Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP8 – Lasciviousness

We’re already in the latter part of January. Chale, time goes fast! Anyways, we move on with the next episode.

By the way, on a solemn note, this episode is dedicated to my late friend, Paul Folivi. Two years ago by this time, I was an absolute wreck after he left us the previous day. Folivi, you’re gone, but I’ll never, ever forget you. Continue to rest in peace…

Alright, wipe away the tears and let’s get into the action…

“Ei, if Toby Dolphyne was rocked by this surprise IA, then nobody is passing oo!”

“Oh, please!” Toby scoffed, shaking his head at Wisdom’s comment as he stood up to exit the shuttle. “Someone might pass. I just wasn’t ready for this one.”

“Ayooo, I hear you, boss. Chale, later!”

“Yeah, later!”

Getting down from the shuttle at the bus stop just a few metres away from his hostel, Toby made his way to his beloved room 24, drained by what had been a pretty long day of lectures and a surprise IA. He couldn’t wait to get back to his room, throw himself on the bed and just lie on it and do nothing.

He found himself behind two guys from the same hostel as they trudged toward the building they called home on campus.

As they passed by a couple of the nearby shops, he looked at a few of them. In the shop which students frequented for photocopies, he saw a familiar face.


She looked quite busy, as she was standing by the photocopy machine, waiting a bit impatiently for papers to come out from it.

He turned his eyes away quickly. She looked too good in that red and black blouse and the jeans; his mind would begin to sway if he paid too much attention.

Her last visit had made it clear she had quite an enchanting vibe about her, and it was easy to get hooked. Diamond’s warning, however, rang clear in his mind, and he knew it was wiser to steer clear of her. She was yet to pass by again, so he had a lot of time to work on setting boundaries. If that didn’t work, he’d just cut her off. With what his older sister had told him, he knew this girl had to fall way behind the ‘Do Not Cross’ line in his life.

He wasn’t the only one who had noticed her, though. The boys in front of him noticed her too, and had quite a lot to say about her.

“Chale, that Delphine girl eh, the whole hostel, ibi she wey she be sexy pass,” the first guy said.

“I swear, chale. The way I get, I go eat am, eh? Walahi!”

“The girl get everything. Ass, boobs, thighs. Guy! The strokes I want give am, eh. She go make bo-legge for one week.”

“Hahaha! Clement, you fool oo. Just like how you do that Suzzy girl?”

“Aswear down! But chale, that girl trigger me paaa oo. Some sexy crochet crop top bi she wear, wey she send me pics before she come my room. Oh lawd! The way I make heated before I eat am! Adjetey, never be easy. I sure sey the whole floor hear am as she dey moan.”

“Chale! I no enjoy since I eat that Lisa girl last month. Chale, I lick am, suck am make her eye get before I enter. Recently I dey target that Kwartemaa girl, but she be jon girl. No Kissing Baby tins sorr she dey do. Kwasia line sei! Now diɛɛ, ibi this Delphine girl I go target.”

“Me sef, I go do wild. Coz Jane diɛɛ, the way she no dey make I enter start dey bore me. Just kissing. Two days ago, I dey try remove the blouse then mia her breasts, she say no.”

“Ah! See some foolishness…”

Toby just smirked and shook his head as he remained behind the guys, hearing their illicit escapades. This was nothing new in his hostel; Clement and Adjetey were just a few of the guys in the hostel who lived for ‘firing as many girls’ as possible.

Anyways, it was pretty clear that they had an eye for Delphine, and were planning to make moves on her. All the better for him. Now she’d have other guys to deal with. Guys who were clearly more willing to get into bed with her. Maybe if she noticed their attention, she’d leave him alone and he could focus on enforcing the boundaries even better.

“All the better for me. She can focus on these dudes who are happy to get into her knickers,” he said to himself as he entered the hostel, turning left and leaving the two promiscuous boys as they switched from tales of lasciviousness to complaints about losing bets.


“So, good news, right? I don’t have irritable bowel syndrome!” Aki asked her auntie as they walked out the entrance of the clinic.

“Oh, definitely. But… you know my drill already,” Auntie Grace replied.

Akinyi sighed. When it came to issues of health, for some reason, her aunt was never really satisfied with one test report from one doctor. She would always insist on having another test done at a different health facility. It could be annoying, but surprisingly, effective on a number of occasions. She still didn’t understand why she refused to stick to one particular doctor, though. That would undoubtedly make life easier.

“So, we go to another hospital?”

“Exactly. Even with this place, some of my colleagues at work were unsure of this doctor. The reports I got were a little unsettling. So there’s one hospital Mrs. Narh suggested. Gave me her doctor’s contact. An excellent doctor, from what I’ve heard. We’ll go to him as well and see.”

“Ugh, I’m tired of these hospital visits, Auntie Grace!” Akinyi complained.

“I know, Akinyi. I know it gets tiring. But it’s all for your good. You’re not more tired of these visits than those persistent cramps and bloating, are you?”

Akinyi shook her head. “Well, no. Definitely not.”

“Exactly. Let’s just do this, find out what’s wrong, and have it cured. I know it’s nothing serious. You’ll be fine, mpenzi.”

Akinyi smiled and nodded her head as she grabbed her auntie’s hand. Being called ‘sweetheart’ in Swahili. One of the easiest ways to put her in ‘baby girl mode’.


“Ugh, this isn’t working! Even the ones I’m finding on Instagram aren’t willing! What’s this?” Diamond burst out, pretty distressed as she received yet another disappointing message.

Naa Shormeh, sitting next to her, gave a big sigh. “I know, Dee. It’s pretty frustrating. You’ve seen the screenshots, right? It was frustrating. Maabena Adjei, not interested. Mawuli, not interested. Jo Baron, not interested. Chale, it’s tough!”

