A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 12: Case Closed

The day of reckoning had arrived.

The day the Court of Appeal was finally going to give judgment on the matter between Sampson Addai and Naa Adjeley Anang.

As Adjeley stirred, stretched and lifted herself from the bed, a brief burning feeling of anxiety rose up in her stomach. This was it.

Would the appeal be granted, or would it be thrown out?

She sat on the bed, closing her eyes in a silent prayer as she asked God to confirm the victory he had given her in the circuit court.

As she whispered ‘Amen’, the door knocked.

“Naa? Awake yet?”

“Yeah, Rachie! Come in.”

Her sister entered the room, her lively movements typical of an early morning person. “Good morning, sissy. Ready for today?”

Adjeley sighed in reply. “I guess. I just feel so… nervous. Like that kind of exam morning nervousness.”

“I understand, sissy. And chale, how I used to hate that feeling back in school! Your stomach will be doing you someway saaa till the paper starts!”

The sisters laughed at that. Then Rachelyn softly added, “But… I know this will go your way. Let’s be confident. That slimeball won’t have the last laugh.” She grabbed Adjeley’s hand as she finished that sentence.

Adjeley smiled and nodded. “Sure. We will prevail.”

“Good. I’m gonna go get ready now. Kirah said she’s getting ready too. Spoke to her not too long ago. Let’s go and see that useless appeal get kicked out!”


“Hey Dzaddy!”

Sampson smirked at the sound of the title he loved to hear. He always considered it to be a testimony to his devastating bed skills, and it made him feel very good, no matter who it came from.

“Hey sexy,” he responded as he buttoned his shirt, walking over to give the naked young girl on his bed a kiss on the lips. “Had a good sleep?”

She nodded. “Sweetest sleep. After that incredible ride last night.”

“Mmmm… well, you was one hell of a cowgirl last night, that’s for sure. Had the time of my life! Dang!”

She giggled. “Anything for you, Dzaddyyyy! Will I get that money for the bags I was telling you about, by the way?”

“Of course, Shelly! Don’t worry about that. I’ll send it.”

Lydia had given birth to a lovely baby boy about a week earlier, and had gone to stay with her mother for that period of time. As a result, the man was all alone in his house, and he wasted no time at all in bringing his new side chick to share the bed with. He needed his satisfaction, after all.

He had witnessed the birth of little Samuel, and was absolutely delighted. Indeed, children are a gift from the Lord, and this was undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts he had ever received. He had visited him and Lydia during the weekend, and words couldn’t express how happy he was to be a father. Once he was back home, though, the need to satisfy his urge came rushing, and Shelly was more than happy to help him quench his thirst.

She had no idea about the trial, and in Sampson’s opinion, there was no need to inform her. After all, she knew nothing about his relationship with Adjeley, and it would be pointless to tell her stuff she had no interest in.

“Going to work?” she asked.

He nodded. “As always, Shelly.”

“Well, I hope you have a good day.”

“Oh, I will, honey. No two ways about that!”


The premises of the Supreme Court building was abuzz with activity. Lawyers clad in their regular gowns walked and chatted, litigants followed, court workers bustled up and down the halls. Just another day for all these people as they carried out their required tasks in the regular administration of justice.

It was 8:45 am as the trio took a brief walk around the compound. Since sitting was to start at 9 am, the ladies were given 5 minutes to briefly move about. They came to stand in front of the ‘Martyrs of the Rule of Law’ bust, where the busts of the three judges were situated.

“Hmmmm. The wickedness of man. Taking out these poor judges for doing their job,” Rachelyn murmured.

“Yeah. Heartbreaking when you really think about it,” Adjeley said.

“What saddens me the most is how the lady judge was taken. Pulled away from her baby. Dear Lord Jesus!” Kirah added, shaking her head sadly.

The ladies stared solemnly at the busts, deep in thought, when the sound of a car came through the gate. They turned their heads to look briefly.

It was Sampson. Looking as relaxed as possible, an air of arrogance about him even as he drove to the car park.

Rachelyn took a deep breath. The sight of him looking all cool and groovy was pretty sickening to her. “Unrepentant bastard. Damn, I’m gonna be so pleased when he loses this,” she murmured under her breath.

“Well, let’s just trust God that it will be dismissed,” Adjeley said, grabbing her sister’s hand and squeezing it slightly. “Come on, let’s go and get seated now.”


