori groaned inwardly at the unexpected onslaught. Rawda had found out about her and Thomas!

Dammit, Boahemaa! She wasn’t supposed to know about this!

“Uhh, uh, what are you talking about, Rawzy?” she lied.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Glori! I heard you and Boahemaa. Talking about how your madam’s husband has been chasing you, and you let him in to your secret garden. Glori, what are you doing? This is not right, and you know it.”

Glori rolled her eyes. Just when she had lulled her conscience to sleep and was enjoying some good stuff, Little Miss Righteous had to find out. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

“I… I dunno what you’re talking about, Rawda. Honestly, I don’t.”

“Glori, please, stop trying to lie to me. You’ve never been good at lying, and this is definitely no improvement.”

She shut her eyes in exasperation. Rawda was right; her dry attempts to deny the affair were as effective as the pleas of a deer to a starving lion.

“Look, Rawda, you wouldn’t understand…”

“Understand what? Glori, you know what is right and what is wrong. You know there’s nothing honourable in sleeping with a married man. You know it. This isn’t something to be happy about, Glori.”

“I know it’s not right, but… his body, Rawda. His body is…”

“Are you serious right now? Glori, that’s no excuse. That’s no excuse at all! I know you and Boahemaa love those macho type of guys, and there’s no problem with that, but not someone else’s husband, for goodness sake! You know I’d love to see you get your own personal hunk as a husband, but this is not it, Glori! Mr. Dawson is someone’s husband, and that someone is your boss! What if she finds out?”

“She won’t,” Glori replied simply. “We’ll keep it on the low. She’ll never find out.”

“Ei, Glori. Are you listening to yourself? Are you? Or has some spirit entered you? Ei! After the way you’re always on about how nothing under the sun will be hidden forever, now you’re saying this?”

“Look, Rawda, can you just leave me alone?” she snapped, starting to get irritated. “I’m a grown young woman, and I’ll do what I believe is best for me. It’s my business, and my business alone. If I want to let this sexy man have a piece of me, what’s your beef?”

A frustrated sigh came over the phone. “Glori, I get it. You’re defensive right now. I understand. And yes, you’re right. You are a grown woman, and your business is your business. But saying ‘I’ll do as I please’ has never been an excuse to do what is blatantly wrong, and it will never be. This is a family you’re messing up, girl. A family. Think of the children. Think of your madam. All the good things you say she’s doing for you. Is this the way you’re repaying her…”

“Chale, chale, bye bye.”

Glori ended the call and tossed the phone somewhere, totally miffed. Typical Rawda, always on hand to be as judgmental as possible. As to how Boahemaa slacked and allowed her to hear those sensitive details, she didn’t know, but she definitely was not pleased.

Forget her. Just focus on what’s ahead. Lust-N-Thrust weekend! she thought to herself, smirking as she let daydreams of Thomas doing the dirtiest things to her take over her mind.


“Yeah, so, it looks like I’ll have to take the kids to my parents for the weekend. I don’t think they’ll mind, though. Paapa said he has some KitKat and Twix for them, so I’m sure they’ll be very happy to go… haha, yeah, kids will be kids… sure, when I set off, I’ll let you know. How is Barnabas doing, by the way?… oh good, good. That’s good to hear. Tell him I wish him a speedy recovery… alright, alright, no problem. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, then… bye.”

Thomas hung up and turned to his guys, who were sitting with him at their favourite table in the drinking bar.

“Yep, that’s the madam. She’s in Sunyani now with her brother.”

“Hmmmm, abi the guy is fine now.”

“Yeah. Looks like he’s in a stable condition now. I wanted her out of my hair for a while, but not with this kind of news. At least, he should be okay.”

One of them, Marcus, drinking his bottle of Star beer, put his bottle down. “That be the most important thing, chale. So that aside, as she no dey the jurisdiction inside diɛɛ, abi you go clear the small girl tonight?”

Thomas laughed. “Guy, I drop the madam for the station naaa wey I go house go clear am.”

Marcus, Yaw and the other guy, Quayefio, cheered him on. “Ei, niggas no dey waste time!” Yaw laughed.

“Not at all, chale! She lef norr, Tom go smack the thing!” Quayefio added.

Thomas snickered. “That’s not all. As I eat finish wey I relax small naaa, I get idea. As the madam is absent, I’m taking her to Kumasi tomorrow, so we spend the weekend on some real dirty s**t. that be the weekend thing I mention to the madam. Inobi any business emergency biaa, I dey go enjoy the V!”

