Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP12 – The Good, The Bad & The Indecisive

Well, here it is! The finale of season 2!!

Didn’t think time would move so quickly, but chale, it has. So, whatever you’ve been wondering, especially with regards to the Adamtey-Aniyah saga, it’s about to be answered. And you may be stunned. Or not. I dunno. Let’s see how it ends, and subsequently, what you can expect for season 3…

“Ah, but why would you leave your AirPods in my office?” he asked, irritated by the prospect of having to go all the way to her place to return it to her, as she seemed to be asking.

“It’s not my fault, Mr. Adamtey!” Aniyah whined over the phone. “It was just one of those things. But I beg you, I need them. Urgently.”

“It can wait,” he responded coldly. “I’m busy. I have stuff to do. Besides, you can buy new ones, so what’s your beef?”

“Please, Manny! I beg you,” Aniyah pleaded. “There’s nothing wrong with just bringing it over and going. It’s not like I want you to come and have sex with me. I just need my thing. It’s mine, after all.”

“But it can wait. Why, will you win a million dollars if you use them tonight?”

“Nooooo! Please! Is it too much to ask for you to just return it? Please. I understand that our relationship is over. I’m not asking for a second chance. Just return my thing to me, that’s all. That’s it. I need it. Please.”

Adamtey shook his head. He was really weary of this dumb woman. As to why she was so insistent on getting some irrelevant gadgets back that evening, he didn’t know. There was a reason why he had ignored her calls earlier, and now he wished that thirteenth call hadn’t broken his defense.

And he wasn’t that stupid to believe her when she claimed there was no amorous intention on her part; he had a strong feeling that was exactly what she was up to. That she wanted a second chance after being absolute rubbish in bed.

“You said I should never set foot on your work premises again. So I can’t come there to take it. Else I would have. Please, you can just meet me at the gate and give it to me. That’s fine. Please…”

But then again, she was right. The AirPods did belong to her, and he didn’t exactly have the right to deprive her of them. And he indeed no longer wanted her within ten feet of the Voltage Office.

In any case, if she tried any nonsense, he had already shown her excerpts of his strength, and he wouldn’t hesitate to give her a good disciplining should the opportunity bring itself.

“I know you despise me now. No problem. But please, I’m begging you. This is all I’m asking for. Please, Sir. Please.”

He sighed out loud.

“Fine. Fine,” he murmured grudgingly. “I’ll bring you your stupid AirPods tonight.”

“Oh, thank you so much, Manny! I promise I’ll never, ever worry you again after this.”

“Whatever,” he scoffed as he hung up. Stupid girl, he thought to himself.

He looked up at the clock in his office. It was about 8 minutes past 8 o’clock.

“Nine. I’ll leave here at nine. Go give the ofui her stupid Pods, then I can go meet Eben for our little discussion. And get that number I desperately need.”


Hey, Edem!”

“Hey, big man!” Edem greeted as Anasah opened the gate for him. “Is Diamond around?”

He nodded. “Yes. Still not totally over the whole thing though.”

“Yeah, I can imagine. I have some news for her that might lift her spirits, though. Can you call her for me?”

“Alright!” he sped into the house as he walked to the balcony and took a seat. A few minutes later, Diamond stepped out, a pretty bland expression on her face.

“Diamond,” he started, putting his hand in his pocket, “I know you’re cut up about the whole betrayal thing. I’m so sorry it went down like that. I really am.”

She sighed as she took a seat next to him. “I’m doing okay, but there’s still some hurt, Edem. To think I was holding hands with the enemy. I trusted her so much. And she… she…”

“It’s alright, Dee, it’s alright,” he consoled, rubbing her on the back. “I can only imagine how hurt you must be feeling. It’ll never be easy to discover that someone you considered a friend never liked you. Just go through the process, alright? You’ll be fine. At least you found out before she totally sabotaged you.”

She nodded, a little pout on her face as she looked down.

“Have you heard from her since you confronted her?” he asked.

She shook her head. “Blocked me everywhere. From WhatsApp to IG.”

“S-M-H. No shame. She’ll rather cut you off than make an attempt to make amends. Don’t stress yourself, Dee. You’re better off without her.”

She nodded quietly.

“Oh, by the way, I got another audio for you. From my snitch, Gyamfua,” he said, snickering as he took his phone out.

Diamond looked up at him dryly. “What, Shormeh’s planning an assassination plot or something against her?”

He laughed. “No, silly. Forget that backstabbing witch. This is something you’ll definitely want to hear.”

He played the audio.

