A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 12: Case Closed

The day of reckoning had arrived.

The day the Court of Appeal was finally going to give judgment on the matter between Sampson Addai and Naa Adjeley Anang.

As Adjeley stirred, stretched and lifted herself from the bed, a brief burning feeling of anxiety rose up in her stomach. This was it.

Would the appeal be granted, or would it be thrown out?

She sat on the bed, closing her eyes in a silent prayer as she asked God to confirm the victory he had given her in the circuit court.

As she whispered ‘Amen’, the door knocked.

“Naa? Awake yet?”

“Yeah, Rachie! Come in.”

Her sister entered the room, her lively movements typical of an early morning person. “Good morning, sissy. Ready for today?”

Adjeley sighed in reply. “I guess. I just feel so… nervous. Like that kind of exam morning nervousness.”

“I understand, sissy. And chale, how I used to hate that feeling back in school! Your stomach will be doing you someway saaa till the paper starts!”

The sisters laughed at that. Then Rachelyn softly added, “But… I know this will go your way. Let’s be confident. That slimeball won’t have the last laugh.” She grabbed Adjeley’s hand as she finished that sentence.

Adjeley smiled and nodded. “Sure. We will prevail.”

“Good. I’m gonna go get ready now. Kirah said she’s getting ready too. Spoke to her not too long ago. Let’s go and see that useless appeal get kicked out!”


“Hey Dzaddy!”

Sampson smirked at the sound of the title he loved to hear. He always considered it to be a testimony to his devastating bed skills, and it made him feel very good, no matter who it came from.

“Hey sexy,” he responded as he buttoned his shirt, walking over to give the naked young girl on his bed a kiss on the lips. “Had a good sleep?”

She nodded. “Sweetest sleep. After that incredible ride last night.”

“Mmmm… well, you was one hell of a cowgirl last night, that’s for sure. Had the time of my life! Dang!”

She giggled. “Anything for you, Dzaddyyyy! Will I get that money for the bags I was telling you about, by the way?”

“Of course, Shelly! Don’t worry about that. I’ll send it.”

Lydia had given birth to a lovely baby boy about a week earlier, and had gone to stay with her mother for that period of time. As a result, the man was all alone in his house, and he wasted no time at all in bringing his new side chick to share the bed with. He needed his satisfaction, after all.

He had witnessed the birth of little Samuel, and was absolutely delighted. Indeed, children are a gift from the Lord, and this was undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts he had ever received. He had visited him and Lydia during the weekend, and words couldn’t express how happy he was to be a father. Once he was back home, though, the need to satisfy his urge came rushing, and Shelly was more than happy to help him quench his thirst.

She had no idea about the trial, and in Sampson’s opinion, there was no need to inform her. After all, she knew nothing about his relationship with Adjeley, and it would be pointless to tell her stuff she had no interest in.

“Going to work?” she asked.

He nodded. “As always, Shelly.”

“Well, I hope you have a good day.”

“Oh, I will, honey. No two ways about that!”


The premises of the Supreme Court building was abuzz with activity. Lawyers clad in their regular gowns walked and chatted, litigants followed, court workers bustled up and down the halls. Just another day for all these people as they carried out their required tasks in the regular administration of justice.

It was 8:45 am as the trio took a brief walk around the compound. Since sitting was to start at 9 am, the ladies were given 5 minutes to briefly move about. They came to stand in front of the ‘Martyrs of the Rule of Law’ bust, where the busts of the three judges were situated.

“Hmmmm. The wickedness of man. Taking out these poor judges for doing their job,” Rachelyn murmured.

“Yeah. Heartbreaking when you really think about it,” Adjeley said.

“What saddens me the most is how the lady judge was taken. Pulled away from her baby. Dear Lord Jesus!” Kirah added, shaking her head sadly.

The ladies stared solemnly at the busts, deep in thought, when the sound of a car came through the gate. They turned their heads to look briefly.

It was Sampson. Looking as relaxed as possible, an air of arrogance about him even as he drove to the car park.

Rachelyn took a deep breath. The sight of him looking all cool and groovy was pretty sickening to her. “Unrepentant bastard. Damn, I’m gonna be so pleased when he loses this,” she murmured under her breath.

“Well, let’s just trust God that it will be dismissed,” Adjeley said, grabbing her sister’s hand and squeezing it slightly. “Come on, let’s go and get seated now.”


“Sampson Owuraku Addai!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

“…versus Naa Adjeley Anang!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

As the presiding judge of the panel noted their presence, she called for their representation. Their lawyers duly responded.

Adjeley stood there, refusing to look in Sampson’s direction. She knew it would be nothing but evil glares and unspoken curses flying in either direction. She did not need that. She just wanted to hear what the Court of Appeal had to say.

The clerk signalled for them to take their seats as the judge took out the paper on which the judgment had been printed.

Tension. Confidence. Hope. Both parties in this case felt the same range of emotions as Her Ladyship Ama Frema Boateng began to read the ruling of the court.

As always, they began with the facts of the case. Given the fact that this time around, the judgment was being read in open court, the details of Sampson’s acts of infidelity were slightly toned down. The issue of him getting Lydia pregnant, however, was clearly captured in there.

She noted the argument of the appellant, insisting that their cohabitation amounted to marriage. This was quickly shot down, as it was stated how this had no backing in law.

Then she got to the major alternative arguments put forward by Mr. Binang. This was what they really wanted to hear.

Reading the panel’s opinion on the point that Adjeley’s failure to sue the first time amounted to a waiver of her rights, Justice Frema Boateng stated clearly that with each postponement came the promise of a new date. Thus, that argument was not strong enough to convince them.

To the next point concerning the second line of argument, the opinion was slightly more damning. Without resorting to bashing him for his promiscuity, the panel made it clear it was ‘humbug’ for him to attempt to absolve himself of blame for the breach, considering the conduct he had involved in.

At this point, the look on Sampson’s face had grown dark and unhappy. Rachelyn and Kirah were nodding their heads in satisfaction.

“I hereby see no merit in these contentions, and accordingly dismiss the appeal and affirm the judgment of the trial circuit court.”

Those final words brought a sigh of relief to Adjeley. Her girls patted her joyfully on the knees, keeping their glee under control. “It’s done, sissy, it’s done,” Rachelyn whispered.

As the lawyers gave their custom speech at the end of a judgment, Sampson’s eyes were shut. He could not believe what had just happened.

He had lost the appeal.


Sampson appeared from the entrance, his facial expression darker than the clouds overhead. He glared at the trio walking towards their car. He had walked out of the courtroom without waiting for his lawyer. To say he was disappointed and furious was definitely an understatement. He had been so convinced those arguments would work, and to hear them being dismissed as unmeritorious… it stunned him. Now all his anger was set on the one who started it all.

“You’re gonna regret this, Adjeley!” he yelled. “I swear to God, you’ll regret this. You think it’s over, eh? You are a big joker…”

“Ignore that piece of s**t, sis,” Rachelyn muttered as they continued moving to the car. “He can shout all he wants.”

“Yeah, let him rant like a mad man all he wants. You don’t owe him anything,” Kirah added, taking the car key and pressing the unlock button.

As they entered the car and took their seats, Rachelyn taking the driver’s seat, Sampson brushed past  a few people as he charged towards the car.

Rachelyn looked in the rear view mirror and scowled as she saw him coming for them. “Oh no, he will not!”

“Rachie, wait…” Adjeley started.

It was too late. Rachelyn opened the door and stepped out of the vehicle, her expression as steel as heck as she faced the oncoming Sampson.

“Hey! Massa, if you know what is good for you, you will advise yourself and turn back. There’s nothing you have to tell my sister. You lost. Case closed. End of story! Now go back to your precious little baby mama and all those side chicks you like to share that man-stick with!”

“Look here, little girl!” Sampson snarled, his finger in her face. “You better watch your tone when you speak to me!”

“Will you get your filthy little finger out of my face, you shameless slut!”

“Hey! Listen to me! Don’t make me lose my temper and do something I’ll regret!”

“Regret? Do you know what regret is? You that’s always prostituting that disease-infested prick in between your legs, do you know what regret is? F*** outta here!”



The security men around, along with Mr. Binang, rushed in just as the shout-down between the two threatened to get ugly. As Mr. Binang and one other guard pulled Sampson away from the car, the other ones ordered Rachelyn to get into the car and drive off.

She silently obeyed, getting in and switching on the engine, before moving the car out, without a word to the two in the car.

Behind them was a raging Sampson Addai, refusing to calm down despite being restrained by the security guards. Refusing to listen to his lawyer.

Too furious to accept the cold hard fact that, he had lost.


Parked in the underground parking lot of the Osu Mall, Rachelyn turned the engine off. From the Supreme Court to their current location, it had been nothing but silence. Not a single word was uttered throughout the short trip.

Sighing, she turned to her sister. “Naa, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have gone haywire like that. It’s just… the sight of him rushing to the car, after all he’s done to you… I couldn’t take it.”

Tear stains on her face, Adjeley reached over and hugged her sister. “I understand, baby girl. And I forgive you.”

“You know your lawyer friend is gonna put you on blast, right?” Kirah asked from the back seat.

Rachelyn winced as she thought of it. “Yeah. Maame Ama’s not gonna be happy. I have a feeling she’s the one who was calling as we got here.” Picking up her phone, she grimaced as she looked at the screen. “Thought as much. Lemme step out and get my blastings.” She opened the door and got out as she made the call.

Adjeley sighed and leaned her head against the headrest.

“How you feeling, honey?” Kirah asked.

Her eyes shut, she exhaled. “I dunno. Feels… bittersweet, I guess. I mean, I’m relieved that the appeal didn’t work. It’s just… it doesn’t change the fact that… I wasted all those years with him. Not seeing the writing on the wall. And the pain of being taken for a fool… it still lingers… I’m still so hurt, KiKi…”

“Take it easy, babe,” Kirah comforted, holding her hand. “I think we both know the court wasn’t gonna deal with the hurt inside. You got your due for his failure to keep to his promise. But for the emotional part, take time and focus on getting healed. You need it. You deserve it.”

Adjeley sighed again as she nodded. “Yeah, yeah. I need to heal. I really need to.”

“Especially with regards to Sampson and that snake of a baby mama,” Kirah added. “I know how damaged you feel. To have that girl smile in your face and stab you in the back afterwards. For Sampson to be such a disgraceful man. I know. You have a logical reason to harbour a grudge against them. But… it’s not worth it. You need to purge that out.”

Adjeley nodded. She definitely needed to do that. She still wished the worst upon her ex and Lydia, and as much as it felt satisfying to despise them, she knew that was no good for her spirit.

“I will, Kiki. They’ve had their payment given them. No need to keep them locked in my heart. I’m the only one who will suffer, and this whole court issue would seem a total waste. I’ll work on it, I promise.”

Kirah nodded happily. “Great! Thank God! There’s a new chapter of life to start. Time to make it count. You’re starting the new job at the private school, right?”

“Yep. Next week Monday.”

Rachelyn, having ended the call with Maame Ama, peered into the car. “Soooo… I got grilled big time by the learned one. I apologized. And she said that bastard left the court in a rage, raining all kinds of curses on you, among other things. But as it stands, case is closed.”

“That’s all,” Kirah replied in approval. “He should accept the defeat like that. Can’t be wasting our time with another appeal. Anyways, now that we’re here, Shoprite, anyone? I haven’t had their fried chicken in a while.”

Adjeley shrugged. “Sure, why not? We can get some drinks and other munchies and… I dunno, celebrate the win, I guess?”

“Grand idea, sissy!” Rachelyn cheered. “Let’s do it!”

As the two stepped out of the car, she turned to Kirah. “Kirah, you know I love you so much. So that’s why I am begging you right now. Pleeeeeeease, do not go hitting on anyone in the shop!”

Kirah looked at her innocently. “But what’s wrong with that? I wanna find my Eugene, you know. I wanna experience that weak-in-the-knees feeling you always get when you see him.”

Rachelyn sighed as Kirah passed by her, a wicked grin on her face. “On second thought, I don’t like you that much.”

Adjeley laughed as she followed the two of them. Feeling the tension in her dissuade, she thought of Kirah’s earlier words and nodded to herself.

Indeed, it’s a new chapter. I’ve learned from my mistakes. Been through the fire, the hurt and the disappointment. Now it’s time to be better, do better and live better. Dunno what’s ahead of me, but… I’ll just trust God and move ahead. It can only get better from here onwards…

So it ended in rage for Sampson. Oh well. Too bad for him. I doubt y’all wanted him to win anyways.

This is the end of ‘A Fitting Solatium’, y’all! I believe you all enjoyed this journey. Another display of crazy characters mirroring life as we know it…

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 11: It’s Not Over Yet

“This is ridiculous! How can I be the one on the losing end? This is insane! Insane, I tell you!” Sampson raged as he paced up and down his lawyer’s office, furious at the news that had been delivered to him.

“Well… I’m disappointed by the ruling myself, but… that’s how things go in these courts. Even if you’re on point with your submissions, things can still go against you,” Mr. Binang said, watching his agitated client’s movements. “At least, we can go on appeal…”

“Massa, I am not accepting this stupid judgment!” Sampson responded brashly, hardly paying attention to what Mr. Binang said. “Ah, what kind of brainless judges do you people have in this system? Simple sensible matters, then you are there making rulings even a mentally unstable person in Pantang wouldn’t make! I’m sure she must have bribed him. That’s it, she bribed him! That’s the only logical explanation! That judge is a crook…”

Mr. Binang sighed and shook his head. “Mr. Addai, please, be cautious with your words. I’m not happy with the ruling, but these allegations? That’s too much…”

“Then how do you explain how this ruling went in her favour instead of mine?! Huh?? How do you explain it??” Sampson roared in response.

Mr. Binang shut his eyes. Sampson was definitely one of the most difficult clients he had had to work with. He definitely owed Ayman a serious admonition for introducing him to this guy. “Mr. Addai, please, calm down. If you continue like this, we’ll not get anywhere. Calm down. Sit. Now.”

Begrudgingly, Sampson obeyed his counsel’s order, taking a seat. He began to take in deep breaths to untangle the knots of tension in his chest.

“Now listen to me. Judges can be annoying sometimes. I’ve dealt with a couple of them during my practice, so I know all too well. But to insult and accuse them… no. Just no. Each has their own interpretation of issues. Just because they didn’t see things your way necessarily implies they’ve been compromised. Please desist from such statements. Please.”

Sampson gave an unintelligible grunt in response.

“If we disagree, we go up. That’s why we have appellate courts. So if that’s what you want to go with, we’ll appeal the decision.”

Sampson nodded silently, his eyes down. He looked a bit like he realized he had gone too far with the allegations. One of those rush-of-blood-to-the-head moments, especially considering how much his emotions were invested in this.

He sighed and said, “Fine. I guess I… I got carried away a bit. Yes, I want us to appeal the decision.”

“Good. I’m already working on the grounds upon which the appeal is being made. So it’s simple, let’s look at the facts as they really are…”


“…so in terms you can understand, these are the reasons why they are appealing,” Maame Ama began as Adjeley sat before her. As the former had predicted, the notice of appeal had come not too long after the judgment had been given. Adjeley herself was not very surprised; she expected that he would do this. It was her girls who were livid at this.

But like Maame Ama had already said, there was no stopping Sampson from seeking to have the judgment overturned. They just had to respond.

“Mainly, they insist that His Honour made a mistake by not recognizing the engagement ceremony as a form of marriage. That the two of you living together was indication of marriage under Ga customary law. Then they also brought two interesting alternative contentions.

“First, he contends that since you didn’t sue the first time it was postponed, you lost the right to be able to sue for the breach of promise. And secondly… hmmm… that you introduced the breach when you caught him with another woman and ended the relationship as a result.”

Adjeley looked bemused at the second contention. Blinking her eyes, she asked, “Ah, wait. So, he’s saying that I am the one at fault for the wedding not coming on?”

“Well… to an extent, I’d say yeah. He’s absolving himself of all blame with this.”

Adjeley responded by laughing out loud while clapping her hands. “Herh! See desperation! This disgusting cheat now has the nerve to pin the blame on me for us not getting married? Ei, God!”

“Well, like Omar Little said, ‘all in the game’,” Maame Ama responded. Adjeley looked slightly confused by that.

Noticing it, she quickly said, “Oh, I guess you’ve never watched ‘The Wire’. One of my all-time favourite series. Check it out whenever you can. But that aside, that’s how this litigation thing goes, like I’ve always said. It’s all a matter of remaining firm in your convictions and hoping for the best. And I’m here to give you the service you need, so…”

Adjeley shook her head. “I know, Counsel, I know. And God bless you so much; you’re really earning your wages. It’s just that… the fact that he’s the one who was going round sticking it in other women, and he’s actually telling the court that I’m to blame? Good God…”

Maame Ama reached across and held her hand as tears filled her eyes. She continued in a breaking voice, “Counsel, I’m the one who got hurt here. I wasted all those years waiting on him to make me his wife, while he slept with every girl around. And now he… he… ugh, I can’t believe this.”

Maame Ama calmly hushed her as she wiped away her tears. “I can only imagine how you feel, Adjeley. I know it’s painful, and from a personal standpoint, I can’t begin to tell you how disgusted I feel by this Sampson dude. The words I have for him… chale, Rachelyn kraa would scold me for being too nasty.”

The two ladies laughed at that.

“But you have your family. You have those who love you and are standing by you. And once this is over, you can move on with life. And trust me, after life has dealt you this hard hand, it can only get better afterwards. No more grief.”

Adjeley smiled lightly at her. “Thank you for your kind words, Lawyer.”

“You’re welcome, darling. Now just leave it all to me. I’ll do what I was trained to do, to the best of my abilities. At least, for this court, they’ll mainly look at the evidence already tendered, so there won’t be much to do on your part…”


“So the appeal is ripe for hearing…”

As the presiding judge of the Court of Appeal panel spoke to the lawyers for the case of Addai v Anang, the respondent had her attention swayed from what was going on. She looked in the direction of the appellant.

His eyes were fixed on the judges seated. His gaze was so steely, it was almost as if he was trying to use his hard glance to order them to enter judgment in his favour straight away.

She snorted and looked away from him. Despicable bastard!

To the credit of the two lawyers, they had all the requisite documents available for the Court’s perusal. Upon confirmation that they had both filed their written submissions, the presiding judge of the panel informed them that judgment would be given the next month, taking the time to laud them for their good work. That judge had been dealing with some pretty lazy and inconsistent lawyers in recent times, so she was very much pleased to see these two young barristers doing their job well.

As the date was given, and the next case called, Maame Ama looked back, and nodded at Adjeley, indicating that they were done for the day before briefly talking to one of her seniors.

Adjeley took in a deep breath and exhaled before taking up her bag and standing to exit the court room. Too focused on getting out and getting some fresh air to breathe and pray for a favourable response, she didn’t notice who was right behind her as she left.


“I hope you’re aware that you’re gonna lose this appeal. Because the arguments I have, eh. More solid than the Rock of Gibraltar,” Sampson sneered behind her as she walked to her car.