More cheers from the guys.

“Herh, Thomas Dawson, you be one sharp SoB, wati!” Marcus complimented him with a heavy pat on the back.

“I swear!” Quayefio pitched in. “You really be some hungry ass nigga. But I dey like it!”

“Chale, I no dey slack for this one kraaa,” Thomas boasted. “The girl be too tasty. I for do further exploration. Play with that body well well. Get her digging her nails into my back. I no dey play kraaa.”

“Ahhhhhh! You be the man! You officially turn my role model that!” Yaw said, raising his bottle. “Go for it, chale! Show am sey you be bossu for the bed top!”

“Yeah, chale. Screw am make she squeal!” Marcus added.

“No doubt, my guys. No doubt. I mean am rough. This weekend eh, no holds barred, chale. No holds barred.”


“Umm… Mr. Thomas?”

He turned as he made his way through the corridor of the house, a small mug in his hand. It was about 11:15 that evening, and he had just made a cup of Milo for his daughter, who was with her older brother in their parents’ bedroom.

He sucked his breath in as he stared at the one who had called him.

Glori, who had happily received the bag full of enticing lingerie when he arrived, was standing by the door of her room, peering slyly at him. Clad in the new bra and lace thong he had specifically picked out for her when he went shopping later that day.

“Goddamnit,” he whispered. She looked so stunning. So ready to be torn apart.

“Umm, I was wondering… you know, Madam isn’t home, and… you and me… we got a thing, and… I just thought I’d… make your night,” Glori purred, deliberately pausing every now and then to get an effect from him.

He simply stared at her for a moment, looking just about ready to drop the mug and pounce upon her. She had triggered him, no doubt.

But then, he sighed and shook his head.

“Glori, you know I wouldn’t hesitate to get into those panties and make you feel something special. You look so damn sexy, girl, you really do. But… Denise…”

Glori’s face fell. Oh, man.

How could she have forgotten?

The whole evening, the little girl had been complaining of having nightmares, and was very fussy about having to go to bed alone. She had left her in the hands of her father once he arrived, so she had not found out what the plans for the night were. She should have known Thomas would want to take care of her throughout the night.

“You know, her nightmares and all. She insisted she can’t sleep alone, so… I’m letting the two of them sleep in my room for the night.”

She nodded slowly, looking slightly disappointed but understanding. “Sure. Sure. I get it.”

He moved towards her and gently put down the mug by the door, before grabbing her chin and pressing his lips against hers. She giggled in between brief sweet kisses as he groped her virtually uncovered butt before giving it a light spank as his lips parted from hers.

“You’re still my tasty little treat, Glori. And that’s why we’re heading for Kumasi tomorrow. So I can enjoy what’s underneath that sexy thong all throughout. Just let me have my time with my babies, alright? They’ll be with my old peeps tomorrow, and I’ll have you squirming and screeching all night.”

She nodded, smirking as she moved back into her room. She blew him a kiss, to which he responded with that biting motion with his mouth before picking up the mug and walking away.

She sighed as she shut the door. Walking to her bed, she picked up her diary and began to write.

11:23 pm

So Diary, I was thinking I’d get some more of that incredible goodness from Mr. Thomas tonight. Dressed up in this sexy underwear just to trigger him and all. But… turns out he’s on daddy duty tonight. Denise has been having difficulty sleeping, so he’s taking care of her.

Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t be upset or anything. After all, it’s his children. I know. But I can’t help it. I wanted to spend the rest of the evening getting my mind blown.

Oh well, I’ll just let it go. After all, the weekend is ours, so… it’s all groovy!

Well, as expected, she resisted the words of Rawda, and she’s going ahead with this thing… smh

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #6

It was 7:10 am, and the activity in the Dawson household was slightly different from what was the usual norm.

In the light of Leticia’s urgent need to go and attend to her brother, rather than Thomas move with just the kids, it was the entire Dawson family in the car. No work for Leticia as she was off to attend to her stricken brother for the weekend.

Glori sighed as she watched her madam get into the car. The woman was still quite shaken up by the unfortunate news, and it was not nice to see her in that state. She sure hoped her brother’s condition would improve quickly; it would certainly lift the spirits of a woman she had grown to love and admire dearly.

Or claimed to love, at least.

As the car moved out of the house, Leticia rolled down the window to speak to Glori briefly. “Remember to follow the list I gave you, alright? And do those checks we talked about on Wednesday. I’ll definitely get to work on them as soon as I come back.”

