Meet The Dolphynes

Meet The Dolphynes S2 EP1 – Dolls, Sixes & Rejects

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Time to get back to business with Daniel, Larissa and their five kids. Including the cousin from Canada, Mr. Nasty Politics and his paramour. As has been stated previously, this season got some work in it. Take season 1 as an introduction; this is where the juice is at! Oh, and there are some new characters you’re gonna meet this time around…

Well, no need to prolong it too much. All I will say is that if this is your first time here, you definitely ought to get introduced properly, so find your way there, and get familiar.

Let’s get into it, y’all! A new season begins!!

Awww, how cute!”


“Addy. Addy was just gazing at him. The look on her face was so adorable. She really likes him.”

“Hehe, yeah.”

Kwame was seated at the back of the church, observing as the choir rehearsed for next Sunday’s service. Seated next to him, noticing the way Adelaide was casting glances at Oscar while on stage, was the newest girl in town, with whom he had struck up an instant close friendship.

Miss Akinyi Mwita.

A Kenyan young lady who was 24, but had a physique so cute, it would be easy to mistake her for a 16 year old. What she lacked in size, however, she more than made up for with her generally extroverted disposition. A self-professed ‘fun-loving, high-spirited, sometimes-tomboyish Luo doll’, she had been in Ghana for about a month, and upon joining the church where the Dolphynes worshipped, it didn’t take long for her infectiously affable nature to endear her to many.

Particularly Kwame, who was now pretty much her bestie.

“So they’ve made it official or something? She’s yet to say anything to me about it,” she asked as Kwame sat up.

He shook his head. “Nah. Talking stage, or something like that. He still needs some time after the whole Barbara spectacle.”

“Oh yeah. That was a pretty low point for him, wasn’t it?”

“It was. I mean, it was bad enough that I had to hear that silly girl and her bitchy friend insult him like that. But Lord knows I wanted to smash the crap out of them with a baseball bat when Oscar told me what happened. Ah! When he went to meet the Barbara girl afterwards, she brought her Maku friend, and they rained all kinds of insults on him.”

Akinyi put a hand over her mouth. “Oww!”

“Yes! They said he’s a world-class loser, a jon boy, a lame ass, among other things, and that even if there was no other man on earth, he wouldn’t even make it on her supplementary list. Oh, all sorts of nasty talk, just disgracing the boy. I didn’t have good vibes about her the first day we met, but this really angered me.

“I can imagine. I mean, if you don’t like him, just tell him you’re not interested. Being all nasty and stuff is so immature.”

“It’s that her stupid friend kraaa that annoys me, with that her face like a rotten watermelon. Making more noise than Barbara. Stupid elephant like her! Nonsense!”

“Whoa, easy there, gentleman! Watch your language,” Akinyi said, patting his shoulder.

“Hmmm, Aki, I was mad papa. It was he who told me to calm down and let it go, that he’ll just ignore her from now onwards. Serwaah too came and saw me angry, and started calming me down. Family peacemaker as always.”

“Awwww, how sweet! I love that little girl, you know. She just exudes so much sweetness and innocence.”

“Oh yeah. The baby Dolphyne. The way she calmed me down, then consoled Oscar and told him not to mind her was too precious. She’s such a sweetheart, that little princess of ours. Just don’t step on the floors she’s mopped. That’s one way to get on her bad side. The evil look alone…”

Akinyi laughed. “Can you blame her? I get pissed myself when people do that.”

“Yeah, I guess. But I won’t lie, though, the four months I’ve spent back home with the Dolphynes has been awesome. I’ve never been able to enjoy that big family thing before, you know, with being an only child, and my mother passing. That family has their moments, like how the boys especially can be a little too secretive, but, I love them.”

“Me too! The guys are so awesome. Oscar, Toby, Anasah. The ladies, all so amazing. Sweet little Serwaah. My beautiful tree Diamond. And Mrs. Larissa. Oh my God, that woman! I still get starstruck upon seeing her sometimes.”

Kwame laughed. “Yeah, Auntie Lari is a queen. No two ways about that. So sweet-hearted and loving, too. Just don’t get on her bad side. She will rip you up. Same with Uncle Danny. They’ve really managed to get that balance on being strict and loving.”

