A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 6: Clandestine Court Interrupted

“Honey, I’m so sorry for letting myself go last night. I was just so pissed off, you know. The way these clients were frustrating me was something else,” Sampson said as he hurriedly tucked in his shirt and buckled his belt.

Memories of the previous night were very vague, but he knew he had had too much to drink, and that Adjeley would not be pleased. As he quickly got ready for work, having woken up fifteen minutes later than usual, he was convinced the cold expression on her face was because of his intoxicated state last night.

She simply sat on the sofa, grunting in response as he grabbed his jacket from the dining room.

“Babes, I’m sorry, okay? I promise I’m staying off alcohol now. For your sake,” Sampson promised her.

She nodded curtly. “So what are you doing today?”

“Well, I’ll just head for the office and straighten out some issues here and there. Then at 11:30, I have a meeting to attend. Should take a while.”

“A meeting,” she repeated, nodding again.

“Yeah, a meeting. You know how my life is like. Meetings upon meetings. Chale, that’s what keeps the bank account filled up,” he said, winking at her.

The stiff expression remained on her face, wiping his smile off.

“Come on, babe. I said I’m sorry…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” she interrupted, dismissively waving her hand. “You’ve apologized. It’s alright.”

“Thank you, Naa. Alright, gotta get moving now. I’ll see you tonight!” He quickly moved over to kiss her on the cheek, then stepped out the front door and headed for his car. Taking his phone from his pocket once he was seated, he opened WhatsApp and went straight to the chat he had been waiting for last night, but forgot due to his drunken state.

Grinning at the thirsty messages, he pressed to record a voice note and murmured into the phone, “Babe, get ready to be eaten out like never before today. I am gonna make you squirm and scream so bad, your neighbours will wanna call the police on me.”

Snickering as he sent it, he looked at the directions, nodded and started the engine, ready to move.

Little did he know that the dark demeanour he had pleaded forgiveness for earlier was not triggered by his inebriated disposition.

And that he wasn’t the only one in the house who had noted down the directions to Esther’s place.


“So you think I should ditch Netflix for Hulu?” Rachelyn asked, eyeing her former colleague from work as they walked the aisles of Shoprite in the Junction Mall.

“Totally! Chale, the Hulu library is not a joke ooo! Literally everything is there. Even old sitcoms, you’ll get. See, I was convinced to take them up when I looked through their library and I found ‘Hanging With Mr Cooper’. Herh! How I’d been itching to watch that, eh!”

Rachelyn’s eyes widened. That was the sitcom she and Adjeley had been searching for since the streaming services took over. “Eugene, are you serious?? You found ‘Hanging With Mr Cooper’?”

“I’m dead serious, Rachie.”

“Ugh, why didn’t you say so earlier? Do you know how much I love that sitcom! Those times Viasat 1 used to show it? With Cooper and Vanessa and their love thingy. Please, no need to convince me any further. I’m signing up as soon as I get home tonight!”

Eugene laughed. “Perfect!”

The two laughed and chatted heartily as they continued to roam the aisles and get a few things before heading for check out to pay for their items and exit the shop.

Eugene took out his phone as they walked to his car. A message he received on a group, however, had him frowning and shaking his head. “Oh, oh, oh! Chale!”

“What’s wrong?” Rachelyn asked.

“Somebody just put up a dirty video on the group. According to the accompanying message, some guy found a video of his girl and some other man having wild sex on her phone, and he’s doing this as payback for her cheating.”

“Ugh, but that’s so wrong! If she’s cheating, just break up with her, eh.”

“Hmmmm. People are crazy.”

Out of sheer curiosity, he pressed the play button on the dirty video.

“Hmm. This one di33, roleplay stuff, with the way she’s acting and posing on the bed,” he commented within ten seconds of the video’s beginning.

“Ugh, you’re watching it?” Rachelyn asked, hardly impressed with his decision. “I would’ve deleted that crap if it came across my messages.”

