Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP9 – The Witch

January is already over. Well, that was quick! (No, I don’t believe in that ridiculous but funny ideology that January is super long. Manage your finances well! 😤😤) And we’re in the final trimester of season 2. There’s a lot to come.

There are some important announcements I’ll be putting across today and next week. And I’ll need your input for today’s own. Deal? Thanks. So let’s begin…

“Hmmmm, Sammy is downhearted, isn’t he?”

“Very. It’s so apparent for everyone at the firm to see. He’s keeping it cool and all, but chale, Danny, the guy is devastated.”

“Hmmm. As soon as I saw the news, I knew it would hit him hard. It’s tragic. So tragic.”

“Extremely. But it’s his wife I feel for the most. I’m really praying for her, because losing your husband and daughter like that… God, the thought alone terrifies me, babe.”

Daniel nodded solemnly, the phone stuck to his ear. “I know, Lari, I know. Chale, we just continue to pray that God keeps us all safe… So, you’re done with the takeover meetings for this week?”

“Yeah. We should be wrapping things up by next week, hopefully. It’s been pretty smooth. Our best friend has behaved. And aside that little attempt of his to start small talk, we’ve not interacted much.”

“Oh sweet. So he hasn’t tried to get your number yet?”

“Ugh, hell no, and I hope not. He ain’t getting it.”

“Oh, come on, Lari,” he said teasingly. “Who knows, he might just be the most amazing man you’ve ever met. And maybe… something special might happen.”

“I’d rather floss my teeth with a live wire than let that special whatever happen. Tweakai!”

Daniel laughed out loud. “Oh lawd, Larissa, you are too much!”

“I know, baby. I’m a mood and an entire vibe!”


“Hi, Addy,” Aki said groggily as Adelaide approached her bed, looking very concerned. She had decided to take a quick detour from an errand to check up on Akinyi that morning, only to hear that the cramps were having their way with her.

“Aki, this is worrying. I know period cramps are bad, but this… hmmm,” Adelaide sighed as she took a seat by the bedside.

Akinyi shook her head. “It’s an on and off thing. Sometimes, I feel absolutely free, like nothing’s going wrong. Then there are days like this where I just feel awful…”

She trailed off as she winced in pain, the pangs striking again.

“Do you have a heating pad?”

She shook her head. “But I have a bottle I put hot water in to ease the pain. It’s in the kitchen. I think Auntie Grace…”

Just then, her aunt walked in, holding the bottle filled with hot water. She handed it over to Adelaide, who then placed it on Akinyi’s abdomen. Akinyi sighed and took a few deep breaths as she anticipated some relief from the pain.

“Awww, my dear mpenzi,” Auntie Grace said lovingly as she watched her niece. “It will all be well. By God’s grace, the new hospital should have us know exactly what is going on, so you can get the treatment you need and return to the 100% bundle of trouble you’ve always been.”

Akinyi nodded, smiling weakly. “Yes, Auntie. I believe that.”

“Adelaide, let me know when you’re hungry. I have some extra oats available,” Auntie Grace said as she exited the room.

“No problem, Madam Grace!” Adelaide responded. She turned to Akinyi. “How long has this thing been disturbing you, actually?”

After a moment of thought, Akinyi answered, “A couple of months. Initially, I thought it was nothing, so I didn’t really treat it as serious. It’s only after coming here that I felt I need to check on this.”

“So you never checked up back home?”

Akinyi shook her head. “Never occurred to me to do such. I guess I took it for granted. Caught up with a lot of personal and family stuff here and there. Breaking up with that toxic ex. My grand-aunt dying of cancer. My eldest sister’s divorce. There’s a lot I’ve had to endure back home. I love my family and all, but… it’s been stressful. Coming here to begin my tertiary education was such a welcome piece of news. Maybe I thought that was my body reacting to the stress. I dunno…”

Adelaide took her hand. “Don’t worry, Aki. I understand to an extent. Things aren’t always easy at home, either. Maybe I’ll tell you about it one day, but… I get you. And it’s pretty amazing how you maintain that hyper-mischievous sweet attitude through it all.”

Akinyi smiled, the pain easing off a bit. “Well, I can’t let the whole world know I have issues, can I? And I can’t let my issues change me to my detriment, right?”

“True. Although I must admit, it’s likely nobody in church would believe you if you said you have problems, you little talkative Energizer bunny!”

Akinyi giggled at that. “I know. Always on the move. Always talking. Always excited. That’s just Miss Akinyi Mwita for you. The fun-loving, high-spirited…”

“…sometimes-tomboyish NyaLuo doll,” Adelaide joined her to complete, smiling as she shook her head and gave Akinyi a kiss on the forehead. “You’re doing good, baby girl. And you’ll be fine. Whatever it is that’s the cause of all this will be treated, and we can see our troublesome cutie at 100%.”

