Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP6 – Delilah’s Laps

Second Friday of 2020 already, chale! Well, time moves, so do we! And here’s another episode of the ongoing story. With a pretty interesting title.

Not too much time to waste here, let’s see what’s going on…

It was 12:08 am as Serwaah sat up in her bed, her daddy’s question on her mind. Arms folded as she continued to think about it in the dark, her brain continued to struggle to find a convincing answer, because she knew the answers she’d come up with would be easily dismissed as childish.

Looking at her twin brother, who was sound asleep on his bed, she still felt a tinge of anger towards him. She hadn’t been free with him the rest of the day, although she had reluctantly communicated with him to prevent the rest of the family from noticing.

It was extremely difficult to find anything convincing. In fact, all that came to mind was the numerous times Anasah had been protective of her. The number of times Larissa joked about him being the ‘first of many walls to leap over’ before getting through to her. How he had put the Sadeeq boy on blast that last time. And the more these memories popped up, the weaker grew her desire to hold on to her offence.

The truth she eventually had to arrive at after more deliberation was this: Anasah’s actions may have been hurtful, but he had done too much in the past for her to justify holding the feelings of bitterness at that little slip-up which he immediately regretted. It made way more sense that she let it go and restore back to factory settings.

In any case, it was quite a deviation of character on her part. Being the sweet one who hated to see her older siblings and parents sad or upset and always eager to put a smile on their faces, this was not the real Serwaah Dolphyne.

Her ego defeated by this truth, she bowed her head, and whispered a brief prayer.

“Dear God, I’m sorry I stayed mad at Anasah, after all he’s done for me. Please forgive me.”


As Daniel’s Honda CRV moved out of the house later that morning, ready to take the twins to school, he drove forward a bit, then stopped by the wall and changed the gear to P. He then turned to the youngsters at the back. “Aha! Serwaah, I gave you the whole of yesterday to come up with an answer. I hope you have one for me now.”

Serwaah had a pretty sheepish look on her face as she shook her head. “I… didn’t get a good answer. I realized there was no reason to hold on to my anger.”

Daniel chuckled at her response. He had seen them get ready together since getting out of bed, with the ‘little princess’ chatting with her obviously surprised but relieved twin as if nothing had ever happened. “I thought as much. I wasn’t expecting you to give me any good answer, anyways. There’s no good reason to hold on to anger. None at all.”

He then turned the engine off and continued. “That’s a lesson you both ought to note down. Staying angry over offence never helps you, especially when the person has shown remorse. I’m a counsellor, and I’ve seen what holding on to offence can do. It’s horrible. Just ask your mother what she’s had to endure in her extended family. There’s a reason why you guys only get to see Auntie Jayla and Uncle Clay. Just ask her one of these days, and you’ll understand.

“As for offence, it will always come. Whether you like it or not. But you do yourself a favour by choosing to forgive, instead of remaining offended. Keep holding on to the hurt, and before you know it, it’ll fester into something horrible, and lives are ruined. So don’t waste your heart and spirit on clinging to offence; you’re only killing yourself slowly.”

The twins nodded. “Yes, Daddy.”

“I promise to be more forgiving from now on. No more staying angry,” Serwaah promised, placing an arms around Anasah’s neck.

“Wonderful! And by the way, here’s a little something I want you two to do from now onwards. When you pray for us, especially your mother, add a prayer for her family. Alright?”

“Yes, Daddy!” the two responded.


“Look here, Mr. Man, I don’t appreciate those silly shots you’re taking at me. I’ve done my best to ignore you, but if you want to get into the gutter, best believe I can go that low!”

Emmanuel Adamtey had been triggered. To his credit, though, he wasn’t the initiator. The first day of talks had been smooth and uneventful, with him on his best behaviour. However, this particular day had a bit of drama. One executive, who seemingly harboured a lot of animosity towards him due to his political reputation, could not resist taking a swipe at him while he spoke. And his reaction was pretty swift and biting as always.