Hey, Edem. So, since I found out about the witch sabotaging your friend’s searches, I happened to contact one of the girls with the sandwich and wrap business. Maabena Agyei. I must admit, chale, her wraps… Edem, her wraps!!! Staaaaap! One of a kind! So I passed by her place, got to talking with her, and she said nobody contacted her about any partnership thing, but she’s open to one. I told her about Diamond, and she wants to meet her. So let her know that the witch has failed. I’m sending you the contact right now. But I beg, tell her the way she stripped me was not fine. That one di33, I’ll say it.

Diamond had her eyes wide open by the end of the voice note. “For real?”

He nodded. “I even called her on the way here. Told her you’re having a little issue, but you’ll get in touch with her as soon as possible. And judging by her tone of voice, she sounds very excited to meet you.” He touched her chin. “So that’s a little something to lift your spirits.”

She smiled, looking quite relieved. “Good news from a far country. Thank God!”

“Indeed. Shormeh said she’ll do the devil’s work. She doesn’t know God doesn’t sleep, eh?”

Diamond laughed, then proceeded to give Edem a tight embrace. “Thank you so much, Edem. What would I have done without you, boy? You’re a blessing. An absolute God-send, honey.”

She had no idea how deeply those words touched Edem as he wrapped his arms around her. Especially with the way he was beginning to feel about her…

“Oh, and tell her I’m sorry, wai. I was in the moment.”

Edem was too busy relishing her embrace to even hear what she said.


“Yeah, Eben, I’ll be there in a couple of minutes. Just give me a moment. Gonna pass somewhere real quick, then I’ll join you… alright, bye.”

Adamtey put his phone in his pocket as he stepped out of the car and looked at the familiar gate. Sneering at it, he walked over and banged the gate.

He then noticed it was unlocked. He shook his head. What a klutz she could be, leaving her gate unlocked.

“And it’s stuff like this that proves why she gets no respect from me,” he muttered to himself as he opened it and stepped in. “Dumbest bitch on the planet-“

Suddenly, he felt an excruciating, crushing blow at the back of his head.

Instant blackout.


“Alright, so I go return by Sunday evening. So just hold the fort give me.”

Those were the last words from Toby to KayBee before he grabbed his bag and exited Room 23.

Larissa had called him and asked him to come home for the weekend, so he was handing over the ice chest to his next door neighbour. He hadn’t been told what he was needed for, but an opportunity to go home for the weekend was definitely not one he’d turn down for anything. It was his turn to watch Serwaah at her weekend dance lessons, so there was that to look forward to.

As he walked out of the hostel to the forefront of the area where food was being sold, he waved to the kelewele seller.

Passing by the khebab seller, he saw a familiar shape. A shape he’d rather avoid. As he passed by, though, the figure turned and saw him.


“Oh hey, Delphine. What’s up?” he responded, gulping nervously.

“Nothing much, honey. Just getting myself some meat for the night. Where are you off to?”

“Home. My old folks want me home this weekend, so I’m setting off. Kay-Bee will take care of the water while I’m gone, so…”

“Aww, Mummy and Daddy miss their boy. That’s so cute!” Delphine gushed, teasingly touching his cheek. “So you’ll be back on Sunday evening?”

“Yeah. I have one of those 7 am lectures, so I don’t have the luxury of staying home for too long.”

“Oh, OK. OK. That’s nice. But me and you, we have fight ooo.”

“Oh,” Toby responded, looking genuinely confused at that point. “But… but what did I do?”

“You, you don’t want to visit me! After how loyal I am to your business and all that,” she accused, pouting.

There rose a brief feeling of tension in Toby’s chest. “Oh, uh, that? Well… uh, I never thought about that, to be honest.”

“Well, come around, sweetie. I’m in a single room, just like you. And you know, it gets boring sometimes. Having some company would be… more than welcome,” she slurred, a sly and seductive smile across her face.

Toby felt like he couldn’t breathe at that point. His heart pounded as he watched her expectant expression. He knew she was beginning to move in for the kill, and the best thing to do was to rebuff her advances. Yet, he felt too scared to offend her. And besides, as much as he hated to admit it, he was still very much enamoured by her. “Sure, sure, uh… I’ll look into that when I come back on Sunday,” he blurted out.

She smirked in satisfaction. “Great. Can’t wait to have you visit me. Well, I gotta go back now. I’ll see you later.” With that, she blew a kiss at him before walking off.

Toby groaned silently to himself as he moved his bag from his back and placed it in front of him to hide the excitement Delphine had caused downstairs.

At this point, he could sense something like an angel and a demon on each side of him, advancing their different agendas.

The angel was saying, “Toby, you know this is wrong. You know this is not acceptable. Don’t fall for it. Remember, cut off everything that causes you to sin. She’s indirectly made it obvious what she wants. Don’t fall into the trap! Remember what Diamond told you. It will end in tears, Toby. Cut her off and save your spirit, soul and body from unnecessary drama!”

