Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP2 – Violare

Another Friday is here, so we’re back to business!! Now we get to see what’s up with the likes of Diamond and Toby. And like I mentioned, something major might be coming up. Let’s get into it!

“We’re in, and we got the pizza!” Aki announced as she opened the door to the Dolphyne house, her arms in the air as she walked triumphantly towards the squad seated in the living room. Behind her was Kwame, holding two pizza boxes.

“Great, you guys are in. so we can get this meeting-,” Diamond started, holding up the TV remote to turn it off. Until Adina’s ‘Sika’ music video came on. Which had her, Akinyi and Naa Shormeh screaming in excitement.

“Turn that volume up, Diamond!” Akinyi squealed enthusiastically, which was actually a moot demand, as Diamond had already increased the volume up and was already on her feet, ready to groove to the song, along with the other girls.

“Odo yɛ dɛ sen sika, odo yɛ dɛ sen bibiaa, enti Mr. Otua, show me something deeper!” the three ladies sang out in unison, super deep into the song. The boys sat around, amused by the excitement, but nodding their heads as the song progressed. Oscar in particular was singing along, while Edem and Kwame nodded their heads.

“Oh, Lord, I needed that,” Diamond said when the video ended.

“I know, right! That’s my song for the moment, chale!” Naa Shormeh responded enthusiastically as she took her seat in the sofa next to Oscar.

“Ugh, it’s so good. I wish I could put a verse on it,”Akinyi whined as she took a seat next to Kwame.

“Speaking of verses, our battle commences after this meeting,” Edem announced. “Time to lay down my Who Da Man bars! I got some ogya in my lungs; get ready to be singed!”

“Bring it on, Mr. Sark Stan,” Akinyi responded. “But be forewarned: you underestimate this cutie at your own peril.”

Ummm… Alright, guys, we’ll get to that at the appropriate time. Let’s get this meeting started. So we’ve been making some major headway, and things are looking good,” Diamond said, remaining on her feet. “So, as you all know, especially Naa Shormeh, I’ve been doing my research on the business, and I had you all helping out with those questionnaires and stuff just to ascertain the possibilities. So far, so good. Smoothie and fruit juice bar it is!”

A chorus of cheers followed in response.

“So, here’s some good news. My search for a trailer is complete, so I’ll be working on completing payment and all. My mother, the champion solicitor she is, is taking care of the paperwork. Incorporation, employee manual, licensing, all that stuff. Tomorrow, I’m going to check out various conducive spots for the business.

“There’s been a little blip, though. Becky told me just this afternoon that her boy who was planning the healthy foods business has pulled out. From what she said, it looks like he counted the cost and decided he’d rather not go ahead with it.”

“Oh, chale,” Shormeh said, “so the joint thing isn’t coming on?”

“For the moment, nope. Becky was saying there are some other options, though. Since I’m now starting out, she suggested I join the business to an existing healthy foods business, or find someone else who is willing to partner up. If those don’t work, I might have to go solo. So since I have a lot on my hands, I’m letting you handle that. You’re familiar with the business plan and all, so…”

“Not a problem, Dee.”

“Alright, then. So Edem and Oscar are still on the social media thingy, and I trust that’s running smoothly so far.”

“Yes, Diamond. The teasers so far are garnering attention. The way Edem’s managed to do it should be enough to hold people over while you settle the joint thingy,” Oscar replied.

“Thank God for that. I must say, I’m grateful to you all for helping out with these little tasks. This business is not a joke at all, and your input in reducing the pressure on me is totally appreciated. Soooo… I think Aki and Kwame are handling the extra research on the menus, right?”

The two nodded. “We don’t want to stress you out, but I’m sure having a pretty big menu would set you apart from the others. Having a large number of varieties,” Akinyi said.

“Of course, once you manage to get others on board with the needed skills, maybe you can look at what can be done. We’re taking into account the ingredients needed, and their availability on the market as well,” Kwame added. “There’s one colleague of mine at the aviation school who’s up-to-date on that, so we’re covered.”

“Great, great. Honestly, y’all are amazing. Even at this stage, look at how you’re going all out for me. Y’all are the best,” Diamond gushed delightedly, to the response of awwws and youre-welcomes.

“I believe I speak for the other siblings when I say we’re looking forward to this, considering how great you’ve been at creating those smoothies. I have no doubt this ambition of yours is gonna succeed,” Oscar said. “That forehead deserves global recognition, anyways.”

