Compassion! #2 – Care

Jennifer opened her eyes. Momentarily confused, she looked around in surprise. What am I doing here?

Then she noticed the two little ones asleep on her lap, and she remembered. How could I forget? I’m here because of Evelyn and Joseph’s mother.

What a day it had been for her. Having taken leave from her workplace for a fortnight, she had relaxed the whole of that morning, preparing for the meeting, planning how well things would go. Now here she was, in the hospital, watching over these two poor, defenseless children as their mother fought for her life. She couldn’t remember the last time she had shed so many tears the way she had that day; it had been such an emotional period for her.

She had been silently praying for a breakthrough in their mother’s recovery as they cried themselves to sleep. Looking down at their now peaceful faces, she sighed. What adorable little darlings they are. I love their names: Joseph Kwaku Gyamfuah and Evelyn Nana Akua Gyamfuah. It’s so disheartening to see them like this. Living in horrible conditions, losing their daddy, now this. Oh, Lord, thank You for using me. I’m so happy I listened to You and attended to Joseph, else these precious ones would be orphans by now…

As these thoughts ran through her head, she briefly remembered the meeting and her phone, but quickly they drifted from her mind. Truthfully, the impact of saving a needy family made these things pale in comparison. She knew they most likely would be super peeved with her, but thinking about how a life was saved, their wrath sounded far better to deal with than the wrath of God.

Evelyn was starting to wake up. As she did, an elderly nurse exited the emergency ward and walked towards. “Miss Jennifer Gaisie?” she asked Jennifer.

She nodded.

“Good. It’s about the lady you brought in. in fact, you need to go down on your knees and thank God. When you brought her in, her condition was terrible. As the doctors attended to her, there was a serious doubt as to whether she’d make it in one piece, especially with the high fever and all. But her condition is much stable now.”

Jennifer’s eyes lit up. “So she’s much better now?”

“Well, not exactly. Her temperature is still quite high, although not as much, but I can assure you she’s out of danger.”

Jennifer raised her hands high to the sky and in a voice of extreme gratitude, thanked God for this piece of news. Evelyn, who was a bit confused, asked her, “What’s happening? How is my mummy?”

She woke Joseph up first before breaking the good news to them; their mother wasn’t going to die. The delight on their faces was a touching sight for her and the nurse. They quickly asked the nurse, “Can we see her now?”

“Oh, sorry dears, but she’s asleep. You can wait for a while, though, and spend the night here with her,” she answered them. No problem for them – as long as their mother was fine, that was OK. They were satisfied to sit and wait with the lovely young girl who had helped save their mother’s life.

As they waited, leaning on her as they moved in and out of light slumber, Jennifer could feel the tension from their little bodies had evaporated. And that brought her a load of relief. She had been as scared as them. Nobody deserved to lose their parent under these conditions, and thankfully, they weren’t going to find themselves in that unfortunate situation.

After about half an hour, and they were allowed to go in to see her. The sick woman looked a bit surprised to see Jennifer. “Um, please, who are you?” she asked in a weak but rather demanding voice. No surprise she didn’t recognize her; the high fever had made her totally lose track of everything that was going on around her when she was taken to the car by Jennifer and the children.

Jennifer quietly went to her bedside and told her everything that had happened the moment she saw Joseph crying on the streets. The children eagerly chipped in from time to time, full of glee, happy to see their mother was now okay to an extent.

When she was done, the mother of Joseph and Evelyn, whom she later asked to be called as Maame Akua, only looked up to the sky, with an expression that spoke more than the words ‘thank you’. She then turned her gaze of gratitude to Jennifer. “My daughter, words cannot describe how grateful I am to you for what you did. Eiii! For you to consider a nonentity like me when you had other matters to attend to…”

“Oh, Ma, don’t say that,” Jennifer gently protested. “Your life is far more important than any meeting or whatever. If I had decided to ignore Joseph and continue with my journey, and the worst had happened, I don’t think my conscience would ever let me be. It was all a part of God’s will; He knows exactly why He wanted me to be stuck in traffic, so I’d see Joseph and come and help you out. Give all the thanks to God; it was all a part of His perfect plan.”

“Hmm, I hear you, my daughter. There is not much I can say right now, I’m so overwhelmed,” Maame Akua replied, that look still on her face.

“Ma, let’s just get some sleep. I’ll stay with you and the children. Once I brought you here, I might as well stay around till morning.”

“But won’t your mother be worried about you?” Maame Akua asked in concern.

Jennifer smiled and shook her head. “I live by myself, Ma, so don’t worry about that. I’ll be fine. I’ll just get the nurse to get something for the children to sleep on. I’ll be in the reception.”

Maame Akua nodded.

Jennifer then stepped out, went to look for the elderly nurse and got her to get some cloths for the young ones. Once they were settled in, and almost asleep, she made her way to the reception, where there were a few others asleep.

Lying on the nearest bench, she let out a deep sigh of relief. A few hours ago, she had cried out to Jesus to save their mother. And He did not disappoint.

“Thank You, Jesus,” she whispered as she closed her eyes, a smile on her face.

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