She hadn’t looked behind her since leaving the building, but she could already tell it was him. And she didn’t want to pay him any attention. Truth was, that second contention he raised still hurt her deeply. Thinking about how he had insulted her by getting their neighbour pregnant, among others, this had to be the gravest of insults, and it cut really deep.

“Sampson!” a voice called out. It was Mr. Binang, who had noticed him following Adjeley out of the court, and knew he was most likely up to no good.

Sampson paid him no heed as he maintained his closeness to her, ready to let her know just how he felt.

“I told you you’d regret this, didn’t I? I told you. And I swear to God, I will make sure you regret this. I assure you, woman, you will end this case, with your f**king tail in between your legs…” Sampson continued, his voice growing louder with each syllable before Mr. Binang came in between them.

“Mr. Addai, please, no need to attack Ms. Anang,” he pleaded. “Please, let’s go.”

“Oh, please, let him stand there if he wants to,” Adjeley replied nonchalantly. “I don’t respond to  barking dogs, anyway.”

“Herh. Are you calling me a dog?” Sampson demanded, clearly incensed by the shade she had just thrown at him. As she sat in the car, he looked like was on the verge of flying into a rage. Mr. Binang sensed this and pulled him away.

“Mr. Addai, we’re still on court premises. Don’t make a scene!”

“Did you hear her? Calling me a dog? Ah, the nerve of this foolish woman! She brings this useless suit against me, wastes my money and my time, and now see what she’s saying!”

“Please, Sampson! Control yourself! You can be angry if need be. But don’t let it control you like this!”

Sampson was fuming, watching as Adjeley drove off. His breathing reflecting the furnace within, he glared at his lawyer. “You heard that? She called me a dog. Who the f*** does she think she is?”

“Sampson, Sampson, please, cool it. That was uncalled for, I know. I’ll tell her lawyer to check her on that. But don’t do things that people will use against you. Remember you’re a businessman, a public figure. So please, cool it down. The fight is in the court, not here.”

Still breathing heavily, Sampson shut his eyes as he tried to assimilate those words. As mad as he was, Mr. Binang was right. The likelihood that someone could be taking a video was high, and he had already dealt with that video with Melody. It had not been easy getting it shut down, but it had been done. The last thing he needed was another damning video.

“Fine. Fine. You’re right. No fights here,” Sampson murmured.

“Thank you, Mr. Addai. Just calm down. Judgment will be given next month, and with the arguments posited, I’m believing the court will overturn the trial judge’s ruling. That’s what matters.”

Sampson nodded. “Yeah, indeed. That’s why we’re here.”

“Exactly. Now you can go back to work. I’ll be in touch with you. And don’t go after her. Just let her be. Let the court decide the winner.”

As he bid farewell to his lawyer, Sampson walked to his car, the thoughts in his head putting a bit of a triumphant smirk on his face. To him, there was no greater loser in all this than Adjeley. After all, she called off the whole thing when he was still willing to walk down the aisle with her. Now she was single and lonely and about to lose this appeal, and he… well, he had a baby on the way. With his favourite bedmate. And they were still active, although not as vigorously as before.

And by the way, he had found himself another side chick. A Melody replacement, of sorts.

He smirked as he turned the car’s engine on. Shelly. Sexy little Shelly. She sure loves the high life, but it’s all good. Gives me that sweet raw action that I need, especially now that I can’t pulverize Lydia as much as I used to. Forget that idiot woman, Owuraku Addai. She’s got nothing, anyways. Nothing. I’m gonna win this case and throw it in her f***ing face so good…


“Eugene honey, thank you so much for tonight,” Rachelyn said, touching her now-boyfriend’s cheek as he parked in front of the gate to the Anang residence. “I know it’s not easy being in our midst. Especially when Kirah is on fire!”

Eugene laughed. He and the trio had spent that Friday evening at Bayview Village. A pretty good night, with live band music that had been top notch by all standards. Music so good, Kirah was the first one to get on the dance floor, and about one of the last to get off it.

“Chale, m’abr3 brutal!” Kirah sighed as she opened the door and stepped out, a highly amused Adjeley right behind her. “What a night! Thank you, Eugene!”

Rachelyn smirked and shook her head. “That’s our EnjoymentHemaa for you. Anyways, call me when you get home, alright?”

“Sure thing, baby girl.”

“Great. Good night.” Giving him a kiss on the cheek, she got out of the car and joined her girls, waving as he drove off.

“Rachelyn in love. Definitely one of my favourite things to witness,” Kirah teased. “The way Eugene has captured your heart di33, stapit!”

Rachelyn gave her a side eye as she shook her head. “You this KiKi girl. I won’t mind you.”

“Well, that was a lovely night. Haven’t had this much fun in a while, and God knows how much I needed it,” Adjeley commented.

“Oh, definitely. It’s not been easy since all this started. I’m just confident this useless appeal will be tossed aside,” Rachelyn said.

“Hmmm. Well, I hope so.”

“Sister geh, don’t stress yourself over this. It is done,” Kirah asserted. “Look, maybe they don’t use emotions to make their decisions, but let’s be reasonable here. You this man, you’ve been eating every girl you come across when you’ve made a promise to marry one person. You’ve been caught. The marriage is called off. How do you shift blame on your fiancée and expect the court to accept it? They’re not that stupid!”

“Exactly. And the insistence that it is marriage is even what annoys me,” Rachelyn added. “If it was marriage, would Papa be constantly asking him when the final distin would be completed? Mtcheww! Such an idiot!”

“I’m surprised mpo. You don’t know the Ga customs, learn and understand too aa, you won’t. All in the name of ‘I want to win this case’. Chale, Adjeley, forget him. Two weeks from now, it’ll be over.”

Adjeley nodded, their words of firm encouragement filling her with a sense of confidence. Sighing as she looked at them, she said, “God, I don’t know how I would’ve made it without you two. I love you girls so much.”

In response, Rachelyn and Kirah embraced her lovingly as a grateful tear ran down her cheek. “We love you too, sissy. You know we’re here for you. Whenever. Wherever,” Rachelyn whispered.

“No two ways about it. Day ones for life, baby,” Kirah added. “And we’ll be there with you to the end, and beyond.”

“Thank you, my loves,” Adjeley replied, holding on to her sister and close friend. Indeed, through it all, these two ladies had been by her side, and done their possible best to lift her up from the stress and hurt of the botched relationship with Sampson. If there was any representation of God’s love to her on this earth, it was these two.

“Alright now, time to get to my room and sleep! Herh, my body is do me like something ampa!” Kirah groaned as she pried away and stretched, holding up her shawl in the air.

The Anang sisters laughed. “Abi you said you like enjoyment!” Adjeley mocked.

Kirah grinned. “Of course. Enjoyment di33, issa necessity. Good night, boos.”

“Good night, KiKi,” they responded as she walked off to her house, about two blocks away from theirs.

Well, they’re both having some fun outside of their legal beef. This case has been pretty quick, though. The finale arrives tomorrow. Will Sampson prevail, or Adjeley’s win will be affirmed by the Court of Appeal? Tomorrow will tell!

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 10: Judgment For…

“Ummm… subject to the Court’s approval, my learned colleague and I will go for 22nd September,” Anthony Binang said as he took out his pen, ready to note the mentioned date in his diary. After about a month and a half since the beginning of the trial, the last of Sampson’s witnesses had been cross-examined, and the defence had finally come to a close.

Out of the few who came to testify for Sampson, Mrs. Emelia Dadzie, who was one of Sampson’s aunties, was one witness who had, unfortunately made a statement during cross-examination that Mr. Binang was slightly worried about. In spite of the insistence that the necessary rites had been fulfilled, the elderly lady had admitted that the ceremony that had been discussed did not amount to more than an engagement.

This would probably be worrisome to their case. But he decided he would find a way to deal with it through his final address.

The circuit court judge looked at his clerk, who was busily looking through his diary. A few minutes of inspection, and he nodded at His Honour. “It’s a good date, Your Honour.”

His Honour nodded and jotted down in his book. “Adjourned to 22nd September for judgment. Counsels, please ensure your closing addresses are filed in time.”

“Very well. Most grateful, Your Honour,” the two lawyers said, standing and bowing before they called to their clients to follow them.

Adjeley and Sampson, who had the iciest of expressions on their faces as they waited eagerly for the chance to avoid being within thirty centimeters of each other, sprung up from their seats as they quickly followed their lawyers, each one more eager to keep their distance from the other.

The judge shook his head as they exited his office. “This case eh,” he murmured to the clerk, “So charged with emotion, it’s amazing.”

The clerk nodded in agreement. “Very true, Your Honour. The way the parties look at each other in the court room before their case is called alone is something else. Me, I get scared of marriage when I see these things.”

The judge shook his head. “Oh please, Oheneba. It’s not anything scary biaaa. You just need to find the right person and be committed. Most of these cases, the issues can be solved. It takes commitment and the will to make it work. But the young people of today… ah well, let’s return to the court room.”


“Well, now that the trial is done, all that’s left for me to do is work on the address. You guys can just get back home and wait for 22nd September,” Maame Ama said to Adjeley and Kirah as they left the court building and headed for the car park.

“Oh, bless the Lord, person can relax themselves now!” Kirah sighed in relief. “Me, I’m convinced that with all we’ve put before the court, the guy has lost already. No way he’s winning.”

Maame Ama sighed. “Yeah, well… you know there’s always the possibility he will seek an appeal, right?”

“Appeal?” Kirah seemed taken aback by this piece of information. “Appeal for what? This one too, he’ll want to appeal?”

Maame Ama shrugged. “That’s how this thing is. You don’t get the ruling you want, you go for appeal. With a case of this nature too, even if it’s clear he’s in the wrong, he’s likely to just seek an appeal just to prolong the issue. That’s how ugly it gets in this litigation world.”

“Ah, but can’t we reject to hear the appeal or something?” Kirah asked.

Maame Ama shook her head. “Nope. That’s the thing about this litigation battle. It’s a lot more draining than you think. Time, money, emotions… these things really get stretched here. Trust me, whoever loses in this case is very likely to lodge an appeal, because everyone is super invested and unwilling to lose. I’m waiting to see how things go, but… gear yourselves up for the possibility of a trip to the Court of Appeal.”

Kirah sighed while Adjeley shook her head. She was aware of all Maame Ama had said, and truthfully, she was unperturbed. As far as she was concerned, she wanted Sampson dealt with, and if a lower court could not get it done, she would go to the higher court. And if he was dissatisfied, he was free to go higher and be proven just how wrong he was. At the end of the day, she just wanted Sampson to pay for those 3 ‘stolen years’ of her life.


Later that night, Sampson was in bed with a heavily pregnant Lydia, having made love to her before dozing off. The fight they had had when Adjeley left a few months ago clearly was inefficient in extinguishing the feelings they had for each other; coupled with Lydia’s heightened sex drive, they still had their moments of passion, although they were not as carefree and full of raw lust as before. They had a child on the way, so he chose not to do as he used to back then.

Lydia sat up in the bed, which he used to share with Adjeley, and looked at him as he slept soundly. She shook her head as she remembered how he had informed her of the proceedings. The tone of his voice, the choice of words… all conveyed a pure dislike for the lady who used to be on the same bed with him. This trial had certainly caused one heck of a rift between them.

She didn’t care too much about the outcome of the case, although she obviously wouldn’t make that clear to her baby daddy. What did keep her heart disturbed, however, was the subtle manner in which her relationship with Adjeley went the way of the ancestors.

The shame of being revealed as an audacious snake who was smiling with her delightful neighbour while having illicit sex with her fiancé still haunted her to that day, and as ever, she felt too embarrassed to face Adjeley about it. Whenever the thought came up, she shivered as she thought of the possible reactions. She had never seen her angry before, but with the gravity of the offence, she didn’t expect Adjeley to actually be gentle about it.

That evil look at the court’s car park had done no favours as well. She had felt the smoldering fury from her eyes, and knew any face-to-face encounter would be akin to a meeting between an antelope and a tiger. And there were no surprises for guessing which animal she would be.

Then there was also the sub-issue of facing her sister. With all the stories Adjeley had told her about her younger sibling being quite a hothead who was all too happy to rip apart anyone who hurt the ones she loved, she was terrified at the thought of encountering her. She still considered it divine intervention when Adjeley stopped her from paying her what would have been a fiery visit. She had heard Rachelyn’s harsh words, and knew no tough front would be enough to fight back.

But all that aside, this really wasn’t what she had wanted. After falling for Sampson’s charm, it was nothing but sweet sex she had wanted from this fling. Nothing more than that. She had never anticipated becoming a mother at this point in time. She had not desired becoming more than a bed buddy to the charming and alluring man next door. And she certainly had not expected that she and Adjeley would no longer be friends.

She sighed and crossed her arms as she went over that same old ‘if only’ that constantly ran through her mind, wondering what would have been if she had not made the decision to convince him to discard the condom for that intense session that fateful day.

Hmmm. If I had known, God knows I would’ve just taken my pulverization with the rubber. But nope, I wanted his raw heated energy. Now look at where we’ve ended up. Not every sweet thing you desire is helpful…

In the midst of this, there were still one or two things to be glad about.

Her family was less than pleased with her, surprised and angered that she was engaging in pre-marital sex. The kwaseabuo money had been paid, however, and her parents were patiently waiting for their grandchild’s arrival, so they could take of him or her, making it clear they weren’t going to throw their daughter under the bus for her error.

And of course, Sampson was still around. She still had the hots for him, in spite of everything that had happened, and having him still happily ‘pulverizing’ her remained as sweet as ever. Plus, he seemed really concerned about his child, so that bought her quite some extra care from him.

These were little compensations, however. She had still lost a lot.

Oh well. I just have to live with it. There’s nothing I can do.

As far as she was concerned, aborting the baby was a no-no, and it was too late, in any case. And Adjeley despised her too much for there to ever be a chance they could patch things up.

She had messed up, and she was paying the price. All she could do, was to accept it, and move on.


The date: 22nd September.

The venue: Circuit Court.

The time: 9:21 am.

Adjeley sat on the bench, watching as Maame Ama and Mr. Binang approached the bench and informed the clerk of their presence and their desire to have their case called first, since it was held in camera.

The clerk sifted through the files of the cases for the day, looking for their docket. Finding it, he nodded and signalled that he was going to inform the judge of their presence.

Peeling her eyes away from the scene, she peered in the direction where Sampson usually sat.

There was nobody there.

Hmm. Probably too cowardly to come and hear the truth, I’m sure, she thought scornfully to herself as she patted her lap, inhaling and exhaling as she thought of how far this had come. For all she had heard about the justice system, this case had taken a considerably short amount of time. The judge had certainly given the lawyers a lot of strict timelines, and to their credit, they had stuck to them conscientiously.

“Naa Adjeley Anang! Versus, Sampson Owuraku Addai!”

The calling of the names indicated it was time for them to enter the chamber.


Adjeley sat back in the couch as the judge and the lawyers went through the usual formalities. She shut her eyes, and prayed silently. God, please don’t let me down. Let justice prevail.

“Yes, Your Honour, my client is currently on a business trip,” Mr. Binang explained.

“Well, at least it’s the judgment, so you can inform him,” the judge responded before taking out his sheet of paper, with the ruling on it.

Adjeley shut her eyes and inhaled deeply.

He began to read.

As he went through the facts of the case and mentioned the issues that had been set down for determination, she felt tensed up, getting weary of the long facts he seemingly droned on and on about. It got boring for her when he started venturing into the purely legal facts. She almost wished she could tell him to just go straight to the point. But of course, she knew better than to try that. And  her boredom didn’t entitle her to cutting short the usual way of doing things, so…

She waited on, forcing herself to listen to the judge.

Then she started to hear the analysis. References to the evidence that had been adduced by both parties, and his assessment of same.

He spoke of the fact that the plaintiff had adduced sufficient evidence to back their allegation that the marriage had not been completed, and that the defence were rather unimpressive in their assertions.

Her heart leaped with joy as she heard this. Oh God, this means we win, right?

The final paragraph of the judge’s ruling was the answer to that.

“Judgment is hereby entered for the plaintiff. The defendant is required to pay GHc13,000 in damages for the breach of promise to marry.”

So the court ruled in Adjeley’s favour! This is not over, though. I don’t think Sampson will take this lightly…

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 9: Indignities At Their Zenith

In the office of His Honour Ebenezer Adjei of the Circuit Court, before his desk, sat two learned lawyers by name Maame Ama Owusu and Anthony Binang. On a couch nearby sat Naa Adjeley Anang and Sampson Addai.

The demeanour of the two lawyers were straight and professional as always. That of their clients? Not so much.

Neither party was happy to be seated next to the other. Adjeley obviously couldn’t stand the sight of the man she once believed she’d spend the rest of her life with, and Sampson was still fuming at the fact that she had brought this lawsuit against him.

That day he received it, he had flown into an absolute rage, calling her to let out the avalanche of sickened surprise. She had barely responded in like manner, surprisingly, choosing rather to snort and say, “I’ll see you in court.” Initially adamant that he would not respond, Ayman advised against it and offered to link him up with his lawyer friend, to which he agreed.

It had been a few weeks since, and the case had already commenced, with both parties putting in their pleadings and witness statements. The trial had begun a few weeks back, with Adjeley and all her witnesses having tendered their statements and gone through the cross-examination process. Mr. Binang’s line of questioning had come across as unfriendly and harsh to her, especially in her case, where he seemed to be shifting the blame on her for the collapse of the wedding plans, but Maame Ama had calmed her down afterwards, reminding her that her learned colleague was ‘just doing his job’.

Now it was time for the defence to open their case, with Sampson’s pleadings and witness statements debunking the averment that he had breached the promise to marry her.

As he took the stand, holding the Bible and swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Sampson was still boiling inside. He knew exactly what he was going to do.

Tell the court exactly what he wanted it to hear. Including his numerous escapades.

Just to drive a dagger through Adjeley’s heart and make her feel less of a woman.

Even if it wasn’t relevant to the facts in issue, he’d fit them in there somewhere. If she was going this far, well… two could play at that game.


“I am suggesting to you, Mr. Addai, that the ceremony that took place on the 5th of April 2015 amounted to nothing more than an engagement, and as such, you two are not legally married.”

Sampson gave the lawyer a deadpan look, waiting as the judge wrote down the question, then turned away. With the line of questioning so far, Adjeley’s lawyer was choosing to focus solely on the issue in controversy. So his little plan to say something defamatory about his ex had not popped up yet, as expected.

But with this question, he was ready to delve into action.

“It was,” he asserted. “The fact that we remained under the same roof for three years is proof of this. And in any case, this whole cheating issue she’s brought, I’ll be honest, I have no regrets about. None.”

“Mr. Addai, please let’s stick to the facts in issue,” Maame Ama bluntly responded.

Sampson ignored her and looked in Adjeley’s direction. “Massa, if you must know eh, I enjoy Lydia’s breasts papa! I really enjoy it. And the others too make me happy in their own special way. Now that we’re here, I’ll be straight with you: there was Lydia, Esther, Asieduwaa, Melody, Janet…”

“Mr. Addai, please be silent!” the judge ordered sternly, fed up with his shenanigans.