Diamond shot him an evil look as the others laughed. “Watch yourself, young man. I’m the daughter of a lawyer with world-class savagery, and I can definitely tap from that well and give it to you.”

“Ha! As if that savage lawyer isn’t my mother. Like we’ll ‘detty’ each other all night.”

“Ummm, we can eat all the pizza while we watch you guys have a go at each other, right?” Edem asked innocently.

Diamond’s evil glare immediately fell upon him. “Gentleman, you’ve never been stung by a scorpion before. Don’t let this be your first time!”

Edem held up his hands in mock surrender as the others laughed. “Sorry, mi lady. I won’t try.”

“Good. Alright, people. Reporting time! Time to let us know the full details, so we know the next moves!”

“And after that, y’all get to watch me beat Edem in the rap battle!” Akinyi added cheekily, drawing groans and eye rolls from the others.


“Ah, seriously? So you then Kwartemaa no dey again?” Toby asked in disbelief.

“Nah, chale. The girl give plenty excuses. Ɛna, she doesn’t think this is going in the right direction, she needs to find herself, it’s not me, it’s her…”

“Yieeeee! That last statement be killa pass! It’s not you, it’s me. Ahba!”

“Chale, Toby. Ibi today wey I shake myself, talk my body sey I no for kill myself over woman. Like three days this, man make basaa! Boy! I no go lie you, the studying then the hustling all, na ibi Kwartemaa I dey think about. Chale, I dey see am for my future then things. Now, suddenly. Out of nowhere. The girl say make we end am. Herh! The way my heart pain me these past three days, I never see some before!”

“Oh, chale, Kay-Bee. Kafra, wai.”

His next door neighbour in the hostel had come over to his room and shared his pretty devastating tale of how his girlfriend of about a year had broken up with him.

He had seen them together a number of times. They looked great together; Kay-Bee was a pretty good-looking guy, and Kwartemaa a very sweet-looking chic. One thing he admired about them was how they weren’t like most of the couples in the hostel, who got loud and busy most of the time when there were visits.

Makes my little infatuation with Nnenna look so trivial and silly, to be honest.

He had recovered from that little disappointment and moved on. After that tough love talk from Kwame, he had realized that brooding over her was pretty much a waste of time. They had spoken just once, and it was ridiculous to remain so emotionally attached to someone he barely knew, and who barely knew him, much less have interest in him.

He had started a little bottled water selling business upon the commencement of the new academic year. With an ice chest and a constant supply of ice, it was running smoothly so far. At least, he had a substantial number of people coming around to buy the water.

It was this evening that Kay-Bee decided to pass by and get one for himself. And ended up informing Toby of his heartache.

“Then times I dey see the heartbreak stories for Twitter, I go laugh saaa. Saa na inobi joke. Chale!”

“Hmmm, Kay-Bee. Love diɛɛ, ibi serious matter oo…”

A knock on the door followed.

Toby sprung up and walked to the door and opened it.

A light-skinned girl stood before him. “This is where the bottled water is sold, right?”

“Yes, please.”


“Voltic, Special Ice, Awake…”

“Oh, let me buy Awake, then. 5 bottles, please.”

“No problem. That’ll be 5 cedis.”

She handed over the note to him, and he immediately moved to the ice chest and took out 5 bottle of Awake drinking water, taking a polythene bag nearby and placing them in before handing it over to her.

“Thank you very much!” she said sweetly.

“You’re welcome.” He closed the door and turned to his neighbour, who was still taking time to wrap his mind around his heartbreak.

“Herh! Roselyn Nana Akua Adepa Kwartemaa Acheampong! The way I make my mind sey you go be my one and only wey you do me like this. Hmmm, inobi notin. God dey.”

Toby sighed.


A bag of Doritos by her side, Aniyah reached into it and took a few chips, munching on them as she watched reruns of America’s Next Top Model.

Living in a small but plush house with just two bedrooms, she was pretty comfortable with her shelter, which had been fully financed by one of her previous lovers. As long as she was far from her parents, where she could live her life as she pleased, she was fine.

She turned the bag over to take up the fragments of the remaining Doritos when she heard a banging on the door. Placing the contents in her mouth, she frowned as the person impatiently banged.

