A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 4: Serious Indiscretions

“21st August.”

The new date set.

The day Adjeley’s long wait would finally come to an end.

The manner in which Sampson chose to give a sleeping Adjeley a loving ‘good morning’, as he whispered the date into her ears.

Stirring, she looked up at him, shook her head and smiled. “Good morning, honey.”

He gave her a kiss on the forehead and got up from his bed. “Forgot to tell you last night, but… my secretary sent me an e-mail this morning. She and Ayman will be the representatives at the conference that was tentatively scheduled for August. So, it is settled. That is the day.”

A year ago, and Adjeley would have jumped for joy at this piece of info, overjoyed that the wait was finally coming to an end, and she’d get the privilege of being her man’s missus. But now, all she could muster was a weak smile and a feeble offer of “That’s awesome, Sammy!”

Sampson saw right through it, though. He knew she was fighting to show some level of enthusiasm, and there were no prizes for guessing why. He sighed and sat back down on the bed.

“Adjeley, look. I know there’s reason to have a little doubt. I know it’s been three years, I know. Trust me, it hurts so bad every time I had to postpone. I just wanted to get it over and done with. But you saw it for yourself; my hands were tied on all those occasions. This time, it won’t be the same. I assure you of this. This year is not gonna end without us walking down that aisle as husband and wife. I promise you that.”

Adjeley had to crack a bigger smile at that. He seemed very determined to make sure she regained the zeal she had when they first moved in. She gave a big sigh and nodded her head, reaching for his hand. “If you say so, honey. I trust you.”

He squeezed her hand in his as he took it up. “Remember all this frustration affects me too. I wanted you here for a reason, and best believe I will make sure that reason is accomplished. I love you, Adjeley, and I will make you my wife. No two ways about that.”

She smiled at his words. She wrapped her arms around his upper body and placed a kiss on his lips as she whispered, “I love you too, Sampson.”

He hugged her back. “Great. So, time for work as usual. I’ve got a busy schedule as always. Time to get ready…”


As Sampson drove away from the house, waving at Adjeley as he stepped on the accelerator and moved off, his phone vibrated. As it was connected to the car’s Bluetooth, he looked at the number on the screen. He grinned.

His irresistible neighbour and favourite side girl was the one calling.

He pressed the answer button. “Hey you.”

“Hey Dzaddyyyy!” she slurred over the phone. “What’s up?”

He snickered to himself as a dirty idea sprung up in his mind. He proceeded to lick his lips and murmured, “Oh, I’m just… licking my lips. You know why?”

A giggle came in response. “No, why?”

“Coz for some reason, I can’t get the taste of those sweet soft mountains of yours outta my mouth.”

“Oh my God, Sammy!” she burst into laughter.

“Hehehe! Just being real, though. You know me and my addiction to those big, juicy, delightful oranges of yours.”

“Hihihi, I know, honey. You really enjoyed them on Monday. Hihihihi… mmm… anyways, I just wanted to get in touch with you before I go out of town for a little bit. My uncle and his wife had a new baby, so I’ll be going to Akim Oda for the whole week to help out. I’ll inform Adjeley before I leave.”

“Cool, cool. Thanks for letting me know, babe. Take care of yourself, then, and… uh, you know a pic or two would be totally appreciated.”

A giggle came through on the other line. “Duly noted, Dzaddy. You’ll get it for sure.”

“Perfect. Talk to you later, then.”

“Alright. Bye, Dzaddy.”

Hanging up, he nodded to himself in satisfaction. A pretty good morning so far. He had put a smile on the face of his main squeeze with the wedding promises, he had had a pleasant little chat with his favourite bedmate and would probably get a topless pic or video to tickle his libido. Now he could look forward to the tasks ahead, then get in touch with his long-time hookup partner, and hopefully pass by her place and get a little active.

“Life is good, isn’t it?” he said to himself as the car picked up speed, heading for the main road.


“Ah, so this Adjeley that you still have in your house, are you still going to marry her?” Ayman asked in disbelief as he watched Sampson busily texting. Passing by his chair as he entered his office, he had seen the person he was chatting with. It was Melody, one of Sampson’s long-time side chick with a love for weird, kinky stuff. He briefly saw a bit of their X-rated chat, which provoked that statement.

He knew Sampson was a bit of a womanizer, but he was under the impression that with the marriage plans likely to commence, he would discard the attitude and get serious about life with Adjeley alone. He clearly didn’t realize how similar it was to asking a tiger to become a vegan.

Sampson looked at him incredulously. “Ah, na what kind of stupid question is that? If I didn’t intend to, would I be keeping her in my house? Of course I’m still gonna marry her! Ah, what are you saying?”

Ayman shook his head. “With all those small girls you keep fooling around with? What’s the point, chale? Because it doesn’t look like you are serious about her.”

“Look, look, look, look. Listen,” Sampson interrupted, putting his hand up. “Look, every one has a role to play in my life. When it comes to Naa Adjeley, I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it plainly; she’s an amazing lady. Like, she is pure wife material. I need a woman like that in my life and she is the perfect one. So as for her, she has a solid, unshakable place in my life. No two ways about that.

“But I’m a man of many needs, and she’s human. She can’t fulfill them all. So chale, the rest of them have their roles to play. For example, me, I like big breasts. Lydia has amazing boobs, so chale, that’s what I get from her. I like big ass, too. Asieduwaa has that. Sometimes too, I just need some raw action. I turn to Melody. And I like to go down too, that’s what Esther is there for now…”

Ayman’s face scrunched up in absolute aversion at what his colleague was saying. “Ah! That’s your excuse? So you can’t go down on Adjeley? You can’t get kinky with her? You can’t be satisfied with what you’ve chosen? Ei, my guy, wey mindset too this? Do you think you’re being fair to Adjeley?”

