A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 3: Disporting With Damsels

“So he said he and Daddy have agreed on a date?” Rachelyn, Adjeley’s younger sister, asked as she took a swig of her strawberry yoghurt.

Adjeley nodded. “Yeah. We spoke about it a few days ago. The date is tentative, though, so, well… we’ll see what happens.”

“Chale, they should settle things and let’s get it over with already! Ah! Almost three years now. Every time, postponement. Why?”

Adjeley smiled at her sister’s passionate outburst. Typical Rachelyn Anang.

“Oh, say it again! The way I had prepared my dancing skills for the first date. Now I’ve become rusty. No chance to display my skills,” their family friend, Kirah Agyemang, bemoaned.

Rachelyn gave her a side eye, grinning as she did so. “Ei, this girl and enjoyment! Like Wiz Khalifa and weed.”

“Herh, young lady, behave yourself!” Kirah mock warned her. “Or else…”

Rachelyn rolled her eyes. “I know, I know, you’ll make sure I asphyxiate by inhaling all the air around me. Oshey, Queen Nosa!”

Adjeley burst into laughter.

If there was anything she often thanked God for, it was for these two. She, Rachelyn and Kirah had a tightly knit bond that extended over more than a decade. From their days back in St. Roses, where they were all in the same house, with Adjeley the oldest and Rachelyn the youngest, they had stuck together and always had each other’s backs. For them, it was utterly ludicrous to suggest that having girls as best friends came with too much drama and stress. They loved each other dearly and always wanted to see the other win.

They were seated in Icy Cup, having a little girls day out. Being stuck in the house while waiting and doubting was definitely too much work for Adjeley to handle, so she had called on her two ‘innermost circle’ people for a little outing. Of course, they were too happy to oblige.

“But chale, this yoghurt dey pap oo,” Kirah commented, looking at her cup with approval. “In fact, let me ask for another one. Hello!”

A young waiter heard her call and immediately walked over to their table.

“Can you please get me two more cups? And add a pancake to it as well, thank you,” she requested.

“No problem, on it.”

“Oh, and uh, hold on a second. Has anyone told you how cute you are today?”

The Anang sisters widened their eyes as the young waiter reacted rather shyly. He certainly wasn’t expecting that compliment. He shook his head nervously. “Uh, no.”

“Well, let me put it to you that you, dear sir, are gorgeous!” Kirah complimented him, a mischievous glint in her eye.

He nodded and gulped. “Uh… thank you. Thanks a lot, miss. I’ll just… get your order right now.”

As he walked away, Rachelyn looked at her. “Herh, you this girl! Look at how you’ve confused the gentleman.”

“What?” she asked innocently. “I’m just admiring a beautifully sculpted work of God. That’s all. Besides, cute recognize cute.”

As Adjeley shook her head, restraining her laughter, a vibration came from her bag. She took it and pulled out her phone to see a call from her dear neighbour. She pressed the receive button and put the phone to her ear as Rachelyn playfully scolded Kirah.

“Sister Adjeley, good afternoon oo! Just wanted to check up on you. I’ve noticed you’re not home right now.”

“Oh yeah, yeah. I’m out with my sister and paddy at the moment, so I’ll be out for the whole day.”

“Oh alright, then. Just checking up as always.”

“Oh, thank you so much, Lydia. What have I done to deserve a darling like you?”

“Awww, don’t mention it, Sister Adjeley! I’m always here for you, you know. Just sticking up for my fellow sister.”

“I know, sweetie. Alright, so I’ll most likely be home at about 6. See you later, then.”

“Alright, enjoy yourself. Bye.”

Rachelyn nodded as Adjeley put the phone down. “That is one caring neighbour you have there.”

“Oh yeah. A Godsend, for real. Always checking up on me. I mean, she’s definitely one of the bright lights that’s keeping me calm in this period. Such a great girl.”

“Great, and heavy girl,” Kirah quipped, causing the others to laugh at her emphasis on the added words.

“True, true,” Rachelyn agreed as she laughed. “That girl has quite some endowments in front. It’s not easy oo. By now, I’m sure the number of boys who have meant her in the estate is not a joke.”

Adjeley grinned and shook her head. “Oh, I’m sure there are. But the way she is, chale, she doesn’t have time for those things. I don’t see her falling for any foolish boy’s vibes just like that. Too decent a girl to allow that.”

The waiter came and gave Kirah her yoghurt, receiving a flashing smile from her in response. Then she turned to Adjeley. “Oh, then she’s a smart girl. She should continue like that. Save those goodies for her husband. Hopefully, he’ll not be too addicted to the extent that he’s battling with their babies over them. That’ll be someway.”

Digging into her yoghurt, she smirked mischievously as the sisters looked at her in disbelief.

Adjeley looked at Rachelyn. “So Rachie, how did we end up with this one at all?”

Rachelyn sighed, placing her chin on her hand as she shook her head. “No idea, sissy. I have no freaking idea.”


Not long after the phone call to Adjeley ended, in the comforts of Lydia’s simple bedroom, did things get pretty heated.

Clad in her undies, she giggled as she ran to the bed, with him excitedly behind her. She lay on the bed, waiting for him as he joined her, the ravenous look in his eyes conveying his burning desire to peel off those last layers of clothing and get busy.

In no time flat, with all clothing off and wild passions inflamed, mischievous giggles metamorphosed into shrieks and moans of pleasure.

