A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 8: Fa Ma Nyame

For the benefit of the non-Ghanaian reader, the title for today’s chapter is Twi for ‘give it to God’.

“Hello Rachelyn!”

“Heyyyy, babes!” Rachelyn responded as she embraced her good friend, Maama Ama Owusu. She had brought Adjeley to Lincoln Chambers, where her former university hostel mate was employed as an associate. Still reeling from the pain of discovering Sampson’s philandering ways, she was firm in her decision that he should be dealt with in the courts for wasting her time.

“Looking good, aren’t you? I can see you’ve been enjoying life paaa,” Maame Ama teased.

“Oh please,” Rachelyn retorted playfully. “You that your IG page is full of your trips to Bali and Santorini. Please, I’m not on your level kraaaa. Ask Adjeley when was the last time I travelled to Ada mpo!”

“Herh, Rachie! So the group distin you went for during the Easter is in Kotobabi?”

Rachelyn paused for a moment, then grinned sheepishly. She and her work group had recently spent the festivities at Aqua Safari Resort. “Oh, yeah. I forgot that one.”

“You see your life?”

The two laughed while Adjeley, who was already seated, gave a small smile.

“Yeah, so, um, I’ll be outside, while you attend to your new client. I’m still charged like it’s me he cheated on. If I hear it again, chale…”

Maame Ama shook her head, grinning. “You and your fiery self. No problem.”

As Rachelyn exited her lawyer friend’s office, Maame Ama turned to Adjeley. “So, you can talk to me now. I’m listening.”


“… and then I discovered that he had been sleeping with the girl next door. As I speak to you right now, she’s pregnant for him. And on top of that, a sex tape of him and another girl was revealed. Madam Lawyer, I put my life on hold for this man, at his request, only for him to put me on the shelf and go around having sex with stupid little girls. It makes me sick to my stomach. There should be some legal action that can be taken against him, right?”

Maame Ama sat across the table, eyebrows furrowed as she listened to the story Adjeley had just told her. A very unpleasant story, no doubt.

“Hmmm, well, I’m really sorry to hear this. Nothing’s worse than finding out your man is a cheat. But this is something else. No shame whatsoever.”

“Oh, Counsel. None oo. None. I mean, I feel so disrespected. Our neighbour ooo, some young girl bi. Always calling me Sister Adjeley like some good innocent girl bi. But she was happily getting humped by him. Honestly, I just want to have him dealt with by the law. I don’t want to just ‘let it go’, with all I’ve been through.”

Maame Ama nodded. “Hmmmmm. So it was just the engagement you guys did?”

“Just the engagement. About three years ago. We did it according to our customs. So there was the presentation of drinks and money to my family, he gave me a ring and a Bible…”

“I see. So basically, the plan was for the marriage to be one under the ordinance? As in, the church kind?”

“Yes, exactly. That was the plan.”

“And for the past few years, there’s been postponements?”

“Four solid times!”

Maame Ama leaned back in her chair, deep in thought. “Well, this sounds like a breach of promise to marry. You can bring an action against him. I’ll need to do my little research to see how much of a case we have. I must let you know, though, that litigation isn’t a pretty thing. Time, money, emotions… it can be quite a roller coaster. If you still want to go ahead with it, though, your plan is my command.”

Adjeley took a deep breath. “Trust me, Counsel. I’m fully convinced about this. I prefer he be dealt with by the courts. Nothing less than that.”

“No problem, Ms. Anang. Let me get to the books, and we’ll see where we go from there.”


“Ei, Naa Adjeley, what is wrong with you? So because of this, you’ve not only left him, but you’re taking him to court as well. Kw3! Are you okay?”

“I’m shocked ooo, my sister. Adjeley, please, the path you are treading on is not good at all. This is a wealthy man who is taking good care of you. Why do you want to throw it all away? Because he is cheating? Look, men will be men ooo. Cheating, it’s in their DNA. As long as they come back home to you, that’s what matters.”

“Thank you! In any case, you are getting old ooo. Do you know the number of women who would want to be in your shoes right now? Please, you are very lucky to have a man like Sampson prepared to marry you. If you let him go, you’ll suffer to get another man willing to marry you.”

Adjeley shut her eyes and swallowed hard, fighting to restrain the ferocious retorts ready to burst forth from her voice box.

A few days had passed after she had gone to see Maame Ama, and word had somehow gotten through to her aunties, who had called for an urgent meeting with her. Accompanied by Rachelyn, who had sat outside as the aunties wanted to speak to her alone, she had come to realize that they were only interested in rebuking her and getting her to change her mind.

Infuriated was an understatement to describe her mood at that moment.

They didn’t even seem to be bothered about hearing of his escapades. She had tried to tell them about Lydia’s pregnancy, as well as the sex tape with that other girl. They cut her off each time, insisting she listen to their wisdom. Their ‘wisdom’ clearly had no criticism whatsoever of the promiscuous fiancé she had. It rather fixated on the things she would miss out on if she chose to end the relationship.

And she was nowhere near amused.

“Listen. Please, call that lawyer. Cancel your plans for that whatever whatever you intend to do. Go back to Sampson and reconcile with him. That’s the best thing to do. As for the cheating, give it to God and endure. Do you understand?”

Adjeley raised her eyes from the floor to her aunties, the fury evident. “No,” she muttered in a low but firm voice.


“I said no! I will not do that! I am not getting back together with that man! It’s over!”

Aunties Sweetie and Joyce gasped in horror at her answer.

“Eeei! Adjeley! So after everything we’ve said, you don’t want to listen? Kw3, Awula…” Auntie Sweetie asked.