The demon was saying, “Toby, look at her. Look at those big breasts. Those curvy hips. That devastating ass. Do you really want to pass it over? When she’s making it clear she wants you? Herh, Toby, don’t be a fool oo! Massa, strike while the iron is hot! Look at how she bounced those two guys for you. Guy, if you listen to that other voice, you’re a big fool. Seize the opportunity, lah!”

Delphine Awittor was officially a problem for him. And these two voices were making their positions clear. One reminding him of what could be in store if he fell for this temptation. The other appealing to his sensual feelings.

As he walked on, he knew one thing was for sure: whatever decision he would come to, had to be done and done firmly and quickly.


“Ah. What’s wrong with her phone?” Kwame said to himself as his fifteenth attempt to call Akinyi that day was met with an automated response that her phone was off. He put the phone back in his pocket and wondered what was wrong. It was very unusual of her to turn off her phone.

He had been standing by Oscar’s car for almost twenty minutes, waiting as his cousin was occupied with helping to set up some equipment in the church for a program the following morning. He was beginning to get impatient; they should have finished five minutes ago.

“Ugh, where is he?” he moaned out loud.

As if on cue, he saw Oscar step out of the building, talking on the phone.

Kwame folded his arms, the impatient look on his face maintained to express his displeasure at being made to wait for so long.

The look changed to that of concern, however, upon seeing the look on his cousin’s face as he got closer. Oscar looked very worried and shaken by whatever it was he was hearing.

“Hmmm… alright… alright. Bye-bye,” he said quietly as he arrived.

“Umm, what’s wrong?”

Oscar sighed. “I got a call from Adelaide.”

“Ah, why? Did she…”

Oscar shook his head. “No, no, no, not that. She said she’s been at the hospital this evening. It’s about Aki.”

Kwame’s blood suddenly turned cold. Ever since the passing of his mother, terror gripped him whenever he heard the name of a loved one of his and ‘hospital’ in the same sentence.

Oscar took a look at the sudden switch to fright in Kwame’s eyes and shook his head.

“Chale. Turns out her auntie’s suggestion to confirm at a different hospital was justified. She went to Barton Hospital, and it turns out the first hospital had the results totally off.”

Kwame nodded slowly. “Mm-hmm?”

Chale, the cramps and the fatigue and all that. Indeed, it’s not IBS. But they apparently had to do some extra tests, and with what the new results showed, the condition is much worse.”

“Uhh, wh-wh-what is it?” Kwame whispered.

Oscar looked down, let out another sigh and looked back into Kwame’s eyes, wishing he didn’t have to say what he was about to say.

And at the mention of her condition, Kwame’s facial expression grew pale and full of disbelief.

“It’s… it’s cancer… Colon cancer…”


There was a muffled scream as the cold, hard metal bat made contact with his butt once it was clear he had regained consciousness.

“Hey, will you keep quiet before I smash that stupid brain of yours? Keep quiet!”

Overwhelmed by the biting agony borne by that hit, coupled with the terrible pain in his head caused by the same bat when he entered the house, his body violently vibrated as he tried to comply with the orders. He had never experienced this kind of agony before. A blinding pain.

And he wished at this point that he had never fallen for her passionate plea to return the AirPods. From the look of things, it was all a well-calculated plan, and he had fallen right into the trap. Lying on the floor, hands tied behind his back, he knew she had used the period of his unconsciousness to have him gagged up. Now she stood over him, a dark expression on her face.

What a mistake it had been to return here. This had been a plot to attack him. How in the world did she come up with something this devious?

There was a laugh from her. The most sinister laugh he had heard from her since he had gotten to know her.

“Hahahaha! Oh, Emmanuel Adamtey,” she said with an eerie amusement. “Handsome Emmanuel Adamtey. Political firebrand Adamtey. Incredible sex machine Adamtey.”

Her voice then turned menacing. “You are such a piece of s**t, you know. A world-class bastard. You really thought I was gonna let you treat me like soiled toilet roll? Use me, then flush me away? After treating me the way you did? You thought you could rape me, hurt me, debase me to the lowest form, then effortlessly dispose of me with no consequences? You are mad, okay, you are mad! Stupid animal.”

His eyes were filled with fright as he looked up at her. The glint of madness in her eyes was bone-chilling. She looked ready to do serious damage to him.

“I dunno what made me think you were untouchable. I dunno what made me think you’d get away with it. But whatever it is, damn, it lost its power over me. You’re nothing, Emmanuel Adamtey. Nothing. You’ve scorned this bad bitch for too long. You remember what I said, don’t you? Never underestimate such a woman, coz she’ll mess you up and not be the least bit moved.”

With that, she readied herself to lift up the bat and cause more damage to him. He panicked at her action.