“No, Your Honour, this woman is not serious. Simple thing that we can settle outside, she has brought it here. Where is the sense in that?” he protested.

“MR. ADDAI!” the judge warned, his voice considerably louder. “Silent!”

Sampson wanted to go even further, but the annoyed look on the judge’s face had him deciding to do otherwise.

“Mr. Binang, please advise your client to conduct himself appropriately! This is a court room, not a TV reality show!”

He looked in Adjeley’s direction briefly.

She stared back at him, looking as unmoved as could be.


“Well, good to know I dodged such a whorish bullet like yourself,” Adjeley murmured snidely as they both walked out of the courthouse. If her taunt was anything to go by, his answers and confessions during cross-examination – most of which were deemed irrelevant to the facts in issue by the judge – had either cut her hard and she chose to use sarcasm as a cover up, or she was not impressed at all.

Either way, he was pretty reviled at her jibe.

“You shut up, Adjeley,” he shot back. “I don’t have anything to say to you. All I know is that you’re gonna regret this. Taking me to court over this bulls**t? Oh, I promise, you’ve bitten too much off, woman.”

“Ha! The only thing I regret is not realizing I should have left your cheating ass years ago! Made me a freaking housewife while you scampered off, chasing after every female you could think of.”

“Ugh, why am I even dignifying you with my attention? Get away from me!”

“Bye, slut!” she hissed as he walked away. He gave her a final glare as he stomped off, muttering unintelligible insults on the way to his car.

Watching him with a look of disgust, her eyes travelled to where his Acura was parked. She took note of the person who stood by the car. A young, busty lady with a protruding belly.


Her eyes and Lydia’s met briefly. The expectant mother quickly turned her face within a microsecond, trying to pretend she hadn’t seen the one she once happily crowned with the title ‘Sister’.

It had been months since Adjeley left Koly Estates, and ever since that day Lydia indirectly informed her of her pregnancy by Sampson, the two had not spoken. As to whether she was unrepentant or too ashamed to approach her, she had no idea.

And the truth was, she didn’t care. The disgust was too much to even want to hear from her.

Now she thought back to all the times Lydia had been so sweet and caring, and it all seemed so plastic and acted out. She had just been faking the love and concern. There was not an iota of decency in that girl’s body, as far as Adjeley was concerned. Considering how she smiled in her face while going behind her back to have sex with Sampson, as well as lying to her, there was no other conclusion.

Indeed, if ever there was an occasion to drive home the reality that not everyone who smiles with you is your friend, it had to be this.

“So much for being a sweetheart,” she scoffed to herself as she turned away and walked back to the court to see Maame Ama. “Fake little bitch.”


“Well, that was some pretty low blows your ex decided to go for,” Maame Ama commented as she walked with Adjeley, who had joined her back in the courtroom.

“It was pathetic. So, so pathetic. Ugh. He’s lucky the court doesn’t deal with emotions. He should have been thrown out straight away after making those claims. The guy doesn’t have a good defence. Talking about we already being married.”

Maame Ama chuckled at that. “Hmm! His knowledge of your culture is pathetic. Honestly. I’ve read on how you Gas do your weddings, and listening to all he was saying… it’s a far cry from the real deal.”

Adjeley shook her head. “Let me not waste my time thinking about it mpo. It’s laughable kraaa.”

“Mm-hm. Well, Adjeley, I have to get moving to another court. Slightly outside of Accra.”

“No problem, Counsel. I’ll talk to you later.”


“All I’m saying is, you didn’t need to include all that in the cross-examination…”

“Well, I did, and I have no qualms about it,” Sampson responded flatly to his lawyer, his eyes fixed on the road as he drove to the hospital.

A sigh followed. “Sampson, please, keep the feelings toned down a bit. I get that you’re pissed about her bringing this suit. I really do. But please keep it in check. Remember the judge is a human, and he could take all this into consideration. Do you want to lose the case because you blew up in court?”

“No,” Sampson admitted.

“Good. So please, take it easy. And when we return for the continuation of the cross-examination, apologize to the court. I believe this could go our way, but don’t let it fall to the ground with your emotions. Else you have nobody but yourself to blame.”

“Hmph,” Sampson grunted, muttering a promise to call him back later before hanging up and concentrating on the road.

In the passenger seat sat Lydia, unwilling to ask further questions. She had already enquired how proceedings went and was answered with a wry “Fine”. Silence thus reigned in the car on the way.

Arriving there about twenty minutes after speaking with Mr. Binang, as he parked the car, he looked at Lydia, who was still mute, keeping to herself throughout the journey. He noted her slightly unhappy look and immediately felt bad about the unpleasant manner in which he answered her question. At this stage, she certainly didn’t deserve that.

“Babe? I’m sorry,” he said gently, reaching over to squeeze her left thigh.

She flinched a bit, but then allowed his touch to drive away the moody disposition, as she smiled lightly at him and nodded her head. “It’s alright, Sammy. I know it’s tough for you.”

“It certainly is. The way things went today was pretty vexatious, and I’m sure you saw the brief exchange between me and her. But, for now, let’s forget about all that. I have a sexy baby mama and a beautiful upcoming baby to think about. Nothing else matters.”

That little giggle returned. It was never easy resisting the allure Sampson possessed. He just had a way of making her susceptible to his will, no matter how hard she resisted it.

“Come on,” he said as he unbuckled his seat belt and reached to do same to hers. “Let’s go check on our child. Gotta make sure my little one is healthy and strong.”

Well, the animosity between the two is very apparent. As to who will win the case, we’re yet to find out…

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 8: Fa Ma Nyame

For the benefit of the non-Ghanaian reader, the title for today’s chapter is Twi for ‘give it to God’.

“Hello Rachelyn!”

“Heyyyy, babes!” Rachelyn responded as she embraced her good friend, Maama Ama Owusu. She had brought Adjeley to Lincoln Chambers, where her former university hostel mate was employed as an associate. Still reeling from the pain of discovering Sampson’s philandering ways, she was firm in her decision that he should be dealt with in the courts for wasting her time.

“Looking good, aren’t you? I can see you’ve been enjoying life paaa,” Maame Ama teased.

“Oh please,” Rachelyn retorted playfully. “You that your IG page is full of your trips to Bali and Santorini. Please, I’m not on your level kraaaa. Ask Adjeley when was the last time I travelled to Ada mpo!”

“Herh, Rachie! So the group distin you went for during the Easter is in Kotobabi?”

Rachelyn paused for a moment, then grinned sheepishly. She and her work group had recently spent the festivities at Aqua Safari Resort. “Oh, yeah. I forgot that one.”

“You see your life?”

The two laughed while Adjeley, who was already seated, gave a small smile.

“Yeah, so, um, I’ll be outside, while you attend to your new client. I’m still charged like it’s me he cheated on. If I hear it again, chale…”

Maame Ama shook her head, grinning. “You and your fiery self. No problem.”

As Rachelyn exited her lawyer friend’s office, Maame Ama turned to Adjeley. “So, you can talk to me now. I’m listening.”


“… and then I discovered that he had been sleeping with the girl next door. As I speak to you right now, she’s pregnant for him. And on top of that, a sex tape of him and another girl was revealed. Madam Lawyer, I put my life on hold for this man, at his request, only for him to put me on the shelf and go around having sex with stupid little girls. It makes me sick to my stomach. There should be some legal action that can be taken against him, right?”

Maame Ama sat across the table, eyebrows furrowed as she listened to the story Adjeley had just told her. A very unpleasant story, no doubt.

“Hmmm, well, I’m really sorry to hear this. Nothing’s worse than finding out your man is a cheat. But this is something else. No shame whatsoever.”

“Oh, Counsel. None oo. None. I mean, I feel so disrespected. Our neighbour ooo, some young girl bi. Always calling me Sister Adjeley like some good innocent girl bi. But she was happily getting humped by him. Honestly, I just want to have him dealt with by the law. I don’t want to just ‘let it go’, with all I’ve been through.”

Maame Ama nodded. “Hmmmmm. So it was just the engagement you guys did?”

“Just the engagement. About three years ago. We did it according to our customs. So there was the presentation of drinks and money to my family, he gave me a ring and a Bible…”

“I see. So basically, the plan was for the marriage to be one under the ordinance? As in, the church kind?”

“Yes, exactly. That was the plan.”

“And for the past few years, there’s been postponements?”

“Four solid times!”

Maame Ama leaned back in her chair, deep in thought. “Well, this sounds like a breach of promise to marry. You can bring an action against him. I’ll need to do my little research to see how much of a case we have. I must let you know, though, that litigation isn’t a pretty thing. Time, money, emotions… it can be quite a roller coaster. If you still want to go ahead with it, though, your plan is my command.”

Adjeley took a deep breath. “Trust me, Counsel. I’m fully convinced about this. I prefer he be dealt with by the courts. Nothing less than that.”

“No problem, Ms. Anang. Let me get to the books, and we’ll see where we go from there.”


“Ei, Naa Adjeley, what is wrong with you? So because of this, you’ve not only left him, but you’re taking him to court as well. Kw3! Are you okay?”

“I’m shocked ooo, my sister. Adjeley, please, the path you are treading on is not good at all. This is a wealthy man who is taking good care of you. Why do you want to throw it all away? Because he is cheating? Look, men will be men ooo. Cheating, it’s in their DNA. As long as they come back home to you, that’s what matters.”

“Thank you! In any case, you are getting old ooo. Do you know the number of women who would want to be in your shoes right now? Please, you are very lucky to have a man like Sampson prepared to marry you. If you let him go, you’ll suffer to get another man willing to marry you.”

Adjeley shut her eyes and swallowed hard, fighting to restrain the ferocious retorts ready to burst forth from her voice box.

A few days had passed after she had gone to see Maame Ama, and word had somehow gotten through to her aunties, who had called for an urgent meeting with her. Accompanied by Rachelyn, who had sat outside as the aunties wanted to speak to her alone, she had come to realize that they were only interested in rebuking her and getting her to change her mind.

Infuriated was an understatement to describe her mood at that moment.

They didn’t even seem to be bothered about hearing of his escapades. She had tried to tell them about Lydia’s pregnancy, as well as the sex tape with that other girl. They cut her off each time, insisting she listen to their wisdom. Their ‘wisdom’ clearly had no criticism whatsoever of the promiscuous fiancé she had. It rather fixated on the things she would miss out on if she chose to end the relationship.

And she was nowhere near amused.

“Listen. Please, call that lawyer. Cancel your plans for that whatever whatever you intend to do. Go back to Sampson and reconcile with him. That’s the best thing to do. As for the cheating, give it to God and endure. Do you understand?”

Adjeley raised her eyes from the floor to her aunties, the fury evident. “No,” she muttered in a low but firm voice.


“I said no! I will not do that! I am not getting back together with that man! It’s over!”

Aunties Sweetie and Joyce gasped in horror at her answer.

“Eeei! Adjeley! So after everything we’ve said, you don’t want to listen? Kw3, Awula…” Auntie Sweetie asked.

“Hmm. This young people today. Most disrespectful generation to ever walk upon the face of this earth. They don’t listen to wisdom. We are telling you the right thing to do, and you’re throwing it back in our faces?” Auntie Joyce demanded.

“They don’t ooo. Not a shred of respect. Look, what you are going through, do you think you are the only one? For all you know, you might be the reason why he’s going out and sleeping with different girls. Have you bothered to look at yourself and find out if you might be the cause?”

If their words had been grinding her nerves for the entire period she had sat in their living room and listened to them, that suggestion was the last straw.

“Tell her! Maybe you’re not cooking well. Or you don’t respect him…”

She sprung to her feet and barked at them, “I AM NOT THE REASON HE’S A MAN-WHORE!”

Her aunties, stunned by her sudden fiery outburst, sat back in amazement, hushed to silence.

“Aunties, with the greatest of respects, I am not going to allow you to insult me. For three good years, I have been more like a wife to this man. I have faithfully served him, loved on him, treated him like a king. All under the illusion that he was going to be a real husband to me. A husband that would respect me, cherish me and make me the only woman in his life. I am not the cause of him cheating, and I can’t believe that you’re actually putting the blame on me!

“This Sampson guy has not shown me the least bit of respect. Getting our next door neighbour pregnant. Doing sex tapes with girls. You think that’s something I should run back to? You’re not even thinking about the kind of diseases he can come and inflict upon me. You don’t care about my well-being at all! You’re just thinking about me getting married at all costs. Well, you better understand that I won’t prioritize a crap marriage over being single and at peace!

“As for the court thing, listen, I deserve some restitution. I’ve had three years of my life wasted, playing little Miss Serviette to a man who has showed no regard whatsoever for my feelings, and I need to get some form of restoration. You should be thankful I’m not out there smashing his car windows and burning his clothes, coz he sure as hell deserves that!

“So no, Aunties. I won’t listen to you. I’m not gonna accept that all men cheat and I should get used to it. That is a silly and insulting point of view that needs to die a quick death. I am not gonna call off this court case; I will go ahead with it and ensure I get my due. I am not gonna take this advice. This advice is toxic. This advice is misogynistic. I reject it, and I will proceed as already decided. Good day!”

She grabbed her bag on the chair and headed straight for the door. As she opened it, she turned to them and added, “Oh yeah, and no, I’m not gonna give it to God. I am so tired of this ridiculous religious Ghanaian mentality that encourages us to be nothing but dumb doormats!”

She exited and shut the door behind her.


“Chale, brutal paa oo!” Rachelyn commented as she joined her older sister in the car. “Even by my standards, that was pretty heated.”

Adjeley shook her head. “I should’ve known it wouldn’t end well. Those two are always in people’s affairs, giving out unsolicited advice.”

“Don’t mind them. It was the last part that annoyed me the most. Ah, look at all you’ve done for him. And they have the nerve to shift the blame on you. Claiming you don’t respect him. Ei, so as for him, he is blameless? Everything is your fault?”

“Look, forget about them, Rachie. I’m not following that. Papa and Maa have not objected to what I’ve started. They are lucky Papa doesn’t know. Like what he’ll do to them. We’re going on with this thing. Maame Ama called me on the way and said we have a case, so I’m sure he’ll be getting the writ soon. I’m not letting this thing go just like that. No way.”


Sampson squinted at the laptop screen as he typed out a response to an e-mail concerning the supply of new vans. He sighed and rubbed his face, shaking his head as he did so. Attention was a hard thing to keep, what with all the issues ongoing.

He had gone to the main Anang household to plead for forgiveness. Adjeley’s parents, as you would expect, were extremely unhappy about his actions, and did not waste time letting him know same. They however left the final decision to Adjeley herself.

Of course, that did not go well for him, as she did not want to even look at him. She would not come back to their comfortable abode in Koly Estates. She didn’t want to go ahead with the 21st August plan. She was done with him.

It was frustrating. He had cursed the universe time without count for pulling out the rug from under him and subjecting him to the most embarrassing expose ever. As to how three of his escapades from his various playthings popped up to her knowledge on the same day was simply beyond him.

Of course, she wasn’t the only one who had walked out. Esther had blocked him. He had confronted Melody over the leakage of their sex tape, to which she tearfully informed him that a jealous ‘friend with benefits’ who thought he was her man, found it and decided to leak it to humiliate her. He ended their fling there and then.

Lydia, however, was still around.

They had had a major heated argument after Adjeley left, but tempers cooled after a while. The decision to abort was one they just couldn’t bring themselves to do, so she stuck around. Her family had been made aware, and were demanding the ‘kwaseabuo‘ money for impregnating their child.

Clearly, there was a lot of pressure on his head.

As he thought of words to put in his reply to sound as professional as possible, Ayman entered the office. He looked up in annoyance.

He hadn’t told him about the discoveries, but he knew Ayman had found out. And he knew he was eventually going to give him the ‘I told you so’ lecture, and it irritated the daylight out of him.

He held a paper in his hand as he approached Sampson’s desk. Without a word, he tossed it in front of him and gave him a glance.

A glance which, interpreted into words, screamed out, “I warned you, didn’t I?”

As expected, Sampson was not amused by that glance. He glared at Ayman as he walked out, then turned to the paper that had been placed on his desk.

He squinted, then grabbed it and took a closer look.

Skimming through the contents quickly, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The workers outside his office, except for Ayman, all flinched as a gargantuan roar of a cuss ripped through the air from his open door.

“WHAT THE F***!”

Sampson has been served!! This is definitely not going to make things smooth between the two of them. Get ready to see lovers turn into enemies…

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 7: When It Rains, It Pours

Wiping away the tears as she drove, there was only one thing on Adjeley’s mind: to get out of that house and never return.

God, how did I end up in this? Wasted all these years with this… this disgusting, inconsiderate, heartless cheat, she fumed at herself as she moved faster than usual on the road, which was uncharacteristically free, although with midday coming up, that wouldn’t be the case for too long.

Her phone rang just as she stopped at a red light. Picking up the phone, she sighed in relief. She thought it would be Sampson, and she definitely had no intention of hearing his phony pleas for forgiveness.

It was her younger sister.

She answered. “Rachie, thank God you called. Please, I need you and Kirah home. Right now! It’s an emergency! Please!”

Without even listening to whatever it was Rachelyn had to say, she hung up and continued her journey back home.


“Oh, damn!” Rachelyn sighed, shaking her head as she looked at Kirah. “Looks like she’s seen the video. She said we should come over ASAP. And her voice sounded pretty shaky.”

Kirah did the facepalm. “Ugh, can’t believe this. How could Sampson do this to her? After all the time you’ve wasted. Oh Lord, some men are wicked. Well, let’s move!”


About forty minutes later, Kirah and Rachelyn arrived at the house, where the door was opened to them by a visibly heartbroken Adjeley. Upon seeing them, her lips trembled for a moment before she burst into tears, cut up by the revelation she had painfully confirmed earlier that day.

The two immediately embraced her, with “take it easy, Adjeley” the main phrase they had for her. In between them as they guided her to the couch, Rachelyn asked gently, “So how did you find out? Who sent it to you?”

Adjeley looked puzzled by the question as she sat down. “Wait, what? You know about it already?”

Rachelyn immediately took on the same expression of confusion. “Uhhh… yeah. The spread of the video’s been put under control, though. That’s why I called you.”

“What video? What are you talking about?” Adjeley asked.

The two visitors looked confused. “Wait, wait, wait,” Kirah interjected. “I think we’re a little confused here. Why are you upset, Naa?”

Adjeley sniffed. “Sampson. Sampson’s been… cheating on me. Caught him red-handed at some cheap girl’s place. Eating her out. Saw the freaking texts last night, and he was there. To suck her downstairs.”

Rachelyn and Kirah held their breaths. “Oh my God,” Rachelyn gasped.

“Crap,” Kirah muttered. “This bastard is worse than I thought.”

“What do you mean? And what video are you talking about, by the way?” Adjeley demanded, wiping her tears away.

