Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP10 – Tasteless Chewing Gum

And we’re in the month of love!! Thank God for being alive in the month of February.

With the feedback I got, it’s settled. Danny and Lari’s honeymoon it is for the 14th. Some of you wanted me to do their entire love story. Ebei! That’s an entire series on its own, lah. Have mercy on a student. Anyways, the link to that will be up on next week’s episode. With the drama that’s coming up in that episode, the love tins will even out what y’all will go through. Hehe..

Anyways, today’s episode has an interesting title. What does it apply to? Let’s find out…

“Oh chale, the water is finished,” Delphine said to herself, frowning as she looked into her fridge, full of cartons of fruit juice and stew containers and milk tins, but no sachet or bottle of water. Currently not in the mood for any sweet fluids, she was a little taken aback to see that she had exhausted her supply.

Not very pleasing. But then, it did give rise to an opportunity she loved to take.

Standing straight, she smirked as she said to herself, “Time for a little visit.”

She immediately headed for the door and stepped out, locking it as she made her way downstairs to the place she usually purchased her bottled water from.

As she walked through the hallway once on the ground floor, she heard a guy nearby murmuring to a friend, “Awurade, see boobs! The way I get, I go press press eh!”

“Chaleeeeee, me sef, I root! Gademmit!” his friend agreed in a low tone.

She shook her head and smiled scornfully as she maintained her direction. As always, guys were drooling over her. And as much as they tried whispering to themselves, more often than not, she heard their remarks about her body and how badly they would love to get her into their beds.

And despite loving how sexy she appeared to the outside world, it never failed to strengthen her low impression and utter scorn of the male species whenever they lost it at the sight of her. Not a tint of self-control whatsoever.

Hm. Men. So driven by their little soldiers. So f**king dumb, it’s just amazing. As to why it’s been said that men are the leaders is beyond me. These easy-to-manipulate dogs? Kai! See how they lose their senses over my cleavage and my ass. And they are meant to be in charge or whatever?

That’s why I don’t let them move to me like that. So they can have the rule over me and my body? Never! I have to be the one in charge. So forget all these hungry little bastards. I already got the one I want. And it’s all going according to plan. Edging him right into the middle of my palm. Only a matter of time till it’s complete…


Toby took a deep breath as he knelt beside the ice chest, getting ready to take out the usual 5 bottles of Awake.

He shut his eyes, asking God for strength to resist the lady at the door, whose ever-enchanting smirk and net blouse which did little to conceal cleavage was fighting his intention to resist her.

He opened his eyes and stood up, feeling a little surge of confidence. He walked over to Delphine and handed over the polythene bag as usual. “Here you go, Delphine.”

“You’re such a sweetheart, aren’t you?” she gushed as she received her usual order from him.

He sighed. It was time to start setting the boundaries. And for starters, those pet names, winks and air kisses had to go. Nothing weakened his resolve more than that. “Umm, Delphine? No offence or anything, but, I’d really appreciate it if…”

“Ohhhhhhhhh, ah! This Clement guy dey worry, lah!” she grumbled as her phone vibrated, barely hearing what Toby had to say. She pressed the reject button, a frown on her face.

“Clement? The guy on the second floor?” Toby asked. That was one of the guys who had been talking about Delphine in front of him a few days back.

“Yeah, that one,” she responded, looking pretty peeved. “He and some Adjetey guy have been disturbing me these past few days. Calling me and sending all kinds of text messages that they like me and blah blah blah. I know they want to have sex with me, but I’m not interested!”

Toby was surprised at her words. “Oh, wow. Hmmm. I see. You’re not that kind of girl, are you?”

A small smile returned to her face. “I’m not a virgin, if that’s what you’re thinking. I have nothing against sex. I’m just a different kind of girl.”

That answer piqued Toby’s curiosity. “Meaning?”