“Please, Aniyah, please,” he pleaded, his heart beating furiously, “we can work this out in a better way. Please.”

“Better way?” she scoffed. “Better way, you say?”

“Yes, yes, a better way,” he replied, nodding his head, the desperation on his face crystal clear as words tumbled out of his mouth. “Look. Please. I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry. For all I’ve done. I’m sorry. Whatever you want from me, I’ll do it. But please, don’t do this.”

She looked at him skeptically, not moved by his pleas at all. Holding it across her chest, she gave him that same look, then turned away, snickering to herself as she took a few steps away from him.

Managing to sit up, he looked at her and shook his head. “Huh. Imagine getting pummeled for some trivial crap. That’s new,” he muttered to himself.

A little too loudly.

“Wait, what?”

Those words came out with a sudden sharpness. Something in her had snapped upon hearing that.

“What did you just say?” she asked, her eyes narrowing as she turned and glared down at him.

He felt uneasy at this point. The fire in her eyes blazed at a racing pace. He did not realize his murmur was that loud. And now he wished he had not let it out.

“Nothing, nothing. It was no-“

“You call what you did to me trivial?” she growled, the grip on the bat tightening as she clenched her teeth, infuriated by the word.

He shook his head vigorously, frightened by her actions. “No, no, no, no, no, that’s not what I meant…”

“You raped me, and you have the nerve to call it TRIVIAL??” she screamed, raising the bat and landing it heavily on his arm.

He screamed at the devastating impact of metal on his body as he fell back to the floor.

“No, no, no, please, I beg, I’m sorry…,” he gasped hurriedly.

It was too late. He had used the wrong word at the wrong time, and now all the fury and pain inside her had broken loose and all she could feel was an overwhelming desire to hurt him as much as she could.

“YOU RAPED ME! YOU TREATED ME LIKE AN ANIMAL! YOU DESTROYED MY F***ING LIFE! AND YOU SAY IT’S TRIVIAL! YOU STUPID BASTARD!” she screamed uncontrollably as she began to wildly batter him. His cries and pleas were drowned out by her angry screams, the memory of his cruel treatment the fuel that kept her hitting him with a rabid ferocity.

As she continued to pummel him with intense strikes, his screams of agony grew lighter and lighter. Particularly as her aim spread to different areas of his body. She didn’t care whichever part of his body got hit; what mattered was that it got hit.

Eventually, he went silent as she continued to yell out with each strike, “YOU MONSTER! YOU BEAST! YOU ANIMAL! F*** YOU! F*** YOU!”

After over two and a half minutes of extreme anger, rage-filled screaming and relentless clobbering, she took one last strike and came to a stop, breathing heavily. As she inhaled and exhaled loudly, she looked around her.

Her moment of rage had turned quite bloody. Red splattered all around the living room.

She raised her bat. Stained with blood.

She looked down at Adamtey.

An absolute bloody mess. His head split open, his face unrecognizable, his body broken, battered and bludgeoned.

His chest still. No rise to indicate an inhalation.

She shook her head as the reality of her actions dawned upon her.

Emmanuel Adamtey was dead.

All the pain and rage indwelling in her since the night he violated her and continued to treat her with no sympathy or compassion had been unleashed with the way he referred to it all as a mere trifle. All guns blazing. And he hadn’t survived the onslaught.

This was not exactly as she had planned. A broken leg was what she had aimed for, at most.

Taking deep breaths as she looked at the damage on her living room floor, however, the steely look on her face eliminated any possibility that she felt guilty.

Dropping the bat on the body, she walked over to the center table where her phone lay. She picked it up and dialled a number, putting the phone to her ear as it rang.

“Hello? Yeah, Police. Yeah, well… my name is Aniyah Johnson, and I just murdered a son of a bitch in my house. Are you gonna come and get me or not?”

Well…… very little to say right there. Brutal, that’s what I can say. Adamtey was certainly a scumbag, but… wow…

And that’s how season 2 ends, y’all! MTD Season 3 will return in April, God willing. In the meantime, though, the State is growing, and there’s more to it than our beloved Dolphynes. More riveting stories will be arriving while we wait for Season 3. Watch out for those!

Oh, and by the way, State of Dabar is on all the major social media platforms! Go ahead and follow them all, and get updates on what’s new and all that. Name is State of Dabar across all platforms.

Stay blessed!!

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Still catching up. A few more episodes and I’ll start keeping up lol. This series has been such a good read… a very welcome companion during my white nights.

The season ended with such a BANG. I definitely didn’t see this coming. I had hoped he’d be caught up in some scandal or something but death was no where in the works for him.

Oh yeah, nobody saw that coming. But I guess the wrong words uttered at the wrong time can change things drastically!

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