Rachelyn now looked rather uneasy. To think that her sister had discovered what a loose cannon her supposed-to-be husband was through a sex tape. This was going to be heavier than she had anticipated. “Ummm…”

“Why, is there a video of him cheating on me? With that same tramp?” she asked further, in the same demanding tone.

Rachelyn gulped. “Umm, yeah. There is a video of him and another woman. But… the lady you found, is she Melody?”

Adjeley’s pupils dilated as she sat up. “Y-y-y-you mean, it’s a different woman?” she asked.

Rachelyn and Kirah stood before her, speechless. Were they disgusted by his actions? Obviously. But did they think he was having multiple affairs? Not in the least. This was just as shocking to them.

“Lemme see it,” she ordered. The tone was so hard, Rachelyn quickly took out her phone, opened her WhatsApp and opened Eugene’s chat, where he had sent her the video. Adjeley took it and pressed play. Within 12 seconds of playback, the level of disgust, derision and disappointment on her face was at an unprecedented zenith.

Bowing her head down, she alternated between seething and sobbing. Rachelyn bent down and hugged her tightly, whispering, “I’m sorry, sissy. I’m so sorry…”

It didn’t take too until Adjeley started murmuring, “Please, just get me out of this house. I can’t stay here…”

“We’re on it, baby girl!” Kirah jumped to her feet. “Show us where to go, and we’ll get your stuff for you.”


After spending almost an hour at the car park of a petrol station, unsure of what to do, Sampson was on his way back home. Hopefully, she would be there. He had no idea how he was gonna settle this, but… he had to try and work something out.

He arrived at the house, where he noticed the front door was wide open. An “oh no” escaped from his lips as he noticed one of her suitcases outside.

He immediately parked his car outside, and rushed in, leaving the small gate wide open as well.

“Adjeley! Adjeley!” Sampson called as he entered the house. “Babe, please…”

Adjeley, standing in the living room with Kirah and Rachelyn holding some of her bags, glared at him as he appeared. “What is your problem?”

“Adjeley, please, you don’t have to do this. It’s all just a misunderstanding…”

“Oh, really? Catching you giving some disrespectful sleazebag intense head is a misunderstanding? Really, Sampson?”

Sampson shook his head, his eyes pleading with her. “Honey, I beg you. You’re my everything. I…”

“Hey, hey, hey! Please, please, please! Don’t come and use some useless sweet words on me! Those same useless sweet words you use on those other girls you make sex tapes with…”

Sampson looked stunned. “Wh-what the hell are you talking about?”

Adjeley took out Rachelyn’s phone and opened up the filthy video that had been sent. “You and Melody, whoever she is. Having a heated bang-fest. That’s what I’m talking about.”

Sampson stared in horror at the video showing him doing some serious work on his ‘raw action’ partner. Oh God, why oh why did I agree to this? I knew we shouldn’t have recorded this. I knew it!

“Ugh, remind me to delete that filth from my phone when we’re done,” Rachelyn muttered, put off by the sounds of the video. “Makes me wanna throw up.”

Sampson turned it off and shook his head. “I-I-I have no idea what’s all this,” he stuttered. “I swear. It’s… it’s been… it’s been doctored. I’m telling you!”

His stumbling tone hardly made his denial anywhere near convincing, and the look on Adjeley’s face made that pretty clear. She was not the least bit fooled.

“Sister Adjeley, is everything all right?”

They heard the familiar voice of Lydia as she appeared at the doorway a few seconds later.

“I just noticed the gate is wide open. And your door too…”

“And so what? What are you doing here? Haven’t you caused enough trouble? Come on, get the f*** outta here!” Sampson roared.

Adjeley and the girls looked surprised at his reaction towards her. Where from that hostility?

Lydia’s head turned in his direction, as she gave him the most evil glare her eyes had ever shot at anyone. After the acrimonious end to their last call where she dropped the pregnancy bombshell, they had not spoken to each other, and were still very much pissed with each other.

“Uhh, what’s going on?” Kirah wondered out loud.

Suddenly, a smirk appeared on her face. A rather sinister smirk. “You know what? Never mind. I can see everything’s fine,” she announced to Adjeley. “I’ll just be on my way now.”

She turned away to leave, then stopped and turned back to them. Her gaze straight at Sampson, she said, “As for you, gentleman, after all these months of you coming to my house to play with my breasts and pulverize my p***y, you are now shouting on me like I’m some animal bi. Ayoo, well done! Still, you better decide on what you’re going to do about this pregnancy and stop behaving like a bitch! Foolish man!”

Punctuating her brief tirade with a loud ‘mtchewww’, she walked off.

Sampson looked like he was ready to chase after her, strangle her and rip her head off afterward. This was turning out to be one of the worst days of his life. It was as if the universe had planned to dump a truckload of disgrace upon him.

As he turned to his fiancée and her girls, though, he was at a loss for words. This had to be the last straw. From catching him red-handed to the leaked sex video, now Lydia had blurted out that she was pregnant to the hearing of all of them.

Adjeley shook her head, absolute disbelief on her face. Tears filled her eyes as she looked down. This infidelity was turning out to be deeper and much worse than she expected. “What? Lydia too, Sampson? You’ve been sleeping with Lydia too?”

Sampson was frozen before them, struggling to find anything at all to say. Not that it would have made a difference in any case.

“Ei! So this is what Auntie Berry was talking about? So she was right? You were the one having sex with her all that time? You two were having fun in bed behind my back? And now she’s carrying your baby??!! SAMPSON!!”

Silence all round. The looks on the faces of Rachelyn and Kirah spelled nothing short of contempt. The man who claimed to love their sister and friend was a shameless excuse of a man who couldn’t keep his trousers zipped. What a disgrace. Of course, they were also disgusted at this new info that the supposed ‘caring neighbour’ was also warming his bed. Goodness, what a snake!

“It is over, Sampson. It’s over.”

Having uttered those words, she took up the bags she carried and walked past him briskly. The two ladies took up the bags they carried and walked.

Sampson, in a last-ditch effort, grabbed Rachelyn’s hand as she moved by him. “Please! I beg you!”

Rachelyn quickly yanked her hand away and gave him an evil glare. “Gentleman, I have a sharp pencil in my pocket, and I am not afraid to use it to pierce that filthy eye of yours if you touch me again. Dumb ass pig!”

She walked away, stepping out of the house and joining the others as she tossed the bag right into the open trunk of the car. Immediately, she turned and walked toward the small gate.

“Uh-oh. Rachie, where to?” Kirah asked worriedly.

“To that stupid little tramp’s house!” Rachelyn responded in fury, pointing at Lydia’s abode. “I’m gonna rip her freaking head off, that two-timing, backstabbing little bitch!”

“Rachelyn, stop!” Adjeley ordered, shaking her head furiously. “Don’t do it. It’s not necessary. Let her be. Let’s go.”

Rachelyn stood there, inhaling and exhaling as her eyes furiously pleaded with that of her big sister’s to go and teach the now-exposed traitor a drastic lesson. Adjeley remained firm in her stance, shaking her head.

The feisty younger Anang sister relented, doing a 180 as she begrudgingly trudged back to the car. “Forget her. I don’t want to waste time on her. I just wanna get out of here!” Adjeley asserted as she got into the driver’s seat and Rachelyn into the passenger seat. Kirah had opened the gate as the car started up and moved out of the house. Leaving the gate wide open, she opened the door to the backseat as the Corolla drove off, never to return to Sampson’s house again.


“Please, Adjeley! I beg you. At least, come out of the room and face me, eh,” Sampson pleaded.

The reply that came was loud, short and succinct.

“No! leave me alone!”

He looked in aggravation at Rachelyn, who had her arms folded as she stood by the door, impatiently waiting for him to leave.

“Please, Rachelyn, can’t you go and bring her here?” he asked.

Rachelyn shook her head. “Boss, you’ve been here for days now. Same old story. She doesn’t wanna see you. That’s it. Can’t do anything more.”

“Come on, just try for me, lah.”

She rolled her eyes. “Mr. Man, please, she won’t listen to me. And honestly, I don’t blame her. Please just go. It’s not working out.”

He gave her a cold stare. Her sarcastic tone was really irritating, and she had been at this since he had been coming. She was as ready to help him as an NDC stalwart would be ready to vote for an NPP candidate.

“You’re not being helpful, Rachelyn. You’re not being helpful at all. I expected better from you,” he muttered bitterly as he walked past her and left the house, disappointed at yet another unsuccessful attempt to see Adjeley.

Rachelyn gave him a scornful up-and-down look as he walked away, punctuating it with a loud ‘Mtchewww” before slamming the front door shut. “You expected better from me. Why, did you give me assignment or something? Idiot!” she scoffed to herself in Ga before walking to Adjeley’s room, where she was busy on her phone, the laptop in front of her.

She looked up at her. “Is he gone?”

“Yep. And he had the nerve to tell me I’m not being helpful. Stupid guy! He’s not serious. Help a shameless whore like him. For the where? He shouldn’t come and try me kraaa. The way I want to rip him and that shameful Lydia girl already…”

Adjeley shook her head. “Forget about him, baby girl. Not worth your time. I don’t want to see him right now. In due time, I will.”

“Mmmm, I understand,” Rachelyn responded, rubbing her sister’s shoulders. “So, what’s the plan?”

“Well…” Adjeley started, seemingly hesitant for a moment before continuing. “I went through Instagram about two days ago, and this new lawyer had a picture of some books bi. Family law or something…”

Rachelyn looked surprised, but kept silent as Adjeley went on.

“… and she said something about how the law allows you to sue a person for breaching their promise to marry you. I’ve been thinking about it, and… I wanna take it to the courts.”

Rachelyn’s facial expression was a stunned one. “Really? You wanna drag him to court?”

Adjeley turned to face her. “Yes, Rachie, I do. I wanna take him to court. I believe I have a perfectly good thing to stand on, and I’m not gonna follow the ridiculous ‘give it to God’ train. He wasted my time. He treated me like dirt. It’s only fair the law take its course if it can help me.”

Rachelyn sat there for a few moments, slowly absorbing those words. Then she sighed and shrugged. “Well, it’s you that has been affected. I certainly won’t argue you out of it. At least you’re staying on the side of the law. Left to me alone, he’d be experiencing a ‘bust your windows’ vibe, eh…”

Adjeley shook her head. “You that. Anyways, you have a lawyer friend, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah. Maame Ama. Baby girl of life, but a pretty good lawyer.”

“Great. Please, let’s go see her. As soon as possible.”

Well well well!! Adjeley wants to deal with Sampson using the courts! Not very common, is it? How will this go?

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 6: Clandestine Court Interrupted

“Honey, I’m so sorry for letting myself go last night. I was just so pissed off, you know. The way these clients were frustrating me was something else,” Sampson said as he hurriedly tucked in his shirt and buckled his belt.

Memories of the previous night were very vague, but he knew he had had too much to drink, and that Adjeley would not be pleased. As he quickly got ready for work, having woken up fifteen minutes later than usual, he was convinced the cold expression on her face was because of his intoxicated state last night.

She simply sat on the sofa, grunting in response as he grabbed his jacket from the dining room.

“Babes, I’m sorry, okay? I promise I’m staying off alcohol now. For your sake,” Sampson promised her.

She nodded curtly. “So what are you doing today?”

“Well, I’ll just head for the office and straighten out some issues here and there. Then at 11:30, I have a meeting to attend. Should take a while.”

“A meeting,” she repeated, nodding again.

“Yeah, a meeting. You know how my life is like. Meetings upon meetings. Chale, that’s what keeps the bank account filled up,” he said, winking at her.

The stiff expression remained on her face, wiping his smile off.

“Come on, babe. I said I’m sorry…”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” she interrupted, dismissively waving her hand. “You’ve apologized. It’s alright.”

“Thank you, Naa. Alright, gotta get moving now. I’ll see you tonight!” He quickly moved over to kiss her on the cheek, then stepped out the front door and headed for his car. Taking his phone from his pocket once he was seated, he opened WhatsApp and went straight to the chat he had been waiting for last night, but forgot due to his drunken state.

Grinning at the thirsty messages, he pressed to record a voice note and murmured into the phone, “Babe, get ready to be eaten out like never before today. I am gonna make you squirm and scream so bad, your neighbours will wanna call the police on me.”

Snickering as he sent it, he looked at the directions, nodded and started the engine, ready to move.

Little did he know that the dark demeanour he had pleaded forgiveness for earlier was not triggered by his inebriated disposition.

And that he wasn’t the only one in the house who had noted down the directions to Esther’s place.


“So you think I should ditch Netflix for Hulu?” Rachelyn asked, eyeing her former colleague from work as they walked the aisles of Shoprite in the Junction Mall.

“Totally! Chale, the Hulu library is not a joke ooo! Literally everything is there. Even old sitcoms, you’ll get. See, I was convinced to take them up when I looked through their library and I found ‘Hanging With Mr Cooper’. Herh! How I’d been itching to watch that, eh!”

Rachelyn’s eyes widened. That was the sitcom she and Adjeley had been searching for since the streaming services took over. “Eugene, are you serious?? You found ‘Hanging With Mr Cooper’?”

“I’m dead serious, Rachie.”

“Ugh, why didn’t you say so earlier? Do you know how much I love that sitcom! Those times Viasat 1 used to show it? With Cooper and Vanessa and their love thingy. Please, no need to convince me any further. I’m signing up as soon as I get home tonight!”

Eugene laughed. “Perfect!”

The two laughed and chatted heartily as they continued to roam the aisles and get a few things before heading for check out to pay for their items and exit the shop.

Eugene took out his phone as they walked to his car. A message he received on a group, however, had him frowning and shaking his head. “Oh, oh, oh! Chale!”

“What’s wrong?” Rachelyn asked.

“Somebody just put up a dirty video on the group. According to the accompanying message, some guy found a video of his girl and some other man having wild sex on her phone, and he’s doing this as payback for her cheating.”

“Ugh, but that’s so wrong! If she’s cheating, just break up with her, eh.”

“Hmmmm. People are crazy.”

Out of sheer curiosity, he pressed the play button on the dirty video.

“Hmm. This one di33, roleplay stuff, with the way she’s acting and posing on the bed,” he commented within ten seconds of the video’s beginning.

“Ugh, you’re watching it?” Rachelyn asked, hardly impressed with his decision. “I would’ve deleted that crap if it came across my messages.”

“I’m not looking to watch it. I just wanna see their faces,” Eugene explained, turning from the screen to face her. “It’s showing just the woman right now. I just wanna see his face, then I’ll delete it. Na the way this girl has posed kraa is making me uncomfortable… Melody is the name…”

Turning back to the video to look at the man’s face, who had now appeared, his jaw dropped in horror. “Herhhh!!”

Rachelyn was startled by his outburst. “Ei, Eugene, what’s wrong? Why, who is it?”

He paused the video and looked at her, too stunned to speak. “Chale, chale, chale, chale… this be disgusting and disgraceful. Eiii!”

“Lemme see, lah!” She immediately stretched her neck to focus on the small screen. Hitting play, it took all of 3 seconds for her eyes to widen in horror and rage as she stared at the very familiar man happily pounding the woman in the video.


It was 11:40 when Adjeley pulled up at the address she had jotted down from the message. Stepping out of the car, she saw the familiar ash-coloured Acura MDX in front of the house. Indeed, the so-called meeting he had spoken of that morning was the one here.

She stood there for a moment, pain coursing through her chest as she blinked rapidly, struggling to hold back tears. So she had been an oblivious, ignorant pawn all these years? Sitting in his house, waiting to be his one and only when in actual fact, she was sharing him with others? The man she had loved all this time was nothing more than a barefaced skirt-chaser?

Wiping the few that managed to escape from her eyes, she moved closer to the house. A black-and-white bungalow with a distance of roughly six feet between the porch and the very short wall which reached up to her forehead. She had always wondered why some houses had such walls; the security risk was phenomenally high with a line of defense that could easily be jumped over.

But her main concern was what was going on inside the house. And from the sounds she could hear, it looked like Sampson and the Esther lady were in the living room. And they were pretty explicit in their words.

“Oh God, how I’ve been longing for you, Sammy. I need you in between my legs so bad,” she heard a female voice gasp. The sound of sloppy kisses followed.

“I know, babe. Those messages told me all I need to know. That’s why I came here.”

Hearing Sampson’s smooth voice calling another woman ‘babe’ was like an arrow to the lung. White-hot pain and red-hot fury were the only emotions she could feel at that moment, keeling over and squeezing her eyes shut, wishing this was an insane dream.

A desperate-sounding cry from the lady for Sampson to get busy with her rang out. Adjeley’s blood began to boil upon hearing them initiate the process. That filthy cheat!

She moved slowly to the gate, and noticed that it hadn’t been locked. Sampson, in his urgent craving to get busy with his new plaything, had forgotten to properly lock it. She pushed it open, stormed to the front door.

Ecstatic squeals began.

That did it. She kicked the door open.


Sampson sprung up, startled by the sound of the door being kicked in. Thieves had entered the house! He lunged forward for the nearest vacuum flask on a coffee table, looking for something to at least try and defend himself with.

What he saw as he turned towards the door, however, made his blood freeze.

For him, it was worse than a black clad guy ready to ransack the house and hurt the inhabitants.

Before him and a naked Esther, who had fallen to the floor after the kicking of the door, stood his fiancée, Adjele. And she looked absolutely furious. Sick to her stomach that the one she intended to spend the rest of her life with was holding clandestine court elsewhere.

He was shocked to the core. He had fully convinced himself that there was no way she would ever discover his alternative lifestyle. He had been too careful to ensure she wouldn’t even get a hint. How did this happen? How in the world did she even know this place? How??

“Sampson, who the hell is this? And how did she get in here?”

Ignoring Esther’s question, he approached Adjeley slowly, looking nervous and frightened. As to how she knew of his whereabouts at that point was not important. He had to calm the lion. “B-b-b-bae. I swear, please, I can explain-“

“Oh, you can explain, eh?” she cut in. “You can explain? You can explain how this is the meeting you told me about this morning? You can explain why you’re here sucking on some girl’s vagina? Really? You can explain?”

The muted silence from him proved how useless his excuse was. The only noise at that point was that of Esther, who did not look amused at the sudden interruption, hurriedly putting her clothes back on.

“So this is what you’ve been up to, Sampson? This is why you’ve left me on the back burner for so long?” Adjeley demanded. “You’ve given these excuses all these years just so you can go on sticking it in every hole you can find?”

“No, no, no, please, don’t say that,” Sampson pleaded.

She shook her head, her eyes beginning to water up again. “I left my job and my family home to be with you, and this is how you treat me?”

“Please, Adjeley, it’s not like that. I love you. It’s just…”

She looked at him in disbelief. “Huh? You say what?”

“I swear, I really do-“

He was silenced by a hefty slap from Adjeley.

“Don’t you dare tell me that rubbish!” she screamed. “How dare you! You’re out here eating some girl’s coochie, and you have the nerve to use that same tongue to tell me you love me?”

Sampson held his cheek, lower lip trembling as Adjeley raged on.

