Compassion! #4 – Charity

As soon as she opened the door to her house, the first thing Jennifer did was to rush to the bedroom to check on her phone.

The screen was dimmer than usual, indicating the battery was dangerously low. 1%, to be exact.

It also revealed 34 missed calls. Majority of which were coming from church executives. A few from her mother, and a few more from her younger brother. Which was probably her mother asking him to try calling her.

Jennifer did a facepalm. “Well, thank God I remembered to send the documents via email. I’d be super screwed a whole lot more than I probably am.”

She took the phone over to where the charger was and plugged it in. As for the meeting with the executives, she’d definitely have to find a way to ease herself out of it. In the meantime, after all the happenings of the previous day, she needed to take a shower.

About fifteen minutes later, and she came back to check on the phone. Satisfied with the percentage, she took it off the hook and dialled the first person she needed to get in touch with.

On the third ring, 0:00 appeared on the screen.


“Ei, Jennifer! I was calling you the whole of yesterday, no answer. I even asked your brother to call you. I was getting worried mpo.”

“Yeah, I had a meeting at church to attend yesterday, and I forgot to take my phone with me, and the problem is, by the time I realized it, I couldn’t turn back. That’s why…”

“And you forgot to call back when you got home? Ah well, never mind. I hope everything is okay with you.”

Oh yeah, everything is fine ooo, by God’s grace. But there’s something I wanted to tell you. It’s about yesterday.”


“Yeah. And you’ll understand why I didn’t get back to you. Something happened on the way as I was going to the meeting…”

Her mother listened with rapt attention as she filled her in on the events of the previous day. She was filled with a pleasant surprise as Jennifer ended off with the announcement to help cater for the family’s needs.

“Wow! That’s amazing! Jenny the Good Samaritan!”

Jennifer laughed. “I guess so. It’s a good thing, though, right?”

“Oh, of course! You know me and my thoughts about money. If you have it, make sure you’re using it to make a difference in somebody’s life. As for the chilling, the trips, nice clothes and things, those enjoyments are cool, and there’s nothing wrong in spoiling yourself every now and then. But those are just some added benefits. At the end of the day, the money is a tool you must use to make impact. So if that is what you’ll do with your money, it’s good. God will certainly bless you big time.”

Jennifer smiled as she lay on her bed, the phone to her ear. Trust her mother to deliver that wise counsel.

“Amen, Mummy! I’ll go and see them later on in the day, by the way. So I can find out what they’ll need and all that.”

“No problem. If you need any help, I’ll be more than happy to help out.”

“Sure, sure. I’ll definitely let you know where it’ll be necessary.”

“Alright, take care, then, darling.”

“Yes, Mummy. Love you, Mummy!”

She hung up, pleased with how that went. Having Mrs. Hanna Gaisie as a mother was a blessing that could not be underrated in any way. Wise, loving, God-fearing… the absolute package. She was a major reason Jennifer was the virtuous young lady she was.

As she got up, ready to give her phone some more charge time, the screen lit up with the arrival of a call.

It was Fred, her younger brother who had been calling the previous day.

“Hello, Fred,” she answered.

“Yo, Jenny, wossop? Where have you been?”

“Some crazy but amazing set of circumstances bi that happened to me yesterday ooo. While I was on my way to the church meeting. And I left my phone at home too, so chale, I was totally out of coverage area.”

“Saaa? What circumstances?”

“Ask Mummy about it. I just spoke to her.”

“Ah, but nothing spoil if you tell me, lah.”

“Brɛda, I’m sleepy, lah. And my phone battery too is extremely low. You, lemme just summarize it for you: I saved someone from possible death yesterday.”

“Kwɛɛ! Wow! So you turn Superwoman, eh?”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. What a clown this younger brother of hers could be. “Massa, behave yourself. Like I said, Mummy has all the juice, so ask her about it.”

“Okay, okay. So uh, that’s why you missed the meeting, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. I would’ve called them if I had my phone, but chale, some of these things happen. At least, I guess I have a valid reason for being absent.”

“Well… let’s hope your leaders understand.”

Jennifer was puzzled. “Why?”

“Hmmm. I was chatting with Banahene last night. And apparently, when Amoateng got home, he was quite annoyed. Because you weren’t around. From what I was told, they called you several times, and no answer, and the main ones were absolutely livid. Blasting you left, right and center.”

Jennifer shook her head. “Let me guess. The likes of Nathaniel and Barbara were included.”

“Oh, you know them dada. They were not happy at all, and if the way Amoateng was talking is anything to go by, then they’ve planned to grill the living daylight out of you when your follow-up meeting comes on this afternoon.”

Jennifer sighed. “Well, I’ll apologize, then explain the whole thing to them. They should understand. It’s not like I decided to go somewhere else.”

“Hmmmm. Hopefully, they’ll understand. The way they can be someway at times, especially Nathaniel. I just hope they listen.”

“Oh, they will. They should, in fact. Na human life diɛɛ, you can’t put a price on it. If I had not come through and the lady died, by now her children will be all alone with nobody to help them. That one too is something else.”

“That’s true, mohm. That’s paramount. Ah well, lemme leave you to charge your thing.”

“Cool, cool. I’ll call you later on in the evening, wai.”

“Alright, alright. Bye, Jenny.”


The call ended, she immediately plugged it back in, heading to her wardrobe to freshen up and get dressed. Once that was over, she’d get in touch with one of the executives and explain her situation.

Surely they were gonna be reasonable about it, wouldn’t they? Yeah, the meeting was a very vital one, but… human life mattered more, right?

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