The call to Adjeley, in reality, was not really to check up on her out of concern, but to ensure that the cat was as far away as possible, so the mice could get up to the lecherous fun they had been having behind her back for the past few months.


Behind the house, the elderly Auntie Berry, who was relaxing in her room, reading a book, shut her eyes in dread as some familiar and unwelcome noises started up.

That girl was up to it again. Unashamedly having sex with whoever it was she called ‘Dzaddy’.

For some months now, that seemed to be a regular occurrence. And it always seemed to happen when she was on break from the shop. It was nothing short of contemptuous and pathetic, hearing her make noises she should be making in her matrimonial home with her husband.

She looked at the window in disgust, as Lydia’s moans and ‘oh Dzaddys’ filtered through to her room.

“What kind of disgraceful behaviour is this? Ah! Small girl like you, you are allowing whoever that foolish boy is to come and enjoy your goodies for free!” Auntie Berry grumbled to herself as she left the room, heading for the living room, where she would be free from the sounds of that unholy session. “As to why the youth of today have no respect for such a sacred act blows my mind! God have mercy on this perverted generation!”


An hour later, Sampson and Lydia lay in bed, spooning and smiling as they thought of the rugged, rough and riveting session they had just engaged in.

“Goodness, your body is a temple, girl. So damn addictive worshipping in it,” Sampson murmured as she giggled in response.

“Mmmm, well you’re one wild worshipper, Dzaddy!” she responded, grinning widely as he kissed her shoulder. “I love the way you pulverized me today. God, it felt so good!”

“Oh, I know. Once I had you screaming Dzaddy so loud, I knew I was hitting the spot.” He chuckled as he laid back on the bed, sighing with delight. Another day, another moment of satisfaction.

After a few moments of silence, as she watched him, she asked, “So, just to clarify, this is just for fun, right?”

He looked at her. “What?”

“What we’re doing. What we’ve been doing these past few months. It’s all just for fun. Right?”

He looked a little irritated. “Uh, where from this question?”

“Oh, nothing, nothing, Dzaddy. I just wanted to be sure about it.”

“Are you sure? Because I don’t like that question,” Sampson said as he sat up. “It gives me the impression that you’re looking for something more. And that’s nowhere near my interest…”

“Relax, Sammy boo, relax,” Lydia interjected, placing a hand on his chest. He calmed down as she smirked at him. “I know you don’t want anything more. And I don’t either.”

He gave a sigh of relief. “Well, that’s good to know. Coz this is as far as it goes. I just wanna have some fun. You got it? No catching feelings.”

She nodded. “Yep. I’m happy with things as they stand. Having you come over to tear me apart every now and then when she’s not around. So freaking sweet, I tell you! I’m totally OK, Dzaddy. Getting the opportunity to taste that nuclear weapon of yours is enough for me.”

He snickered at her rather unconventional description of his manhood. “Ha! You got a way with words, Lydia. No doubt about that. Getting to taste this delicious body of yours is so much fun, too. Especially those juicy melons…”

Lydia laughed. “Oh, I know. I know you love them. And you know you got access to them any time you want. By the way, I see you really liked the little video I sent you three days ago!”

“Oh, please. Like? Babe, I loved it! You sure know how to drive me up the wall with those twins.”

Lydia giggled. “You’re welcome, Dzaddy. So, um, you think we can continue to keep this under wraps? Without Adjeley finding out?”

Sampson waved his hand in the air dismissively. “Of course, of course. Don’t even worry yourself about that. She’ll never find out. That I’m sure of.”

“I must say, she seems quite downhearted these days, though. Kinda like she’s frustrated with life or so…”

Still as dismissive as ever, he cut in. “Please, don’t bother yourself over that. It’s just the wedding thing. I’ll get it done soon enough so she can stop brooding about. She’s been waiting for a while, that’s why.”

“Oooooooh, so wedding bells are coming soon? Sweet!”

He snorted. “Whatever. When we get to that bridge, we’ll cross it. Lemme just focus on the now. What I have to pay attention to now. Like those succulent gifts you got…”

Lydia giggled again. “Oh, not a problem. Speaking of which, you know we still got a bit of time left before you leave. Don’t you wanna… you know… play around a bit with them?”

With that, she lifted herself up from her lying position and climbed on top of him, sitting on his laps as she shot him an uber-seductive look, shaking her chest in front of him.

His eyes went glazed at the sinfully delightful sight before them.

A man wholly ruled by his appetites, not many things got him happier than the sight of Lydia’s exposed chest, which he had fantasized about numerous times from the moment she moved in next door to them.

The audacity with which he approached her one Wednesday afternoon – about a month after she had moved in – and made his lust for her known before convincing her into bed was still something he patted himself on the back for every now and then. She had been horrified at his confession and asked him to leave, but his smooth talking charm and knack for saying the sweetest of things had her defenses crumbling very quickly. Before she knew it, he was already taking her clothes off and hauling off to her room, and since then, she was attached.

Even though he had a number of side chicks who gave him what he wanted, there was no doubt about it in his mind: Lydia was his favourite bed buddy. Nothing excited him more than a ‘She’s gone out. Come over’ text from her. Always a perfect opportunity to… ‘play around a bit’.

“Oh hell yes I do!”

Smh. So not only is he a slut, but the ‘sweet’ next door neighbour is one of his bed buddies? Well, that’s a low. We wait to see how this all unfolds…

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