“I gave up my job at your request! I left my home to be with you! I left all I had, due to your promises of luxury and love and a life beyond my wildest dreams! This is what you meant by that? That I’ll be the one you run home to every night after putting your mouth where some cheap girl’s veejay is? Huh?”

“Excuse me, who do you think you are calling cheap?” Esther butted in, offended by the remark. She had been quite miffed by the references made to her, but the use of that adjective definitely struck a nerve. “Watch your mouth, lady.”

Adjeley turned to her, eyes blazing. “Don’t even attempt to annoy me, you silly skank! You’re not even worth my breath! Stupid tramp!”

“Hey, you better watch your mouth, bitch!” Esther shot back. “I should be calling the police on you right now for breaking into my house…”

“Hey, hey, you watch your mouth rather!” Sampson snapped at her. “How dare you talk to her like that? And don’t go and call any police biaa. There’s no need.”

“Ei! Herh!” Esther gasped in surprise. “So all of a sudden, you’re talking like that to me because of this disrespectful thing? This… this second rate excuse of a woman…”

Adjeley’s right hand flew again, and this time, it was Esther’s cheek that was the target, landing with optimum precision. As Esther stumbled back in shock, holding her cheek, Sampson raised his finger at her. “You see! Watch yourself! One more nasty word about her, and I promise you, you won’t like me.”

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t come at me with this fake support nonsense. If I wasn’t here, wouldn’t you be eating her out as if I don’t exist? Spare me! Finish sucking her. Have yourself a merry little Christmas down there,” Adjeley snapped at him, unimpressed by his sudden defence of her. She turned to walk away.

“Please, Adjeley,” he started, reaching out to touch her.

“Don’t you touch me, you disgusting man!” she snapped. “You make me sick. I can’t believe I let myself fall for your lies and deception! No wonder you’ve postponed our wedding dates over and over again. Well, never again, Sampson. Never again!”

With that, she stormed out of the house.

A couple of seconds later, having regained her composure after that painful strike, Esther murmured, “Get out of my house, Sampson.”

Sampson, overcome by disbelief, barely heard her lowly spoken demand. His idea to save face before Adjeley had spectacularly backfired. As to why he thought she’d be moved by that defence, only he knew. Of course, in the process, he had just lost his new side chick, who was infuriated by what had just transpired.

“I said, get out of my house, you pathetic excuse of a man!” she yelled, pushing him out roughly. He barely resisted as he was shoved out of the living room and onto the balcony.

“And don’t you ever come here again! Foolishness! Some idiot comes in and slaps me, and instead of kicking her out, you are there defending her. If you like, set foot here again! You go see your morda for here!” she snapped as she slammed the door, leaving him on the balcony, face totally void of emotion.

Trudging back to the car, his mind was a battlefield where every single landmine had been set off. He couldn’t think straight; nothing but these words flashing like a neon sign…

She caught me… it’s over… but how the hell did she find out?

Well, Ayman warned him, didn’t he? Now he’s been exposed! And I don’t think this is gonna end on a happy note. Should it? Well… the subsequent chapters will tell us what happens…

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 5: Dalliances Not So Discreet

“Me? With a boy in my room, having sex with me? Ei, this woman!” Lydia gasped, her mouth agape at the question Adjeley asked her.

Adjeley shrugged. “That’s what she told me. I said I’ll just ask you directly before I make any judgment. You know her; she’s not the best person to start a debate with. But it sounded so off to me…”

“Of course, now! Sister Adjeley, you know me. I don’t like entertaining guys like that. Abi I’ve told you how that Peter boy near the shop has been trying to vibe me. I don’t give him face mpo! I’m not into that stuff. So I don’t know what she’s talking about.”

Adjeley nodded. “Hmmm. She sounded quite convinced that you’ve been very active in your bedroom with some boy. That it gets so aggressive in there. It just didn’t sound right to me, though. I mean, you, Lydia, letting some foolish boy aggressively bang you? Nah…”

Lydia shook her head, though not for the reason Adjeley would be expecting. She had no idea that inquisitive old lady had been hearing her and Sampson in their charged moments. Ugh! We should have been more circumspect on that.

“Of course. That can never be me. Maybe it’s the next house or something. I think that Elorm guy has a girlfriend…”

“Oh yeahhhhhh! Those two. That’s probably it. Don’t know how she didn’t realize it’s them.”

Lydia nodded as she inwardly gave herself a high five for that successful deflection. Although at that point, that was the least of her problems.

“Hmmmm. Some of these old ladies. The kind of accusations they can throw your way, eh, it’s not funny kraaa,” Lydia joked, now shaking her head.

Adjeley laughed. “I know right? But you di33, I beg, have mercy on them. By the way, are you okay? It’s like you had received some bad news when I called you on your verandah.”

Lydia shook her head immediately. “Oh no, no, no. Nothing’s wrong. Maybe… it was just the way I did my face that made you think such. I’m still quite tired from the journey.”

Adjeley did not seem too convinced by Lydia’s submission. But she decided not to belabour the point. In any case, she had never really told her about her own stresses, so it would feel hypocritical to try and pry into her affairs. She reached out and placed her hand on Lydia’s own. “Well, if you insist. But… if anything is wrong and you need to talk to anyone, you know where to come to, right?”

Lydia nodded, forcing a smile on her face so perfectly, it looked genuine. “Oh, of course, Sister Adjeley. Right here. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if anything is amiss.”

“Good, good. Okay then, that’s all I wanted to talk to you about. So I’ll tell her it’s probably the Elorm guy. And please, tell him to behave himself. Ah, what kind of nonsense behaviour is that?”

Lydia let out a nervous laugh as she got up. “Yeah… I’ll tell him. See you later, Sister Adjeley!”

“Later, honey. Get yourself some good rest!”


“Oh, s**t!”

Those were the first words out of her mouth as she entered her room, rubbing her face violently in exasperation.

Of course, there was something wrong. Terribly wrong. She had received news that did not make her happy at all. Not the best of welcomes back home. But to tell Adjeley? That would be a cataclysmic catastrophe of gargantuan proportions.

Besides, with the lies she had already just told, how would she now go back to tell her something totally conflicting? She had already gained the woman’s trust, and she’d rather keep her deceitfulness under wraps still.

Lydia crashed onto her bed, growling in frustration and swearing the air out of her pillow. This was not what she wanted at all. In the face of this discovery, the fact that Auntie Berry had heard her getting ‘pulverized’ by Sampson on a number of occasions hardly mattered.

Ugh, I should’ve known letting him in would lead to this eventually. Damn him for having the most electric touch and the sweetest nuclear weapon. Too freaking hard to resist. I knew all this fun would cause issues one day. I should’ve stood my ground. But noooo, Lydia, you didn’t. You let him play with your body, and you love it so much, you call him to come and do it again and again. What else did you expect?

Ending her little mental soliloquy of self-rebuke and regret, she looked up at her phone. Taking a deep breath, she reached for it.

With the news she had received, there was obviously no other option.

He had to be informed about it.


“You can’t be serious. Please tell me it’s a joke.”

“I’m not joking, Sammy. This is real.”

“What the f***! Damn it!”

“Gentleman, unnecessary F-bombs won’t make the baby disappear. What is important is what I should do: do I get an abortion, or do I keep it? And what is Adjeley gonna say if she finds out…”

“Oh please, let’s be serious. No way am I letting Adjeley know I got you pregnant. Ah, you paaa!”

Sampson was pacing up and down the office, panic imprinted upon his face. He had been busily sexting with the new girl he was hooking up with when Lydia called to give him some unexpected news.

After some bouts of morning sickness, a missed period and remembering that they had decided not to use protection one time, she had gone to get a pregnancy test, and the results were positive.

Unfortunately, their plans to just have fun had been interrupted by this unexpected discovery.

As they spoke, it was clear Lydia was not the least bit pleased with her current state, given her smarmy tone of voice and sharp responses to his exclamations. And they had not spoken for too long, but it was quite annoying to him.

“Ugh, crap! How did this happen?” he bemoaned as he dropped onto the visitor’s chair in his office.

“How did this happen? I’ll tell you how it happened: it was a fine afternoon, and instead of concentrating on your work, you were thinking about my breasts and decided to come and…”

“Oh will you stop it, Lydia?” he shot back, unimpressed by her biting retort. “Being sarcastic isn’t helping either of us. You just hit me with some bad news. Allow me to digest it and think about what we have to do.”

“Eeehhhh?? So my having a baby is a bad thing? So you mean that as for me, I should never have a baby?”

Sampson looked at the phone in disbelief before putting it back to his ear. “Ah, but you too, where from this allegation? I never said that. It’s bad news coz that’s not what we planned for, that’s all. I’ve never… chale, chale, never mind. I just need to think about this. Because this is unexpected, but an abortion… chale, it just doesn’t sit well with me, it just feels wrong…”

“Now you know what is right and what is wrong! When you were touching me that Tuesday evening we started this whole thing after you told me my boobs drive you crazy, that one wasn’t wrong? When you wait till Adjeley goes out before leaving your workplace to come and fondle them and pulverize me downstairs, it wasn’t wrong, eh? All that intense sex you’ve been having with me was not wrong, but this one is? Play dey your eye top papa!”

Sampson felt like throwing his phone at the window. Lydia was really wearing thin his last nerve with all this nasty sarcasm. “You know what? When you feel like thinking and talking like a human being with brains, then you can call me and we’ll settle this issue properly.”

He hung up and threw the phone on his chair in anger. “Idiot!” he growled as he massaged his temples.


Back at home that night, Sampson was still in a pretty sour mood. It was not just the news that had slapped him hard, but he was still very peeved with Lydia for her cynical behaviour. He was used to her being sweet and super naughty whenever they were around, so this new side to her was a surprise. And in any case, he had to properly think things through. She was being too pushy and demanding, as if he knew she was gonna get pregnant and already had the answer.

This frustration had led him to a couple of shots of Johnnie Walker. He didn’t always take in more than two glasses of the strong whisky, but all the irritation pent up inside, which he had lied had to do with irritating clients, led him to take more than his usual dosage.

As expected, he ended up quite intoxicated, slurring loudly and muttering gibberish as he sat carelessly in his chair.

Adjeley, who had been trying to keep him from taking too much, shook her head as she saw him wasted. Over their three year stay, these occurrences were few and far between, but goodness, did they give her quite a headache! With his penchant for saying stuff that made little to no sense, and his refusal to go to the bedroom, dealing with a drunk Sampson was one hell of a chore.

So as she tried to lift him up and get him to go to the bedroom and he rebelled, it was no surprise. Another ten minutes passed by before she successfully got him off his seat and almost carried him to the room.

Looking at him as he crashed onto the bed, she folded her arms and shook her head once again. Ugh, what a baby this one can be sometimes!

He then muttered something about banku and Dexter’s Laboratory, which made her laugh out loud. This guy and his drunken babblings!

As she walked back to the living room to get his phones, she was already planning on how heavily she was going to troll him over that last statement. Grinning and laughing to herself, she picked up his iPhone 8 when the screen lit up.

A message had come through.

The contact was saved as ‘Esther Amegadzie’.

And the message read: Hey youuuuu!! Can’t stop thinking about you, and the last time we met. Damn!!!

A tongue emoji and a droplet emoji followed that statement.

Adjeley stared at the message, her heart pounding fast as she shivered at the words on the screen. It would be easy to deem the words as ambiguous, since she had not said what happened the last time they met. But the presence of those emojis did not make this message innocent. They implied something… inappropriate.

Others followed.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. God, my body is tingling at the thought of you being all over me

Just a reminder, it’s K 14, Kally Green Road, Adepor Estates. In case you forget.

Sweet dreams, you naughty man!

Adjeley was frozen. Shocked at what she had just seen. If those emojis had given an appearance of impropriety, the following messages certainly confirmed it.

I can’t believe this. Sampson’s been seeing other women behind my back?

Lowering the phone slowly, her lips moved, not a sound coming forth from them. Dropping the phone on the chair, a tear formed in her eye as she began to assimilate the full import of what she had just seen on that phone screen. In all those three years, the frustration of waiting was something caused by his work. But never had she imagined at any point in time that he was engaging in endeavours of this sort.

As the formed tear made its way down, she whispered, “I can’t believe this. He… he’s cheating on me…”

Hmmm! When it is coming, it is doing! Now the ‘sweet girl’ too is pregnant. Sampson’s luck pretty is much out! Or what do you think?

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 4: Serious Indiscretions

“21st August.”

The new date set.

The day Adjeley’s long wait would finally come to an end.

The manner in which Sampson chose to give a sleeping Adjeley a loving ‘good morning’, as he whispered the date into her ears.

Stirring, she looked up at him, shook her head and smiled. “Good morning, honey.”

He gave her a kiss on the forehead and got up from his bed. “Forgot to tell you last night, but… my secretary sent me an e-mail this morning. She and Ayman will be the representatives at the conference that was tentatively scheduled for August. So, it is settled. That is the day.”

A year ago, and Adjeley would have jumped for joy at this piece of info, overjoyed that the wait was finally coming to an end, and she’d get the privilege of being her man’s missus. But now, all she could muster was a weak smile and a feeble offer of “That’s awesome, Sammy!”

Sampson saw right through it, though. He knew she was fighting to show some level of enthusiasm, and there were no prizes for guessing why. He sighed and sat back down on the bed.

“Adjeley, look. I know there’s reason to have a little doubt. I know it’s been three years, I know. Trust me, it hurts so bad every time I had to postpone. I just wanted to get it over and done with. But you saw it for yourself; my hands were tied on all those occasions. This time, it won’t be the same. I assure you of this. This year is not gonna end without us walking down that aisle as husband and wife. I promise you that.”

Adjeley had to crack a bigger smile at that. He seemed very determined to make sure she regained the zeal she had when they first moved in. She gave a big sigh and nodded her head, reaching for his hand. “If you say so, honey. I trust you.”

He squeezed her hand in his as he took it up. “Remember all this frustration affects me too. I wanted you here for a reason, and best believe I will make sure that reason is accomplished. I love you, Adjeley, and I will make you my wife. No two ways about that.”

She smiled at his words. She wrapped her arms around his upper body and placed a kiss on his lips as she whispered, “I love you too, Sampson.”

He hugged her back. “Great. So, time for work as usual. I’ve got a busy schedule as always. Time to get ready…”


As Sampson drove away from the house, waving at Adjeley as he stepped on the accelerator and moved off, his phone vibrated. As it was connected to the car’s Bluetooth, he looked at the number on the screen. He grinned.

His irresistible neighbour and favourite side girl was the one calling.

He pressed the answer button. “Hey you.”

“Hey Dzaddyyyy!” she slurred over the phone. “What’s up?”

He snickered to himself as a dirty idea sprung up in his mind. He proceeded to lick his lips and murmured, “Oh, I’m just… licking my lips. You know why?”

A giggle came in response. “No, why?”

“Coz for some reason, I can’t get the taste of those sweet soft mountains of yours outta my mouth.”

“Oh my God, Sammy!” she burst into laughter.

“Hehehe! Just being real, though. You know me and my addiction to those big, juicy, delightful oranges of yours.”

“Hihihi, I know, honey. You really enjoyed them on Monday. Hihihihi… mmm… anyways, I just wanted to get in touch with you before I go out of town for a little bit. My uncle and his wife had a new baby, so I’ll be going to Akim Oda for the whole week to help out. I’ll inform Adjeley before I leave.”

“Cool, cool. Thanks for letting me know, babe. Take care of yourself, then, and… uh, you know a pic or two would be totally appreciated.”

A giggle came through on the other line. “Duly noted, Dzaddy. You’ll get it for sure.”

“Perfect. Talk to you later, then.”

“Alright. Bye, Dzaddy.”

Hanging up, he nodded to himself in satisfaction. A pretty good morning so far. He had put a smile on the face of his main squeeze with the wedding promises, he had had a pleasant little chat with his favourite bedmate and would probably get a topless pic or video to tickle his libido. Now he could look forward to the tasks ahead, then get in touch with his long-time hookup partner, and hopefully pass by her place and get a little active.

“Life is good, isn’t it?” he said to himself as the car picked up speed, heading for the main road.


“Ah, so this Adjeley that you still have in your house, are you still going to marry her?” Ayman asked in disbelief as he watched Sampson busily texting. Passing by his chair as he entered his office, he had seen the person he was chatting with. It was Melody, one of Sampson’s long-time side chick with a love for weird, kinky stuff. He briefly saw a bit of their X-rated chat, which provoked that statement.

He knew Sampson was a bit of a womanizer, but he was under the impression that with the marriage plans likely to commence, he would discard the attitude and get serious about life with Adjeley alone. He clearly didn’t realize how similar it was to asking a tiger to become a vegan.

Sampson looked at him incredulously. “Ah, na what kind of stupid question is that? If I didn’t intend to, would I be keeping her in my house? Of course I’m still gonna marry her! Ah, what are you saying?”

Ayman shook his head. “With all those small girls you keep fooling around with? What’s the point, chale? Because it doesn’t look like you are serious about her.”

“Look, look, look, look. Listen,” Sampson interrupted, putting his hand up. “Look, every one has a role to play in my life. When it comes to Naa Adjeley, I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it plainly; she’s an amazing lady. Like, she is pure wife material. I need a woman like that in my life and she is the perfect one. So as for her, she has a solid, unshakable place in my life. No two ways about that.

“But I’m a man of many needs, and she’s human. She can’t fulfill them all. So chale, the rest of them have their roles to play. For example, me, I like big breasts. Lydia has amazing boobs, so chale, that’s what I get from her. I like big ass, too. Asieduwaa has that. Sometimes too, I just need some raw action. I turn to Melody. And I like to go down too, that’s what Esther is there for now…”

Ayman’s face scrunched up in absolute aversion at what his colleague was saying. “Ah! That’s your excuse? So you can’t go down on Adjeley? You can’t get kinky with her? You can’t be satisfied with what you’ve chosen? Ei, my guy, wey mindset too this? Do you think you’re being fair to Adjeley?”

“Chale, chale,” Sampson snapped, looking annoyed, “the woman wants to be my wife. It may have tarried, I know, but it will still happen! That’s what matters. Lydia and co just want some sweet action; sweet action is what they get. What’s the beef here? Ah! She’s the one I love, so she gets the throne!”

Ayman shook his head. Nothing Sampson had just said made sense. If there was a word stronger than disrespectful and insulting, he’d definitely use it to describe what Sampson was doing. Clearly, he had no respect for just Adjeley, but for all the side chicks as well. And his logic was utter garbage. All he wanted her to be was a trophy wife who would get the privileges of prestige and public appearance, while the others got the satisfaction due her as his spouse.

There was the most intense urge to tell Sampson that he was a prime example of the ‘trash’ many woman considered men to be, but he kept mute, knowing that would cause a fight. Which wouldn’t be good, with all the other workers around. The last thing they needed to know was what was going on in the private lives of their bosses.

“Love, you say?” he scoffed. “Guy, real love won’t do stuff that you know will hurt your loved one if they find out. You know for a fact that if Adjeley does find out what you’re doing, she’ll be crushed, and even think that’s why you’ve delayed the wedding for so long.”