With that, the small smile gradually formed back into her sexy smirk. “It’s simple, really. I’m the kind of girl who knows what she wants, and will make damn sure she gets it. The regular girl loves it when a guy wants her and chases her and convinces her to get into bed with him. I don’t. Matter of fact, I kinda despise that thing, to be honest. I like to be the one in control. I like to be the one who comes after the nigga. Reel him in. Make him want me so bad, he’ll never wanna stop eating from the palm of my hand.”

Toby felt himself trembling as he heard those words. Diamond certainly had not lied about this lady.

Heartbeat on steroids, he knew the next question was not necessary, but emotions got the better part of him. “So, uh… y-you have someone in mind? Or something?”

The smirk glued on her face, she shrugged. “Possibly. And who knows who he could be? Could be in my class. Could be in the next block. Could be someone I think is very… cute. You know… someone who thinks I’m sexy. Who knows?”

With that, she sassily walked away.

Toby felt shaken as he closed the door. If there was any indication that Delphine had some ulterior motive for him, that had to be the biggest one yet. After all, she had called him cute the second time she had come around. He had blurted out that she was sexy before. And he certainly wasn’t the one moving to her; she was making all the moves.

It was obvious that setting boundaries was gonna be nothing but a fruitless venture at this point. The only wise thing to do was to cut her off. Totally. As the Bible made it clear, whatever it took to prevent sin ought to be done, even if it meant plucking your eye out.

But somehow, as much as he was terrified, he found himself very aroused. Even more than before. As scary as her way of thinking sounded, the thought of someone as voluptuous as Delphine wanting him brought some pleasure that a part of him was not ready to let go of.

Damn. I know this is wrong. I know what has to be done. But…


Diamond was finding it hard to believe what she had been told concerning her bosom buddy’s apparent hidden side.

The previous night, Oscar had had the rather difficult task of revealing to her the information Confidence had relayed to him and Toby. As expected, it was an absolute shock to her to hear this. With the bond she and Shormeh shared, it was nowhere near sinking in. Too many doubts about the whole thing.

As she and Oscar moved about town that afternoon, she was still struggling to process the whole issue.

“Ah, nahhhhh. Oscar, are you sure this girl is telling the truth? Because me, I still can’t process it,” she protested.

Oscar shook his head, getting a little irritated. This was about the fifteenth time she had asked. “Dee, that girl wouldn’t have come all the way just to come and fabricate lies. She and Toby are not that close, for her to just barge in and come and deliver this. And I know she’s not the greatest role model on campus, but I certainly don’t know her to be a liar.”

Diamond shook her head and leaned back, giving a ‘hmph’ as she crossed her arms. “It still doesn’t click. With the kind of pictures she showed me concerning the responses from those businesses, to the things she claimed about me. Doesn’t add up. Shormeh knows I don’t hate you and Toby. She’s seen us fooling about like normal siblings do, so where from that? And a sugar daddy. Really? Ah!”

She was interrupted as her phone rang. It was Edem.

Her phone being connected to the car’s Bluetooth, the radio cut off to indicate the incoming call. She pressed the receive button. “Hey, Eddy.”

“Diamond,” he responded, the tone of his voice not as light-hearted as it usually was. “There’s an audio I’m sending to you right after I hang up. Please, listen to it in its entirety. Then, when you are done, you’ll know what to do. In this life, there are some weights that need to be dumped off before you can make headway. I’m really pissed right now, but I no go talk plenty. Just listen, and you’ll know what to do.”

The line immediately went dead.

The two were stunned by that. A generally pleasant-tempered person, it had to be serious to get Edem so riled up. He really did sound like he was doing all he could to restrain his temper.

Not long after, the audio arrived. Having been silent since the call, Diamond quietly asked, “Umm, could you please park by the roadside so we listen to it?”

Equally as silent as her, Oscar duly obliged.

She began to play the audio.

Whoever had sent Edem that audio had to be one of the girls in the room, as almost everything that had been said that day was captured. They listened as the girls, in their hating speech, confirmed all that Confidence had reported. They heard how Shormeh had cleverly yet deviously used a number of mediums to deceive Diamond into thinking they had responded to the offer, when in fact, she had not only refused to contact them, but even spread those lies to some of those young CEOs to sully her image before she even began.

