A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 7: When It Rains, It Pours

Wiping away the tears as she drove, there was only one thing on Adjeley’s mind: to get out of that house and never return.

God, how did I end up in this? Wasted all these years with this… this disgusting, inconsiderate, heartless cheat, she fumed at herself as she moved faster than usual on the road, which was uncharacteristically free, although with midday coming up, that wouldn’t be the case for too long.

Her phone rang just as she stopped at a red light. Picking up the phone, she sighed in relief. She thought it would be Sampson, and she definitely had no intention of hearing his phony pleas for forgiveness.

It was her younger sister.

She answered. “Rachie, thank God you called. Please, I need you and Kirah home. Right now! It’s an emergency! Please!”

Without even listening to whatever it was Rachelyn had to say, she hung up and continued her journey back home.


“Oh, damn!” Rachelyn sighed, shaking her head as she looked at Kirah. “Looks like she’s seen the video. She said we should come over ASAP. And her voice sounded pretty shaky.”

Kirah did the facepalm. “Ugh, can’t believe this. How could Sampson do this to her? After all the time you’ve wasted. Oh Lord, some men are wicked. Well, let’s move!”


About forty minutes later, Kirah and Rachelyn arrived at the house, where the door was opened to them by a visibly heartbroken Adjeley. Upon seeing them, her lips trembled for a moment before she burst into tears, cut up by the revelation she had painfully confirmed earlier that day.

The two immediately embraced her, with “take it easy, Adjeley” the main phrase they had for her. In between them as they guided her to the couch, Rachelyn asked gently, “So how did you find out? Who sent it to you?”

Adjeley looked puzzled by the question as she sat down. “Wait, what? You know about it already?”

Rachelyn immediately took on the same expression of confusion. “Uhhh… yeah. The spread of the video’s been put under control, though. That’s why I called you.”

“What video? What are you talking about?” Adjeley asked.

The two visitors looked confused. “Wait, wait, wait,” Kirah interjected. “I think we’re a little confused here. Why are you upset, Naa?”

Adjeley sniffed. “Sampson. Sampson’s been… cheating on me. Caught him red-handed at some cheap girl’s place. Eating her out. Saw the freaking texts last night, and he was there. To suck her downstairs.”

Rachelyn and Kirah held their breaths. “Oh my God,” Rachelyn gasped.

“Crap,” Kirah muttered. “This bastard is worse than I thought.”

“What do you mean? And what video are you talking about, by the way?” Adjeley demanded, wiping her tears away.

Rachelyn now looked rather uneasy. To think that her sister had discovered what a loose cannon her supposed-to-be husband was through a sex tape. This was going to be heavier than she had anticipated. “Ummm…”

“Why, is there a video of him cheating on me? With that same tramp?” she asked further, in the same demanding tone.

Rachelyn gulped. “Umm, yeah. There is a video of him and another woman. But… the lady you found, is she Melody?”

Adjeley’s pupils dilated as she sat up. “Y-y-y-you mean, it’s a different woman?” she asked.

Rachelyn and Kirah stood before her, speechless. Were they disgusted by his actions? Obviously. But did they think he was having multiple affairs? Not in the least. This was just as shocking to them.

“Lemme see it,” she ordered. The tone was so hard, Rachelyn quickly took out her phone, opened her WhatsApp and opened Eugene’s chat, where he had sent her the video. Adjeley took it and pressed play. Within 12 seconds of playback, the level of disgust, derision and disappointment on her face was at an unprecedented zenith.

Bowing her head down, she alternated between seething and sobbing. Rachelyn bent down and hugged her tightly, whispering, “I’m sorry, sissy. I’m so sorry…”

It didn’t take too until Adjeley started murmuring, “Please, just get me out of this house. I can’t stay here…”

“We’re on it, baby girl!” Kirah jumped to her feet. “Show us where to go, and we’ll get your stuff for you.”


After spending almost an hour at the car park of a petrol station, unsure of what to do, Sampson was on his way back home. Hopefully, she would be there. He had no idea how he was gonna settle this, but… he had to try and work something out.

He arrived at the house, where he noticed the front door was wide open. An “oh no” escaped from his lips as he noticed one of her suitcases outside.

He immediately parked his car outside, and rushed in, leaving the small gate wide open as well.

“Adjeley! Adjeley!” Sampson called as he entered the house. “Babe, please…”

Adjeley, standing in the living room with Kirah and Rachelyn holding some of her bags, glared at him as he appeared. “What is your problem?”