“And they’re so beautiful together!” Aki sighed, a dreamy expression on her face. “The absolute definition of marriage goals.”

“Oh, indeed. Twenty plus years, and they can’t get enough of each other. Just like how I’ve loved apple juice for years and still can’t get enough of it.”

Akinyi rolled her eyes. “Be serious, Kwame. And speaking of juice, you know we have to move in the next 10 minutes, right? The pizza for that meeting with Diamond later tonight concerning her upcoming business?”

“Oh, right, right. Got it. Ten minutes, then we move. Let’s hear Addy kill that Christy Nockels song first. I get the chills when she gets to that Hallelujah bridge…”


“… so when I saw the news article on Facebook, I was like ‘ahhh, Lari’s wish has finally come to pass!’ Now the Non-Custodial Sentencing Bill has been assented.”

“Oh, you know it, Danny. I mean, in all the time I was working at the Attorney-General’s Department, that was one thing I kept hoping for. Because it’ll help our criminal justice system papa. Danny, the kind of overcrowding in the prisons is not pretty. And it’s not like the judges can do what they like; they have to abide by the law. So most of the time, it’s either prison or a fine, and for the latter, if they fail to pay, it’s prison. So chale, this will make things better.”

Daniel nodded. “Indeed. Not every offence has to lead to jail time. The likes of community service will certainly help out.”

The Dolphyne couple were out on one of their regular outings. Seated in a private restaurant, they were busily discussing legal issues, particularly the assent to the Non-Custodial Sentencing Bill, which was a topic Larissa had given a talk on at the most recent Bar Conference.

“Exactly. Chale, Ghana needs a lot of cleaning up. If we have prisoners doing that, it’ll help. And they’ll learn sense too, hopefully. Prison diɛɛ, it should be for the ones who commit crimes that warrant such a punishment.”

Daniel nodded. “But you know, I still get baffled by some of these stories. Like some teenage boy bi sentenced to 20 years in an adult prison for stealing ten cedis. I mean, how, baby, how?”

“Hmmmm. That story still bosts my mind. Because it was so wrong on so many levels. As to why the complainant insisted on having the boy prosecuted is incredible. Ten cedis? Come on! And yeah, he was tried in the Circuit Court since he did it with an adult. But after he was found guilty, he should have been taken to the Juvenile Court for sentencing! For him to be sentenced by that judge is just inexcusable in our criminal jurisprudence. Totally inexcusable.”

“Hmmm. Ɛyɛ asem ooo.”

“For real, chale. Excuse me for a minute, Danny. Gotta go to the washroom.”

As she rose up, Daniel gave her a pretty naughty up-and-down look, loving the sight of her in the sunflower dress she had bought a few weeks after Diamond got hers. “Damn, I got a hot wife. Just look at you, babe.”

“Danny, behave yourself,” she retorted playfully as she walked away.

With her off to the washroom, Daniel took his phone and responded to some WhatsApp messages.

He was busy responding to one question posed on his Augusco Old Boys WhatsApp group when he heard a voice.

“Hey, Daddy.”

He looked up to find a young woman, wearing a short strapless rose sequin dress, standing by him, a very suggestive look on her face, as she bit her lower lip, her eyes fixed on him.

He raised an eyebrow. “Umm… who are you, young lady?”

“Only the sexiest lady you’ve ever seen in your life,” she purred, clearly ready to seduce him. She put her hand on his shoulder.

Daniel smiled and shook his head while taking her hand off. “Umm, actually, no. you’re not.”

The young lady seemed rather taken aback by that. “Wh-wh-what do you mean?”

“I mean, yes, you’re dressed to kill right now, and any man wouldn’t deny how steamy you look right now. But to me, you’re not the sexiest woman I’ve ever set my eyes upon. I already saw the one who holds that title tonight. So, whatever it is you seem to have for me, it’s a no, please.”