Sampson shifted in his seat, lines of annoyance appearing on his forehead. The last thing he had wanted in the middle of a steamy chat with his ‘raw action’ partner was this goody two shoes giving him an unwarranted lecture about what love does and doesn’t do. “See eh, I’ve got stuff to do. Please just go. This is not what I want to hear at this time.”

Ayman shook his head. “You really for watch out. Maybe she’s not caught you now, but chale, everyday for thief man, one day for master. Be careful.”

“Massa, massa, if you no get anything better tell me, then get the hell out of my office and let me think!” Sampson snarled, giving him a fierce glare. Ayman shot back at him a look of disgust, shook his head once again and walked out of his office.

“Swine,” he muttered to himself, letting out a breath before returning to the chat with Melody. He smirked as she sent him an idea for one of her eccentric desires. “Well, that’s an idea. As long as it remains an absolute secret, though,” he murmured to himself as he typed those words in response.

A few seconds later, her response: Of course not, boobear! It’s our private little thing.

He smiled and nodded, then typed…

Well then, can’t wait to damage that tiltillating ass of yours later on today…

You and this big English of yours, eh…


“Oh, Auntie Berry, good afternoon oo!” Adjeley greeted the lady passing by her house as she got down from her car to open the gate after spending the late morning out.

“Adjeley! How are you doing, my dear?”

“I’m fine, by God’s grace. Just got back from the Accra Mall. I wanted to spoil myself a bit. I’ve been a little downhearted recently, so I just want to cheer myself up.”

“Mmmm, I see. Well, whatever it is, just know that God is in control, OK? Everything will turn out fine. I hope you have people keeping you company.”

“Oh yeah, definitely. Things are already looking good, so we thank God for that. My sister and a friend are always in touch. And the girl next door, Lydia, also checks up on me. So I’m good.”

The look on Auntie Berry’s face changed when she heard the name Lydia. A scornful look replaced the concerned one, and she shook her head in disapproval. “That girl? Hmm!”

Adjeley looked confused. “Oh, Auntie Berry, what’s wrong?”

Auntie Berry looked around before drawing closer to Adjeley and saying in a low voice, “That girl is a bad girl ooo. Or you didn’t know?”

“Ummm, no. She’s not done anything bad I know about. Why, what’s wrong?”

Auntie Berry clapped her hands together dramatically. “My dear, that small girl has some boy bi that has been coming to fornicate with her! For a couple of months now. My house is behind hers, so I know what I’m talking about. I can be relaxing in my room, then suddenly, I’ll be hearing all kinds of bad noises from her place. Moaning, screaming, all kinds of obscene language. It’s terrible!”

Adjeley looked shocked. “Seriously? Because I’ve never heard anything like that from her house. Wow, this is serious.”

“Maybe it’s not possible for you to hear much from your end. But I’ve been hearing it. It’s simply disgusting. Ahh! It’s like they’re acting porn in there sometimes, the way they get so loud and aggressive. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

“Wow. Hmmm,” Adjeley responded, stunned by this allegation. Lydia certainly didn’t come across as that kind of girl to her in the least. As she had told her girls a few days ago, she knew guys would certainly give her an extra gaze because of her slightly heavy chest, but she was convinced Lydia wouldn’t allow any silly guy access to her sacred place just like that.

“Well, I promise I’ll talk to her about it. Maybe she just needs someone to bring her back to her senses,” Adjeley promised. She was not in the mood to get all defensive about this; Auntie Berry was one of those old women you did not want to find yourself in a debate with. You were better off just accepting whatever it is she had to say.

“That better be so. Na this generation needs to change. Ei, something as sacred as sex, see how she’s sharing it with some foolish ragamuffin bi! Ahhhh! Anyways, I’m going to the store. See you later!” she said as she walked away.

Nodding as she walked to the gate to unlock it, her head changed direction as she shook it. “Lydia having sex with some guy in her room?” she muttered to herself as she took the padlock off. “Nah, sounds too unlike her. Definitely not the good-mannered sweetheart I know. But well, I’ll ask her and see…”

Hmmm, Adjeley has no idea. The person she thinks is a ‘good-mannered sweetheart’ is anything but! Well, this issue will slowly unfold, and we’ll see what happens…

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 3: Disporting With Damsels

“So he said he and Daddy have agreed on a date?” Rachelyn, Adjeley’s younger sister, asked as she took a swig of her strawberry yoghurt.

Adjeley nodded. “Yeah. We spoke about it a few days ago. The date is tentative, though, so, well… we’ll see what happens.”

“Chale, they should settle things and let’s get it over with already! Ah! Almost three years now. Every time, postponement. Why?”

Adjeley smiled at her sister’s passionate outburst. Typical Rachelyn Anang.

“Oh, say it again! The way I had prepared my dancing skills for the first date. Now I’ve become rusty. No chance to display my skills,” their family friend, Kirah Agyemang, bemoaned.

Rachelyn gave her a side eye, grinning as she did so. “Ei, this girl and enjoyment! Like Wiz Khalifa and weed.”

“Herh, young lady, behave yourself!” Kirah mock warned her. “Or else…”

Rachelyn rolled her eyes. “I know, I know, you’ll make sure I asphyxiate by inhaling all the air around me. Oshey, Queen Nosa!”

Adjeley burst into laughter.

If there was anything she often thanked God for, it was for these two. She, Rachelyn and Kirah had a tightly knit bond that extended over more than a decade. From their days back in St. Roses, where they were all in the same house, with Adjeley the oldest and Rachelyn the youngest, they had stuck together and always had each other’s backs. For them, it was utterly ludicrous to suggest that having girls as best friends came with too much drama and stress. They loved each other dearly and always wanted to see the other win.

They were seated in Icy Cup, having a little girls day out. Being stuck in the house while waiting and doubting was definitely too much work for Adjeley to handle, so she had called on her two ‘innermost circle’ people for a little outing. Of course, they were too happy to oblige.

“But chale, this yoghurt dey pap oo,” Kirah commented, looking at her cup with approval. “In fact, let me ask for another one. Hello!”

A young waiter heard her call and immediately walked over to their table.

“Can you please get me two more cups? And add a pancake to it as well, thank you,” she requested.

“No problem, on it.”

“Oh, and uh, hold on a second. Has anyone told you how cute you are today?”

The Anang sisters widened their eyes as the young waiter reacted rather shyly. He certainly wasn’t expecting that compliment. He shook his head nervously. “Uh, no.”

“Well, let me put it to you that you, dear sir, are gorgeous!” Kirah complimented him, a mischievous glint in her eye.

He nodded and gulped. “Uh… thank you. Thanks a lot, miss. I’ll just… get your order right now.”

As he walked away, Rachelyn looked at her. “Herh, you this girl! Look at how you’ve confused the gentleman.”

“What?” she asked innocently. “I’m just admiring a beautifully sculpted work of God. That’s all. Besides, cute recognize cute.”

As Adjeley shook her head, restraining her laughter, a vibration came from her bag. She took it and pulled out her phone to see a call from her dear neighbour. She pressed the receive button and put the phone to her ear as Rachelyn playfully scolded Kirah.

“Sister Adjeley, good afternoon oo! Just wanted to check up on you. I’ve noticed you’re not home right now.”

“Oh yeah, yeah. I’m out with my sister and paddy at the moment, so I’ll be out for the whole day.”

“Oh alright, then. Just checking up as always.”

“Oh, thank you so much, Lydia. What have I done to deserve a darling like you?”

“Awww, don’t mention it, Sister Adjeley! I’m always here for you, you know. Just sticking up for my fellow sister.”

“I know, sweetie. Alright, so I’ll most likely be home at about 6. See you later, then.”

“Alright, enjoy yourself. Bye.”

Rachelyn nodded as Adjeley put the phone down. “That is one caring neighbour you have there.”

“Oh yeah. A Godsend, for real. Always checking up on me. I mean, she’s definitely one of the bright lights that’s keeping me calm in this period. Such a great girl.”

“Great, and heavy girl,” Kirah quipped, causing the others to laugh at her emphasis on the added words.

“True, true,” Rachelyn agreed as she laughed. “That girl has quite some endowments in front. It’s not easy oo. By now, I’m sure the number of boys who have meant her in the estate is not a joke.”

Adjeley grinned and shook her head. “Oh, I’m sure there are. But the way she is, chale, she doesn’t have time for those things. I don’t see her falling for any foolish boy’s vibes just like that. Too decent a girl to allow that.”

The waiter came and gave Kirah her yoghurt, receiving a flashing smile from her in response. Then she turned to Adjeley. “Oh, then she’s a smart girl. She should continue like that. Save those goodies for her husband. Hopefully, he’ll not be too addicted to the extent that he’s battling with their babies over them. That’ll be someway.”

Digging into her yoghurt, she smirked mischievously as the sisters looked at her in disbelief.

Adjeley looked at Rachelyn. “So Rachie, how did we end up with this one at all?”

Rachelyn sighed, placing her chin on her hand as she shook her head. “No idea, sissy. I have no freaking idea.”


Not long after the phone call to Adjeley ended, in the comforts of Lydia’s simple bedroom, did things get pretty heated.

Clad in her undies, she giggled as she ran to the bed, with him excitedly behind her. She lay on the bed, waiting for him as he joined her, the ravenous look in his eyes conveying his burning desire to peel off those last layers of clothing and get busy.

In no time flat, with all clothing off and wild passions inflamed, mischievous giggles metamorphosed into shrieks and moans of pleasure.

The call to Adjeley, in reality, was not really to check up on her out of concern, but to ensure that the cat was as far away as possible, so the mice could get up to the lecherous fun they had been having behind her back for the past few months.


Behind the house, the elderly Auntie Berry, who was relaxing in her room, reading a book, shut her eyes in dread as some familiar and unwelcome noises started up.

That girl was up to it again. Unashamedly having sex with whoever it was she called ‘Dzaddy’.

For some months now, that seemed to be a regular occurrence. And it always seemed to happen when she was on break from the shop. It was nothing short of contemptuous and pathetic, hearing her make noises she should be making in her matrimonial home with her husband.

She looked at the window in disgust, as Lydia’s moans and ‘oh Dzaddys’ filtered through to her room.

“What kind of disgraceful behaviour is this? Ah! Small girl like you, you are allowing whoever that foolish boy is to come and enjoy your goodies for free!” Auntie Berry grumbled to herself as she left the room, heading for the living room, where she would be free from the sounds of that unholy session. “As to why the youth of today have no respect for such a sacred act blows my mind! God have mercy on this perverted generation!”


An hour later, Sampson and Lydia lay in bed, spooning and smiling as they thought of the rugged, rough and riveting session they had just engaged in.

“Goodness, your body is a temple, girl. So damn addictive worshipping in it,” Sampson murmured as she giggled in response.

“Mmmm, well you’re one wild worshipper, Dzaddy!” she responded, grinning widely as he kissed her shoulder. “I love the way you pulverized me today. God, it felt so good!”

“Oh, I know. Once I had you screaming Dzaddy so loud, I knew I was hitting the spot.” He chuckled as he laid back on the bed, sighing with delight. Another day, another moment of satisfaction.

After a few moments of silence, as she watched him, she asked, “So, just to clarify, this is just for fun, right?”

He looked at her. “What?”

“What we’re doing. What we’ve been doing these past few months. It’s all just for fun. Right?”

He looked a little irritated. “Uh, where from this question?”

“Oh, nothing, nothing, Dzaddy. I just wanted to be sure about it.”

“Are you sure? Because I don’t like that question,” Sampson said as he sat up. “It gives me the impression that you’re looking for something more. And that’s nowhere near my interest…”

“Relax, Sammy boo, relax,” Lydia interjected, placing a hand on his chest. He calmed down as she smirked at him. “I know you don’t want anything more. And I don’t either.”

He gave a sigh of relief. “Well, that’s good to know. Coz this is as far as it goes. I just wanna have some fun. You got it? No catching feelings.”

She nodded. “Yep. I’m happy with things as they stand. Having you come over to tear me apart every now and then when she’s not around. So freaking sweet, I tell you! I’m totally OK, Dzaddy. Getting the opportunity to taste that nuclear weapon of yours is enough for me.”

He snickered at her rather unconventional description of his manhood. “Ha! You got a way with words, Lydia. No doubt about that. Getting to taste this delicious body of yours is so much fun, too. Especially those juicy melons…”

Lydia laughed. “Oh, I know. I know you love them. And you know you got access to them any time you want. By the way, I see you really liked the little video I sent you three days ago!”

“Oh, please. Like? Babe, I loved it! You sure know how to drive me up the wall with those twins.”

Lydia giggled. “You’re welcome, Dzaddy. So, um, you think we can continue to keep this under wraps? Without Adjeley finding out?”

Sampson waved his hand in the air dismissively. “Of course, of course. Don’t even worry yourself about that. She’ll never find out. That I’m sure of.”

“I must say, she seems quite downhearted these days, though. Kinda like she’s frustrated with life or so…”

Still as dismissive as ever, he cut in. “Please, don’t bother yourself over that. It’s just the wedding thing. I’ll get it done soon enough so she can stop brooding about. She’s been waiting for a while, that’s why.”

“Oooooooh, so wedding bells are coming soon? Sweet!”

He snorted. “Whatever. When we get to that bridge, we’ll cross it. Lemme just focus on the now. What I have to pay attention to now. Like those succulent gifts you got…”

Lydia giggled again. “Oh, not a problem. Speaking of which, you know we still got a bit of time left before you leave. Don’t you wanna… you know… play around a bit with them?”

With that, she lifted herself up from her lying position and climbed on top of him, sitting on his laps as she shot him an uber-seductive look, shaking her chest in front of him.

His eyes went glazed at the sinfully delightful sight before them.

A man wholly ruled by his appetites, not many things got him happier than the sight of Lydia’s exposed chest, which he had fantasized about numerous times from the moment she moved in next door to them.

The audacity with which he approached her one Wednesday afternoon – about a month after she had moved in – and made his lust for her known before convincing her into bed was still something he patted himself on the back for every now and then. She had been horrified at his confession and asked him to leave, but his smooth talking charm and knack for saying the sweetest of things had her defenses crumbling very quickly. Before she knew it, he was already taking her clothes off and hauling off to her room, and since then, she was attached.

Even though he had a number of side chicks who gave him what he wanted, there was no doubt about it in his mind: Lydia was his favourite bed buddy. Nothing excited him more than a ‘She’s gone out. Come over’ text from her. Always a perfect opportunity to… ‘play around a bit’.

“Oh hell yes I do!”

Smh. So not only is he a slut, but the ‘sweet’ next door neighbour is one of his bed buddies? Well, that’s a low. We wait to see how this all unfolds…

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 2: The Quality Of His Affections

“Oh yes, Da. I understand. And I’m not happy myself with all these things that get in the way. I really am not. But I’m certain that this new date we’ve settled on will be the final one. Then all this wahala can come to an end…”

Sampson Addai walked around his office, his phone to his ear as he listened to an understandably concerned Mr. Anang, who was expressing his doubt over the new date being settled upon as the wedding day. He walked over to the window, where he could check out his favourite view: the smaller buildings, the cars looking like ants from that view… having their main office on the 13th floor of the Heritage Towers was definitely a blessing for him.

He had always dreamed of making it big in business. From his youth, Sampson was not the kind of person who enjoyed the thought of having to work for another person. His desire was to be in charge of his own company, calling the shots and being the boss. So when he met a Lebanese guy in university, Ayman Moussafa, who had spent literally his whole life in Ghana and possessed the same ambitions as him, it wasn’t long before they became good friends and constantly brainstormed on what would get them to the top.

In their final year, one night of sharing ideas led to the life-changing suggestion by Ayman: why don’t we venture into the transport sector?

Sampson loved the idea, and quickly they began to put ideas together and make plans.

Seven years later, and Asanaba Transport was now a staple of the transport business, and the two co-owners were wealthy men. Their risky venture had paid off very well, and their dreams had come true, as they now oversaw many employees and called the shots, as had been the epicenter of their many daydreams.

Now that he had it all, what was left was a wife to come home to.

And that’s where Adjeley came in. The lovely former private school teacher he had set his eyes upon and knew she was the one.

It took all of one and a half years to make things official and get the engagement done. That was followed by the purchase of their current home at Koly Estates, and he had convinced her to give up her job, assuring her he had everything under control and all she needed to do was sit back and enjoy being a wealthy businessman’s wife.

As he spoke to her father that afternoon, the major concern was whether he was going to finally complete what he had started.

The truth was, inasmuch as he had commitments holding him back and forcing him to postpone, he felt a little too relaxed about it. Having Adjeley in his house and all made it feel like it was already official in a way. With the way the Anang household was starting to get impatient, however, it looked like he had to do what needed to be done.

He nodded as Mr. Anang went on and on, keeping his eyes occupied by the sights of busy Accra streets as his ears dealt with his “in-law’s” grievances. After about 3 minutes, he finally managed to speak. “Da, I understand you perfectly. That’s why I’m going to work right on it. This year won’t end with the same. Believe me on that.”

As Mr. Anang expressed satisfaction with his words, he nodded, waiting for the man to complete his little blessing. After murmuring a couple of Amens, he said, “Alright, Sir. Later, then. Bye bye.”

He sighed and ran his hand over his gradually balding head. At this rate, he had to make good on his promise. The old man’s displeasure was pretty much a reflection of how the family felt. And Adjeley herself seemed moody and tired of the waiting period.

“Well, let’s see what the Lord will do,” he said to himself as he resumed his seat and went back to checking up on some e-mails.


“Well, it has been quite a long time. I can’t blame him,” Ayman said, comfortably strapped in the passenger seat. “I’ll do my part and convince Mr. Heymann to let me alone be the representative at the conference. If anything at all, I’ll let Asabea go with me. This is important too.”

“Mm-hmm,” Sampson hummed in agreement. The day was over, and Ayman was hitching a ride with him. His partner had left his car at the mechanic’s place since the previous day, so he was dropping him off at the workshop, having been informed that his car was ready for pickup.

They had been informed of an upcoming conference which was being held at the period Sampson was considering the wedding, and Ayman, who had witnessed him make all those postponements, was insistent that this date had to be the fulfillment of the promise.

“You’re ready for this, aren’t you, though?” Ayman asked, looking intently at him.

His eyes fixed on the road, Sampson nodded. “Of course, man, of course. It’s been long overdue, and that woman is marriage material, so chale, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

“Oh yeah, no two ways about that. You’ve got the perfect woman in Naa Adjeley. Chale, lock her down before the year ends. No more slacking. Get your Mrs. Addai and be satisfied with her, na life is too short.”

Sampson snickered to himself, the statement about being satisfied rather amusing to him.

A further ten minutes of random talks about employees and clients, and the workshop was in sight. Time for Ayman to alight.

Arriving at the workshop, Sampson parked by the roadside as Ayman requested. Unbuckling his seat belt, Ayman opened the door and stepped out. Closing the door, he poked his head in. “Alright, chale, thanks for the ride. My regards to Adjeley. You’re going straight home, right?”

