A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 5: Dalliances Not So Discreet

“Me? With a boy in my room, having sex with me? Ei, this woman!” Lydia gasped, her mouth agape at the question Adjeley asked her.

Adjeley shrugged. “That’s what she told me. I said I’ll just ask you directly before I make any judgment. You know her; she’s not the best person to start a debate with. But it sounded so off to me…”

“Of course, now! Sister Adjeley, you know me. I don’t like entertaining guys like that. Abi I’ve told you how that Peter boy near the shop has been trying to vibe me. I don’t give him face mpo! I’m not into that stuff. So I don’t know what she’s talking about.”

Adjeley nodded. “Hmmm. She sounded quite convinced that you’ve been very active in your bedroom with some boy. That it gets so aggressive in there. It just didn’t sound right to me, though. I mean, you, Lydia, letting some foolish boy aggressively bang you? Nah…”

Lydia shook her head, though not for the reason Adjeley would be expecting. She had no idea that inquisitive old lady had been hearing her and Sampson in their charged moments. Ugh! We should have been more circumspect on that.

“Of course. That can never be me. Maybe it’s the next house or something. I think that Elorm guy has a girlfriend…”

“Oh yeahhhhhh! Those two. That’s probably it. Don’t know how she didn’t realize it’s them.”

Lydia nodded as she inwardly gave herself a high five for that successful deflection. Although at that point, that was the least of her problems.

“Hmmmm. Some of these old ladies. The kind of accusations they can throw your way, eh, it’s not funny kraaa,” Lydia joked, now shaking her head.

Adjeley laughed. “I know right? But you di33, I beg, have mercy on them. By the way, are you okay? It’s like you had received some bad news when I called you on your verandah.”

Lydia shook her head immediately. “Oh no, no, no. Nothing’s wrong. Maybe… it was just the way I did my face that made you think such. I’m still quite tired from the journey.”

Adjeley did not seem too convinced by Lydia’s submission. But she decided not to belabour the point. In any case, she had never really told her about her own stresses, so it would feel hypocritical to try and pry into her affairs. She reached out and placed her hand on Lydia’s own. “Well, if you insist. But… if anything is wrong and you need to talk to anyone, you know where to come to, right?”

Lydia nodded, forcing a smile on her face so perfectly, it looked genuine. “Oh, of course, Sister Adjeley. Right here. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if anything is amiss.”

“Good, good. Okay then, that’s all I wanted to talk to you about. So I’ll tell her it’s probably the Elorm guy. And please, tell him to behave himself. Ah, what kind of nonsense behaviour is that?”

Lydia let out a nervous laugh as she got up. “Yeah… I’ll tell him. See you later, Sister Adjeley!”

“Later, honey. Get yourself some good rest!”


“Oh, s**t!”

Those were the first words out of her mouth as she entered her room, rubbing her face violently in exasperation.

Of course, there was something wrong. Terribly wrong. She had received news that did not make her happy at all. Not the best of welcomes back home. But to tell Adjeley? That would be a cataclysmic catastrophe of gargantuan proportions.

Besides, with the lies she had already just told, how would she now go back to tell her something totally conflicting? She had already gained the woman’s trust, and she’d rather keep her deceitfulness under wraps still.

Lydia crashed onto her bed, growling in frustration and swearing the air out of her pillow. This was not what she wanted at all. In the face of this discovery, the fact that Auntie Berry had heard her getting ‘pulverized’ by Sampson on a number of occasions hardly mattered.

Ugh, I should’ve known letting him in would lead to this eventually. Damn him for having the most electric touch and the sweetest nuclear weapon. Too freaking hard to resist. I knew all this fun would cause issues one day. I should’ve stood my ground. But noooo, Lydia, you didn’t. You let him play with your body, and you love it so much, you call him to come and do it again and again. What else did you expect?

Ending her little mental soliloquy of self-rebuke and regret, she looked up at her phone. Taking a deep breath, she reached for it.

With the news she had received, there was obviously no other option.

He had to be informed about it.


“You can’t be serious. Please tell me it’s a joke.”

“I’m not joking, Sammy. This is real.”

“What the f***! Damn it!”

“Gentleman, unnecessary F-bombs won’t make the baby disappear. What is important is what I should do: do I get an abortion, or do I keep it? And what is Adjeley gonna say if she finds out…”

“Oh please, let’s be serious. No way am I letting Adjeley know I got you pregnant. Ah, you paaa!”

Sampson was pacing up and down the office, panic imprinted upon his face. He had been busily sexting with the new girl he was hooking up with when Lydia called to give him some unexpected news.

After some bouts of morning sickness, a missed period and remembering that they had decided not to use protection one time, she had gone to get a pregnancy test, and the results were positive.

Unfortunately, their plans to just have fun had been interrupted by this unexpected discovery.