“Sampson Owuraku Addai!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

“…versus Naa Adjeley Anang!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

As the presiding judge of the panel noted their presence, she called for their representation. Their lawyers duly responded.

Adjeley stood there, refusing to look in Sampson’s direction. She knew it would be nothing but evil glares and unspoken curses flying in either direction. She did not need that. She just wanted to hear what the Court of Appeal had to say.

The clerk signalled for them to take their seats as the judge took out the paper on which the judgment had been printed.

Tension. Confidence. Hope. Both parties in this case felt the same range of emotions as Her Ladyship Ama Frema Boateng began to read the ruling of the court.

As always, they began with the facts of the case. Given the fact that this time around, the judgment was being read in open court, the details of Sampson’s acts of infidelity were slightly toned down. The issue of him getting Lydia pregnant, however, was clearly captured in there.

She noted the argument of the appellant, insisting that their cohabitation amounted to marriage. This was quickly shot down, as it was stated how this had no backing in law.

Then she got to the major alternative arguments put forward by Mr. Binang. This was what they really wanted to hear.

Reading the panel’s opinion on the point that Adjeley’s failure to sue the first time amounted to a waiver of her rights, Justice Frema Boateng stated clearly that with each postponement came the promise of a new date. Thus, that argument was not strong enough to convince them.

To the next point concerning the second line of argument, the opinion was slightly more damning. Without resorting to bashing him for his promiscuity, the panel made it clear it was ‘humbug’ for him to attempt to absolve himself of blame for the breach, considering the conduct he had involved in.

At this point, the look on Sampson’s face had grown dark and unhappy. Rachelyn and Kirah were nodding their heads in satisfaction.

“I hereby see no merit in these contentions, and accordingly dismiss the appeal and affirm the judgment of the trial circuit court.”

Those final words brought a sigh of relief to Adjeley. Her girls patted her joyfully on the knees, keeping their glee under control. “It’s done, sissy, it’s done,” Rachelyn whispered.

As the lawyers gave their custom speech at the end of a judgment, Sampson’s eyes were shut. He could not believe what had just happened.

He had lost the appeal.


Sampson appeared from the entrance, his facial expression darker than the clouds overhead. He glared at the trio walking towards their car. He had walked out of the courtroom without waiting for his lawyer. To say he was disappointed and furious was definitely an understatement. He had been so convinced those arguments would work, and to hear them being dismissed as unmeritorious… it stunned him. Now all his anger was set on the one who started it all.

“You’re gonna regret this, Adjeley!” he yelled. “I swear to God, you’ll regret this. You think it’s over, eh? You are a big joker…”

“Ignore that piece of s**t, sis,” Rachelyn muttered as they continued moving to the car. “He can shout all he wants.”

“Yeah, let him rant like a mad man all he wants. You don’t owe him anything,” Kirah added, taking the car key and pressing the unlock button.

As they entered the car and took their seats, Rachelyn taking the driver’s seat, Sampson brushed past  a few people as he charged towards the car.

Rachelyn looked in the rear view mirror and scowled as she saw him coming for them. “Oh no, he will not!”

“Rachie, wait…” Adjeley started.

It was too late. Rachelyn opened the door and stepped out of the vehicle, her expression as steel as heck as she faced the oncoming Sampson.

“Hey! Massa, if you know what is good for you, you will advise yourself and turn back. There’s nothing you have to tell my sister. You lost. Case closed. End of story! Now go back to your precious little baby mama and all those side chicks you like to share that man-stick with!”

“Look here, little girl!” Sampson snarled, his finger in her face. “You better watch your tone when you speak to me!”

“Will you get your filthy little finger out of my face, you shameless slut!”

“Hey! Listen to me! Don’t make me lose my temper and do something I’ll regret!”

“Regret? Do you know what regret is? You that’s always prostituting that disease-infested prick in between your legs, do you know what regret is? F*** outta here!”



The security men around, along with Mr. Binang, rushed in just as the shout-down between the two threatened to get ugly. As Mr. Binang and one other guard pulled Sampson away from the car, the other ones ordered Rachelyn to get into the car and drive off.

She silently obeyed, getting in and switching on the engine, before moving the car out, without a word to the two in the car.

Behind them was a raging Sampson Addai, refusing to calm down despite being restrained by the security guards. Refusing to listen to his lawyer.