“Yes, Madam. I’ll get to work on them as soon as possible.”

“Alright, take care, Glori.”

“Safe journey, Madam. And stay strong, please. It is well. He’ll be fine.”

She smiled and nodded, waving as she rolled up the window, and the car moved away.


“Alright, so the next bus leaves at 9:30. I’ll just be at the waiting area,” Leticia announced as she arrived at the car, having gone to check the available times of departure.

Thomas nodded. “Good, good. So, have a safe journey. And don’t worry too much about it; Barnabas should pull through this. He’s a fighter.”

Indeed he was. And secretly, he was another reason why walking out on the marriage straight away was not an idea Thomas was eager to carry out. Barnabas Adjei was one hell of a fierce lover; when it came to his family and anything else that mattered to him, he was all out ready to protect them and put the hurting on anyone with a detrimental plan for them.

And given how Leticia could react to certain things, it was quite unlikely she would take a divorce lightly. And word would get out to Barnabas, and all hell would break loose.

Notwithstanding all that, Thomas certainly did not want anything bad happening to his brother-in-law.

Leticia nodded, reaching out her hand, which he grabbed. “Keep yourself safe, honey. And the kids, too.”

He smiled. “Sure thing, Lit.”

She nodded and let go of his hand before walking back to the waiting area.

He watched her walk away, and shook his head. Inasmuch as he was tired of her, he couldn’t deny that it was no fun to see her like that. He had been hoping for an opportunity to have her out of the house, but obviously, in the form of a business trip or something like that. Not an emergency visit to Sunyani to see her critically ill brother.

He might not have liked her anymore, but wishing this kind of thing upon her was something he would never do.

He sighed. Oh well. Not what I had wanted. I just hope he gets better.

He readied himself to head for the office when suddenly, a thought came to mind.

He stopped, seemed to be deep in thought for a moment or two, then grinned. He then grabbed his phone and made a call.

“Hello? Yeah, Yvonne, good morning… all is well, all is well. Well, actually, not so well. My wife just had a little emergency and I need to be there for her… yeah, exactly. Till about midday, hopefully… yeah, great… oh, some medical issue bi like that, chale… great, great. So let them know what’s happened. I’ll be in by 12… alright, alright. Bye.”

Dropping the phone on the passenger seat, a mischievous grin spread across his face as the car began to move.

Time to complete what I started…


Cleaning up the last bit of dirt on the table in the middle of the living room, Glori stood upright and nodded in satisfaction. My duties done for the day.

As she walked over to the kitchen to get her breakfast, she pondered over the couple of the house.

Of course, she felt for her madam. He might not have been dead, but the news still was not a happy one to receive, and she was fervently hoping no bad news would come. Thoughts of her husband, though, had her excited. Flashbacks of them busy in the bathroom that morning, with his hand buried in her panties, doing stuff that made her eyes roll in the back of her head came to mind, and she grew giddy. He had whispered his desire to properly enter her, and at that point, she couldn’t help but wonder if it was going to happen that evening.

Suddenly, there was the sound of the door opening. 

Glori rushed to the living room to find out who it was.

It was Thomas.

He stood at the door, breathing aloud as he shut it and took his jacket off, dropping it on the floor.

The look in his eyes was beyond wild. His stance was similar to that of a wolf that had found the prey that had successfully eluded him.

She had not expected him to return home; she was expecting he’d go straight to work after dropping his wife off at the STC yard. Nonetheless, with the lustful fire in his eyes, she knew what it was he was here for.

Looks like his aforementioned desire was going to be fulfilled earlier than she thought.

He rushed over to her, and without a word, grabbed her by the waist and kissed her hungrily. She kissed him back, sparking off the wild explosion of chemistry that had been cooked up between them for a while. Fireworks of ecstasy and euphoria went off in her brain. Squirming and gasping as he kissed her body while unbuttoning and tugging apparel off, the bliss overwhelming her, she begged him, “Oh, God, don’t stop.”

“Stop? I’m just getting started!”

With those words out of his mouth, he carried an almost naked Glori in his arms, and headed straight for his room, excited to finally get into his irresistible househelp’s pants.


It was about an hour after the outburst of desire. Glori found herself in the bed where her madam lay. With her madam’s husband next to her, having experienced what her madam alone was meant to experience.

God, what an insane first time that was! Never has a soreness felt so sweet! 

