Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP11 – Oh Ye Traitor

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re edging closer to the final episode of this season. Discovered more readers over the course of time, and boy, am I glad y’all are following. Makes it all worth the plans I have for this State. Anyways… after this episode is the link for the Val’s Day story I promised, so prepare yourself for that. In the meantime, where doth the story go? Answer is below…

“Yeah, yeah, so you, don’t worry about it. Just let them know it was an error. I’ll handle it myself, alright?… Yeah, right after my interview. Alright… don’t stress yourself out, Rosa. We all make mistakes sometimes… good girl, good girl. Alright, then. Bye.”

Adamtey hung up as he turned off his engine at the car park of the radio station he was scheduled to appear on that morning. A little e-mail gaffe had been committed by his secretary, and she was tearfully apologizing. Adamtey had a lot of patience for that woman, however, and reassured her all was well.

He shook his head as he reflected on what he had told her. We all make mistakes sometimes.

Indeed. He wasn’t immune. He had made his own mistakes.

One of which was Aniyah Johnson. Thinking she was the sweetest source of satisfaction ever. He had not even remotely expected she’d become worse than a log. A flipping log! If there was anything Emmanuel Adamtey did not deserve, it was an inactive, unresponsive woman under him. Ticked him off more than anything.

Well, at least that’s over, he thought to himself as he opened the door and got out. She had been tossed out. Consigned to the Recycle Bin of his life.

As far as his new target was concerned, he had to wait. He had subtly tried getting her number from his lawyer, but Mr. Agbettoh was proving a little too hard. They had a little meeting that Friday, however, where they would go over the final details before meeting Larissa again, and Adamtey was intent on giving him pressure until he linked them up.

Nothing was gonna keep him from this one. Nothing.


Aniyah sat up in the backseat of her E250 and rubbed her eyes, looking in the mirror and finding them bloodshot and haggard.

She had not stepped into her house after returning from the Voltage Office last night. She rather spent the night crying and screaming in the car, deeply wounded by Adamtey’s treatment of her. His physical treatment of her over the past few weeks had been nothing short of horrid, but those words of his took things to a whole new level. After destroying her in so many ways, he had effortlessly discarded her and made her feel like she was devoid of value.

An absolutely soul-crushing experience.

Not to mention the persistent comparison with the lawyer woman he kept talking about. Even as she took the files from his car for him, he continued to compare her body with that of the other lady and proclaim her as absolute crap. His words were like a horrid confirmation of what someone’s silence had implied a few years back. Her past returning to kick her in the gut, harder than before.

And to top it all off, he literally kicked her out of the office, warning her to never set foot on the work premises again.

After sexually, physically, mentally and psychologically abusing her, he had just tossed her away. As if nothing about her mattered.

There was no doubt about it, Aniyah was devastated. Overwhelmed by anguish.

Taking a few minutes to breathe, she sat still, letting the little exercise fill her with a bit of calmness. Reaching what she felt was an acceptable level, she reached over and turned the radio on.

The station on her dial was holding its regular breakfast show, and who happened to be one of their panelists for the day?

Mr. Emmanuel Adamtey, of course.

Hearing his voice, she squeezed her eyes shut, her soul getting caught up in a raging tornado of heartache, grief… and anger.

She began to seethe as he spoke. Rage now spreading through her innermost being like a bad epidemic, the sound of his voice made her angry. All she could think about was what a heartless, despicable bastard he was for treating her like she had an inferior kind of blood and skeleton.

“Monster!” she spat, switching the radio off. That was definitely not what she needed to begin the day with. She’d rather listen to Cardi B.

She reached for her bag to get her AirPods. Rummaging through its contents, she realized they weren’t in her bag. “Ah, but where did I leave them?” she wondered out loud.

After a moment, it came back to her. She last left them on the couch where he had had his way with her. In his office.

“Ohhhh, s**t!” she cursed out loud, slamming her fist against the passenger seat. Shaking her head, she murmured to herself, “I’ll just have to go get myself some new ones now. No f***ing way am I going back there. Or letting him come here. Satanic beast! God knows what I’d do to him at this point in time if I saw him!”

No sooner had those words left her mouth than she suddenly frowned.

Wait. Was there an idea coming up?


“What? Are you kidding me right now?” Akinyi asked in disbelief.

“Hmmm. I heard the audio for myself. To think we were convinced that Diamond has a ride-or-die team behind her. Turns out Naa Shormeh is a two-timing, backstabbing witch. So many horrible things. None of which are true. Admitting to sabotaging the whole partnership thing, smearing Diamond black to a bunch of girls. Ugh! Traitor!” Kwame informed her, the disgust apparent in his voice.

“We had a susu-pon in our midst? Damn! I can’t believe it.”

“Neither can I, Aki. Neither can I. I mean, it’s bad enough that you’re pulling her back. But all kinds of nonsense, like how Diamond holds her parents to ransom and how she hates her brothers. Ah!”

“She’s sick. Spreading stuff that we all know is not true. Such witchcraft!”

“Well, your words come to mind, though. About how jealous ones will always be exposed. Here it is.”