The young lady looked genuinely confused at this point. “You-you dunno what you’re talking about. A woman sexier than me? You don’t see all this…”

Just then, Larissa appeared. As she walked towards the table, Daniel’s eyes were fixed in her direction. The young lady followed the direction of his gaze and upon seeing Larissa, sucked her breath in.

“Hey boo, I’m done,” Larissa said as she arrived at the table, her eyes on the young lady, who visibly squirmed at her hard glare. “Anything the matter, young lady?” she asked.

She shook her head. “N-n-n-no, no, please. I was, uh, just…”

Daniel gave her a little wave. “See what I mean? Have a good night, miss.”

Quite red-faced at this point, she briskly walked off.

“What the hell was that all about?” Larissa asked, the jealousy too obvious to cover up.

“Just one rare episode of ‘Not Every Man Is A Don Draper’, baby,” Daniel responded with a sigh. “The girl thinks she’s the hottest woman I’ve ever set my eyes upon. Clearly trying to make a move on me. Not knowing I’m looking at the rightful holder of that title right now and as such am not the least bit interested.”

Larissa chuckled, his statement extinguishing the little fire, although she attempted to keep a hard gaze on him.

“But hot damn, Lari, you are looking so irresistible tonight. I’m not even joking!”

“Danny!” she scolded, her attempts at a stern look failing as his flirtatious compliments broke down her defences as usual and she began to smile and look away.

“No seriously. Like, you’ve got me thinking out loud. Hehe. It’s been a while since I did something special to you. Did it to you in your 20s, did it to you in your 30s. Now I think it’s time you get served in the 40s. What do you say? Let’s talk about six, baby!

Larissa blushed as it occurred to her what he meant.

“Ohhhh! Herh, Danny!”


Aniyah stormed to her car, super embarrassed at how that had gone down. As she stood by her car, she was fuming at how effortlessly she had been rebuffed; not often did it happen, and she hated it when it did happen.

Calming herself down, she shook her head as she recounted the big beauty that had approached the table, turning out to be the handsome man’s wife. She couldn’t deny it, that woman was pure gold. “I know I’m hot, but damn, I gotta admit, that woman’s quite a bombshell,” she murmured to herself.

Just then, she felt a vibration in her bag. She opened it up and took the phone out. The caller ID on the screen made her curl her lips in disgust.

Emmanuel Adamtey.

After those nasty words the last time they met, it had been a while. She discovered a few days later that he had travelled out of the country for a while, and would be away for about a month. Of course, no word from him concerning that, but she cared less.

He had returned two weeks ago, and had been calling and texting her, informing her of his desire for some intense sessions. She had ignored him, still hurt deeply by all he had said.

Not that she never had disagreements with some of her past lovers, but she couldn’t remember being grossly disrespected by any of them the way Adamtey had. From that moment onwards, she knew she wanted nothing to do with him. No matter how good sex was with him, it wasn’t worth the utter disdain he had shown her.

She had considered the prospect of letting his secret life out to the public, but decided against it. With his political position and all, she felt it would be twisted into a political argument and at the end, the disgrace she’d want upon him would be futile. She decided it was better to forget him and act like they had never been intimate in the first place.

She had had a few flings, but she wanted a new sugar daddy. Which was the reason why she was around that evening. One who would at least treat her the way a human being ought to be treated. She thought she had found the perfect one, but obviously, he was nowhere near interested.

She pressed the reject button.

“Rubbish! After telling me I’m nothing and that you can finish my whole family, you now want to get your stick in between my legs. Idiot!”

She looked around, shrugged and opened her car door.

“Oh well, the search continues tomorrow. Let me go catch up on some Top Model episodes and get some sleep,” she said to herself as she got into the car, switched on the engine and drove off.


The number you are calling is busy. Please call back later. The number you are call-

He pressed the end call button angrily and slammed the phone on the table.

“Goddamnit, what the hell is wrong with her!! I’m tired of this nonsense already!”

Well, Adamtey is not happy. I wonder what’s going to happen next… I guess next week will give us the answer. No spoiler, but… it’s probably gonna be a stunner. As for the rest of the Dolphynes, we’ll catch up with them next week. Stay tuned!!

*Ɛyɛ asem oo – It’s a problem

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