Diamond sighed and folded her arms. “This is tougher than I thought. I know partnerships can be dicey, but… I didn’t think literally nobody wants to do one.”

Shormeh shrugged. “Oh well… one of those things.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’m probably expecting too much too soon, though. I mean, there’s still a whole lot to be done. Let’s just keep moving. At the end of the day, the journey is what counts.”

“Yes, indeed. The journey is the memorable one,” Shormeh agreed.

“Uh-huh. Those are the moments that are worth looking back on when the success has arrived, you know. I’m just picturing a day when the business is booming and people wanna know the story, then I can tell them about moments like this, when I let out bursts of frustration because my ride-or-die shawty had the prospective businesses all bouncing her, and it was irritating then, but now I can laugh about it, coz it was all a part of the process…”

Shormeh nodded as Diamond trailed off, leaning back on the couch they were seated on outside Shormeh’s house.

“Excuse me for babbling plenty, wai. Just letting my mind run free a little bit,” she said, smiling at her friend.

“Oh, don’t worry, baby girl. None taken. You’re free to dream. I know all about your dreams,” Shormeh responded. “Remember all those times we used to chat in the storeroom while putting the files back in their place?”

“Oh, lawd, memories! Those were some awesome moments. It was that day Leo got a heavy blasting from Mr. Donkor that I mentioned the whole thing to you, right?”

“Exactly! That was the day. Mr. Donkor was in one of those silly moods of his. He and his flippant temperament.”

Diamond laughed out loud. “Oh chale! One minute, he’s all gentle and nice, the next moment he’s screaming at everyone. We were trying to swerve him after that drilling, if I remember correctly.”

“Yes! That’s when we started talking about what we want to do with our lives, and you spoke about how you wanna have your own business and be a successful entrepreneur and carry on the success your mother has. And I spoke about going the way of law. That’s unfortunately gone a little flat right now. But yours is coming to fruition, despite all this. We move.”

“Yessss! And we’ll keep on moving. Ain’t no stopping us now!”

“We’re on the move!”

They punctuated that with a high five, laughing as they took their bottles of Beta Malt and drank.


The time: 8:00 pm.

The location: Voltage Office.

The inhabitants of the building: Emmanuel Adamtey and Aniyah Johnson.

She had reluctantly submitted to his demands, convinced that any plot to escape from him would not be successful, as he’d eventually find her. A very difficult and painful return, as having to allow him to sleep with her was a Herculean task.

The few times they had met and had sex had her spending a substantial amount of the rest of the evening under the shower, sobbing and willing the water to wash away the pain and the filth that had engulfed her since that awful night. Once it didn’t work, she’d move to her room and lie on the bed, wishing the night would remain still and prevent a new day from appearing. Life had become a living hell for her.

Through all this, Adamtey did not seem the least bit bothered. All that mattered to him was getting his share of satisfaction.

“Listen, I’m getting bored of the way we’ve been going about things,” Adamtey said as Aniyah reluctantly took off her blouse. “You’ve been very boring in bed recently. You’re like a f***ing log, and I think a little variety is in order. So tonight, I’m having it from behind.”

Aniyah looked at him in horror. She might have been a freak in the bed, but she had her preferences, and anal sex was an absolute no-no for her. Following what had been a solo experience – a painful one at that – she squirmed at the very thought of being penetrated from behind, and had throughout her years of promiscuity made it clear to her lovers that she despised that. Many respected her choice, a few called it off for that reason, but she had held firm to that.

However, would Adamtey be understanding?

Even as she opened her mouth to speak, she knew there was no chance of an affirmative answer to that question.

“Ummm, I-I-I-I-I don’t like anal sex, Mr. Adamtey,” she stuttered nervously.

“Huh? You-you-you-you-you don’t what?” Adamtey responded harshly, glancing scornfully at her.

As expected. He wasn’t going to be nice. Already beginning to tremble in fear of what could be ahead, she opened her mouth again. “I… I said…”

“I heard what you said. And you must be stupid to think I had you come here to tell me what and what not to do.”

Aniyah’s eyes began to tear up. In her head, she rained even more curses upon the night she accepted his proposal. If only she had known that night that saying yes to him would be one of the worst errors of her life.

“Please, Mr. Adamtey, I beg you, not this. Please,” she pleaded mournfully, tears running down her cheeks as she went down on her knees.

Adamtey was hardly moved by her pitiful pleas. “Look here, I needed you here for a reason, and that reason is to give it to you from the back. Now if you don’t get your brainless self up and strip down quickly enough by the count of three, the slaps that will come your way will scatter the few particles of sense you have in that empty brain of yours.”

As he began to count, Aniyah’s pleas grew louder and more tearful. At the count of three, he delivered a nasty slap that had her seeing stars float around about her as she crashed to the floor.

“Kwasia like that! You think I’m playing games? Get up and be fast with it!” he barked above her.

She was too terrified to disobey at this point. She knew what would happen if she didn’t do as he pleased. She forced herself to rise up and unzip her skirt, her hands shaking violently as she did so.

Running out of patience, Adamtey shook his head. This girl was fast becoming a drag to have fun with. He muttered, “Looks like I have to get this done myself…”

She shut her eyes, embracing herself for the excruciating wave of pain bound to follow as he came from behind her and roughly pulled down her skirt and panties and prepared to carry out his desire.

The walls of the empty hallway were the only ones to hear the screams that followed…

Sigh. Adamtey really is an irredeemable monster. He needs his comeuppance soon and soon enough! Well, stay tuned for an interesting turn of events next week!

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