Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP3 – No Matter What

Another Friday is upon us, so it’s time for a new episode! As we saw last week, things went pretty dark with the Adamtey-Aniyah relationship, with the former raping the latter. The question is what’s gonna happen now that this has occurred. Well, we’ll see about that. And of course, see what’s going on in the Dolphyne household…

“I remember when we were in final year in the university. Your mother was not yet pregnant with you. This issue of investing for your childrens’ future came up at some group discussion. And many of the guys were like, no way. Na the way they’re hustling to make it through life, why should their children have it easy? They must suffer too. I did not agree with them at all. And as I speak, I’m glad I didn’t. Else I wouldn’t have opened that investment account for you, and you’d have had a huge burden by now.”

“Wow! Interesting,” said Diamond, seated beside her father.

He nodded. “Indeed. I mean, look at how money isn’t too big a problem now that you’re looking to do this smoothies business. All you need to do is work on the budget once you have all the information needed. It’s all about generational thinking. Chale, Africa will be a better place if we learn to help secure the generations ahead.”

“Indeed, Daddy. We need more of that. I guess we’ve not been taught that much about it, but sensitization on the issue is certainly necessary.”

“Of course. That’s why I’ve been advocating for more education on its importance at our meetings. The more we citizens are educated on these things, the more empowered we are.”

“Daddy! I’m ready!”

Serwaah entered the room with her tote bag, followed by her older twin.

Daniel turned to her. “Okayyyy! The dancing queen is ready now!”

She giggled and nodded.

“So Anas, you’ll be joining Diamond and I to check out the trailer for her smoothie business?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Alright. So, Serwaah, Diamond was around last week. Who’s passing by for your dancing lessons today, honey?”

“Kwame. He said he’ll come with Aki later on.”

An eyebrow rose. “I see. He seems to have bonded with that Kenyan girl so quickly and deeply. Is there anything we should know about?”

The three looked at Anasah. Of course, the family knew his knack for being up-to-date on current issues.

He laughed and shrugged. “I don’t know ooo. I think they’re besties or something. But I don’t know.”

“Besties. Me, I’ve heard those bestie bestie things, they can transform into something else ooo. Anyway, Inspector Bediako Junior has spoken,” Daniel announced as the kids laughed. “Alright, people, let’s get moving… wait. Anasah, what about this your big sister and that social media something something of hers?”

Diamond did the facepalm. “Daddyyyyyyy!! We’re just business partners, that’s all. And friends.”

The expression on Daniel’s face made it pretty obvious he doubted her. She giggled at his skeptical look.

“How again did you meet him?”

“That day I went to see Becky at her house, Serwaah and I were almost attacked by his dog on the way back home. He stopped it, then we got to talking, and he revealed he’s into social media management, and so I invited him on board. Purely business stuff, Daddy. Nothing more than that.”

“Well, whatever the case, here’s a reminder. For you and Serwaah. The boys that will come and fall for you and become your boyfriends eh, tell them they must needs go through the lions’ den. Remember ooo! They must needs go through the lions’ den!”

The children laughed once again.

“Alright, now we can go.”


“Oh, this cramp issue again?”

“Yes, Kwame. Been pretty bad this morning. But let’s see. Hopefully it’ll clear up by the time we’re to move. Addy’s gonna pass by soon to help me out.”

“Alright, alright. But this is worrying oo. And it’s not that time of the month for you?”


Wow. You said you’ve been tested for… what’s it again, that condition?”

“IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome. I should get the results in a couple of weeks, then I’ll know what to do. But I’m sure it’ll subside soon. I don’t want to be locked down by this. Very necessary that I see the baby Dolphyne do her thing.”

“Oh, you must. Come and see it for yourself that she is not your mate, so you can’t be sitting there thinking you have the ability to can her, when you cannot her.”

He grinned as she sighed over the phone and muttered, “Whatever, Kwame. whatever. At least I’m a dope spitter. Totally bested Edem last night.”

“Well, in terms of punchlines, yeah.”

“Ugh, you still holding that politically correct view?”

“But it’s true, lah! You two are crazy rappers. But when it comes to flow and cadence, Edem’s own just about beat yours. Not too surprising, considering what a huge Sark fan he is. Your wordplay though? Insane! Edem was not on your level. I mean, that double entendre you did with the misses/missus thing was… damn!”

“OK, Rap Martin Tyler, I’ve heard you.”

He laughed. “Oh, speaking of which, another gentle reminder: your fantasy team captain’s gonna mess you up. Just like last weekend.”

“May the gods of fantasy football put you to shame this weekend!”

He burst out laughing.


“How’s my beautiful sugar mummy doing this morning?” Oscar said brightly as he gave his mother a big peck on the cheek.

Larissa looked up at him from the couch suspiciously. “Young man, have you seriously finished your pocket money already?”

“Oh, Maa, why would I kiss you just because I need money? I just wanna show my sugarlicious lady some love this lovely morning, you know,” he responded innocently.

The sweet smile was hardly convincing Larissa, however, as she narrowed her eyes at him, silently demanding the truth out of him.