Too furious to accept the cold hard fact that, he had lost.


Parked in the underground parking lot of the Osu Mall, Rachelyn turned the engine off. From the Supreme Court to their current location, it had been nothing but silence. Not a single word was uttered throughout the short trip.

Sighing, she turned to her sister. “Naa, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have gone haywire like that. It’s just… the sight of him rushing to the car, after all he’s done to you… I couldn’t take it.”

Tear stains on her face, Adjeley reached over and hugged her sister. “I understand, baby girl. And I forgive you.”

“You know your lawyer friend is gonna put you on blast, right?” Kirah asked from the back seat.

Rachelyn winced as she thought of it. “Yeah. Maame Ama’s not gonna be happy. I have a feeling she’s the one who was calling as we got here.” Picking up her phone, she grimaced as she looked at the screen. “Thought as much. Lemme step out and get my blastings.” She opened the door and got out as she made the call.

Adjeley sighed and leaned her head against the headrest.

“How you feeling, honey?” Kirah asked.

Her eyes shut, she exhaled. “I dunno. Feels… bittersweet, I guess. I mean, I’m relieved that the appeal didn’t work. It’s just… it doesn’t change the fact that… I wasted all those years with him. Not seeing the writing on the wall. And the pain of being taken for a fool… it still lingers… I’m still so hurt, KiKi…”

“Take it easy, babe,” Kirah comforted, holding her hand. “I think we both know the court wasn’t gonna deal with the hurt inside. You got your due for his failure to keep to his promise. But for the emotional part, take time and focus on getting healed. You need it. You deserve it.”

Adjeley sighed again as she nodded. “Yeah, yeah. I need to heal. I really need to.”

“Especially with regards to Sampson and that snake of a baby mama,” Kirah added. “I know how damaged you feel. To have that girl smile in your face and stab you in the back afterwards. For Sampson to be such a disgraceful man. I know. You have a logical reason to harbour a grudge against them. But… it’s not worth it. You need to purge that out.”

Adjeley nodded. She definitely needed to do that. She still wished the worst upon her ex and Lydia, and as much as it felt satisfying to despise them, she knew that was no good for her spirit.

“I will, Kiki. They’ve had their payment given them. No need to keep them locked in my heart. I’m the only one who will suffer, and this whole court issue would seem a total waste. I’ll work on it, I promise.”

Kirah nodded happily. “Great! Thank God! There’s a new chapter of life to start. Time to make it count. You’re starting the new job at the private school, right?”

“Yep. Next week Monday.”

Rachelyn, having ended the call with Maame Ama, peered into the car. “Soooo… I got grilled big time by the learned one. I apologized. And she said that bastard left the court in a rage, raining all kinds of curses on you, among other things. But as it stands, case is closed.”

“That’s all,” Kirah replied in approval. “He should accept the defeat like that. Can’t be wasting our time with another appeal. Anyways, now that we’re here, Shoprite, anyone? I haven’t had their fried chicken in a while.”

Adjeley shrugged. “Sure, why not? We can get some drinks and other munchies and… I dunno, celebrate the win, I guess?”

“Grand idea, sissy!” Rachelyn cheered. “Let’s do it!”

As the two stepped out of the car, she turned to Kirah. “Kirah, you know I love you so much. So that’s why I am begging you right now. Pleeeeeeease, do not go hitting on anyone in the shop!”

Kirah looked at her innocently. “But what’s wrong with that? I wanna find my Eugene, you know. I wanna experience that weak-in-the-knees feeling you always get when you see him.”

Rachelyn sighed as Kirah passed by her, a wicked grin on her face. “On second thought, I don’t like you that much.”

Adjeley laughed as she followed the two of them. Feeling the tension in her dissuade, she thought of Kirah’s earlier words and nodded to herself.

Indeed, it’s a new chapter. I’ve learned from my mistakes. Been through the fire, the hurt and the disappointment. Now it’s time to be better, do better and live better. Dunno what’s ahead of me, but… I’ll just trust God and move ahead. It can only get better from here onwards…

So it ended in rage for Sampson. Oh well. Too bad for him. I doubt y’all wanted him to win anyways.

This is the end of ‘A Fitting Solatium’, y’all! I believe you all enjoyed this journey. Another display of crazy characters mirroring life as we know it…

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