The aggressive executive, unwilling to back down, sarcastically responded, “Oh please! As if you’re not already inhabiting the gutter. With all your pathetic, fallacious and offensive statements day by day. Spare us that crap!”

Ignoring his lawyer’s pleas to not fall for the bait, Adamtey sprung to his feet. “Oh wow! So you’re one of the blind defenders of that pitiful excuse of a government. Well, too bad, you confused sycophant…”

In the midst of calls for order and pleas for both parties to stop, Larissa rose to her feet. “Gentlemen, please!” she called loudly while knocking on the round table as hard as she could.

The conference room grew silent as all eyes were on her.

“Mr. Adu, I am very disappointed in your conduct right now. Your attack on Mr. Adamtey is totally unwarranted. Disagree with him on political issues if you want, but please, as long as we are here, we’re dealing with business, and it is required that we put up a professional conduct,” she rebuked the aggressive executive.

Then she turned to Adamtey, her look just as stern as it was with Mr. Adu. “Mr. Adamtey, I understand you’ve been provoked. But please, try and hold yourself together. It doesn’t help anyone in a setting like this if we all react to certain things. Do you understand?”

Still looking annoyed, but slightly mellowed by her words, he murmured, “Sorry, everyone,” and took his seat. His aggressor, looking embarrassed at this point, muttered same.

“Thank you both. Mr. Chairman, you may proceed.”

Adamtey had his eyes on her as she took her seat. As normal proceedings commenced and he maintained his gaze at her, he found himself losing the anger and getting triggered again. In a different way. In a different place.

S**t. I never thought a woman’s fierceness would turn me on like that. F**king hell, I gotta get to her…


“Ugh, I don’t know what you see in being in this corner of the hostel. So boring!”

Toby rolled his eyes as he opened the door to Room 24, his older sister right behind him. “It’s a nice side of the hostel to be at. That’s all I have to say.”

“That’s all you have to say? It’s a nice side? Ah! Loser,” Diamond muttered behind him as she took a seat on his bed, taking his laptop to check on his Netflix app.

Grinning as he went to check on the bottles in his ice chest, he said out loud, “Besides, sometimes, the juice I hear from these corners when people come to stand around here and talk, eh…”

That caught her attention. “Ei, what juice is that? People cheating on their girlfriends? Girls using the desperate ones for entertainment?”

“You are now interested? I won’t tell you biaaa. You said it’s boring. Keep that information registered in your forehead, please. It’s a boring place, that’s all you need to know.”

Diamond shook her head as her eyes switched to the screen in disappointment. “Annoying boy,” she muttered, ignoring his mock request for the Dolphyne Air Kiss.

The door knocked a couple of seconds later. “Must be one of my customers,” he said as he went to the door.

Opening it, the sight before him forced him to to suck in a sharp breath, his heart suddenly pumping furiously.

It was Delphine.

Clad in a simple brown blouse that displayed quite a substantial amount of cleavage, and ripped denim hot pants. If Toby had been captivated by the jumpsuit, this certainly sent him into a brief moment of stupor. She looked so damn steamy.

It took a moment to snap out of that stupor. He shook his head as she stood at the door, looking amused but somewhat pleased at how enchanted he was by her curves. “Oh, uh, sorry, Delphine. I… uh…”

“Never mind, boo. I’m cool. 5 as usual,” she said coolly, smiling and handing him a 5 cedi note.

After doing the usual, he took the polythene bag to her, he said hurriedly, “Oh, umm.. By the way, I’m so sorry about the last time you came here…”

“Oh, don’t be sorry, honey. Let’s just say I was… pretty flattered,” she said slyly, giving him a leery smile as she rubbed his arm gently.

As he felt a reaction to that, he heard Diamond say, “Ah, so this boy is actually watching Iron Fist? That yawa show. Ah.”

“Please, I can explain,” Toby responded as he handed the bag over to her, hoping she wouldn’t notice the reaction downstairs.

Delphine’s facial expression had suddenly changed, though. It looked a bit like she was jealous upon hearing the voice of another girl in his room. “Your girlfriend?” she asked rather stiffly.