She had already perceived what a hungry beast Thomas was, but the utter passion with which he had put his gadgets to use was simply mind-blowing for her. When he told her to get ready for what he had planned for her, he was not joking. What an incredible experience!

“Hey you! Feeling alright?”

The extra deep voice of Thomas made her smile, as he propped himself up and stared down at her on the bed.

“Oh God, yes, Mr. Thomas!” she responded enthusiastically. “I’m definitely feeling good. And so sore. With the way you just handled me. God, you’re such a hungry lion!”

He snickered as he kissed her forehead. “Couldn’t be anything less, with such a sexy woman like you in my sights. You, my dear Glori, are f**king sweet. In every sense of the word. You have no idea how I’ve been waiting to just tear you apart!”

She giggled as she put her hand over her mouth and looked away, shaking her head. He and his flattering ways.

“You know something?” he asked, turning her head towards him. She shook her head as she looked at him with a face that anticipated mischief.

“Well… after that incredible exploration and consumption of your deliciously sensual structure, I was thinking…”

She giggled at his use of verbosity to describe what had just happened.

“…why don’t we go outta town and enjoy ourselves some more? I’ve got a private house in Kumasi. We can go there for the weekend and just… you know, explore each other further. Leave on Friday, come back Monday morning. What do you think?”

Her eyes widened at that. “Seriously, Mr. Thomas?”

He nodded his head. “I’m dead serious, girl.”

She sat up. “But… but, what about the children? Can’t we just… make love in secret places here? Do we have to go all the way there?”

He shook his head. “Don’t worry about the kids. I can take them to my parents. I’ll just tell them I have an emergency to deal with in Kumasi. That’s not an issue. And for making love here… yeah, there’s the risk of neighbours hearing us. I only came back for you coz I know the couple next door are out and wouldn’t hear anything. Besides, I wanna have a utopia of sorts. Just you, me and nobody else. In a place where I can watch you walk around in some mad sexy babydoll and admire your devastating body, and take it off and eat you up whenever I please. That’s why.”

She simply stared at him, wide-eyed at how he had seemingly thought this whole thing through so well. As well as the fact that he wanted to see her in lingerie she didn’t even possess.

“Ummm… well, I’ll… I’ll think about it. But I don’t even have a babydoll,” she protested.

He shook his head. “Once you gimme your specs, you will by this evening.”

She looked at him doubtfully. “Seriously?”

“I’m damn serious, girl. Look, as far as I’m concerned, whatever I gotta do to have you, I will do it. You know me by now; I’m not taking no for an answer.I’m not too happy with the circumstances under which it’s happened, but the fact is, that woman’s out of the house now, and I wanna have you all to myself, and let you have me all to yourself. And having tasted what I’ve been craving for so long, you should know I’ll stop at nothing to make that a reality.”

All to myself… hmm…

That did sound enticing to Glori. For the past two weeks, she had enjoyed creeping around with him and was unashamedly hooked on his ravenous desire for her. She was loving every bit of this affair, and now that she thought about it, it sounded rather appealing.

Why don’t we just do it? After all, the madam isn’t around, and we can just get it on and come back. Just one weekend won’t hurt…

She nodded, looking up at him. “Alright, Mr. Thomas. Let’s do it. Kumasi it is for the weekend.”

“Good girl! It’s gonna be a Lust-N-Thrust weekend! Now, as a reward for that, here’s a little something I reserved for you,” Thomas said mischievously, as he lifted the covers.


“Mmmmm! Boahemaa, I owe you an apology. This Marwako food is nice papa. Ei!” Rawda exclaimed, after relishing the good taste of the takeaway her friend had ordered. They were busy feasting upon the food on the porch of Rawda’s house.

“Didn’t I tell you? You have done yourself anti-anything-but-Papaye. Now you see your life?” Boahemaa mocked as she watched her buddy’s happy expression.

“Yes please, I’ve seen my life now. It’s not good. I’ll change, wai,” Rawda responded, too busy enjoying the chicken to seek a clapback.

They went on eating when Boahemaa’s phone buzzed. She checked to see a mesaage from Glori.

Girl! Call me right now! I got something to tell you, about Mr. Thomas!

Excitement and caution immeidately gripped Boahemaa. Obviously, she wanted to know what the latest development was. But Rawda was around, and they had both agreed there was no way she ought to know about it.

“Ummmm, Rawzy, can I use your bathroom?”

“Of course, baby girl!”


As she disposed of her pack in the bin in the kitchen, Rawda headed for her room to get her phone which she had left charging.