Sampson shook his head. “Nah. I have some other stuff to attend to.”

Suspicion took over, as Ayman’s light face grew dark. Eyebrows furrowed and eyes narrowed, he asked, “Other stuff? Uh, Sampson, please don’t tell me you’re- “

“See you later, Ayman!” Sampson interjected, using the window switch to sack Ayman as he lifted it up with his index finger, turning the traffic indicator on and moving back onto the busy road.

He knew a lecture was right on the tip of Ayman’s tongue, but he had no time for that. What mattered was the ‘other stuff’ he had to attend to.

The ‘other stuff’ in question was a young lady in a private university he had come across on the dating site, Badoo. Spellbound by her nubile pictures, he had immediately hit her up, expressing interest in getting with her. As he drove to the university, this was going to be their second time meeting.

“Like I already said: a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do,” he said to himself. “Of course, that prude of a partner wouldn’t understand. But chale, forget him. Too much meat around to be locked down to just one. We move!”


He drove to the car park, where he saw her.

In a wine tank top and tight denim shorts, waiting for him as she busily pressed her expensive-looking iPhone.

Driving over to where she stood, he licked his lips in anticipation. Damn, look at those juicy thighs, he thought as he arrived at her side, unlocking the door. She immediately opened the door and got in.

“Good evening, Mr. Sampson,” she murmured, nodding as she crossed her legs.

He nodded back, eyes more focused on her thighs. He looked pretty eager to get naughty as soon as he possibly could.

“You know a different dark side around here where we can do our thing?” he asked in a low voice.

She nodded. “There’s some garden with an almost abandoned car park around here. A lot of people get busy over there. Let’s go; I’ll give you the directions.”

“Sweet. Lord knows I can’t wait to have a taste of this,” he responded, his hand reaching to squeeze her thigh. She smirked in response as he put his car in reverse, ready to move of the parking spot and head to the garden and get down and dirty with her.


“Hi honey. How was your day?” Sampson said, giving Adjeley a kiss on the cheek as she walked to him after closing the gate.

“Hmmmm, same ol same ol. Boring.”

“Awww, I can imagine. You know, there’s a tentative date your father and I settled on. I’ll talk to you about it. It’s about the best date possible, and trust me, it’s gonna be the final date. No disappointments this time. None at all.”

Adjeley looked interested, albeit not with a lot of excitement. She had heard this a few times before, only to be disappointed, so she wasn’t very moved this time around. “Oh really?”

“Yes! Yes. I promise you, we’ll talk about it. But right now, I need to get to the loo ASAP.”

She shook her head as he headed for the front door quickly. “You and your love for the porcelain throne,” she called to him in amusement, eliciting a brief grin from him.

Getting to the bathroom, he placed himself comfortably on the seat after pulling his pants down. Taking out his Galaxy 9 phone from his pocket, he plugged his earphones in as he switched to WhatsApp and downloaded a video sent to him.

After having a brief but exhilarating period with Asieduwaa in the garden, he had been sent a 1 minute video he had been promised about a week ago. Having enjoyed himself then, he decided to hold on till he got home. Now it was time to check it out.

Pressing play, a shot of excitement burst through his veins as his eyes beheld a video of a topless young lady, showing off her rather big uncovered assets proudly in the most raunchy manner possible as she slurred dirty stuff about them.

He shook his head, overdosing on testosterone-fuelled excitement as he enjoyed the scene of the young lady playing with herself. He was enjoying himself with this lewd recording.

“God, I love your juicy melons! Turns me on so bad!” he muttered as he typed out those words to the sender.

A response came.

🙈🙈🙈 Thank you, Dzaddyyyyyyy!! Anything for you…

So as has been revealed, Mr. Sampson is a slut. And a pretty shameless one at that! Let’s wait and see what happens next…

A Fitting Solatium

A Fitting Solatium Ch 1: Should’ve Had It All

As announced, here is a new mini-series on the State, y’all! More characters to love, like, despise and not care about. Hahaha!

Anyways, the inspiration for this came from a pretty famous case (if you’re a professional law student, you’ll definitely know which case it is by the end of this chapter). I’m trusting you’ll enjoy this fictionalized account of two people supposed to spend their lives together. I’ll be straight: this won’t be anything like Daniel and Larissa or Marcus and Temwani. But enjoy!!

As she stood at the altar, face to face with the most wonderful man on earth, none could dispute that this was the best day of her life.

The butterflies in her stomach were on steroids as she grinned excitedly at him. She then briefly gazed at the pews in the chapel.

All filled with excited and delighted witnesses of this beautiful celebration of matrimony. The numerous wide smiles and small cheers were a glorious complement to the beautiful tulips that decked the sides of each and every pew. The décor team had blown it out of the park with this masterclass of a wedding decoration, that was for sure.

Her parents sat in the front row. Her eyes briefly made contact with theirs, and what they couldn’t say at that moment due to distance, their looks more than communicated. Her mother’s eye spoke pride and glee at seeing her dear daughter making that huge step, her father’s communicated his happiness at seeing his baby girl happy.

She didn’t see her sister’s face in that moment, but with the bond they shared, she knew the exhilaration coursing through that girl’s veins as the most important part of the service was about to begin.

Her eyes moving back to him, she blushed under her veil as his eyes travelled down, taking in the full picture of her in her immaculate lace ball gown wedding dress. She loved the subtle desire apparent in his gaze; he had teased her constantly about how he was not gonna spare her on their wedding night, and though she scolded him about it, she was so looking forward to it.

As they held hands as the priest asked them to, they followed his lead, repeating each word with a tender sweetness that conveyed how ready they were to begin this journey. As the best man handed him the rings, she giggled as she put forth her left hand, and he took it up in a very gentlemanly manner that drew an “eeeeeissshhhhh” from the congregation. Even the priest couldn’t help but shake his head in amusement and comment, “That’s one gentleman right there!”

Some sections of the congregation cheered a bit, and quieted down as they exchanged rings.

“I give you this ring… as a symbol of my love… and with all that I am… and all that I have… I honour you… in the name of the Father… and of the Son…. And of the Holy Spirit. Amen!” each of them recited as they slipped on the rings, to the joy of all in the chapel.

After a brief but powerful prayer from him, the priest made the announcement that was music to the ears of each and every person in that chapel. “By the powers vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

The cheers that erupted brought goofy smirks on their faces. No doubt, the people were happy for them.

“Now, for everybody’s favourite part, you may now do the needful. Kiss her,” the priest said to him. “And we don’t want a tiny peck oo. Proper kiss.”

“Thank you, Rev Father!” a few of his guys shouted, clearly in the mood for some legal lip action.

They laughed at that statement, then faced each other again.

He reached for her veil from the bottom. Began rolling it up bit by bit, holding in his laughter as the congregation gave hilarious shouts of support.

She smiled as he continued to lift it up.



“Sister Adjeley! … Sister Adjeley!”

Ah! Who the heck was that?

“Sister Adjeley!”

Adjeley’s eyes popped open.

Of course, it was all just her subconscious at work. Back to reality.

She sighed as she rose to her feet, getting up from the couch and heading outside to see the one who called out her.

It was her next door neighbour, Lydia Bonful. A sweet young lady who had moved in a few months ago. The previous occupants had not really paid her any mind, but this girl was different; she eagerly got herself acquainted not long after she moved back in, and made it clear she was happy to make herself useful to her neighbours.

“Sister Adjeley, here’s the margarine you asked for,” Lydia said, handing her a polyethene bag containing the provision in question. Adjeley took it, nodding and smiling as she thanked her.

“Are you feeling okay now? You look a little down,” she asked further, her sweet little look of concern bidding Adjeley to brighten up a bit.

She was yet to come across a girl with a temperament as delightful as that of Lydia. Choosing to add the title ‘Sister’ to Adjeley’s name, given that she was ten years younger than her, she had lived up to her intention to offer herself to be at the latter’s beck and call, helping out with little tasks whenever possible, making it a point to check up on her as often as possible, and availing herself for little chats every now and then.

With the issues Adjeley was going through right then, she couldn’t have been more grateful. Lydia had quite a lot of stories that had Adjeley hooked and, more often than not, in stitches. Necessary medicine for her soul.

“Oh yeah, I’m good, I’m good,” Adjeley nodded, smiling back at her neighbour. “I dozed off for a while. You actually woke me up.”

“Oh, chale. Sorry about that.”

“Oh, no worries, no worries. I’ll just get back to relaxing for now. I’ll call you later, so we can talk, yeah?”

“Sure, sure, no problem. Later, then.”

As Adjeley shut the door and took the margarine to the kitchen, she sighed and rubbed her eyes as she walked to the bedroom.

She opened the door. Neat and tidy as always. Dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Table and chair properly straightened. All the perfumes on the dressing table neatly and immaculately arranged. The wardrobe mirror without a smudge on it.

Being unemployed had certainly made her a bit of a cleaning freak. The reward of seeing her room in such magnificent shape, however, was utterly satisfying. That was one more thing to feel glad about.

Walking over to the drawer by the bed, she took a seat at the edge and pulled it open. She sighed heavily as she sighted its contents.

A white Bible and a ring inside a box.

They had been handed over to her almost three years ago. At a gorgeous engagement ceremony between her and the man of her dreams.

Sampson Addai.

She still remembered the giddy, euphoric feeling she felt that glorious day as she was accompanied by her girls to the event. Decked out in her glorious white and gold attire. Meeting him looking splendid in his stunning kente cloth. The chills as she was handed the Bible, and had the ring placed on her finger. What an amazing day it had been!

But that was three years ago. And even though she had left her house and joined him, and actually given up her job as a private school teacher at his request, they still were not yet husband and wife.


Because of constant postponements from Sampson’s end. With his job as co-owner of Asanaba Transport, dealers in transport vans, there were a lot of sudden encumbrances that had caused him to postpone their long-awaited wedding four times.

Four solid times.

Four wedding dates had been set at various times, and all of them were called off and set to a future date.

Frustration couldn’t have been more accurate a state of mind for Adjeley. With each deferment, the excitement lost more and more steam, to the extent that she stopped wearing the ring eventually and placed it in the white box. Now she looked at it, and sighed, thinking of what should have been by now.

A beautiful wedding. Followed by an enviable, lavish life as Mrs. Addai. Wife of one co-owner of the biggest transport brands in Ghana.

Well, it’s not like it was over. There was a fifth date on the cards. And this time around, Sampson had sworn on his life, right in front of her and her family, that there would be no disappointments. She chuckled as she remembered the fervent passion with which he made that vow. He had spent the next few days reiterating his intent to complete things once and for all, and that had calmed her spirit down a bit. Hopefully, nothing would get in the way.

Still, the glee and enthusiasm that surrounded you when your wedding day was coming up… she felt it had long gone. Now it would feel more like a relieving ritual. And to an extent, that kinda sucked. She should have had that warm, fuzzy feeling just thinking about it. But… it just wasn’t there.

She sighed and placed her head in her hands.

I should’ve had it all. The glitz, the glam, the joy, the ecstasy… I should’ve had it all…

Adjeley certainly isn’t satisfied with life, and I can’t exactly blame her. What about her guy? Tomorrow’s chapter will give us the answer…

Superhero Down

Superhero Down Pt 5

This brief tale of a supposed superhero’s low periods comes to an end with this…

That paper was what I had just flung across the room. The same paper was the very reason for the state I was in now. Today had been too much for me. It was one thing to have close shaves and still get the job done and it was another to fail completely while you thought you were on a roll.

I used to be untouchable and flawless. Everything I did was perfect; I was a work of God that no one even thought was possible. I beat all kinds of odds, broke records, survived my father’s irresponsible behavior and finally managed to kick him out of the house at age ten! I gave my mum her life back and I became an awesome person! I’m awesome, dammit I’m a hero! So why the hell is this tripping me up so badly?

Better question: why did Chris have to do this to me? I never even knew about the stupid models before he showed up! I was a pure, innocent person, living my life in the purest way possible. I never broke any laws, I never even cussed! I didn’t even know what erotica was until this fool called Chris got caught watching it and curiosity got the best of me. Why did this boy have to come into my life and bring me this hell?

It finally hit me; this must be what happens to people who everyone relies on, people who are a source of inspiration to others. I could not talk to anyone about this, not even mum, especially not mum! I’d much rather be burnt at the stake than have an earful of righteous talk which I am all-too familiar with, being a member of a church that welcomes everyone until they know what the everyone has done and where the everyone has been.

I couldn’t afford to make a mistake; I’m supposed to be superhuman for crying out loud! People have bigger problems: drug and/or alcohol addictions, marital issues, struggles in their walks with God and I’m the go-to guy for advice, like I’m some soothsayer with problem-solving skills! I’m not even the damn church counselor! Why did I have to be the one everyone held in high regard? Why couldn’t I just be the young man trying to find his way in life like everyone else, as human as I possibly could be?

Chris had nothing to do with this; this was me. This was me unable to pass a simple test. This was me not noticing when each ounce of my self-control was lost. This was me telling everyone else how to deal with this and yet taking no time to figure out how to deal with this for myself, with or without help. This was me living out a case of Stockholm’s Syndrome where my captors were not even near me!

Maybe I could keep the computer outside my room; then I wouldn’t have to look at it till I need it. Bailey, don’t be silly. You dragged the laptop from the study table across the room. What makes you think you would not take it from wherever you put it just so you could watch partake in the unholy bump and grind? Is my cloud of perfection just a case of hidden pride or ego or just a desperate attempt to remain loved by everyone?

Then Martha popped up in my head. She did say she was there if I wanted to talk. Bet she had no idea what was really going on and if I told her, she would most likely use the word I did not want to hear, that stupid, sad, degrading A word that people called themselves to admit they had a problem! I’m not one of them; I do not have a problem.

My eyes were already closing because today had drained me of all my strength. The physical effects of constantly watching the lust birds did more harm to me than good after all.

I woke up with a resolve: I was going to talk to Martha. I couldn’t continue to kid myself that I was superhuman. Something had to give for me to finally have the peace of mind I so longed for. If I was going to have any chance of being free, this was the only way.

I sat up on my bed and was just about to pick up my phone and call Martha when my mum barged in with a look that was a cross between confusion, pure anger and total shock.

“Bailey, what is this?”

I sat there in complete shock, unable to open my mouth or to hear anything else that flowed out of hers. I knew it was over; there was no one else to pin this on. Chris had been at camp for three weeks and mum had left her phone at home while she went with a group of friends to a fasting retreat last week. The only one who could have done this was me.

I sat and watched as she launched her missiles at me, not knowing what to say about how my favorite video of the finest of unclad bodies landed on her phone along with fifteen others.

Ouch! Quite an unfortunate ending to that. As to whether Bailey will get the help he needs, or will sink into depression, it’s open to interpretation.

But one thing is for sure: the best of us aren’t superheroes, and we’ll always need help. If you’ve got an addiction, don’t keep it to yourself, and don’t avoid the truth of admitting it. That’s a step towards recovery. Remember, those things you’re addicted to will always over-promise and under-deliver.

Big gratitude to Makafui for this telling tale!!

Superhero Down

Superhero Down Pt 4

Uh-oh. Bailey’s annoying stepbrother has caught him! What’s next?

“Wow, man, I didn’t realize you had joined the bandwagon; I would’ve hooked you up with better stuff eons ago. We could have been shotgun buddies; firing rounds to the finest ones God made.”

Stupid Chris actually thought I was as perverted as he was. “I didn’t join your bandwagon.”

“Really? Could’ve fooled me.”

“Okay, look, it was an ad, I did not go there willingly, you can stop blushing now; I don’t like you and your pervy stuff anymore than I did when you first showed up in my life.”

“Uh huh, uh huh, and that was why you just closed a video player which is installed on your computer and not a web browser, right? Come on, Bailey. Accept it; you like this stuff, you love this stuff! Why do you have to be so prim and proper all the time?”

“At least I’m not failing classes and changing schools every three months because half the girls in my school are complaining of sexual harassment. I’m not the one who’s out selling Angelic Lust magazines to people and telling the bishop that I’m helping to spread the message of admiring the beauty of God’s creation. You’re over there being a pervert and I’m here working hard to try to make something out of myself. I’m prim and proper because I want to be somebody and not a failure, not like you.”

Chris just smiled. “I saw you, B. When Martha knocked at the door, you rushed out and ran into the bathroom and then rushed back out soon after. I have to hand it to you, man, you’re very smart. If I had half your brains, I would never have been caught by my dad. But you see, you wear your boxers based on a schedule.

“Every single day has a specific color and you even pile them up in the laundry basket in the order of the days you wore them. You’ve never deviated from the schedule since I got to know you. So I got curious when I went to use the bathroom and right there on the top of the dirty clothes were blue boxers; today’s color was green. So I picked them up, thinking they must have already been washed and mum probably mistakenly dropped them into the dirty laundry basket. Boy, I wish I had thought that decision through. I couldn’t get the sticky stuff off my fingers with soap; that was some unusually thick stuff! My goodness, that must have been residue from about five rounds of natural ammo!

“So I walked in and took a look on your computer and I have to say, your stash is very impressive; I can’t even get some of those videos and I haven’t even seen some of those beauties before. Your video player was closed; I opened it, hoping Martha would see it too and know who you really are but she never quite made it inside, so your life was spared.”

I had been so meticulous over the last ten years, making sure that every last trace of my problem was hidden or erased and it had worked until now. And the one thing I didn’t even imagine would give me up was the exact thing that did. Nosey Chris! Why did he always have to be the one who was never charmed or fooled by me!

“Leave my room, Chris. Leave, before I make you leave.”

He turned around, and then turned back. “Look Bailey, I know you’re not a fan of mine and I know that my personality and preferences severely offend you and mum, even my own dad. But I have peace. Believe it or not, even though you and everyone else thinks that whatever bad thing anyone else says concerning me is true although a large majority of them are not, I sleep like a baby at night. I’m not living a lie, I don’t have to pretend to be someone else to be liked or respected and I’m very sure that no one will be disappointed if they caught me firing rounds in my bed.

“I have peace, Bailey, I am a free man and no one’s opinion of me controls my perceptions or actions. You are the poster boy for all things holy and righteous and yet you’re in the same boat as me. So hate it or like it, you are very much like me; you just do a great job at hiding it. And by the way, if you don’t want to be a member, just stop. Unless…wait. Bailey, are you…”

“It is your fault that I even know about this stuff. I was a normal person until you got caught watching it. I had never even seen an unclad woman, let alone imagined one but thanks to you, now I do and I’ve had to live with the consequences ever since. Get out! Get the hell out! Get your foolish self and your stupid opinions out of my room! This is my room, you are not welcome on this side of the house!”

The adrenaline from being so angry at Chris left me trembling and very weak once he left my room, his smug, irritating smile still on his face. Too weak to think, I had fallen onto my bed to sleep and right before I dozed off, Martha’s text asking me whether I had completed my written thesis jolted me out of bed and into the chair.