Toby was puzzled, but shook his head. “Uh, nah, that’s my older sister.”

The look on her face immediately changed to relief. “Oh really?”

He nodded.

“OK, cool, cool. That’s nice. Well, thanks, baby. See you later!” she smirked as her eyes travelled downward to notice the developing bulge. She blew a flirtatious kiss and walked away. He loudly responded, “Bye, Delphine,” while keeping the door open and stepping back, taking a few breaths and mentally ordering the spongy tissues downstairs to lose the blood.

It took a minute for them to heed his order. He sighed in relief as he finally closed the door.

Diamond looked at him in concern as he sat down. He rolled his eyes. “Look, they say it’s the worst of the Marvel Netflix series. I just wanted to see how bad it is. And I agree, it’s pretty weak. And by the way, I don’t care what you and Oscar say, it’s Daredevil over Jessica Jones any day of the week!”

“Delphine?” she asked, indicating her attention was not on the series he was watching.

His expression changed. He nodded nervously. “Uh, yeah. Delphine Awittor, if I’m correct.”

“Fair babe, with a devastating body?”

He raised his eyebrow. “Yeah, that’s her. You know her?”

Diamond sighed as she put the laptop aside. “Yes, Toby. I know her. And now that I’ve seen she comes around here, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

She faced her brother.

“Toby, I know of that girl, and unless she’s changed, I need to be honest with you: you have to be careful in your dealings with her. That girl is so damn hot, it’s ridiculous. But she’s the kind of girl you must be wary of.”

Toby was silent.

“She knows she’s one hell of a sexy girl, so she uses her body, and she uses it damn well. Plays with your libido by displaying those bad curves. Reels you in with flirtatious actions and stuff. Leaves you aching for her. And before you know it, you’re a pawn on her chess board. She’ll have you wrapped around her little finger. Treat you like a puppy on a leash. And things usually don’t end well for her victims.”

Toby’s heartbeat increased as he heard this.

“Peter, one of my classmates, he told me about how she seduced his best friend into sleeping with her. Chale, the guy was super attached after that. This girl strung him along aaa, then suddenly dumped him. And the way she humiliated him when he tried to beg. Toby, to date, Peter said the guy wants nothing to do with girls; he’s still traumatized.

“So please, for your own safety, take this seriously. I don’t know if you’ll set boundaries or cut her off, but whatever it is that will be best, please just do it. Before she has you fawning and ogling over her. That will empower her to exercise some control over you, and once that happens, you’re lying on the laps of Delilah. Do you understand?”

Toby nodded, feeling relieved to an extent. “Dee, the way she acted just now mpo, to be honest. It’s… it’s… pretty seductive. Like she enjoys you having an attraction to her…”

“Hmmm, so she’s not changed. Well, now that you know, don’t give her the chance,” Diamond urged, putting her arm around his shoulder. “I know, she’s got an incredible body, and that catches your eye. We all know sey body never be firewood. But to allow her to overcome you will only bring future events that are overwhelming, in the worst ways possible. It’ll never, ever be worth it. Protect yourself. You might be a loser to me, as evidenced by the series you’re watching, but you’re my little brother, and I don’t want any dangerous chic messing you up for anything.”

Toby shot her a hard look. “I said I’m checking how bad it’s supposed to be. It’s lame! The Punisher is way better.”

“Continue with your explanation, wai. I’ve heard you.” Smirking in triumph as he rolled his eyes in exasperation, she pulled him close and hugged him. “But I mean what I say, Toby. Promise me you’ll protect yourself.”

“Yes, Diamond. I will,” Toby said, nodding confidently. “I’m keeping boundaries between myself and that girl from now onwards. I don’t need any stress in my life.”

“Good. Now, the juice you mentioned, it includes those examples I mentioned, right?”

“Oh, yeah. Chale, the debauchery I hear at this side during the hours of 1-2 am is not a joke at all!”

Well, let’s hope he ensures such. No be every meat man for chop. And that definitely applies to that Adamtey pig too!! Stay tuned for next week’s episode!

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