As they spoke, it was clear Lydia was not the least bit pleased with her current state, given her smarmy tone of voice and sharp responses to his exclamations. And they had not spoken for too long, but it was quite annoying to him.

“Ugh, crap! How did this happen?” he bemoaned as he dropped onto the visitor’s chair in his office.

“How did this happen? I’ll tell you how it happened: it was a fine afternoon, and instead of concentrating on your work, you were thinking about my breasts and decided to come and…”

“Oh will you stop it, Lydia?” he shot back, unimpressed by her biting retort. “Being sarcastic isn’t helping either of us. You just hit me with some bad news. Allow me to digest it and think about what we have to do.”

“Eeehhhh?? So my having a baby is a bad thing? So you mean that as for me, I should never have a baby?”

Sampson looked at the phone in disbelief before putting it back to his ear. “Ah, but you too, where from this allegation? I never said that. It’s bad news coz that’s not what we planned for, that’s all. I’ve never… chale, chale, never mind. I just need to think about this. Because this is unexpected, but an abortion… chale, it just doesn’t sit well with me, it just feels wrong…”

“Now you know what is right and what is wrong! When you were touching me that Tuesday evening we started this whole thing after you told me my boobs drive you crazy, that one wasn’t wrong? When you wait till Adjeley goes out before leaving your workplace to come and fondle them and pulverize me downstairs, it wasn’t wrong, eh? All that intense sex you’ve been having with me was not wrong, but this one is? Play dey your eye top papa!”

Sampson felt like throwing his phone at the window. Lydia was really wearing thin his last nerve with all this nasty sarcasm. “You know what? When you feel like thinking and talking like a human being with brains, then you can call me and we’ll settle this issue properly.”

He hung up and threw the phone on his chair in anger. “Idiot!” he growled as he massaged his temples.


Back at home that night, Sampson was still in a pretty sour mood. It was not just the news that had slapped him hard, but he was still very peeved with Lydia for her cynical behaviour. He was used to her being sweet and super naughty whenever they were around, so this new side to her was a surprise. And in any case, he had to properly think things through. She was being too pushy and demanding, as if he knew she was gonna get pregnant and already had the answer.

This frustration had led him to a couple of shots of Johnnie Walker. He didn’t always take in more than two glasses of the strong whisky, but all the irritation pent up inside, which he had lied had to do with irritating clients, led him to take more than his usual dosage.

As expected, he ended up quite intoxicated, slurring loudly and muttering gibberish as he sat carelessly in his chair.

Adjeley, who had been trying to keep him from taking too much, shook her head as she saw him wasted. Over their three year stay, these occurrences were few and far between, but goodness, did they give her quite a headache! With his penchant for saying stuff that made little to no sense, and his refusal to go to the bedroom, dealing with a drunk Sampson was one hell of a chore.

So as she tried to lift him up and get him to go to the bedroom and he rebelled, it was no surprise. Another ten minutes passed by before she successfully got him off his seat and almost carried him to the room.

Looking at him as he crashed onto the bed, she folded her arms and shook her head once again. Ugh, what a baby this one can be sometimes!

He then muttered something about banku and Dexter’s Laboratory, which made her laugh out loud. This guy and his drunken babblings!

As she walked back to the living room to get his phones, she was already planning on how heavily she was going to troll him over that last statement. Grinning and laughing to herself, she picked up his iPhone 8 when the screen lit up.

A message had come through.

The contact was saved as ‘Esther Amegadzie’.

And the message read: Hey youuuuu!! Can’t stop thinking about you, and the last time we met. Damn!!!

A tongue emoji and a droplet emoji followed that statement.

Adjeley stared at the message, her heart pounding fast as she shivered at the words on the screen. It would be easy to deem the words as ambiguous, since she had not said what happened the last time they met. But the presence of those emojis did not make this message innocent. They implied something… inappropriate.

Others followed.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. God, my body is tingling at the thought of you being all over me

Just a reminder, it’s K 14, Kally Green Road, Adepor Estates. In case you forget.

Sweet dreams, you naughty man!

Adjeley was frozen. Shocked at what she had just seen. If those emojis had given an appearance of impropriety, the following messages certainly confirmed it.

I can’t believe this. Sampson’s been seeing other women behind my back?

Lowering the phone slowly, her lips moved, not a sound coming forth from them. Dropping the phone on the chair, a tear formed in her eye as she began to assimilate the full import of what she had just seen on that phone screen. In all those three years, the frustration of waiting was something caused by his work. But never had she imagined at any point in time that he was engaging in endeavours of this sort.

As the formed tear made its way down, she whispered, “I can’t believe this. He… he’s cheating on me…”

Hmmm! When it is coming, it is doing! Now the ‘sweet girl’ too is pregnant. Sampson’s luck pretty is much out! Or what do you think?

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