A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 9: Indignities At Their Zenith

In the office of His Honour Ebenezer Adjei of the Circuit Court, before his desk, sat two learned lawyers by name Maame Ama Owusu and Anthony Binang. On a couch nearby sat Naa Adjeley Anang and Sampson Addai.

The demeanour of the two lawyers were straight and professional as always. That of their clients? Not so much.

Neither party was happy to be seated next to the other. Adjeley obviously couldn’t stand the sight of the man she once believed she’d spend the rest of her life with, and Sampson was still fuming at the fact that she had brought this lawsuit against him.

That day he received it, he had flown into an absolute rage, calling her to let out the avalanche of sickened surprise. She had barely responded in like manner, surprisingly, choosing rather to snort and say, “I’ll see you in court.” Initially adamant that he would not respond, Ayman advised against it and offered to link him up with his lawyer friend, to which he agreed.

It had been a few weeks since, and the case had already commenced, with both parties putting in their pleadings and witness statements. The trial had begun a few weeks back, with Adjeley and all her witnesses having tendered their statements and gone through the cross-examination process. Mr. Binang’s line of questioning had come across as unfriendly and harsh to her, especially in her case, where he seemed to be shifting the blame on her for the collapse of the wedding plans, but Maame Ama had calmed her down afterwards, reminding her that her learned colleague was ‘just doing his job’.

Now it was time for the defence to open their case, with Sampson’s pleadings and witness statements debunking the averment that he had breached the promise to marry her.

As he took the stand, holding the Bible and swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Sampson was still boiling inside. He knew exactly what he was going to do.

Tell the court exactly what he wanted it to hear. Including his numerous escapades.

Just to drive a dagger through Adjeley’s heart and make her feel less of a woman.

Even if it wasn’t relevant to the facts in issue, he’d fit them in there somewhere. If she was going this far, well… two could play at that game.


“I am suggesting to you, Mr. Addai, that the ceremony that took place on the 5th of April 2015 amounted to nothing more than an engagement, and as such, you two are not legally married.”

Sampson gave the lawyer a deadpan look, waiting as the judge wrote down the question, then turned away. With the line of questioning so far, Adjeley’s lawyer was choosing to focus solely on the issue in controversy. So his little plan to say something defamatory about his ex had not popped up yet, as expected.

But with this question, he was ready to delve into action.

“It was,” he asserted. “The fact that we remained under the same roof for three years is proof of this. And in any case, this whole cheating issue she’s brought, I’ll be honest, I have no regrets about. None.”

“Mr. Addai, please let’s stick to the facts in issue,” Maame Ama bluntly responded.

Sampson ignored her and looked in Adjeley’s direction. “Massa, if you must know eh, I enjoy Lydia’s breasts papa! I really enjoy it. And the others too make me happy in their own special way. Now that we’re here, I’ll be straight with you: there was Lydia, Esther, Asieduwaa, Melody, Janet…”

“Mr. Addai, please be silent!” the judge ordered sternly, fed up with his shenanigans.

“No, Your Honour, this woman is not serious. Simple thing that we can settle outside, she has brought it here. Where is the sense in that?” he protested.

“MR. ADDAI!” the judge warned, his voice considerably louder. “Silent!”

Sampson wanted to go even further, but the annoyed look on the judge’s face had him deciding to do otherwise.

“Mr. Binang, please advise your client to conduct himself appropriately! This is a court room, not a TV reality show!”

He looked in Adjeley’s direction briefly.

She stared back at him, looking as unmoved as could be.


“Well, good to know I dodged such a whorish bullet like yourself,” Adjeley murmured snidely as they both walked out of the courthouse. If her taunt was anything to go by, his answers and confessions during cross-examination – most of which were deemed irrelevant to the facts in issue by the judge – had either cut her hard and she chose to use sarcasm as a cover up, or she was not impressed at all.

Either way, he was pretty reviled at her jibe.

“You shut up, Adjeley,” he shot back. “I don’t have anything to say to you. All I know is that you’re gonna regret this. Taking me to court over this bulls**t? Oh, I promise, you’ve bitten too much off, woman.”

“Ha! The only thing I regret is not realizing I should have left your cheating ass years ago! Made me a freaking housewife while you scampered off, chasing after every female you could think of.”