I scrambled to find sensible things to say; missing a month of class had left me handicapped and for the first time, I had no idea what I was doing. I had forty-five minutes to write a thesis that should take at least three hours to write and another two hours to thoroughly review.

I submitted it a minute to the deadline and forgot all about it because I was too busy figuring out how to apologize to Martha and keep her from talking to Chris so she wouldn’t find out about this. It was bad enough that he knew but if she found out, I would be better off being a hermit than watching her break down in shock and denounce me from her life completely.

Superhero Down

Superhero Down Pt 3

Well, this addiction is having a pretty bad impact on Bailey (although he refuses to acknowledge it). Is Martha gonna find out soon?

“You’re a very confusing person, Bailey.”

Martha took me out for lunch. I had no idea why but I liked being with Martha, the only woman I ever allowed into my room. Wait, that’s a lie. There was Michelle, then Janie, then Rose, this is getting sad now. Okay, Martha was the only woman who had been able to walk into my room and leave without me losing control and doing things I would rather not disclose.

This habit must really be getting to me except it’s not a habit; just a slip that happens a lot more than I’d like. If it’s any consolation at all, Martha was worth way more than any of the other girls; they were so bad that I could easily put their faces on any of the models I watched and I would be fine but doing that with Martha was like unplugging a game console right in the middle of a tournament.

“…yet you still live with your mum…are you even listening to me right now?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, go on.”

“Bailey, seriously, what is going on with you?”

“Martha, why do you keep thinking something is wrong with me?”

“Because you’ve been acting very weird lately!”

At this point, I was this close to barking at her but this was Martha; it was way too hard. “Martha, nothing is wrong. Drop it.”

“Bailey, everything is wrong! You’re morbidly scared of leading bible study, you’re always late to class or outright absent these days and you have not stopped staring at my chest since you got here! Bailey!” The light slap she gave me woke me out of yet another trance I fell in.

“Martha, for the love of everything that is holy, stop this madness! I’m fine! If you called me here to insult me or insinuate that I’m in some trouble, please keep your self-righteous crap to yourself! I have to go!”

Everyone at the restaurant stared at me for some minutes after that outburst. Why was I even angry? Oh no, I hope she didn’t…

“And you have become increasingly irritable,” her voice calmly spoke. Great, she noticed. Now I had to hope I didn’t get calls every ten minutes asking me if I wanted to talk about my ‘anger issues’ and their causes.

“We’re done here. I have to go.” I got up and walked five steps and then she called out, “Bailey, your written thesis was rejected.”

That froze me. I turned and walked back to her rather quickly. “What do you mean rejected? No one ever rejects Bailey Mowbry’s paper.”

“Your entire paper was sub-par. I read it myself. Your technical definitions were mixed up, your examples were completely off-topic; nothing about that paper had the Bailey Mowbry feel. Luckily, the professor has a soft spot for you and so he decided to give you a chance to rewrite it. Everyone else who ever made these mistakes had to retake the entire course.”

I just stood there with my mouth wide open, surprise filling every crevice in my body. I could not believe what was happening. True, I had missed a couple of classes because I woke up late but to the point where my technical definitions were completely wrong?

“Look, you may not want to tell me what’s going on, and that’s totally fine with me, but Bailey, people are talking. Your behavior these days has been nothing short of erratic and it won’t be long before people start to take action. Get your act together man, and fast. Like I’ve always said, I’m here if you want to talk. I still care about you in spite of everything.” She picked up her bag, left the envelope with my thesis on the table and walked away.


I sat on my bed with my rejected thesis in my hand. Making sense of this massive failure was the hardest thing I’d ever done; I had never been rejected before. My papers were one of the few to be published without review and whatever came out of my mouth was never disputed; I was that good. I read it before I left the restaurant and again in the car once I got home. I did not recognize it and I didn’t remember anything about it; I couldn’t even tell if I did write it and exactly when I wrote it. I flung it across the room and got up to turn my lights off. I noticed my door was slightly ajar and given the mood I was in, I’m just grateful it didn’t break when I kicked it shut.

The loud bang from kicking the door triggered something in my mind and everything came rushing back so fast that I had to sit down to regain control after I turned the lights off.


I had just been blasted by Martha of all people. I had missed classes for a month, she had covered for me and everything would have been fine if I hadn’t told the professor an entirely different story from what she told him. He docked her two letter grades for lying but to be honest, it was because Martha let him have it in public a week earlier when he tried to use her grades as leverage to have his way with her. Still, she hated being called a liar and she especially detested being called a liar when it was actually the case. I had told her that the only one who cared about her image was her and that no one really noticed her at all, so she was fine. I was really trying to calm her but my mind was still recovering from the intense episode she almost walked in on, so my good intentions rode on the wings of the worst possible choice of words and she got badly hurt.

This was the day I finally found out that Martha really did care about me more than a friend would but she wanted to be proper; I had to ask her out before she would say anything. She came at me, guns blazing and by the time she left, I was everything between depressed and hurt because I had lost the one person I genuinely cared about enough not to drag into my mental mess. One thought of Martha was enough to immediately end an episode, no matter the lustful bird I was watching. I respected her way too much; I couldn’t mess her up with my madness.

I lay on my bed, overwhelmed with darkness and threw my hand to the side, not realizing that I hadn’t closed the video player. My hand hit the play button and the sounds of enjoyment were so loud! I slammed the keypad to close the player but I was too late.

Chris was standing at my door.

Oh, dear…

Superhero Down

Superhero Down Pt 2

Well, I don’t think it’s a secret that Bailey has a serious issue. I wonder what’s going to happen with him in the coming days…

“Bailey, why do your sheets smell weird?”

Oh God, my mum would not hesitate to embarrass me in front of guests, hers or mine. “Mum, why are you doing my laundry?” I called out from my room in response.

 “I wasn’t; your step-brother was.”

Oh yeah, because Chris was the most responsible person in the world! When mum remarried a few years after I kicked my father out, I was happy for her. I did not realize that her new marriage came with a brother from hell; my episodes started right after Chris became family. Bailey, she has no idea. Wanna tell her? End this secret once and for all? You won’t lose any cred…except with the church leadership; they will actively suspend you until you’re treated but at least you’ll have a reason to push harder to end this habit. But this is not a habit; just a slip.

“I don’t know, Mum. Must be because I forgot to change them. Thanks for the new ones.”

No response, thank goodness.

I started to feel uneasily good. I first mistook it for some random thing but then I started to stare at my laptop and the images started to form in my mind again. Oh no, not again! I turned and faced the wall. My bed was too comfortable and my willpower was getting weaker. Must Get Up! Must Get up! Must get up! Must…get…up. Must…get…up…must…get…oh what the hell; those models are insanely hot anyway; totally out of my league. No, that was not what I wanted to say!

I lay there with a world of guilt and a mind controlled by reflex while the whimpers and erotic screams streamed through my headset. My right hand slowly disappeared under the sheets and found its way to my thigh. Here we go again, this will take a while. The seemingly guilty feeling I had about feeling good about a thing I hated soon turned into pure yet routine pleasure. There was nothing new about this place. I got here and left here the exact same way, all the time!

Soon my right hand went inward and my left hand increased the volume. Yes, go on, make me happy. Man, how I would pound a lot harder if that was me. Come on, be a man; put in the work and stop being lazy!

Just when I’d settled in, the lights came on out of nowhere.

”Bailey? What are you doing lying in bed this early? And why was your room so dark?”

Oh crap, close shave again! My left hand had already hit the pause button and removed my headset before my consciousness kicked in. “Nothing mum, just reading my bible.”

“In the dark with your headset on? And why read your bible on your laptop? You know how I feel about that. How will you hear God speaking with your headset on? And I’ve told you time and again that your bible must be in your hand when you read it if you want to actually feel something from reading it.” My right hand quickly slid back up and grabbed the sheet from under, just in case my aunts, who were standing in the doorway right beside my mum with a very unusual look, decided to act like themselves and pull it off me. “Look, your aunts and I have an errand to run. Get out of bed and make yourself useful.” Right before she slammed the door behind her, I caught my aunts looking at each other and nodding with what seemed like a giggle.

Now, do I get back to business and the multitude of tabs which I’ve opened but I know damn well I will not be able to get to? Or do I just…wait, what are they saying?

“Bailey? No. Chris maybe but Bailey? No way. He’s too good and too smart for that. He is basically a matured man in a young man’s body, why would you think that about him?”

“Did you see anything that happened at all? His hand was nowhere in sight and his face looked flushed. Hell, he was this close to jumping up when you opened the door! What, you think he was watching Passion of the Christ?”

“What are you trying to imply? It’s one thing for you to think my son was doing something bad but to insinuate what I think you’re insinuating is just wrong.”

“Think about it. Your son either has a very colorful bible on his laptop or he just really loves staring at things that will make you take showers in holy water for a year. You really should check on him a lot more.” My aunties laughed but my mum sounded mad at this point.

“Take your mouth off my son! He’s single and a grown man and cannot be doing what you think he’s doing! Now, are we going or not?”

The further their footsteps got from my door, the lower my heart sunk. Poor mum, defending my honor and integrity as if I had any left at all. Those witches! How did they figure out what was happening? Why do I even care? This is not an addiction like they’re suggesting! I’m not an addict; this is just a temporary problem. Here comes that buzz again. Time to watch the unholy bump and grind.


“Bailey, your girl is here! Are you going to step out or does she have to come in?” Chris was not the person I wanted to announce the arrival of a woman whose name he was grossly unfit to mention. I walked out and as soon as she saw me, Martha turned around.

Chris teased, “Oops, I’m guessing she’s never seen you in boxers before. Come on, Marty, he’s wearing boxers; his syringe is well-hidden.”

“Get your nasty mouth away from me! And Bailey, please go back in and put on some shorts.”

I laughed silently, knowing that if I laughed out loud, she would leave. “Come on, Martha, its fine; I’m not causing you to think unhealthy thoughts, am I?”

For a brief moment, a smile started to form on her face but, in classic Martha fashion, that smile was quickly replaced by a blank face with a deadly blank stare. “I turned around. Happy? Now go put on some shorts.” She turned back around and faced away from me. I went inside to put shorts on and Chris spotted an opportunity to meddle.

“You like him, tell him. God knows he’s an extremely miserable man and I’m honestly tired of him hounding me around.”

“What, so I’m supposed to be your buffer? Who says I like him like that?”

“That smile you have on your face right now says you do.”

“If it makes any difference to your severely warped mind, I’m not interested in guys until my Ph. D. is done. So try not to fill his head with ideas because he’s been off lately, not that you would notice.”

“Martha, how can you be a nice person to Bailey and then just be completely mean to me?”

“Because you tried to do things to my sister and I don’t appreciate young men acting like adolescents because of tail. I actually tried to get Bailey to be nicer to you but after that, you lost my support.”

Classic Martha, serving it straight. I really liked this woman but I was too messed up to tell her that; I would really have hated to destroy the great relationship we had going and I wasn’t sure she could handle my huge secret.

“You two are the funniest people in the world. You like each other so much, yet you act like dating is an abomination or something. If Bailey’s not being a man about it, you be the man about it and tell him how you feel!”

“Chris, not everyone’s mind is screwed up like yours. People can be extremely close friends without dating each other; it’s called brotherly love.”

“Brotherly love. That’s how they all start and then by the time they realize, it’s become sleepover love, then move-in-together love, then kid-forming love and then they start to wonder how things happened so fast. I’m just saying that you two should be honest with each other for once. It is alright to be attracted to each other and I’m all for the two of you becoming a thing because everyone knows that Bailey Mowbry and Martha Barrons are attracted to each other except Bailey Mowbry and Martha Barrons.”

“Chris, get out of my face now.”

“Yes ma’am, Mrs. Martha Mowbry.” The footsteps that followed implied that Martha almost chased him to slap him after he made that last comment.

Martha wasn’t one to end an argument like that; she wouldn’t even give you the time to have a point to argue with. She was very quick to shut arguments down with style, yet somehow Chris had managed to throw her off her game completely. There had to be some element of truth in what he said, otherwise she would have finished him off by now. Bailey, this is Chris; when has he ever been the good guy? Yet you think he may be right? You sure you don’t have any feelings for Martha at all?

“Bailey, how long does it take to put on shorts? Hurry.” I had already put the shorts on, so I stepped out. “You look handsome,” she said, with a big smile on her face. Another abnormality.

“Martha, is everything alright? You’re smiling.”

“What, I’ve never smiled at you before?”

“Uh…no…” She kept her menacing stare fixed on my face from my room door till we got out of the house.

Superhero Down

Superhero Down Pt 1

So, we’re kicking off the month of March with a new story! And what I like the most about it is, it’s not my story! As you’ve already seen from the title, this is a special from Makafui, who is an avid fan of the State, and it’s an honour to have his work featured here. Get ready for this involving and engaging journey!!

A million thoughts ran through my head.

“Bailey, your grades have been falling. What’s happening?”

“Bailey, what is happening to you? You did not receive any awards for the first time in a long time!”

“I’m beginning to lose confidence in you, man. You need to step it up.”

“Bailey, we recommended you for Student Congress Leader but a few faculty members have expressed their reservations. They say you’re not the golden boy you used to be.”

“Bailey, I’m really sorry. You’re a great guy, an amazing guy even, but your best friend is just more of a man than you are. Please understand. I hope we can still be friends.”

“I am your father, you useless fool and I say that as long as you’re my son, you will never amount to anything! You can be the smartest person in the world but you will always be a nobody!”

My actions after that last thought, words which were spoken right before my foot landed in my father’s ass and my palms pushed him out the house for good years ago, were completely out of my control. Reflex had taken over; time to spiral again. The darkness I felt and the darkness in my room made me feel less alone, after all. I’ll probably wake up in a few hours and scream at myself again.

“Goddammit! Again?” Well, there it is. Do calm your hooves; I did not say that out loud. But Goddammit! Again? Why do I keep doing this when I clearly hate it?

“Mowbry. Bailey Mowbry.”

Oh hell, she’s coming. Quick, cover up before she gets here, you idiot! Her footsteps are getting closer, this is no time to lie in bed and mope. Wanna get busted or nah? I dragged myself out of my bed and draped myself with a towel before Martha opened the door.

“Why is this room always so dark?” She brought back the lights just after I’d hidden my face. “Bailey, Why are you still in a towel? We have bible study to go for.”

Oh hell no, this could not be happening. I’d been kicking myself over having an episode without realizing that what I should really have been mad about was the fact that I’d had an episode right before bible study! How do I go in front of God now?

“Bailey, why are you still standing there? You’re leading today; you have to be the earliest one,” Martha said, as she rummaged through my closet to find something for me to wear. Oh, now I really wanted to slide back under my sheets and pretend this day hadn’t happened at all. Ironically, I’d been preparing for today for two weeks; it meant so much to me. Plus, I hated the idea of teaching the same tired stuff as everyone else. I wanted to be different, to be practical, and to be real. How was I going to be any of that if unclad bodies were the last things I saw before going to tell people about my thoughts on what the bible said about how we were meant to live?

“I have to go take a shower.”

“Bailey,” she started, walking towards me slowly, “I know we have bible study today but I kinda want to stay here with you.” In five seconds, her hands had cupped my cheeks and I was not sure how to fend her off. I held her waist, followed her lead as she slowly backed towards the door while I held her gaze, moved in swiftly to meet her halfway and then…

Bam! The pain snapped me out of that trance just in time for me to notice that Martha had been staring at me while I acted out a two-person romance all by myself and wasn’t sure how to react until I walked straight into the door, my hands out at waist level and my mouth partially opened, and slammed my face into it.

“Bailey, stop being silly and go take your shower now.” Funny thing was, it wasn’t even her face I saw during the trance; it was the face of one of the unclad bodies. Needless to say, I’d lost interest in teaching today. “Martha, could you please cover for me today? I don’t feel too well.”

 Martha just gave me the blankest possible stare, then shot, “Hey, get your head out of the armpit of fear and get ready! You’re doing this today; the Lord says so.” Martha could not be outgunned when she pulled out that card and she knew this. Oh well, I guess I’m going to have to do this. Sorry God, I really hope I didn’t piss you off for being a walking lie, having episodes before bible study and all.


All I could remember from that service was me constantly fighting the images that frequently popped up in my head while I was teaching, and trying not to quote some inappropriate line from the episode before, but it was finally over and everyone had nothing but kind words for me, so I thought it went well. Martha had elected to walk me home. I had no say in the matter because she was super persistent. I’m not sure what got into her but the company couldn’t hurt, could it?

It was pretty uneventful until five minutes to my house, when Martha stopped. I went a few steps forward without realizing that she’d stopped and being occupied with my thoughts, I would have gone on if she hadn’t said in her super calm voice, “That was amazing today, Bailey. I’ve never heard anyone teach about grace the way you did today. The way you used Romans 3:20-24 to talk about how our goodness was not enough but God’s goodness made us good, and then you reminded us that our righteousness is not enough and that we needed God to save us. And how you reminded us to get up quickly when we slipped, remind ourselves that we were forgiven before we were born and then try not to repeat the mistake again: that was spot on.

“Even better, your warning at the end where you quoted Paul and then asked if we were meant to continue making mistakes and sinning just because grace covered us. That got people thinking. No one fell asleep and everyone followed your train of thought from start to finish. Beautifully done, Bailey. As perfect as usual and you exceeded all expectations. I’m proud of you.”

Was Martha just drunk or was she kite-high? I could not stand still the entire time because I was so damn nervous and guilty about the episode before service! I did not even hear, let alone remember, a word I said yet here she was, giving me props for a job well done!

“Thank you, Martha. I’m surprised I was actually able to pull that off. Thank God for everything, right?” Martha wasn’t one to ever give compliments on bible teachings and she just gave me a bunch! Maybe the episode didn’t do as much damage as I thought.

“Bailey, is there something you’re struggling with?”

Where did that come from? “What do you mean?”

“It’s just that the way you spoke today felt a little too personal to me. Of course, everyone else thought you spoke under divine inspiration and they were so excited to learn that Jesus loved them no matter what they did but to me, it felt like you were speaking to yourself more than to any of us in the room. Plus before we left for bible study, you acted as if you were trying to kiss me and walked straight into the door; it was like you had been possessed. Is there something you’re struggling with? An addiction or a behavioral anomaly maybe?”

Wow, mind readers really are a thing! This woman just read the pages out of me without even trying and my longer-than-expected silence was not helping at all.

“No, Martha, I’m not. I’ve seen people go through a lot with guilt and that has impacted me. It was personal and that’s why it felt personal to you. I thank God you felt that way.”

“Are you sure, Bailey? You know you can talk to me.”

“Yes, Martha. Look, I’ve to go. I have to take care of something at home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Martha’s perplexed look made me know that she was going to chase after this feeling she had until she found the truth, which she was bound to find anyway. My secret had to remain hidden if any part of my world was to remain intact. I was a model youth and the one who everyone wanted their children to become; this could not get out! I would be fine. I just had to move my computer away from my bed and try my hardest never to bring it back. That would do it.

Or so I hoped…