Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP5 – Spanner In The Works


Welcome to 2020!!

Issa new year, y’all!! I’m so thankful to be alive in this new decade! The 2010s were quite a formative decade. My prayer is that we will be preserved by the grace of God throughout the next couple of years, and we will fulfill divine purpose. In Jesus’ name, amen!!

Well, it’s back to business in Dabar. What’s happening with the despicable rapist and his poor victim? And the newest entrepreneur in town? And yeah, the twins too, what’s up with them? Why is Serwaah pissed off with her bro? Let’s find out…

“Mr. Emmanuel Adamtey!” said Mr. Ebenezer Agbettoh, his lawyer, as he stepped out of his car, looking extremely dapper in his navy blue Luxurazi three-piece suit.

“Eben!” he enthusiastically responded, grabbing his lawyer’s outstretched hand and shaking it. “Good to see you. I’m looking forward to how talks will go. I have a very good feeling about this.”

“Same here, Manny. So far, talks with the legal team for Mr. Bruce have been smooth, so hopefully, these next few meetings should be but a mere formality.”

“Wonderful,” Adamtey responded in delight as they both walked into the hotel and headed for the conference room.

As far as business was concerned, Adamtey had everything going in his favour. Having established the Voltage Office as a formidable insurance brokerage firm, despite having a rather unusual name, he was ready to have it taken over by another, knowing the profits would be most rewarding.

In any case, he was applying for a desired position in his party, and given the level of support and backing he was receiving from many of the stalwarts and supporters, he was most certainly guaranteed to get that position. He may have had a lot of haters, but his party people literally worshipped him for being a ‘necessary thorn in the flesh of the useless government of the day’.

As he followed his lawyer into the conference room and took his seat, he took out his phone and opened his WhatsApp, sending some messages.

As he placed his phone on the table, a number of sharply dressed executives entered, some of them passing by to greet him, which he graciously responded to as Mr. Agbettoh informed him who they were as they left.

Then, one elegantly dressed lady entered the conference room.

The minute she stepped in and Adamtey’s eyes fell upon her, he couldn’t help but whisper, “Wow.”

She was absolutely gorgeous. One of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of ladies who could capture your attention so easily without even trying.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she greeted a few of the seated executives, then moved to where he and Mr. Agbettoh sat. His lawyer got up and gave her a handshake. “The one and only Larissa Dolphyne. My future Chief Justice!”

She laughed. “Ah, Eben, you won’t let this thing go, eh!”

“Never! Please, that seat is yours, whether you like it or not.”

“Ayooo, I hear! How are you doing?”

The two engaged in a brief light-hearted chat before she gave Adamtey a handshake, a formal greeting and went over to her client.

His lawyer took his seat and said, “Larissa Dolphyne. One amazing lawyer right there. Worked with her way back in the Attorney General’s department, and she’s something else…”

Adamtey nodded. His attention, though, was hardly on her credentials as a revered legal practitioner, as his counsel continued to relay to him. His focus was on what he saw. And he loved it.

Damn! She is so beautiful. And look at all those damn sexy curves of hers. Gademmit! Haven’t seen boobs and booty as delicious as this in ages. F***ing hell!


“Herh, chaleeeeee!” Edem exclaimed as the video playing on Diamond’s phone came to an end. “I had no idea Toby and the little princess were that great at dancing. Damn! I even feel useless right now. Me that all I can do is some aloo shaku shaku.”

Diamond laughed. “As for Toby and Serwaah, don’t joke with them. The way they prepared for that ceremony. When Toby told the MC he and Serwaah had a little performance for our uncle and auntie, they weren’t expecting that, at all!! But chale, when they finished, the whole place was ablaze!”

“I wish I had been there. What! Dance skills paa nie! It’s Serwaah kraa that freaks me. You can see she’s meant the dance like something.”

“That’s my baby girl for you. Whether it’s in the bedroom or the studio where she goes for dance lessons these days, the girl is all in! No jokes!”

“Nice, nice!”

Their little car convo was cut short when Diamond’s phone began to ring. She checked who it was. “Oh, it’s Shormeh. Hopefully she’s got some good news for us.”

She answered and sat up. As the conversation progressed, however, the look of expectation on her face dissuaded, and disappointment took over. Her hopes for the call were not being fulfilled.

“Hmmmmm… Chale, it’s not easy kraaa oo. Oh well, no problem, Naa. We’ll just keep praying and trying. And hoping for the best. Alright. Bye.”

She ended the call, then put up her legs on the dashboard, looking quite frustrated.

Edem looked at her in concern. “No luck from Shormeh’s end?”

She shook her head. “The three restaurants we decided on at our last meeting turned out to be a bust. She said none of them sounded the least bit interested.”

Edem shook his head. “Oh, slow. But I thought the ones we settled on would be happy to help support.”

“Yeah. That’s what she said at the meeting. But… none of them gave a positive response.”

“Hmmm. Some of these established businesses are quite picky about these things, to be honest. Maybe we should just stick to looking for the ones also starting up. They should be more willing to take us on.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Hmmm. At least, we tried.”

“Definitely. So now that we know how that’s gone, let’s go fishing for a few newer ones and see how that goes. At least, we’d expect things to be a little tough there, so it’s no surprise. We’ll just keep trying.”


“So, can I now begin my exposition on why Sark is the greatest ever to do it?”

“Massa, massa. I’m not ready for you and your plenty explanation distins. Just play ‘Mary’ for me.”

Edem shrugged. “Oh well, that’s also a good idea, mi lady.”