“I’m not looking to watch it. I just wanna see their faces,” Eugene explained, turning from the screen to face her. “It’s showing just the woman right now. I just wanna see his face, then I’ll delete it. Na the way this girl has posed kraa is making me uncomfortable… Melody is the name…”

Turning back to the video to look at the man’s face, who had now appeared, his jaw dropped in horror. “Herhhh!!”

Rachelyn was startled by his outburst. “Ei, Eugene, what’s wrong? Why, who is it?”

He paused the video and looked at her, too stunned to speak. “Chale, chale, chale, chale… this be disgusting and disgraceful. Eiii!”

“Lemme see, lah!” She immediately stretched her neck to focus on the small screen. Hitting play, it took all of 3 seconds for her eyes to widen in horror and rage as she stared at the very familiar man happily pounding the woman in the video.


It was 11:40 when Adjeley pulled up at the address she had jotted down from the message. Stepping out of the car, she saw the familiar ash-coloured Acura MDX in front of the house. Indeed, the so-called meeting he had spoken of that morning was the one here.

She stood there for a moment, pain coursing through her chest as she blinked rapidly, struggling to hold back tears. So she had been an oblivious, ignorant pawn all these years? Sitting in his house, waiting to be his one and only when in actual fact, she was sharing him with others? The man she had loved all this time was nothing more than a barefaced skirt-chaser?

Wiping the few that managed to escape from her eyes, she moved closer to the house. A black-and-white bungalow with a distance of roughly six feet between the porch and the very short wall which reached up to her forehead. She had always wondered why some houses had such walls; the security risk was phenomenally high with a line of defense that could easily be jumped over.

But her main concern was what was going on inside the house. And from the sounds she could hear, it looked like Sampson and the Esther lady were in the living room. And they were pretty explicit in their words.

“Oh God, how I’ve been longing for you, Sammy. I need you in between my legs so bad,” she heard a female voice gasp. The sound of sloppy kisses followed.

“I know, babe. Those messages told me all I need to know. That’s why I came here.”

Hearing Sampson’s smooth voice calling another woman ‘babe’ was like an arrow to the lung. White-hot pain and red-hot fury were the only emotions she could feel at that moment, keeling over and squeezing her eyes shut, wishing this was an insane dream.

A desperate-sounding cry from the lady for Sampson to get busy with her rang out. Adjeley’s blood began to boil upon hearing them initiate the process. That filthy cheat!

She moved slowly to the gate, and noticed that it hadn’t been locked. Sampson, in his urgent craving to get busy with his new plaything, had forgotten to properly lock it. She pushed it open, stormed to the front door.

Ecstatic squeals began.

That did it. She kicked the door open.


Sampson sprung up, startled by the sound of the door being kicked in. Thieves had entered the house! He lunged forward for the nearest vacuum flask on a coffee table, looking for something to at least try and defend himself with.

What he saw as he turned towards the door, however, made his blood freeze.

For him, it was worse than a black clad guy ready to ransack the house and hurt the inhabitants.

Before him and a naked Esther, who had fallen to the floor after the kicking of the door, stood his fiancée, Adjele. And she looked absolutely furious. Sick to her stomach that the one she intended to spend the rest of her life with was holding clandestine court elsewhere.

He was shocked to the core. He had fully convinced himself that there was no way she would ever discover his alternative lifestyle. He had been too careful to ensure she wouldn’t even get a hint. How did this happen? How in the world did she even know this place? How??

“Sampson, who the hell is this? And how did she get in here?”

Ignoring Esther’s question, he approached Adjeley slowly, looking nervous and frightened. As to how she knew of his whereabouts at that point was not important. He had to calm the lion. “B-b-b-bae. I swear, please, I can explain-“

“Oh, you can explain, eh?” she cut in. “You can explain? You can explain how this is the meeting you told me about this morning? You can explain why you’re here sucking on some girl’s vagina? Really? You can explain?”

The muted silence from him proved how useless his excuse was. The only noise at that point was that of Esther, who did not look amused at the sudden interruption, hurriedly putting her clothes back on.