“Adjeley, please, you don’t have to do this. It’s all just a misunderstanding…”

“Oh, really? Catching you giving some disrespectful sleazebag intense head is a misunderstanding? Really, Sampson?”

Sampson shook his head, his eyes pleading with her. “Honey, I beg you. You’re my everything. I…”

“Hey, hey, hey! Please, please, please! Don’t come and use some useless sweet words on me! Those same useless sweet words you use on those other girls you make sex tapes with…”

Sampson looked stunned. “Wh-what the hell are you talking about?”

Adjeley took out Rachelyn’s phone and opened up the filthy video that had been sent. “You and Melody, whoever she is. Having a heated bang-fest. That’s what I’m talking about.”

Sampson stared in horror at the video showing him doing some serious work on his ‘raw action’ partner. Oh God, why oh why did I agree to this? I knew we shouldn’t have recorded this. I knew it!

“Ugh, remind me to delete that filth from my phone when we’re done,” Rachelyn muttered, put off by the sounds of the video. “Makes me wanna throw up.”

Sampson turned it off and shook his head. “I-I-I have no idea what’s all this,” he stuttered. “I swear. It’s… it’s been… it’s been doctored. I’m telling you!”

His stumbling tone hardly made his denial anywhere near convincing, and the look on Adjeley’s face made that pretty clear. She was not the least bit fooled.

“Sister Adjeley, is everything all right?”

They heard the familiar voice of Lydia as she appeared at the doorway a few seconds later.

“I just noticed the gate is wide open. And your door too…”

“And so what? What are you doing here? Haven’t you caused enough trouble? Come on, get the f*** outta here!” Sampson roared.

Adjeley and the girls looked surprised at his reaction towards her. Where from that hostility?

Lydia’s head turned in his direction, as she gave him the most evil glare her eyes had ever shot at anyone. After the acrimonious end to their last call where she dropped the pregnancy bombshell, they had not spoken to each other, and were still very much pissed with each other.

“Uhh, what’s going on?” Kirah wondered out loud.

Suddenly, a smirk appeared on her face. A rather sinister smirk. “You know what? Never mind. I can see everything’s fine,” she announced to Adjeley. “I’ll just be on my way now.”

She turned away to leave, then stopped and turned back to them. Her gaze straight at Sampson, she said, “As for you, gentleman, after all these months of you coming to my house to play with my breasts and pulverize my p***y, you are now shouting on me like I’m some animal bi. Ayoo, well done! Still, you better decide on what you’re going to do about this pregnancy and stop behaving like a bitch! Foolish man!”

Punctuating her brief tirade with a loud ‘mtchewww’, she walked off.

Sampson looked like he was ready to chase after her, strangle her and rip her head off afterward. This was turning out to be one of the worst days of his life. It was as if the universe had planned to dump a truckload of disgrace upon him.

As he turned to his fiancée and her girls, though, he was at a loss for words. This had to be the last straw. From catching him red-handed to the leaked sex video, now Lydia had blurted out that she was pregnant to the hearing of all of them.

Adjeley shook her head, absolute disbelief on her face. Tears filled her eyes as she looked down. This infidelity was turning out to be deeper and much worse than she expected. “What? Lydia too, Sampson? You’ve been sleeping with Lydia too?”

Sampson was frozen before them, struggling to find anything at all to say. Not that it would have made a difference in any case.

“Ei! So this is what Auntie Berry was talking about? So she was right? You were the one having sex with her all that time? You two were having fun in bed behind my back? And now she’s carrying your baby??!! SAMPSON!!”

Silence all round. The looks on the faces of Rachelyn and Kirah spelled nothing short of contempt. The man who claimed to love their sister and friend was a shameless excuse of a man who couldn’t keep his trousers zipped. What a disgrace. Of course, they were also disgusted at this new info that the supposed ‘caring neighbour’ was also warming his bed. Goodness, what a snake!

“It is over, Sampson. It’s over.”

Having uttered those words, she took up the bags she carried and walked past him briskly. The two ladies took up the bags they carried and walked.

Sampson, in a last-ditch effort, grabbed Rachelyn’s hand as she moved by him. “Please! I beg you!”

Rachelyn quickly yanked her hand away and gave him an evil glare. “Gentleman, I have a sharp pencil in my pocket, and I am not afraid to use it to pierce that filthy eye of yours if you touch me again. Dumb ass pig!”