“So, lemme get this straight. There was a class test, and while you, Anas, managed to top the class, while Serwaah actually got the lowest score. And the kids in class have jumped on it to make fun of her since yesterday, with one of them making a joke about her confusing dance for science that got you laughing. And she saw you laugh, and that’s the reason why she’s upset?”

Anasah nodded, a guilty look on his face. Serwaah, meanwhile, stood a distance away from him, looking very cross.

Daniel sighed. He had noted some iciness between the two of them earlier that morning, and had been wondering what was going on. Thoughts about an urgent review meeting that morning, however, ended up dominating his mind, so he focused more on that.

Upon coming to pick them that day, however, Anasah immediately stated he had something to tell his father when he arrived. And that was the information he had received as he stopped by the shop they bought their snacks from to listen.

“Daddy, it was a mistake! I mixed up the answers for the questions! And all of them are making fun of me as if I’m stupid! And Anasah too was joining them!” Serwaah interjected furiously.

Daniel held up a hand. “Relax, Serwaah. I get the whole story. I get it. Just calm down.”

She obediently grew silent.

“Anas,” he started, turning to his youngest son, “you know what you did was wrong, right? As far as I’m concerned, Serwaah is no idiot. At least, she’s always in the top 7, so for your classmates to jump on that test and troll her is very silly. Even if she didn’t mix up the answers, she’s no average student. It looks like they are simply jealous of her, since she’s doing well in academics and dancing. You know that very, very well.

“So as for laughing with them, it was very wrong of you. You don’t do that to your twin sister. When silly little kids want to mock her, you don’t join them. You defend her. Even if she does wrong, you tell her backstage. But you never, under any circumstances, join the world to fire bullets at her. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” he responded, his head down.

“Good. Now apologize to her.”

He turned to his sister. “Serwaah, I’m sorry I laughed at you. It won’t happen again.”

The peeved look on her face, however, did not change. She folded her arms and turned her nose up in the air, blatantly refusing to acknowledge Anasah’s plea for forgiveness. “Leave there!”

Daniel was not pleased. “Serwaah!”

“Daddy, I don’t want to talk to him!” she whined. “It really pained me to see him laughing at that stupid joke…”

“Young lady, stop it,” he demanded sternly, cutting off what would have been a little tirade. “He’s apologized to you. What more do you want him to do?”

She kept her arms folded, looking determined to hold on to the anger within.

“Serwaah, put your hands down and listen to me.”

She quickly obeyed.

“Your brother has said sorry to you. He has seen that what he did was wrong. I know you’re not happy with what he did, but once he has apologized, there’s nothing more than to forgive and move on. If I may ask, what do you get out of staying angry with him?”

She looked down. Her expression was changing a bit, but traces of anger remained.

“Tell me right now. By staying angry at him, do you feel good about yourself? Do you feel like you’ve achieved something great with yourself by refusing to forgive him?”

These questions hit her young mind hard.

As she struggled to open her mouth to speak, Daniel put up a hand once again. “You know what? Let me not give you pressure. Dig deep and come up with an honest answer for me tomorrow morning. If it’s very solid and relevant, then you can keep being angry at him, alright?”

Without waiting for an answer, he turned and switched the car engine on. “Let me take you guys home.”


Tomorrow evening. 8 o’clock. My office. Don’t even think of being absent. Or else…

This WhatsApp message Aniyah was hoping would never come through appeared on her phone screen. Parked not too far from Diamond and Edem in her car at the West Hills Mall, she had Shoprite bags full of junk food beside her in the car. Her attempt at trying to numb the pain.

The message, however, sent her into a traumatic flashback, as memories of him forcing himself upon her in her weakened and dazed state came to the forefront of her mind. Panicking, she rolled down her window, gasping for breath as she tried to put herself together.

As she regained stability, she slumped into her seat, her hand across her forehead.

“Oh God, no. Please, no,” she murmured tearfully.

The number was not familiar. But there was no dispute about who it was.

She had not heard from him in a while, and she had hoped he would not get back in touch. Unfortunately, the message on her phone screen proved that that was not to be.

The last thing she wanted at that point was to have any encounter of any kind with that man. Everything about him just sent horrid shivers down her spine. Even hearing his harsh voice on radio made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on edge.

She was at a fix as to what to do. The most obvious thing to do was to report to the police. But she had a very low level of trust for them and doubted any report would make any impact. In any case, the threats he had issued had her pretty terrified, and with the political links he possessed, she didn’t think it was mere talk.

Could she run away from the capital and find someplace else? It sounded like an idea. But where? And wouldn’t he find her eventually and do something worse to her? It seemed too possible.

Could she tell someone? Who? And would they believe her? Wouldn’t it be simply dismissed as an attempt to soil his reputation?

The reality was, she had no idea what to do. The only option seemed to be the one she didn’t want.

Reluctantly return to him and permit him to have his way, lest he do something terrible to her.

Another message came through from him.

And you better hope I’m in a good mood when you come, because I’m yet to understand what flimsy excuse it is you have for having the audacity to block my other number.

She simply leaned back, her eyes to the sky as tears ran down her cheeks.

I curse the day he came my way in that restaurant…

Poor Aniyah. And as for Adamtey, where his eyes are heading to… smh. Well, what happens next? Second Friday will tell.

Once again, welcome to 2020!! Trust me, this is the beginning of bigger and greater things, and having you along on the journey is a great pleasure! And as far as blogs go, you can also visit MACHSHABAH if you want to see more about me, and WORD TO ARCHIPPUS if you want the word of God.

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