Passing by the bathroom, she heard Boahemaa’s voice. She shook her head in amusement at her friend’s usual high-pitched voice, squealing at whatever it was she was hearing over the phone. “That girl and her antics,” she said to herself.

She was walking to her room when she suddenly heard “Ei, Glori!”

She turned and frowned. That was strange. Boahemaa talking to Glori in secret? That virtually never happened.


“Are these girls planning a surprise birthday party for me or something?” she wondered out loud, stroking her chin. She shrugged. “Might as well find out.”

She tiptoed to the door of the bathroom and began to eavesdrop.

What she heard in the next two minutes filled her with amazement and disgust.


Goodness, Diary! Mr. Thomas had me blinded with delirium this morning. He totally blew my mind! He really is a man’s man! Fire emojis, Diary. Fire emojis! Awurade Nyame!

A rather delighted Glori jotted down her emotions in her beloved journal, feeling very pleased with herself. That book and Boahemaa were the only two allowed to know about the affair.

As she got up from the seat outside, her phone rang. She picked it up.

It was Rawda.

Her eyebrow was raised. Boahemaa had mentioned that she was at her place, and had hidden in the bathroom to have that conversation.

Ah well, it could also be the usual call that either of them will make when they meet up there.

She answered. “Rawzy baby! What’s up?”

Silence greeted her.

“Uh… Rawda? Are you there?”

A sigh was her answer.

“Glori, I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

Her stomach went ablaze with tension. “What?”

“Glori, I heard you and Boahemaa! She was in my bathroom talking to you! I heard it all! You’re sleeping with a married man, Glori? A freaking married man? The man of the house you’re working in? Ei, Glori! What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you doing this to yourself?!”

Options n Upshots

Options n’ Upshots – OE #5

“Sammy! Denise! Can we get moving now?” Thomas called as he grabbed his laptop bag, waiting for his little ones to get their bags and follow him. They had quite a penchant for delaying him sometimes, and today seemed to be one of those days. As to whether it was their breakfast, or forgetting to pack the needed books for the day, he did not know. But it was usually one of the two that caused that.

“Daddy, we are coming!” Samuel responded as he put on his bag, his little sister following suit.

Thomas smiled in relief. “Great. Don’t want you to be late.”

The two rushed to stand before him as their mother emerged from the kitchen.

“Alright, have a good day in school, my dears,” Leticia said, placing a kiss on each of their foreheads before turning to Thomas and adjusting his tie before cupping his cheeks in her hands and giving him a whispered “Have a blessed day, honey”.

Thomas smiled and mouthed, “You too.”

As he walked out, he sighed at how little an effect that had on him. He really was tired of his wife. She was trying her best, he knew. She was certainly doing her part to ensure this marriage would prevail. Unfortunately, on Thomas’ part, the white flag had already been hoisted, and very little could be done to bring it down. He preferred to do what made him happy backstage while playing Mr Satisfied-With-Life.

As he opened the door for the children to get in, he saw Glori walk over to the gate to open it for him. Standing by the left side of the gate as the exit lay before his car, her eyes met his.  

He made a flirtatious biting movement with his mouth and winked. She turned away shyly.

It had been a week and a half since she had approached him and gave in to his approaches. It had been dangerous but extremely thrilling and stimulating for him. Glori was one heck of a kitten, with sexy slender curves and a sweet bust that always had him excited, and he was fully enjoying his dirty little deeds with her.

Due to his schedule, and the presence of Leticia and the kids, however, they had not yet consummated their affair, although he was fervently praying for an opportunity to pop up so he could.

As the car moved out of the compound, he gave her another wink before switching his gaze to the road. A real treat, this Glori is. Can’t wait to finally taste that p***y…


As the car sped off, Glori bit her lip and closed her eyes as she reminisced on what had gone down earlier that morning in the bathroom. 

This fling was something else.

Thomas was turning out to be one hungry man. The way he kissed and fondled her with a sweet aggression never failed to leave her astounded. It was as if the elixir to eternal youth could be found in her underwear, with the way he often jammed his hands into them to have a feel of her delicate property.

It was always intense when they met up in the bathroom, and with each passing day, Thomas maintained his high drive. But it always made Glori feel so good, so in spite of those guilt-tripping thoughts constantly hitting hard, stopping was nowhere on the agenda. It was only a matter of time until they eventually engaged in the actual thing.