“Indeed. With what you’re saying, it’s obvious Diamond has to get her out. Fast!”

“Chale, no joke. The Red Wedding statement kraaa is what scared me.”

Akinyi sighed. “Here we go. Mr. GoT on the analysis thing.”

“No, seriously. That Game of Thrones moment is terrifying. Terrifying and unexpected. So if she’s saying that, then chale, the level of sabotage she has planned… hmmm, it’ll be something else.”

“Okay ooo, Analytical Benson. I have heard you. I won’t argue with you.”

“But why would you even want to argue with me? You’ve never even watched Game of Thrones before. Even Jon Snow is a stranger to you.”

“Shut up, Kwame. Well, I have to get to the hospital this morning.”

Kwame’s snicker stopped at the mention of ‘hosptial’. “Mmmmm. Your IBS results?”

“Yeah, well… actually, they came out negative, but my auntie wanted me to do a second test at another clinic, to be doubly sure. In any case, I need to get checked up on the fatigue issue. Must be anaemia or something.”

“Yeah, I’ve experienced that before. Drains the life out of you. Well, keep in touch, bestie. Let me know how things go.”

“Alright, Mr. Benson. I will. And I sure hope Diamond gets that snake out. Talk to you later!”

“Oh, she better! Bye, doll.”


“Chale, this History of Western Medicine assignment no be easy oo!” Eric Ewudzi grumbled as he sat on a bench outside their lecture room with a few others colleagues, including Toby.

“I promise. The research alone be full-time job,” Wisdom agreed. “But thank God for Toby and Confi. The way them mow eh, chale, no jokes!”

“Oh, ahiaa,” Toby laughed as he took out his research papers. “Confi wey she get all the juice, chale.”

Confidence smirked. “Please, boy. I’m just a deputy shark here. You are the boss.”

“You diɛɛ, if I decide to debate with you, we’ll not solve this question…” Toby said in amusement. His phone rang, and he checked to see it was Oscar. “I beg, guys, let me quickly answer this, then we’ll start.” He answered the phone. “Yeah, Oscar.”

“Chale, emergency! You need to come to Rufai’s center. Something could go down.”

Toby was alarmed. “Why, what’s happening?”

“I just ended lectures, and I was driving to the nearest photocopy shop. I passed by that place and I saw Naa Shormeh’s car. That car she’s been driving to our place. And guess who I just saw heading to that spot?”


“Yes! Chale, I don’t have a good feeling about this. It might turn slightly ugly if care isn’t taken. I know you might be busy, but this be crucial.”

Toby was skeptical. “Ah, but do you really think things will get out of hand? Rufai’s place is a public side ooo. I doubt they’re ready to muddy themselves like that.”

“Toby, listen. Diamond told me she spoke to Shormeh this morning, and the witch told her she was meeting some girls to get them to agree to usher for the grand opening in the future. She said she deliberately told her she’ll be doing other stuff. I dunno why it didn’t occur to me, but… it could get ugly, bro. I need you here. Now.”

Toby sighed. “Fine, fine. I’m coming.” He hung up, then called Confidence to whisper into her ear what was transpiring. Looking concerned, she encouraged him to go, as he excused himself from the group discussion.


“But Naa, you be evil genius ooo! Herh! What you did to the Diamond girl, eh. Serious levels!” one of the girls said as they sat on the chairs provided outside Rufai’s center.

She smiled and shook her head. “Sister geh, it is smartness. Without strains of smartness in your genes diɛɛ, any fool can roll you over oo.”

“Abi you diɛɛ, you’ve rolled her over,” another one of them laughed.

“Of course. Ah, with all you have, you still want to fly, so that the rest of us will do what? BS!”

Some of the girls’ facial expressions changed as they noticed the object of their discussions approaching. They tried to draw Shormeh’s attention to it by making zipping motions with their fingers. Her eyes not on them, she continued to voice out her contempt for Diamond.

She eventually noted their actions, and immediately turned to see the reason for same.

Diamond stood there. She gave a mock clap as she moved closer to them.

“Well done, Naa Shormeh. Well done. Madam chorister. So this is the squad you claimed you would get to usher at the opening this morning? Fantastic work. Ain’t no stopping you now for real, baby girl.”

The gossip squad was stunned. Naa Shormeh was on her feet, a mixed look of guilt and shock on her face.

“Shormeh, I thought we were friends. I took you to be my girl. My bosom buddy. The girl I can vibe with for hours on end. Is that my crime? Is that why you’ve decided to assassinate my character and try to destroy my dreams? Really? What wrong did I do you? For you to tell these girls such blatant lies about me and my family!”

Shormeh was speechless. So were her cohorts.

“You were able to look me in the face and lie to me that things will be alright, when you knew so damn well that you were the very one working behind the scenes to ensure it won’t be alright? Ei, Shormeh? What kind of wickedness is this? How do you see me joke around with my brothers and turn around to say I hate them? How, Shormeh, how? And you just sat there and proclaimed that you don’t want to see me succeed. After we proclaimed there’s nothing stopping us? What did I do to deserve such hatred and fakeness?” she demanded passionately.