Akinyi nodded in agreement, smiling as she sat up.

“By the way, if you’re not at 100% right now, where would you deem yourself to be at the moment?” Adelaide asked curiously.

Akinyi gave it a thought, then shrugged and said, “Somewhere between 65 to 80 percent.”

Adelaide did the facepalm. “And even with that, you manage to be so rascally? Oh Lord, some of us are in trouble when you hit the top!”

“Oh, of course! Once all is cleared up, it’s over for you and Kwame!”

“Lord have mercy on our souls!” Adelaide groaned as Akinyi laughed.


As the Historiography lecture came to an end, the hall quickly went empty, as the students rushed out, relieved for the lesson’s end.

“Eh, Confidence, my book oo. You haven’t brought it,” Mervyn said to her course mate who had just sent a WhatsApp message to her boyfriend.

Confidence put a hand on her head. “Eiii! Yehowa! Sorry oo, Mervyn. I just realized I left it in our BMC classroom. Lemme go and get it for you, wai.”

Mervyn did not look too pleased, but nodded. “Fine. I beg, hurry up.”

“Yes, madam,” Confidence responded, a slight hint of sarcasm underlying the response as she rushed to the lecture room in question. A lecture room most often secluded during normal school period. The BMC tag indicated when it was patronized the most: the ‘burning midnight candles’ room.

As she walked towards the door, she could hear voices from the classroom. Nothing new; people would often go there to hold discussions.

She opened the door and entered. There were about six girls sitting around one corner of the room, and her presence made them go silent. As she went for the book in question, though, the chatter between them started up again. She hardly had her attention on them as she made her way out of the room.

As she stepped out, however, a feeling of suspicion gripped her. It didn’t feel like those girls in the room were having just any casual discussion. She moved out of sight from the door, just in case one of them would step out and check if she was around.

Indeed, one of them opened the door, looked to see if she was around. Satisfied that there was nobody nearby, she closed the door.

With that, Confidence tiptoed out of her hiding place and leaned against the door, trying to be discreet as she could be.

“Oh, but me, I can’t stand her. She just bores me. So unfriendly,” one girl said.

“Ashock. Nasty bitch wei na she’s coming to do smoothie business?”

“Tweakai! That thing won’t succeed ooo. You diɛɛ, just watch and see. What haven’t we seen before?”

“Say it again oo, Lisa. Wetin man no see before? What annoys me kraaa is how she apparently wants to do it in those trailer things to be unique. Kwasiasem! Small drink thing too, uniqueness for the where? Ah, she dey bore me.”

“Look, she’s not a nice person. Do you know how nasty she is to her younger brothers? Always a fight between her and them. She holds her parents to ransom as well, acting like this petty, entitled little bitch so she can get her way. What pains me kraaa is that sugar daddy who is funding all this. With all this, she should succeed? Mtcheww!”

The girls gasped, as did Confidence, who continued to eavesdrop.

“Ei, are you serious? Sugar daddy! Herh, this Diamond girl.”

“See eh, I’ve been with the girl in the same office for a year, so I know what I’m talking about. She won’t relax too. She wants partnership on top. Someone should join her so they can do smoothies, juices, sandwiches and wraps. Such rubbish. But that’s why I’m where I am. She doesn’t know she’s smelling pepper small small.”

“Ei, saa?”

“Oh yes! She’s been giving me some targets bi to work on. She doesn’t know that I actually never contacted them. I found some sharp ways of creating screenshots to trick her and make her think she’s been rejected.”

“Wow! That’s serious! You were able to do that?”

“Oh, Lisa. Easy kraa. You think the internet is a joking distin? And that’s just the beginning. She said she wants to dream. She will see. It will do her like Red Wedding!”

“Hahaha! The Lannisters will send their regards!”

At this point, Confidence had heard enough.

Shaking her head in disgust as she moved away, she knew there was only one thing to do.


“Yeah, so small small. We’re still going slow, so chale, we’ll see what happens in the near future,” Oscar said. “But tell me about the Enel thing. Those rumours about Lemuel’s attackers…”

Toby nodded as he took a big swig out of the Sprite bottle in front of him. His mouth free after swallowing the beverage, he started in a low tone, “Yeah. So the thing is, it’s not armed robbers who attacked Lemuel near the fuel station. Apparently, they’re thugs hired by Nii Lamptey to deal with him for sleeping with Lebene.”

“Herh, are you serious?” Oscar gasped, keeping his voice low.

Toby nodded again. “Apparently, one of his boys caught wind of Lemuel frequenting the hostel and got suspicious. Rumours of certain sounds coming from that room only deepened it. So he intentionally went to visit her and left a charger there, the head of which had a secret recorder there. Someway somehow, she didn’t take it out before the next time Lemuel came over. The recorder caught everything they did. The guy went and showed it to Nii, and chale, the guy flipped.”