“I’m coming, lah! Ah, do you want to break down my door?” she snapped as she grabbed her morning coat to cover herself and rushed to the door to unlock it, ready to give the person a good blasting.

Upon the unlocking of the door, the person behind the door pushed roughly and forced his way into the house.

It was Adamtey. The last person she wanted to see.

“Look, what is the meaning of all this nonsense? Since I returned, you’ve refused to return any of my calls or respond to my messages. What sort of rubbish is that? Don’t you know at this point I’m in need of it?” he snapped as he stormed into the living room.

Aniyah, rushing after him, came to stand before him and looked him up and down, a total look of disgust on her face. “You have some nerve coming to this house, you know that? After those insulting words, coupled with the way you sacked me from the office, you think I’ll happily skip to your place and open up my legs for you? You are mad! Please, I don’t want to have anything to do with you! Leave this house right now!”

“Now listen to me,” Adamtey started, his index finger in her face, “what happened that morning was never a break up thing. I was simply putting you in your place. I still need it from you. And when I need it, I expect you to show up and let me have it.”

“Ugh! You really are mad! Such rubbish! Am I a sex toy to you? This body is mine, and it’s my choice who gets to enter my holiest place. I let you in when I wanted to, and now I say, you can’t get in no more. You don’t own me, Adamtey! Now get the hell out of my house!”

Adamtey looked amused. “After entering there many times, you now want to bar me from getting in? Do I look like a joke to you?”

“Well, if it looks like one, spews crap like one and thinks like one, it certainly has to be one. You most definitely are a joke if you think you can insult my very existence and expect me to come running back to you. You do not get to do that to me, then expect I’ll willingly be at your beck and call. You don’t!”

Adamtey took a deep breath, then exhaled, rubbing his temple as he spoke. “Listen, woman. We can be civil and gentle about this, alright? Now, please. Forget about whatever happened in the past. I’ve been horny for weeks, and it’s only you that can satisfy me. Please, I need it. Will you let me in?”

Aniyah put on a look of mock flattery. “Oh my goodness, I have an amazing fruit downstairs! Why, thank you, Mr. Adamtey, I’m so honoured my p**** is so sweet, it keeps you coming back for more. Guess what, though? I’d rather give it to a man who at least has a bare minimum level of respect for me. Which is something you sorely lack. Not that it’s surprising, though; I mean, you barely have respect for anyone. So hell no! If you need it, go drive around the red light district areas. Now get the f*** out of my house and close the door behind you.”

With that, she turned away from him.

He grabbed her arm roughly, and turned her back to face him. “Listen here, woman. I am not playing with you. You think I masturbated off your pics for nothing? You think I ignored all the sluts I came across in New Jersey for nothing? You think I left my office just for you to display like this? Stop playing foolish games and let me have it. I need it, and I need it now!”

She grew scared as she noted the psychotic glint in his eyes. The way he was getting rough was pretty frightening. “Let me go, Adamtey. Stop hurting me,” she groaned as his grip grew tighter with her efforts to break free.

“Then quit f***ing around with me. Take me to your room, take your clothes off and let me have my moment.”


“Look, are you listening to me at all? Let me have it, goddamn it!”

“No! Leave me alone!”



With that, she spat in his face.

In quickfire succession, Adamtey’s hand was raised, and in a matter of milliseconds, it made heavy contact with Aniyah’s face.

It took her by surprise so bad, she ended up sprawled on the floor, slightly dazed by the painful impact. He stood over her, a dark look on his face.

“Well, if you’re not going to let me have it, then I might as well take it by force.”

It took a little over ten seconds for Aniyah to figure out what that meant. By that time, however, Adamtey was over her, reaching for her morning coat to tear it off.

She struggled to push him off, but in return, two more heavy slaps were received. His palm happened to be pretty tough, so those slaps rendered her quite numb. She lay there in a state of blankness, too weak to defend himself.

Too weak to resist as he ripped off her morning coat.

Too glazed to prevent him from tearing off her bra.

Too weak to kick him off as he pulled off her shorts and tore off her panties.

Too weak to fight as he pulled down his trousers and, with a fierce passion, forced himself upon her…

Dark turning point, chale! Looks like Adamtey is more than just a belligerent politician. He’s got an unpleasant side to him. How is this gonna play out over the course of the season? Well, you gotta stick around to find that out!

*Kafra, wai – Sorry, okay

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