The sweet smile turned sheepish. He scratched his head. “Well, uh, I guess I… might have possibly run out of pocket money.”

“Oyiwa!” Larissa said aloud, giving him a look that spelled out ‘you see your life?’ “Well, sit down and let me watch the news. Then I’ll decide on what to do.”

Oscar silently obeyed, taking a seat on the other side of the couch. It was typical of her to ‘stretch’ the kids when they needed extra money from her. All you needed was patience; it would usually win you an extra 10 or 20 cedis.

He smirked, then started to sing, “Maa, don’t you know you’ll always be the most beautiful…”

“Hey hey hey hey! I didn’t ask you to sing. Keep quiet and let me watch the news,” Larissa retorted. The attempt to hide her swollen-headed smirk, however, didn’t go unnoticed by Oscar, who grinned mischievously. Not many things got Larissa as happy as Musiq’s “Dontchange”, which her husband sang for her at their twentieth anniversary.

Their expressions grew serious, however, upon seeing the topic for discussion on the breakfast show Larissa settled on.

“Ugh! Some of these stories just make my blood boil,” she said, shaking her head as the two journalists on screen discussed the recent rape of a young lady by two thugs on the run.

“Hmm. I read about it on the internet last night. The details are so disturbing,” Oscar added. “Horrific, to say the least. How are some people so wicked?”

They listened intently as the panelists dissected the issue. Then the head spoke.

“We have on the line Mr. Emmanuel Adamtey, CEO of the Voltage Office and outspoken politician…”

The two looked at the television in surprise. “Your darling Adamtey’s coming to speak about this?” Oscar asked incredulously. “What a surprise!”

“Ssshhhh, let’s see what he has to say about it,” Larissa hushed him as the journalist asked for his opinion on what ought to be done concerning the instant issue.

Well, I must say that I am very saddened by this issue, and I would encourage that the IGP ensure his men and women work assiduously to grab these filthy thugs. I mean, it’s absolutely horrifying when you listen to the details. They raped her, then beat her to a pulp afterwards. Look at how they stripped her of her humanity. Pardon my language, but only mindless beasts are capable of such a thing. I know we politicians can be extravagant with the language in these kind of situations sometimes, but in all honesty, I’m really traumatized by this. I can only imagine what her family is going through, hoping she makes it out of that coma. Nobody deserves to have their body violated. Nobody. No matter what.

“Once again, my personal plea is that the IGP takes this case very seriously. Whoever these monsters are need to be caught and dealt with according to the law. In any case, the past few years have proven what an incompetent and hopeless case we have for a President. He should at least get this one right before we can kick him out of power...”

Oscar and Larissa looked at each other, matching looks of exasperation at that last statement.

“Uh, Maa, correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s no need for the introduction of politics in this sensitive issue, is there?” he asked.

She simply shook her head. “To think this was gonna be the one interview of his I’d actually like. He was doing so well till he had to throw that jab. Especially with that one about no one deserving to be violated. Indeed. You’re one hell of a disgusting monster if you do that. Rapists, ugh, most despicable species on earth!”

She then quickly looked at the clock, then sprung to her feet. “Herh, I almost forgot I’m supposed to meet Mr. Adedeme and Akwetey Bruce this morning concerning the takeover of his business. Official talks begin after this weekend.”

“Oooooh, so you’re gonna be meeting your beloved politician from next week?”

She sighed out loud. “Yes. And I am soooooo looking forward to it.”

She walked away, then stopped. “Oh, by the way, check my drawer in the room. Where I keep my jackets. There should be an envelope in there. Take GHc100.”

Oscar sprung to his feet in glee. “Awwwwww! Maa, have I told you recently how much I love you?”

Larissa gave him that ‘you-see-your-life’ look again. “You just did.”

“Well, lemme repeat it again: I love you, Maa!”

“I love you too, baby boy. Now leave me alone. And stop engaging in tautology. It’s either ‘lemme repeat it’ or ‘lemme say it again.'”


If you don’t know, and you go and say it anywhere that Emmanuel Adamtey has raped you, eh… trust me, within 24 hours of that mistake, you’ll find yourself cursing your birth date.

Idiot! I need satisfaction, and you’re there flexing. Why else did I come after you? Kwasia!

These cruel words reverberated around Aniyah’s mind as she sat in the bathtub, shivering violently and crying as she struggled to come to terms with the awful events of last night.

After attempting to use the water in the tub to clean herself when she got in, she pulled the plug out, and simply sat in, trembling and weeping as Adamtey’s despicable actions replayed in her head.

She had never expected it would get to this. She knew he was no incarnation of Mother Teresa. In fact, she knew he was pretty much the opposite. Foul-mouthed, unfriendly, selfish, nasty.

But she never thought that what was supposed to be an aggressive and often-antagonistic politician had that evil, malicious side to him. She never thought that he would actually be…

…a rapist.

Yeah, as expected. She’s traumatized. And the absolute nerve and hypocrisy of Adamtey!! Sigh. Well, we wait to see. And other plots will soon be taking shape; be watchful for those. In the meantime, have a merry Christmas!! Enjoy the festivities as much as you can before we meet again next week!!

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