“Ugh, why am I even dignifying you with my attention? Get away from me!”

“Bye, slut!” she hissed as he walked away. He gave her a final glare as he stomped off, muttering unintelligible insults on the way to his car.

Watching him with a look of disgust, her eyes travelled to where his Acura was parked. She took note of the person who stood by the car. A young, busty lady with a protruding belly.


Her eyes and Lydia’s met briefly. The expectant mother quickly turned her face within a microsecond, trying to pretend she hadn’t seen the one she once happily crowned with the title ‘Sister’.

It had been months since Adjeley left Koly Estates, and ever since that day Lydia indirectly informed her of her pregnancy by Sampson, the two had not spoken. As to whether she was unrepentant or too ashamed to approach her, she had no idea.

And the truth was, she didn’t care. The disgust was too much to even want to hear from her.

Now she thought back to all the times Lydia had been so sweet and caring, and it all seemed so plastic and acted out. She had just been faking the love and concern. There was not an iota of decency in that girl’s body, as far as Adjeley was concerned. Considering how she smiled in her face while going behind her back to have sex with Sampson, as well as lying to her, there was no other conclusion.

Indeed, if ever there was an occasion to drive home the reality that not everyone who smiles with you is your friend, it had to be this.

“So much for being a sweetheart,” she scoffed to herself as she turned away and walked back to the court to see Maame Ama. “Fake little bitch.”


“Well, that was some pretty low blows your ex decided to go for,” Maame Ama commented as she walked with Adjeley, who had joined her back in the courtroom.

“It was pathetic. So, so pathetic. Ugh. He’s lucky the court doesn’t deal with emotions. He should have been thrown out straight away after making those claims. The guy doesn’t have a good defence. Talking about we already being married.”

Maame Ama chuckled at that. “Hmm! His knowledge of your culture is pathetic. Honestly. I’ve read on how you Gas do your weddings, and listening to all he was saying… it’s a far cry from the real deal.”

Adjeley shook her head. “Let me not waste my time thinking about it mpo. It’s laughable kraaa.”

“Mm-hm. Well, Adjeley, I have to get moving to another court. Slightly outside of Accra.”

“No problem, Counsel. I’ll talk to you later.”


“All I’m saying is, you didn’t need to include all that in the cross-examination…”

“Well, I did, and I have no qualms about it,” Sampson responded flatly to his lawyer, his eyes fixed on the road as he drove to the hospital.

A sigh followed. “Sampson, please, keep the feelings toned down a bit. I get that you’re pissed about her bringing this suit. I really do. But please keep it in check. Remember the judge is a human, and he could take all this into consideration. Do you want to lose the case because you blew up in court?”

“No,” Sampson admitted.

“Good. So please, take it easy. And when we return for the continuation of the cross-examination, apologize to the court. I believe this could go our way, but don’t let it fall to the ground with your emotions. Else you have nobody but yourself to blame.”

“Hmph,” Sampson grunted, muttering a promise to call him back later before hanging up and concentrating on the road.

In the passenger seat sat Lydia, unwilling to ask further questions. She had already enquired how proceedings went and was answered with a wry “Fine”. Silence thus reigned in the car on the way.

Arriving there about twenty minutes after speaking with Mr. Binang, as he parked the car, he looked at Lydia, who was still mute, keeping to herself throughout the journey. He noted her slightly unhappy look and immediately felt bad about the unpleasant manner in which he answered her question. At this stage, she certainly didn’t deserve that.

“Babe? I’m sorry,” he said gently, reaching over to squeeze her left thigh.

She flinched a bit, but then allowed his touch to drive away the moody disposition, as she smiled lightly at him and nodded her head. “It’s alright, Sammy. I know it’s tough for you.”

“It certainly is. The way things went today was pretty vexatious, and I’m sure you saw the brief exchange between me and her. But, for now, let’s forget about all that. I have a sexy baby mama and a beautiful upcoming baby to think about. Nothing else matters.”

That little giggle returned. It was never easy resisting the allure Sampson possessed. He just had a way of making her susceptible to his will, no matter how hard she resisted it.

“Come on,” he said as he unbuckled his seat belt and reached to do same to hers. “Let’s go check on our child. Gotta make sure my little one is healthy and strong.”

Well, the animosity between the two is very apparent. As to who will win the case, we’re yet to find out…

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