A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 1: Should’ve Had It All

As announced, here is a new mini-series on the State, y’all! More characters to love, like, despise and not care about. Hahaha!

Anyways, the inspiration for this came from a pretty famous case (if you’re a professional law student, you’ll definitely know which case it is by the end of this chapter). I’m trusting you’ll enjoy this fictionalized account of two people supposed to spend their lives together. I’ll be straight: this won’t be anything like Daniel and Larissa or Marcus and Temwani. But enjoy!!

As she stood at the altar, face to face with the most wonderful man on earth, none could dispute that this was the best day of her life.

The butterflies in her stomach were on steroids as she grinned excitedly at him. She then briefly gazed at the pews in the chapel.

All filled with excited and delighted witnesses of this beautiful celebration of matrimony. The numerous wide smiles and small cheers were a glorious complement to the beautiful tulips that decked the sides of each and every pew. The décor team had blown it out of the park with this masterclass of a wedding decoration, that was for sure.

Her parents sat in the front row. Her eyes briefly made contact with theirs, and what they couldn’t say at that moment due to distance, their looks more than communicated. Her mother’s eye spoke pride and glee at seeing her dear daughter making that huge step, her father’s communicated his happiness at seeing his baby girl happy.

She didn’t see her sister’s face in that moment, but with the bond they shared, she knew the exhilaration coursing through that girl’s veins as the most important part of the service was about to begin.

Her eyes moving back to him, she blushed under her veil as his eyes travelled down, taking in the full picture of her in her immaculate lace ball gown wedding dress. She loved the subtle desire apparent in his gaze; he had teased her constantly about how he was not gonna spare her on their wedding night, and though she scolded him about it, she was so looking forward to it.

As they held hands as the priest asked them to, they followed his lead, repeating each word with a tender sweetness that conveyed how ready they were to begin this journey. As the best man handed him the rings, she giggled as she put forth her left hand, and he took it up in a very gentlemanly manner that drew an “eeeeeissshhhhh” from the congregation. Even the priest couldn’t help but shake his head in amusement and comment, “That’s one gentleman right there!”

Some sections of the congregation cheered a bit, and quieted down as they exchanged rings.

“I give you this ring… as a symbol of my love… and with all that I am… and all that I have… I honour you… in the name of the Father… and of the Son…. And of the Holy Spirit. Amen!” each of them recited as they slipped on the rings, to the joy of all in the chapel.

After a brief but powerful prayer from him, the priest made the announcement that was music to the ears of each and every person in that chapel. “By the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

The cheers that erupted brought goofy smirks on their faces. No doubt, the people were happy for them.

“Now, for everybody’s favourite part, you may now do the needful. Kiss her,” the priest said to him. “And we don’t want a tiny peck oo. Proper kiss.”

“Thank you, Rev Father!” a few of his guys shouted, clearly in the mood for some legal lip action.

They laughed at that statement, then faced each other again.

He reached for her veil from the bottom. Began rolling it up bit by bit, holding in his laughter as the congregation gave hilarious shouts of support.

She smiled as he continued to lift it up.



“Sister Adjeley! … Sister Adjeley!”

Ah! Who the heck was that?

“Sister Adjeley!”

Adjeley’s eyes popped open.

Of course, it was all just her subconscious at work. Back to reality.

She sighed as she rose to her feet, getting up from the couch and heading outside to see the one who called out her.

It was her next door neighbour, Lydia Bonful. A sweet young lady who had moved in a few months ago. The previous occupants had not really paid her any mind, but this girl was different; she eagerly got herself acquainted not long after she moved back in, and made it clear she was happy to make herself useful to her neighbours.

“Sister Adjeley, here’s the margarine you asked for,” Lydia said, handing her a polyethene bag containing the provision in question. Adjeley took it, nodding and smiling as she thanked her.

“Are you feeling okay now? You look a little down,” she asked further, her sweet little look of concern bidding Adjeley to brighten up a bit.

She was yet to come across a girl with a temperament as delightful as that of Lydia. Choosing to add the title ‘Sister’ to Adjeley’s name, given that she was ten years younger than her, she had lived up to her intention to offer herself to be at the latter’s beck and call, helping out with little tasks whenever possible, making it a point to check up on her as often as possible, and availing herself for little chats every now and then.

With the issues Adjeley was going through right then, she couldn’t have been more grateful. Lydia had quite a lot of stories that had Adjeley hooked and, more often than not, in stitches. Necessary medicine for her soul.

“Oh yeah, I’m good, I’m good,” Adjeley nodded, smiling back at her neighbour. “I dozed off for a while. You actually woke me up.”

“Oh, chale. Sorry about that.”

“Oh, no worries, no worries. I’ll just get back to relaxing for now. I’ll call you later, so we can talk, yeah?”

“Sure, sure, no problem. Later, then.”

As Adjeley shut the door and took the margarine to the kitchen, she sighed and rubbed her eyes as she walked to the bedroom.

She opened the door. Neat and tidy as always. Dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Table and chair properly straightened. All the perfumes on the dressing table neatly and immaculately arranged. The wardrobe mirror without a smudge on it.

Being unemployed had certainly made her a bit of a cleaning freak. The reward of seeing her room in such magnificent shape, however, was utterly satisfying. That was one more thing to feel glad about.

Walking over to the drawer by the bed, she took a seat at the edge and pulled it open. She sighed heavily as she sighted its contents.

A white Bible and a ring inside a box.

They had been handed over to her almost three years ago. At a gorgeous engagement ceremony between her and the man of her dreams.

Sampson Addai.

She still remembered the giddy, euphoric feeling she felt that glorious day as she was accompanied by her girls to the event. Decked out in her glorious white and gold attire. Meeting him looking splendid in his stunning kente cloth. The chills as she was handed the Bible, and had the ring placed on her finger. What an amazing day it had been!

But that was three years ago. And even though she had left her house and joined him, and actually given up her job as a private school teacher at his request, they still were not yet husband and wife.


Because of constant postponements from Sampson’s end. With his job as co-owner of Asanaba Transport, dealers in transport vans, there were a lot of sudden encumbrances that had caused him to postpone their long-awaited wedding four times.

Four solid times.

Four wedding dates had been set at various times, and all of them were called off and set to a future date.

Frustration couldn’t have been more accurate a state of mind for Adjeley. With each deferment, the excitement lost more and more steam, to the extent that she stopped wearing the ring eventually and placed it in the white box. Now she looked at it, and sighed, thinking of what should have been by now.

A beautiful wedding. Followed by an enviable, lavish life as Mrs. Addai. Wife of one co-owner of the biggest transport brands in Ghana.

Well, it’s not like it was over. There was a fifth date on the cards. And this time around, Sampson had sworn on his life, right in front of her and her family, that there would be no disappointments. She chuckled as she remembered the fervent passion with which he made that vow. He had spent the next few days reiterating his intent to complete things once and for all, and that had calmed her spirit down a bit. Hopefully, nothing would get in the way.

Still, the glee and enthusiasm that surrounded you when your wedding day was coming up… she felt it had long gone. Now it would feel more like a relieving ritual. And to an extent, that kinda sucked. She should have had that warm, fuzzy feeling just thinking about it. But… it just wasn’t there.

She sighed and placed her head in her hands.

I should’ve had it all. The glitz, the glam, the joy, the ecstasy… I should’ve had it all…

Adjeley certainly isn’t satisfied with life, and I can’t exactly blame her. What about her guy? Tomorrow’s chapter will give us the answer…

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