“Chale, chale,” Sampson snapped, looking annoyed, “the woman wants to be my wife. It may have tarried, I know, but it will still happen! That’s what matters. Lydia and co just want some sweet action; sweet action is what they get. What’s the beef here? Ah! She’s the one I love, so she gets the throne!”

Ayman shook his head. Nothing Sampson had just said made sense. If there was a word stronger than disrespectful and insulting, he’d definitely use it to describe what Sampson was doing. Clearly, he had no respect for just Adjeley, but for all the side chicks as well. And his logic was utter garbage. All he wanted her to be was a trophy wife who would get the privileges of prestige and public appearance, while the others got the satisfaction due her as his spouse.

There was the most intense urge to tell Sampson that he was a prime example of the ‘trash’ many woman considered men to be, but he kept mute, knowing that would cause a fight. Which wouldn’t be good, with all the other workers around. The last thing they needed to know was what was going on in the private lives of their bosses.

“Love, you say?” he scoffed. “Guy, real love won’t do stuff that you know will hurt your loved one if they find out. You know for a fact that if Adjeley does find out what you’re doing, she’ll be crushed, and even think that’s why you’ve delayed the wedding for so long.”

Sampson shifted in his seat, lines of annoyance appearing on his forehead. The last thing he had wanted in the middle of a steamy chat with his ‘raw action’ partner was this goody two shoes giving him an unwarranted lecture about what love does and doesn’t do. “See eh, I’ve got stuff to do. Please just go. This is not what I want to hear at this time.”

Ayman shook his head. “You really for watch out. Maybe she’s not caught you now, but chale, everyday for thief man, one day for master. Be careful.”

“Massa, massa, if you no get anything better tell me, then get the hell out of my office and let me think!” Sampson snarled, giving him a fierce glare. Ayman shot back at him a look of disgust, shook his head once again and walked out of his office.

“Swine,” he muttered to himself, letting out a breath before returning to the chat with Melody. He smirked as she sent him an idea for one of her eccentric desires. “Well, that’s an idea. As long as it remains an absolute secret, though,” he murmured to himself as he typed those words in response.

A few seconds later, her response: Of course not, boobear! It’s our private little thing.

He smiled and nodded, then typed…

Well then, can’t wait to damage that tiltillating ass of yours later on today…

You and this big English of yours, eh…


“Oh, Auntie Berry, good afternoon oo!” Adjeley greeted the lady passing by her house as she got down from her car to open the gate after spending the late morning out.

“Adjeley! How are you doing, my dear?”

“I’m fine, by God’s grace. Just got back from the Accra Mall. I wanted to spoil myself a bit. I’ve been a little downhearted recently, so I just want to cheer myself up.”

“Mmmm, I see. Well, whatever it is, just know that God is in control, OK? Everything will turn out fine. I hope you have people keeping you company.”

“Oh yeah, definitely. Things are already looking good, so we thank God for that. My sister and a friend are always in touch. And the girl next door, Lydia, also checks up on me. So I’m good.”

The look on Auntie Berry’s face changed when she heard the name Lydia. A scornful look replaced the concerned one, and she shook her head in disapproval. “That girl? Hmm!”

Adjeley looked confused. “Oh, Auntie Berry, what’s wrong?”

Auntie Berry looked around before drawing closer to Adjeley and saying in a low voice, “That girl is a bad girl ooo. Or you didn’t know?”

“Ummm, no. She’s not done anything bad I know about. Why, what’s wrong?”

Auntie Berry clapped her hands together dramatically. “My dear, that small girl has some boy bi that has been coming to fornicate with her! For a couple of months now. My house is behind hers, so I know what I’m talking about. I can be relaxing in my room, then suddenly, I’ll be hearing all kinds of bad noises from her place. Moaning, screaming, all kinds of obscene language. It’s terrible!”

Adjeley looked shocked. “Seriously? Because I’ve never heard anything like that from her house. Wow, this is serious.”

“Maybe it’s not possible for you to hear much from your end. But I’ve been hearing it. It’s simply disgusting. Ahh! It’s like they’re acting porn in there sometimes, the way they get so loud and aggressive. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

“Wow. Hmmm,” Adjeley responded, stunned by this allegation. Lydia certainly didn’t come across as that kind of girl to her in the least. As she had told her girls a few days ago, she knew guys would certainly give her an extra gaze because of her slightly heavy chest, but she was convinced Lydia wouldn’t allow any silly guy access to her sacred place just like that.

“Well, I promise I’ll talk to her about it. Maybe she just needs someone to bring her back to her senses,” Adjeley promised. She was not in the mood to get all defensive about this; Auntie Berry was one of those old women you did not want to find yourself in a debate with. You were better off just accepting whatever it is she had to say.

“That better be so. Na this generation needs to change. Ei, something as sacred as sex, see how she’s sharing it with some foolish ragamuffin bi! Ahhhh! Anyways, I’m going to the store. See you later!” she said as she walked away.

Nodding as she walked to the gate to unlock it, her head changed direction as she shook it. “Lydia having sex with some guy in her room?” she muttered to herself as she took the padlock off. “Nah, sounds too unlike her. Definitely not the good-mannered sweetheart I know. But well, I’ll ask her and see…”

Hmmm, Adjeley has no idea. The person she thinks is a ‘good-mannered sweetheart’ is anything but! Well, this issue will slowly unfold, and we’ll see what happens…

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