“Yehowa!” Oscar exclaimed, hands on his head. “Already, those two no dey so. After that fight of theirs at SRC Week. Lemuel get some serious nerve paaaa, to deliberately go after his girl!”

“Chale. Serious nerve. After refusing to pay Enel back what he owed.”

“Hmmm. Crazy things happen on a university campus. I can’t help but feel like Lemuel was asking for it, though. By the way, the water business, how far? Getting yourself a loyal clientele base?”

Delphine immediately coming to mind, Toby nodded. “Yeah, yeah, they’re buying, they’re buying.” That was all he wanted Oscar to know. Definitely did not to reveal how one client was low-key starting to seduce him, and how he hated and loved it at the same time.

“Nice. Any particular chic that’s been frequenting your store?” Oscar asked teasingly.

Definitely not the question he wanted to answer. Before he could begin to fumble over how to avoid or confess, he heard a familiar voice call out his name. “Tobyyyy!”

He looked at the door of the mini-restaurant they were in. It was Confidence.

“Ei, madam Confidence!” Oscar exclaimed amusingly to his brother as she walked to their table. “I see her and her boyfriend around my faculty a few times. Those two just can’t keep their hands to themselves!”

Toby grinned, shaking his head, half out of relief for being saved by the bell, and half out of amusement at the truth of his brother’s words. “I tell you. Confi naa, she’s an absolute trimud3, so all those lovi-lovi things no dey surprise me one bit.”

“Hi guys!” she greeted as she joined them at their table.

“Ei, na how come you’re here without Ernest? The love of your life?” Toby asked teasingly as Oscar snickered.

Confidence rolled her eyes and tossed her hair. “My baby love is busy in the library, if you must know. Making sure his GPA is as lit as the love we share!”

“Eeeeeei, Confi and her one-of-a-kind odo statements!” Toby responded. “By the way, it’s like I didn’t see you in class well, coz chale, you are looking fine oo. Damn!”

“Awww, you’re making me shy. Thank you, pumpkin bear,” she gushed, patting him on the cheek. Then her expression changed to a serious one. “All jokes aside, though, it’s serious stuff I have for you guys. Very important. Has to do with your sister.”

The two sat up.

“Guys, a lot of us have heard about the plans for the smoothie trailer she’s setting up. I, for one, love it, and you can be sure Ernest and I will patronize it. But not everyone is happy about it. And some of them are from her own camp.”

The two brothers looked at each in surprise, then turned back to look at her. She then proceeded to tell them what she had heard in the BMC room.

Oscar and Toby had their mouths wide open by the end of the story.

“Ah! Wait oo, so you mean… Naa Shormeh has been sabotaging Diamond all this time? Because she’s been complaining that all the prospective partnerships she’s been looking at have all failed,” Oscar gasped in amazement. “And it’s Naa who is in charge of it.”

“I didn’t hear her name, but does the Naa Shormeh you know fit this?” Confidence asked.

Toby nodded, a look of confusion on his face. “Yeah, yeah, it’s her, but… it doesn’t make sense. Like, why would Shormeh say all those things about her? None of them are true, and she knows it. From her hating us to the sugar daddy thing. She knows Diamond and us are not at loggerheads. She knows not even our baby sister can hold our parents to ransom, much less her. I just don’t get it.”

Confidence shook her head. “Toby, people are fake oo. They act like they love you when you’re around, but turn your back, and the vile crap they’ll say about you is insane. Especially when you’re ambitious and wanna make a name for yourself. As far as I’m concerned, that room had a bunch of Kyeiwaa ass bitches in there. And that so-called friend is the worst of them all.”

Oscar leaned back. “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe Naa Shormeh would do this to her. With all the enthusiasm and excitement she showed towards the project…”

“I know, guys. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But it’s necessary. Because as far as I heard, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The damage might not be major, but your sis has to get her out before she does cause a major one. She’s jealous of her, and with what I’ve heard, she could go to extreme lengths to bring her down if care is not taken. You need to tell her. As soon as possible.”

Well well well!! So Naa Shormeh is the ‘witch’ this episode’s title speaks of! How dangerous some friends can be! What’s gonna happen next?

OK, so for the announcement #1, here’s the deal: 2 weeks from now is Valentine’s Day, and a little idea came to mind – how about a short story on Daniel and Larissa? After all, they’re Dabar’s definition of #relationshipgoals (OVAV’s Kwabena and Ewurabena are a very close 2nd). The input I seek is, what should the short story cover? Their first date? The day they became a couple? The day Danny proposed? Their honeymoon? Or you got another idea?

Your call, guys. Whichever one gets more nods is what I’ll be delivering on the 14th, which will feature on Machshabah. Looking forward to your feedback!!

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