“So this is what you’ve been up to, Sampson? This is why you’ve left me on the back burner for so long?” Adjeley demanded. “You’ve given these excuses all these years just so you can go on sticking it in every hole you can find?”

“No, no, no, please, don’t say that,” Sampson pleaded.

She shook her head, her eyes beginning to water up again. “I left my job and my family home to be with you, and this is how you treat me?”

“Please, Adjeley, it’s not like that. I love you. It’s just…”

She looked at him in disbelief. “Huh? You say what?”

“I swear, I really do-“

He was silenced by a hefty slap from Adjeley.

“Don’t you dare tell me that rubbish!” she screamed. “How dare you! You’re out here eating some girl’s coochie, and you have the nerve to use that same tongue to tell me you love me?”

Sampson held his cheek, lower lip trembling as Adjeley raged on.

“I gave up my job at your request! I left my home to be with you! I left all I had, due to your promises of luxury and love and a life beyond my wildest dreams! This is what you meant by that? That I’ll be the one you run home to every night after putting your mouth where some cheap girl’s veejay is? Huh?”

“Excuse me, who do you think you are calling cheap?” Esther butted in, offended by the remark. She had been quite miffed by the references made to her, but the use of that adjective definitely struck a nerve. “Watch your mouth, lady.”

Adjeley turned to her, eyes blazing. “Don’t even attempt to annoy me, you silly skank! You’re not even worth my breath! Stupid tramp!”

“Hey, you better watch your mouth, bitch!” Esther shot back. “I should be calling the police on you right now for breaking into my house…”

“Hey, hey, you watch your mouth rather!” Sampson snapped at her. “How dare you talk to her like that? And don’t go and call any police biaa. There’s no need.”

“Ei! Herh!” Esther gasped in surprise. “So all of a sudden, you’re talking like that to me because of this disrespectful thing? This… this second rate excuse of a woman…”

Adjeley’s right hand flew again, and this time, it was Esther’s cheek that was the target, landing with optimum precision. As Esther stumbled back in shock, holding her cheek, Sampson raised his finger at her. “You see! Watch yourself! One more nasty word about her, and I promise you, you won’t like me.”

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t come at me with this fake support nonsense. If I wasn’t here, wouldn’t you be eating her out as if I don’t exist? Spare me! Finish sucking her. Have yourself a merry little Christmas down there,” Adjeley snapped at him, unimpressed by his sudden defence of her. She turned to walk away.

“Please, Adjeley,” he started, reaching out to touch her.

“Don’t you touch me, you disgusting man!” she snapped. “You make me sick. I can’t believe I let myself fall for your lies and deception! No wonder you’ve postponed our wedding dates over and over again. Well, never again, Sampson. Never again!”

With that, she stormed out of the house.

A couple of seconds later, having regained her composure after that painful strike, Esther murmured, “Get out of my house, Sampson.”

Sampson, overcome by disbelief, barely heard her lowly spoken demand. His idea to save face before Adjeley had spectacularly backfired. As to why he thought she’d be moved by that defence, only he knew. Of course, in the process, he had just lost his new side chick, who was infuriated by what had just transpired.

“I said, get out of my house, you pathetic excuse of a man!” she yelled, pushing him out roughly. He barely resisted as he was shoved out of the living room and onto the balcony.

“And don’t you ever come here again! Foolishness! Some idiot comes in and slaps me, and instead of kicking her out, you are there defending her. If you like, set foot here again! You go see your morda for here!” she snapped as she slammed the door, leaving him on the balcony, face totally void of emotion.

Trudging back to the car, his mind was a battlefield where every single landmine had been set off. He couldn’t think straight; nothing but these words flashing like a neon sign…

She caught me… it’s over… but how the hell did she find out?

Well, Ayman warned him, didn’t he? Now he’s been exposed! And I don’t think this is gonna end on a happy note. Should it? Well… the subsequent chapters will tell us what happens…

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