She walked away, stepping out of the house and joining the others as she tossed the bag right into the open trunk of the car. Immediately, she turned and walked toward the small gate.

“Uh-oh. Rachie, where to?” Kirah asked worriedly.

“To that stupid little tramp’s house!” Rachelyn responded in fury, pointing at Lydia’s abode. “I’m gonna rip her freaking head off, that two-timing, backstabbing little bitch!”

“Rachelyn, stop!” Adjeley ordered, shaking her head furiously. “Don’t do it. It’s not necessary. Let her be. Let’s go.”

Rachelyn stood there, inhaling and exhaling as her eyes furiously pleaded with that of her big sister’s to go and teach the now-exposed traitor a drastic lesson. Adjeley remained firm in her stance, shaking her head.

The feisty younger Anang sister relented, doing a 180 as she begrudgingly trudged back to the car. “Forget her. I don’t want to waste time on her. I just wanna get out of here!” Adjeley asserted as she got into the driver’s seat and Rachelyn into the passenger seat. Kirah had opened the gate as the car started up and moved out of the house. Leaving the gate wide open, she opened the door to the backseat as the Corolla drove off, never to return to Sampson’s house again.


“Please, Adjeley! I beg you. At least, come out of the room and face me, eh,” Sampson pleaded.

The reply that came was loud, short and succinct.

“No! leave me alone!”

He looked in aggravation at Rachelyn, who had her arms folded as she stood by the door, impatiently waiting for him to leave.

“Please, Rachelyn, can’t you go and bring her here?” he asked.

Rachelyn shook her head. “Boss, you’ve been here for days now. Same old story. She doesn’t wanna see you. That’s it. Can’t do anything more.”

“Come on, just try for me, lah.”

She rolled her eyes. “Mr. Man, please, she won’t listen to me. And honestly, I don’t blame her. Please just go. It’s not working out.”

He gave her a cold stare. Her sarcastic tone was really irritating, and she had been at this since he had been coming. She was as ready to help him as an NDC stalwart would be ready to vote for an NPP candidate.

“You’re not being helpful, Rachelyn. You’re not being helpful at all. I expected better from you,” he muttered bitterly as he walked past her and left the house, disappointed at yet another unsuccessful attempt to see Adjeley.

Rachelyn gave him a scornful up-and-down look as he walked away, punctuating it with a loud ‘Mtchewww” before slamming the front door shut. “You expected better from me. Why, did you give me assignment or something? Idiot!” she scoffed to herself in Ga before walking to Adjeley’s room, where she was busy on her phone, the laptop in front of her.

She looked up at her. “Is he gone?”

“Yep. And he had the nerve to tell me I’m not being helpful. Stupid guy! He’s not serious. Help a shameless whore like him. For the where? He shouldn’t come and try me kraaa. The way I want to rip him and that shameful Lydia girl already…”

Adjeley shook her head. “Forget about him, baby girl. Not worth your time. I don’t want to see him right now. In due time, I will.”

“Mmmm, I understand,” Rachelyn responded, rubbing her sister’s shoulders. “So, what’s the plan?”

“Well…” Adjeley started, seemingly hesitant for a moment before continuing. “I went through Instagram about two days ago, and this new lawyer had a picture of some books bi. Family law or something…”

Rachelyn looked surprised, but kept silent as Adjeley went on.

“… and she said something about how the law allows you to sue a person for breaching their promise to marry you. I’ve been thinking about it, and… I wanna take it to the courts.”

Rachelyn’s facial expression was a stunned one. “Really? You wanna drag him to court?”

Adjeley turned to face her. “Yes, Rachie, I do. I wanna take him to court. I believe I have a perfectly good thing to stand on, and I’m not gonna follow the ridiculous ‘give it to God’ train. He wasted my time. He treated me like dirt. It’s only fair the law take its course if it can help me.”

Rachelyn sat there for a few moments, slowly absorbing those words. Then she sighed and shrugged. “Well, it’s you that has been affected. I certainly won’t argue you out of it. At least you’re staying on the side of the law. Left to me alone, he’d be experiencing a ‘bust your windows’ vibe, eh…”

Adjeley shook her head. “You that. Anyways, you have a lawyer friend, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah. Maame Ama. Baby girl of life, but a pretty good lawyer.”

“Great. Please, let’s go see her. As soon as possible.”

Well well well!! Adjeley wants to deal with Sampson using the courts! Not very common, is it? How will this go?

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