“God, he’s such an animal,” she murmured to herself as she closed the gate and walked back to the house to continue with the day’s work and wait for Leticia to leave. “And I love every freaking bit of it.”


It was about fifteen minutes to the end of the lunch break for the office. As Leticia walked back to her office, her lunch bag in her hand, her assistant met her on the hallway.

“Mrs Dawson. You missed a call from Kwesi Sunyani,” Rosette informed her as she was handed her phone.

“Thanks, Rosette,” she answered as she walked into her office. That was one of the co-workers of her brother Barnabas. She looked at the number, wondering what he was calling for. She hadn’t saved his number; it was Truecaller that gave her the name.

“I wonder what the issue is. I hope Barnie is okay,” she murmured to herself as she called the number.

A rather breathless voice answered after the second ring. “Leticia! Leticia, good afternoon.”

“Yes, Kwesi, good afternoon. I missed your call. I was in the kitchen at work. What’s up?”

“Hmmm… Leticia, I wish I could say all is well, but… it’s Barnabas.”

Leticia, who was now in her seat, froze. Kwesi’s wobbly and anxiety-filled tone of voice was not one that had glad tidings accompanying it. “Wh-wh-why? Wh-wh-what’s wrong with him?”

Kwesi sighed over the phone. “Umm, so… I’m at the hospital right now. And… Barnie is not in good shape at all…”


It was about 4:45 pm when the familiar horn of Leticia’s Hyndai Tucson could be heard at the gate. Glori, who was in the dining room, watching on as the little ones were happily seated in front of the television watching Dora the Explorer, was surprised to hear the horn. Her madam usually got home around 5:30.

She went outside to be sure if it wasn’t just her ears being too sharp. Indeed, there was a car outside the gate. She opened it, and sure enough, it was Leticia who drove in.

And her facial expression was not exactly a happy one.

Glori approached the car and peered at the mirror. Leticia looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“Madam, is something wrong?” she asked nervously.

Leticia looked at her and put her hand on her forehead. “Oh, God, I did not need to get this kind of news. I really, really didn’t. Heiii!”

“What’s wrong, Madam? What news?”

Leticia shook her head, remained silent for a minute, then blurted out. “I got a call from Sunyani this afternoon. My brother Barnabas… he suffered a nasty stroke this afternoon.”

Glori put her hands over her mouth. “Oh my God!”

“They say he’s in critical condition right now, and I’m just so scared. I dunno what to do right now. What if he dies? God, I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I lost my little brother…”

“It’s alright, Madam, it’s alright! Calm down,” Glori shushed, opening the door and grabbing Leticia’s hands as the older lady’s voice picked up in pitch. Four months had taught her one thing: when it came to life-and-death issues, Leticia did not fare very well.

“I’m terrified, Glori, I’m terrified. I’m so terrified,” Leticia whimpered.

“Madam, please, don’t lose hope already,” I pleaded as I helped her wipe her tears. “I don’t know how bad it is, but once he’s not gone, there’s still hope. Don’t give in so easily. Our God is a Healer.”

It took a few more minutes of encouragement to get Leticia calmed down, as Glori reminded her that the little ones wouldn’t be too happy to see their mother as upset as she was.

“Take it easy, Madam,” she continued to reassure her stricken mistress as she took her bag and led her into the house. “Let’s just pray for the best.”


Later that night, Glori made the day’s entry into her diary.

So, it obviously wasn’t too pleasant a day, with the way Madam Leticia got hit with that bad news about her brother. I sure hope he recovers.

Anyways, I overheard her and Mr. Thomas talking earlier tonight. Turns out that there’s no other relative around who can be by his side but her. And given how close they are, it only means one thing.

She has to go out of town to care for him.

Yep, so tomorrow morning, she’s off to Sunyani to tend to him. From what she said, she’ll probably be there till Monday.

Well, this was not what I expected. And I can’t help but feel divided. Obviously, I’m not happy that her brother’s in a bad state, and I sure hope he gets better.

But at the same time, if she’s out of the house… Diary, Mr. Thomas is gonna come for me and do the do with me. And damn, I feel kinda tingly and excited thinking about it. If how he’s been fingering and fondling me is anything to go by, then oh my God, he’s gonna damage me once she’s gone.

Well, it’s a pretty divided feeling, but, not much I can do. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. And let’s hope, above all things, that Madam Leticia’s brother recovers. That’s more important.

Ummmm… this is not good. Not just on Leticia’s part, but the door’s wide open for major fooling to take place. Hmmmm, well…