“Hmm. This young people today. Most disrespectful generation to ever walk upon the face of this earth. They don’t listen to wisdom. We are telling you the right thing to do, and you’re throwing it back in our faces?” Auntie Joyce demanded.

“They don’t ooo. Not a shred of respect. Look, what you are going through, do you think you are the only one? For all you know, you might be the reason why he’s going out and sleeping with different girls. Have you bothered to look at yourself and find out if you might be the cause?”

If their words had been grinding her nerves for the entire period she had sat in their living room and listened to them, that suggestion was the last straw.

“Tell her! Maybe you’re not cooking well. Or you don’t respect him…”

She sprung to her feet and barked at them, “I AM NOT THE REASON HE’S A MAN-WHORE!”

Her aunties, stunned by her sudden fiery outburst, sat back in amazement, hushed to silence.

“Aunties, with the greatest of respects, I am not going to allow you to insult me. For three good years, I have been more like a wife to this man. I have faithfully served him, loved on him, treated him like a king. All under the illusion that he was going to be a real husband to me. A husband that would respect me, cherish me and make me the only woman in his life. I am not the cause of him cheating, and I can’t believe that you’re actually putting the blame on me!

“This Sampson guy has not shown me the least bit of respect. Getting our next door neighbour pregnant. Doing sex tapes with girls. You think that’s something I should run back to? You’re not even thinking about the kind of diseases he can come and inflict upon me. You don’t care about my well-being at all! You’re just thinking about me getting married at all costs. Well, you better understand that I won’t prioritize a crap marriage over being single and at peace!

“As for the court thing, listen, I deserve some restitution. I’ve had three years of my life wasted, playing little Miss Serviette to a man who has showed no regard whatsoever for my feelings, and I need to get some form of restoration. You should be thankful I’m not out there smashing his car windows and burning his clothes, coz he sure as hell deserves that!

“So no, Aunties. I won’t listen to you. I’m not gonna accept that all men cheat and I should get used to it. That is a silly and insulting point of view that needs to die a quick death. I am not gonna call off this court case; I will go ahead with it and ensure I get my due. I am not gonna take this advice. This advice is toxic. This advice is misogynistic. I reject it, and I will proceed as already decided. Good day!”

She grabbed her bag on the chair and headed straight for the door. As she opened it, she turned to them and added, “Oh yeah, and no, I’m not gonna give it to God. I am so tired of this ridiculous religious Ghanaian mentality that encourages us to be nothing but dumb doormats!”

She exited and shut the door behind her.


“Chale, brutal paa oo!” Rachelyn commented as she joined her older sister in the car. “Even by my standards, that was pretty heated.”

Adjeley shook her head. “I should’ve known it wouldn’t end well. Those two are always in people’s affairs, giving out unsolicited advice.”

“Don’t mind them. It was the last part that annoyed me the most. Ah, look at all you’ve done for him. And they have the nerve to shift the blame on you. Claiming you don’t respect him. Ei, so as for him, he is blameless? Everything is your fault?”

“Look, forget about them, Rachie. I’m not following that. Papa and Maa have not objected to what I’ve started. They are lucky Papa doesn’t know. Like what he’ll do to them. We’re going on with this thing. Maame Ama called me on the way and said we have a case, so I’m sure he’ll be getting the writ soon. I’m not letting this thing go just like that. No way.”


Sampson squinted at the laptop screen as he typed out a response to an e-mail concerning the supply of new vans. He sighed and rubbed his face, shaking his head as he did so. Attention was a hard thing to keep, what with all the issues ongoing.

He had gone to the main Anang household to plead for forgiveness. Adjeley’s parents, as you would expect, were extremely unhappy about his actions, and did not waste time letting him know same. They however left the final decision to Adjeley herself.

Of course, that did not go well for him, as she did not want to even look at him. She would not come back to their comfortable abode in Koly Estates. She didn’t want to go ahead with the 21st August plan. She was done with him.

It was frustrating. He had cursed the universe time without count for pulling out the rug from under him and subjecting him to the most embarrassing expose ever. As to how three of his escapades from his various playthings popped up to her knowledge on the same day was simply beyond him.

Of course, she wasn’t the only one who had walked out. Esther had blocked him. He had confronted Melody over the leakage of their sex tape, to which she tearfully informed him that a jealous ‘friend with benefits’ who thought he was her man, found it and decided to leak it to humiliate her. He ended their fling there and then.

Lydia, however, was still around.

They had had a major heated argument after Adjeley left, but tempers cooled after a while. The decision to abort was one they just couldn’t bring themselves to do, so she stuck around. Her family had been made aware, and were demanding the ‘kwaseabuo‘ money for impregnating their child.

Clearly, there was a lot of pressure on his head.

As he thought of words to put in his reply to sound as professional as possible, Ayman entered the office. He looked up in annoyance.

He hadn’t told him about the discoveries, but he knew Ayman had found out. And he knew he was eventually going to give him the ‘I told you so’ lecture, and it irritated the daylight out of him.

He held a paper in his hand as he approached Sampson’s desk. Without a word, he tossed it in front of him and gave him a glance.

A glance which, interpreted into words, screamed out, “I warned you, didn’t I?”

As expected, Sampson was not amused by that glance. He glared at Ayman as he walked out, then turned to the paper that had been placed on his desk.

He squinted, then grabbed it and took a closer look.

Skimming through the contents quickly, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The workers outside his office, except for Ayman, all flinched as a gargantuan roar of a cuss ripped through the air from his open door.

“WHAT THE F***!”

Sampson has been served!! This is definitely not going to make things smooth between the two of them. Get ready to see lovers turn into enemies…

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