Not a word from the squad seated before her.

Diamond shook her head, the pain seeping into her voice as she continued. “Well, I don’t have anything more to say. I don’t know why my desire to soar high offends you so much. Just know that I bear you no grudge, but your role in my life ends from here onwards. Since my success troubles you so much, I’ll just do you a favour and show you the door so you don’t have to witness it.”

Directing her next couple of words to the other girls, she lashed out, “And to the rest of you, huh, so much for being campus champions for ‘We sisters gotta stick together’. Shame on you all.”

She turned to walk away, then halted and looked at them. “Oh, by the way, you know that you sow what you reap, right? When you sow betrayal, you reap betrayal. No wonder you have a snitch in your midst. That’s how I know.” With that, she walked off.

“Herh, how did she get to know about this? Who snitched?” Shormeh shrieked, obviously triggered by that last word from Diamond. She glared at all the girls around her, trying to determine who it was that leaked the information. One of them was caught looking away, a slight tint of discomfort on her face. She did not seem happy about Diamond putting that out.

“Herh, Gyamfua,” Lisa said, noticing the change in her facial expression, “are you the one? Is that the reason why you never talk?”

Gyamfua kept her eyes down, remaining mute.

Shormeh, interpreting her silence to be confirmation, flew into an absolute rage.

“You traitor!” she snarled. “You sold me out! You bitch!” following it up with a slap.

Chaos broke forth as some of Shormeh’s gossip partners also sprung on the mole in their midst. Some of the watching crowd moved to intervene, while some decided to whip out their phones.

Shormeh, meanwhile, ran from them and in Diamond’s direction. Triggered by the revelation that a snitch had sold them out, she thought she’d fight her for infiltrating her ranks, just to avoid the guilt of being caught.

She grabbed Diamond’s blouse and pulled it, dragging her ‘friend’ back. Diamond, immediately springing into defensive mode, turned and used her arm to break Shormeh’s hold.

Shormeh didn’t waste another second, lunging for her, arms stretched out, ready to grab her by the throat. “How dare you spy on me?” she hissed.

She didn’t anticipate, however, the reinforcements that came at top speed upon seeing her adversary getting attacked. Before her hands could touch Diamond’s neck, Oscar stepped in, blocking her. She stopped and stared fiercely at him.

The look on his face, however, was even fiercer. “You lay a hand upon my sister, and I swear you are gonna be having nightmares about me for the rest of your life!” he snarled, shielding his sister from further attacks.

The manner in which her vehement look reduced by a couple of degrees showed how seriously she took that threat. A couple of seconds later, and Toby stepped in front of her, his expression just as vicious as that of his older brother’s. “Are you still standing there?” he asked snidely.

She took a step or two back. There was obviously no wisdom in trying to attack Diamond’s brothers. Given how wild their facial expressions were, she’d be making a major error trying to do so.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Walk away, you two-timing snake!” Toby spat as she increased her distance. He then turned and put an arm around Diamond as he and Oscar walked her back to the car.

The owner of the shop, Mr. Rufai, came out, meanwhile, very displeased with the scuffle in front of his shop. He wasted no time in sacking everyone around.

“Hey! Hey! Get out! Out of here! Hurry up!! Leave, leave here! Such nonsense. You young people of today have no self-respect. Heyyy! Just leave! Now!”


In the office of Doctor Joseph Henson of Barton Hospital, he glossed over the two results in front of him.

Test results for Miss Akinyi Mwita.

He shook his head as he looked at the results of the previous hospital. “How in the world did they arrive at this diagnosis? Totally wrong! Hm!”


“Take it easy, honey,” Larissa said soothingly as her upset daughter, later that evening, laid her tear-stained face on her shoulder. “Take it easy. I know it’s rough to process. Just take it easy. I’m right here for you.”

Wrapping her arms around her mother, she let out a big sigh of sadness. “Maa, it hurts so much. My bosom girl was jealous of me all this time, and was willing to go to crazy depths just to bring me down. And she attacked me on top, acting like I’m the bad one! I don’t understand. I just don’t…”

“Hmmm. Some people just prefer to see you where they want you to be, not where God wants you to be. And when you disappoint them by moving on God’s path, they can’t stand it, and will do anything to veer you off track. No matter how stupid it is. You can never understand such people, baby girl.”

Diamond sniffed. “God, how I wish I had seen this earlier. I never would have entrusted her with that task. Ei! People are wicked.”

“Indeed,” Larissa agreed, holding her daughter tight. “People are wicked. But let’s be thankful to God that He exposed her at this point in time. Imagine if you had been unaware of this. At least you can still find a partner. Give her more time, she’d probably destroy your plans altogether. So I know you’re hurting, Diamond, and take time. But let’s be thankful. God has disposed of her.”

So the snake has been disposed of. Good riddance! And of course, the major point of interest is almost at its concluding point. Personally, I am so looking forward to the finale. Probably coz it’s one of mi personal favourite MTD episodes! Hehe. Stay tuned and let’s see how this season ends, and what’s at stake for the next season!

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