They listened as others also got their fair share of nasty shots, including Akinyi and Edem. They winced as Shormeh called Edem ‘Diamond’s little slave puppy’. A pretty emasculating comment. No wonder he was so angry.

Once the audio was over, the hurt on Diamond’s face was all too evident.

“I can’t believe this. I thought… I thought we were friends,” she whispered.

Oscar reached over and put his arm around her as tears began to run down her cheeks. “I’m so sorry, big sis. I’m sorry…”


It was 7:30 pm, and at the Voltage Office, in the office of its boss, Adamtey had just completed having his way with Aniyah again. 

As Adamtey got up from the couch to put his boxers and trousers on, he turned to look at her, as she remained still on the couch, simply breathing in and out.

He shook his head. Tonight’s session was well below satisfactory, and it had been so for the past couple of times they had met. The attempt to spice things up the last time had gone nowhere; just a lot of screams of pain and cries afterward, which really annoyed him.

To think that he had deemed her an essential and indispensable part of his sex life a few weeks ago due to her incredible skills! Now he felt bored and sick of her. It was time to dispose of her.

Besides, now that he looked at her body properly, he found her sorely lacking in comparison to the lawyer lady the company was now dealing with. That woman was divinely gifted, and he knew that was what he deserved. Not this expired sex toy.

“You know what?” he said to her once he had put on his trousers. Still seemingly engrossed in her thoughts, she looked up at him from the couch.

“I’m tired of you. Honestly. For some reason, I thought sex with you was something I couldn’t live without. I somehow stupidly led myself to think that you’re the sexiest woman I could possibly meet. But here’s the truth: you’re nothing more than tasteless chewing gum now. You’ve lost your vibe. Or zing. Or whatever. But tonight was the worst I’ve had this year. And it just tells me you’ve really become a worthless piece of s**t.

“And anyways, I’ve discovered a woman whose body is ten times way more amazing than yours. A lawyer at that. Larissa, or something like that. More woman than you could ever even begin to imagine you could be. She’s the one I want now. Yet to convince her, but I have no doubt that she’ll soon be the one in my bed, and I can bet my life that sex with her will make me forget you even had a vagina to begin with.

“So, you’ve had your time satisfying me, but you’re trash now, so this is where it ends. After you dress up and leave this office, that’s the end. No more business between you and I. It’s over. Whatever amount of money you need, I’ll give it to you. But you’re no longer useful in my life. Hurry up and put on your clothes and get out of here!”

He turned to get his singlet and shirt, as Aniyah, still silent, sat up, tears starting to form in her eyes as she began to process the weight of his speech. Oblivious to her reaction, he took her car key and threw it at her.

“Get me my files in my car when you’re dressed. And take my cheque book too… nah, forget that. I’ll just do the MoMo thing as always… ah, what are you sitting there looking so morose about? Hurry up and get dressed and get me my files! I need to work now!”

Well, Adamtey says he’s done with her now. How is this gonna end? And with the traitor exposed, how’s that gonna go down? Two more episodes to see the answers to those questions!

OK now, so… the announcement for this week has to do with seasons 3 and 4. You already know how it goes: new episode every Friday. Well, due to academic circumstances, I cannot maintain that for the last 2 seasons, so here’s the deal…

Once we’re done with season 2 in the next 2 weeks, after the usual mini-series comes in as the hors d’oeuvre, episodes 1-6 of season 3 will be live on the site from 13th to 18th April, God willing. And episodes 7-13 will arrive from the 27th of April to the 3rd of May. The site will then be dormant till July (once I’m done with my final exams), then we can wrap up the final season of Meet The Dolphynes. I may switch to the #OVAV schedule for that (Mondays and Fridays), but let’s see what the Lord will do. In the meantime, 2 more episodes to go for this season!!!

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